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    Parking sensor failure

    If you can't delete the code in INPA, then your pdc module may be locked out and you will need to reset the error counter. Use Ediabas Toolset32: File -> Load SGBD, Group file ECU -> PDC_E65.prg select job -> steuergerete_reset run job once -> fs_loeschen
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    Fantastic day out

    Went to Oulton Park the other Saturday in the 328i with my neighbour - had a fantastic day out. Walking the whole course plus being in the garages in the pits. All this for only a fiver on the Saturday! Here are some great photos - not mine! http://petrolicious.com/the-oulton-park-gold-cup-is-classic-racing-you-should-see-for-yourself Highlight for me was the 90's touring cars plus John Surtees F1 winning Cooper and Jim Clarks F1 Lotus.
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    Fitted new screenwash pump.

    Following the sudden and unexpected death of the original (?) pump I fitted a new one today. Watched a couple of YouTube videos first, but easy enough job. Toolkit - 8mm socket, small screwdriver. New pump from EBay, tube of Savlon*. Can be done without removing road wheel apparently but easier with it off. Usual H & S warnings apply. I removed all the fastenings in the pic below except one on the extreme right just out of shot and tied the wheelarch liner back out of the way with a bit of string. This revealed the reservoir and last earthly remains of the pump. Removing the old pump meant pulling it forward a bit, disconnecting the outlet pipe which sits in a moulded channel in the reservoir, and then using a small screwdrivers to trip the latch on the power cable and unplug the pump. The old and new pumps compared. Connected power to new pump. It didn't seem to want the pickup tube inserted into the reservoir and then tilted back into position in quite the same way the old pump came out. It preferred to be pushed back into the reservoir housing first and then pushed down into position. Connected outlet pipe, added some fluid and tested it was working. Put everything back giving steel clips and fasteners a squirt of Waxoyl to round things off. A bit OTT doing pics etc. for such a small job perhaps, but it was a wet afternoon. [emoji4] * the Savlon is only needed if the wheelbrace slips and you hit your head on the edge of the raised bonnet. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    gary francis


    Just ordered my back box from bmw and managed to find two genuine chrome tail pipes
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    That's a shame about the 525e, when the guy did my 528i system he said he a could make it sound any way I wanted, from quieter than oe to very loud. Its slightly louder than original spec, nice and burbly at tickover but not boomy when driving.
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    Taffy 1


    Mine is a "Powerflow" google them and get a price. They'll make a custom fit system for you. Kind regards, Taffy
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    Darren Spratt


    Cheers. GSF don't do them and a local supplier has said they definitely can't get the back box, might be able to get front twin and mid. I have access to a discount with BMW, so will probably have to bite the bullet and go with them. The car will be on the ramp later in the week, so we can see.
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    Taffy 1


    There is no point in buying oem exhaust systems unless they're SS. About £500 will net you an SS system with a lifetime warranty, mine's been on the car for 18 years or more.
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    There still available from BMW but not cheap. I had a full stainless system with a lifetime guarantee made up and fitted for around £500.
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    Facing Redundancy

    Agree with the above! Contracting yourself out to them would very much be the way to go! It sounds like they NEED you and your experience/skill-set, so it's time to take advantage! Re the above advice; that's great, but if you wanted to 'test' all this before setting a Limited Company up etc, worth speaking to Umbrella companies such as Danbro etc
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    E39 to X5 bonnet conversion

    Here's a few more pics of others that have done it and Wots involved in doing such a conversion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Grand Dragon

    Facing Redundancy

    This could be a great opportunity for you! I know being made redundant isn't the best feeling in the world, but if like you say are the only person that knows systems etc. then take the redundancy and then go back to them as a self employed consultant to work on the systems that no one else can and charge 3 times what you where on!
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    Facing Redundancy

    Sorry to hear about this. On the bright side, you are likely to find another job in your field fairly quickly so start looking straight away. Especially if you graft and aren't looked after. Companies take the piss and the harder you work without any demands, the harder they expect you to work without rewarding you. I learned this a long time ago and refused to get sucked in. If you know you're indispensable, or no one else can do your job, make them understand it. You need to be prepared to put yourself first over others if you're going to survive sometimes. Something I've never thought about twice as it's work, not my family.
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    Post Brexit Result

    Well I'm now looking at a job working abroad at the moment where I get nice EU tax relief. So maybe I will be joining them!!!!
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    Post Brexit Result

    That makes for very interesting reading. Apparently the mono-browed one is now doing the rounds of anti-Brexit MPs to see if they can form a coalition to keep Britain (not just Scotland) in the EU at all costs! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-37266240
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    E34 Battery

    Ive always personally bought the biggest battery I could fit when it comes to cars.... You really aint gona notice a few kgs extra in an E34 especially being where the battery is loctated under the rear seats. On my 540i I went with a Varta type 019 100Ah 830cca jobbie. It does fit quite nicely and never had any issues firing up that big V8 since I fitted it. May I also sugest Tayna battieries in Wales. I have no affiliation with the company what so ever, but have always received great customer service with them and they can usually beat any like for like quote when it comes to car batteries. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
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    Post Brexit Result

    Opie oils I find cheaper than from abroad [emoji9]
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    Adeel's E39 525d

    Everyone with an SE should aim to get a Sport interior in the car. For me it's a close call as to whether the facelift SE front bumper looks just as good as the Sport bumper, but when it comes to the interior - there is no contest. Black on black wins everytime. Total annihilation of grey and beige! I now just need a nice cheap black pair of Comforts to replace the M5 seats.
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    535i Andrew

    6hp19 Reverse dodgy

    ^thats pretty good going for that mileage. I would be pleased too, as its not unknown for complete failure despite being serviced twice at just above half that mileage.
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    Post Brexit Result

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    I know it's never good to post when you've been drinking but "riding an old friend", Phrasing!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Little Donkey Rides again!! Couldn't wait for the rain to stop What a nice place to be its like riding an old friend .
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    Upgrading the bulbs on F10

    TBH, I didn't really see much difference although I suppose other drivers in my path may have noticed that they weren't being blinded by "the selfish bastard in the Beamer" ! LED lights are now commonplace in even modestly priced cars. I'm guessing it's got a lot to do with the technology being dirt cheap compared to xenons!
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    e28 M5 CSL

    I think it was in Novembers Total BMW. Didn't buy the mag (just read it in Smiths) and now regret it. Owner reckons it was good for 170MPH which is going some when you have the aerodynamics of a lumpy brick! I think he started with a 528i too. Anyone got the article and a scanner?