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    Square Plates E39 540I

    And she`s finally complete. So far i`ve done: OEM M5 Exhaust system with a spare wheel well delete and the OEM plastic wheel well used M5 Two Tone Leathers OEM Style 65s KW Coilovers OEM Sport bumpers Double Glazing Rear and Side sun blinds Complete suspension overhaul Polybushed all around New Brake discs and pads all around Full service - spark plugs , all filters , and all fluids incl the gearbox oil MK4 Sat Nav with DSP retrofit Climate Comfort Windscreen Retrofit Retrimed Steering Wheel Glass Sunroof retrofit OEM Xenons OEM Rear Cellis retrofit kit for Pre Facelift E39s Illuminated interior and exterior door handles OEM Chromatic & Powerfolding M5 mirrors Probably missing many more ... And Finally ... A complete respray in San Marino Blue On My to do list: Manual Conversion Supercharger Interior Retrim Extended Leather all around And alcantara headliner
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    I'd rather slide around all over the place with no traction and look good rather than have 17's
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    E60/E61 Peeling Steering Trim? - Fix

    Hello everyone, There's loads of DIY's on the interwebs showing how to refurb the peeling interior trims on E46/E9x/E6x's etc - but very little showing OEM(ish) finishes (i'm not a fan of carbon fibre wraps!) So i thought i'd share my experience with my 'fixing' my peeling steering wheel trim on my E60 and trying to keep it looking as OEM as possible. As i've just got my steering wheel re-trimmed by Jack at Royal Steering Wheels (Highly Recommend!) - The only thing that let it down was the lower trim, which costs around £52 from BMW (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182218158095 ) - i wanted to try something different. Before: After: Here's how i done it... I popped down to Screwfix and picked up at can of Plastikote - Matte Black Paint for £4.55 (http://www.screwfix.com/p/plasti-kote-super-multipurpose-spray-paint-matt-black-400ml/33732) I then removed my steering wheel trim, airbag off and two screws holding it on. Peeled off all the remaining rubberized coating, until i had a smooth surface to work with. Then throughly cleaned the trim with alcohol wipes. Masked up around the M badge and the steering control buttons. (cleaned again with alcohol) Then started to apply thin coats, slowly building up the layers, leaving 5-10 minutes between each coat. (In total 4 coats) Until i was left with this finish.. I'm very pleased with how this turned out. IMO pretty close to OEM! Hope this helps someone out there! Cheers!
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    It would appear that I have 349 pictures in my Gallery on this forum, and that must be taking up useful space which could be used for something else. I don't want to delete them all, just some. Can anyone tell me how I would go about doing this?
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    Came across this site. Some interesting reading when you think that you remember seeing hundreds of these cars out on the road as a kid. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/enthusiasts/100-popular-cars-vanishing-from-our-roads/ss-BBpikzO#image=1 Still when you think that my E60 was one of only ~ 450 545i SE Autos registered in this country makes seeing one a rare sight,
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    Bet you never read them [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which M5?

    The daddy is the e28 [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    G30 first UK Drive

    Oh it's getting exciting!! I might even go for a 540i petrol next time (535iAR don't say it!!!) Love how the Jag faithful still think they have a better car. I was at the launches for both the XE and XF and they both left me cold.
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    G30 first UK Drive

    I despair for the future of motoring. Know a couple of people who can't wait for fully autonomous vehicles because "they'll be so much safer" and "so much more convenient than driving yourself everywhere". Insurance will have mandatory tracking via a strava like app. Speeding tickets will be issued for the slightest misdemeanor. Bah humbug.
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    they are from an e46 CS probably. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    G30 first UK Drive

    Bahhh 530i should be six pot even if it was turbo
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    I like the look of that Saab!
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    Anyone know this 520d? Milton Keynes

    Those wheels,and the new colour,Stunning, Top Work Shaz.
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    Help with a GM Auto Box Fault Code

    Update.... Swapped solenoid C with A and now my fault has moved to 'Gear Check 2' and says 'changing down 3-2' so that could be good news. My plan is now to get a solenoid and chuck it in at position A and see if she behaves. I'll also need to get a new gasket as the old one has a slight leak but to start with I'm going to continue with the old filter, current 70% fresh fluid and see what the new solenoid brings. If all seems well I'll renew fluid and filter then cross my fingers.
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    You don't see them in the winter due to lack of daylight
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    Rollin coal

    Its bad enough the normal fume, gas and crap level from some diesels already without being deliberately enhancing the issue - morons x 4, but that's good old USA at times
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    New Leather Dash

    In and all working + new illuminated gear knob, center vent and mats from Germany. Paint next!
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    Rollin coal

    Why? What's funny about making clouds of carcinogenic smoke. What a bunch of cocks.
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    You know what they say about Yorkshire folk....strong in arm, thick int head
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    gary francis

    e28 M5 CSL

    Yes you are right Jimmy this car like most rotted to a point I needed it off the road strip to a bare shell and rebuild and make the m535i I always wanted knowing that when finished it was rot free
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    gary francis

    e28 M5 CSL

    I have both in did total bmw and bmw car it feels a long time ago
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    gary francis

    e28 M5 CSL

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    Thought I'd update this thread to say the battery pack has been used a few times on the B10 over the last few months, a couple of times after I'd been working on the car all day and the battery had lost enough charge to not start the car and once when the battery was completely flat. The battery pack worked exactly as I'd hoped and fired the engine into life easily with no effort so I'm very happy with it.
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    Unfortunately there is nothing none of the admin can do, apart from keep in touch with Darren's brother and assist as much as we can. We've achieved a few things, one of the biggest being hosting being moved from Darren's house to the cloud. Everything else will come and requirs a little patience. I understand the frustration and can only apologise on behalf of the team.