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    Hall sensor??

    A Hall effect sensor is a device that generates a signal as metal passes it. In an ignition system there is a spinning item in the distributor that replaces the old points. It has a number of arms corresponding to the cylinders. As an arm passes the sensor, the electromagnetic field is disrupted, generating a signal, triggering the spark pulse. That's a simplified rundown of electronic ignition. In modern vehicles this setup removes the dizzy and uses a position sensor on camshaft, crankshaft, etc to tell the ignition system the position of the engine and trigger/advance/retard the spark/diesel shot. Hope that helps.
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    Another oil question (sorry)

    Any decent (as in known) manufacturer's oil does or would meet today's demands of an average every day driver... The rest is just loads of marketing! Unless you are racing and i bet not many of us do ... Regular oil changes at 7-10k are just fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is a guide on how to add Lumbar Support to your existing seats. First of all a massive thank you to Trisman who gave me the lumbar bits free of charge! Following bits are needed: 2 x Electric or manual adjusted seats 2 x Diverter valve 2 x Lumbar support bladder (inflatable pad) 2 x Lumbar support Air pump 2 x Wiring loom 2 x 4-way switch 1 x Pack of plasters This is where the switch is going to live. It has a blanking plate that can be removed rather than cutting a marked hole like the E53 and E46. First remove the seat side trim by removing two torx screws. (green arrows) One in front and one hidden where the seat base meets the backrest. Also remove the three plastic poppers. (red arrows) With the trim off you can remove the blanking plate and the cable guide by pressing the tabs arrowed. The pump comes in a bag and is cable tied to the bar and lives where the green rectangle is. From there there's a tube going to the diverter valve in the backrest and a feed from the loom. This is where the power feed and air supply to the diverter valve runs. Take the back of the back rest by either pulling it from the bottom or undo two torx screws at the bottom. Some seats have screws some clips. The green square is where the lumbar support bladder is going to be installed and the red one is where the diverter valve will be. Slide the mat between the foam and the springs. Kids tools to press the foam down come in handy here.... Once the mat is in you need to slide the diverter valve over the clip (red arrow) and secure with a torx screw (green arrow. All installed. The wiring loom just needs a +ve and -ve so they need to be tapped in at the junction points. Whoohoo, an extra button...... Ignore the mucky car. It'll get a wash over the weekend.
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    Intercooler pipe change

    Thanks Dotcom (Don't know your name sorry lol) you have saved me over 100 notes, ive cancelled my parts order from BMW parts shop. would you stick with black hoses or go with a colour?
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    Mods - Lowering the ride height

    Looking good I now see why you've gone for the Matt grills
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    535i Andrew

    F10 Kidney Grills

    My dad has the boot M spoiler as a factory fit option on his F10, gives it a little something over mine.
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    Did a full Dynavin N6 installation, replacing the existing 6 speaker installation with 12, including the 2 12"subs... On my sons' 528i
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    I don't think you'll find another car that is so good as the e39 for under £2k. It does everything so well. It's well made, it's sporty, it's comfortable, it's smooth, there are loads of options to choose, it handles well, it's safe (scored 4 stars in the Euroncap when released), it's reliable ish. The E39 wasn't voted the best car in it's class for nothing back in the late 90s/early 00s. The e39 is of those cars that you can buy cheap, but it won't feel cheap. A few of my friends that I've given lifts get surprised at how good it is. I myself wouldn't know what car to move on to if I was to sell my e39. Perhaps a larger engined e39 like a 530i/540i.
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    So wot could of been a costly afternoon lol I stripped down the picnic tables as its not staying standard and rear armrest for the parts I want/needed. ;0) From this To this To fully stripped ready for covering in alcantara And this To this and all parts needed for rear memory passenger control and blind Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Manual Black Leather Sports Seats

    If you taken them both you can have the foam!
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    530d gearbox service

    Mackie transmissions mate glasgow, those guys know there stuff thats where mine went, was a year ago now perfect ever since i'll dig out the invoice can't exactly remember the cost circa £350
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    Facing Redundancy

    Agree with tons above. In summary: - don't start getting lawyers involved, you don't want to get a name for that. - Rise above it and play them at their own game - get out there and get more experience. - line management is golden to your CV. Especially managing managers!!! - take the money and stick it in your mortgage. - have fun!!
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    530d gearbox service

    How much were you for full service of the box if you dont mind me asking? Grizzle_e60 i understand what your saying, i will be getting genuine parts for it. Thanks
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    530d gearbox service

    If you're anywhere near Preston, or even if you're not, head to Automatic Transmissions. It'll be the best drive home you've ever had. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Google is your friend: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=bmw+e39+touring+tool+kit&safe=off&biw=1920&bih=887&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-5v-wyPbOAhVIIMAKHYKqC1YQ_AUIBygC
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    Adeel's E39 525d

    Everyone with an SE should aim to get a Sport interior in the car. For me it's a close call as to whether the facelift SE front bumper looks just as good as the Sport bumper, but when it comes to the interior - there is no contest. Black on black wins everytime. Total annihilation of grey and beige! I now just need a nice cheap black pair of Comforts to replace the M5 seats.
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    Exhaust done on the M3.

    Powerflow have done me a cat back this morning and it sounds awesome!!! Well.....it sounds awesome when I'm gunning it but it does have a bit of drone between 1500 and 2000 rpm's under light load which might just become tiresome, maybe losing the resonator was a step too far! As usual though they have done a thoroughly nice job of it.
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    My experience was rather painful and if that's all I have to base it on its hard to be objective. Agree on the low oil aspect but it was 6 months from a main dealer service and was drinking oil obviously. Separately I loved the car, the noise, the drive but the 260 I replaced It with was superb!!!
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    And that's what you want doing, not just popping the bead off and rubbing the scuff with a bit of emery and not cleaning the rim properly and you end up with this nightmare!
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    Post Brexit Result

    Hi, For me it's relatively straightforward. The future success of the country depends on if there's good, strong and favourable trade deals done. If over the coming months/couple of years signs point to that direction with the other big economies of the world, the UK will increase it's chances of remaining as strong as it is now i.e maintain it's standards of living, costs of living, membership of the G7/G8. If the trade deals aren't so good or favourable, or key deals with certain other countries don't come about, then things will deteriorate. That's when aspects like taxes will need to be raised and significant cuts in spending will need to be done. We're 'currently' in the 'limbo' scenario, various aspects have cooled off as the country is uncertain as to what will actually happen once article 50 is invoked. There's been some news of investment after the vote which is good, there's also plenty of news about suspension of investment and much more worryingly, withdrawal from the UK in case trade deals and government level aspects don't happen or aren't as favourable as they could be. The link above explains Scotland's situation had it voted to leave the UK, it doesn't have the resources to 'maintain' it's position. On the larger UK scale, it's the same, the whole four nations MUST be able to ensure money flows at least like it does now in order to maintain us as we are. Cheers, Dennis!
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    Few new parts collected for my future upgrades over the next few months ;0) E38 750iL rear electric seat with heating. lumbar and electric headrests. Also cup holder which I'm gonna try and install. Rear comms pack with passenger memory Vanity mirrors for my contours Picnic tables also for my contours Active pads for massaging my bum lol And also a FULL switch pack ;0) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Battery Date

    May well be the original battery - the biggest cause of car batteries is down to heat from the engine - as the battery is in the boot on the e39 its kept nice and cool.
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    Battery Date

    Yes, it's true. Here's an example:- That's probably the cause of your issues.
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    Couple of pics from vanity show I attended on weekend [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lower Fender Liner Trim Set

    Yup, I've got those, and while the fit isn't perfect, they don't shatter into a billion pieces if you sneeze near them, and the price is very acceptable. considering where they are, I couldn't justify forking out even the old £55 each price on them for what is in reality a 15 year old banger, even if it's a nice banger. I don't skimp on mechanicals ever, but this tat isn't worth the coin BMW charge for it.