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    Quality BMW parking lol.
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    Hall sensor??

    A Hall effect sensor is a device that generates a signal as metal passes it. In an ignition system there is a spinning item in the distributor that replaces the old points. It has a number of arms corresponding to the cylinders. As an arm passes the sensor, the electromagnetic field is disrupted, generating a signal, triggering the spark pulse. That's a simplified rundown of electronic ignition. In modern vehicles this setup removes the dizzy and uses a position sensor on camshaft, crankshaft, etc to tell the ignition system the position of the engine and trigger/advance/retard the spark/diesel shot. Hope that helps.
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    Another oil question (sorry)

    Any decent (as in known) manufacturer's oil does or would meet today's demands of an average every day driver... The rest is just loads of marketing! Unless you are racing and i bet not many of us do ... Regular oil changes at 7-10k are just fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had my 20's done at Lepsons in Gillingham, Kent for £380, 19's would be cheaper. This is for a proper strip and powder coat and not a smart repair.
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    e28 M5 CSL

    It's got a good head lining [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Moving from CCC to CIC

    I would assume the connectors are identical....
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    Moving from CCC to CIC

    Connector 5 16 pin black are the speakers 12 pin black aux in 12 pin natural ?? http://www.bmw-planet.net/diagrams/release/en/zinfo/E60_PN38AC.htm
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    Suspension Airbag

    Here is the DIY for the rear airspring: http://arnottmanuals.com/Reader/default.aspx?part=A-2780
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    It's well known that BMW seats are not comfy, even comfort seats which I had in my last E60. if you suffer from any back pain, all BMW seat will make it worse. My wife has a bad back and complains (more than normal) when we are out in my BMW. What you want is full electric seats so you can get fine adjustments rather than the notchy positions of non electric seats. Just trial and error to get it right.
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    Hall sensor??

    I try...
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    e28 M5 CSL

    lol, if only m535i were still in abundance @ £500!!
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    I didn't look to replace my champers at the time (still had the GTR and Mrec SL) but now (due to luck), I have a low mileage Saab 93. It will be difficult to replace for £2k but think along the lines of Saab 95, Volvo S80, Skoda Superb (V6 obviously) or something Oriental. https://www.gumtree.com/p/lexus/lexus-gs430-se-auto/1183294902
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    gary francis

    Dreaded car insurance

    Thanks just tried Chris knot advertised on here all sorted now they were very good
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    c23 BM radio to BM24 swap

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    Show us your E60 with Wind Deflectors

    Does the sticker actually add more bhp ???
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    c23 BM radio to BM24 swap

    Yes. It shouldn't need coding, it should automatically recognise the DSP amp and work.
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    Intercooler pipe change

    Thanks Dotcom (Don't know your name sorry lol) you have saved me over 100 notes, ive cancelled my parts order from BMW parts shop. would you stick with black hoses or go with a colour?
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    Mods - Lowering the ride height

    Looking good I now see why you've gone for the Matt grills
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    535i Andrew

    F10 Kidney Grills

    My dad has the boot M spoiler as a factory fit option on his F10, gives it a little something over mine.
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    Did a full Dynavin N6 installation, replacing the existing 6 speaker installation with 12, including the 2 12"subs... On my sons' 528i
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    I don't think you'll find another car that is so good as the e39 for under £2k. It does everything so well. It's well made, it's sporty, it's comfortable, it's smooth, there are loads of options to choose, it handles well, it's safe (scored 4 stars in the Euroncap when released), it's reliable ish. The E39 wasn't voted the best car in it's class for nothing back in the late 90s/early 00s. The e39 is of those cars that you can buy cheap, but it won't feel cheap. A few of my friends that I've given lifts get surprised at how good it is. I myself wouldn't know what car to move on to if I was to sell my e39. Perhaps a larger engined e39 like a 530i/540i.
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    So wot could of been a costly afternoon lol I stripped down the picnic tables as its not staying standard and rear armrest for the parts I want/needed. ;0) From this To this To fully stripped ready for covering in alcantara And this To this and all parts needed for rear memory passenger control and blind Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Manual Black Leather Sports Seats

    If you taken them both you can have the foam!
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    530d gearbox service

    Mackie transmissions mate glasgow, those guys know there stuff thats where mine went, was a year ago now perfect ever since i'll dig out the invoice can't exactly remember the cost circa £350
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    Facing Redundancy

    Agree with tons above. In summary: - don't start getting lawyers involved, you don't want to get a name for that. - Rise above it and play them at their own game - get out there and get more experience. - line management is golden to your CV. Especially managing managers!!! - take the money and stick it in your mortgage. - have fun!!