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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Been a long while since i been on the forums but heres my car and its come a very long way.
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    No shouting this time Dunc although I needed to shout when actually working on the Donkey. So Class of E28 this is what I have learned this week! E12 Recaros do not fit directly into an E28 Doh!! I only wish I had checked first before going to all the trouble of stripping them to adjust all the play and slackness from the hinged areas and reinforcing the seating foam. school boy error or excitement I don't know which one it was. So as of last night this was the result of adding closed cell polyurethane foam board and some paintent band, works a treat and some elongation of some holes to make up the 15mm deficit. A bit of painting and hey presto!! one in Today was a repeat performance then on with the wheels and down with the axle stands. Nearly there and one more for good luck PS: and the seating position is a little higher with these seats but who gives a s**t I just want to drive it
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    Registered 1st September 1999, so I wished mine a happy 17th birthday! It was also the first time I rode in it and thought to myself 'I wouldn't mind buying this when Steve's finished with it..........' And nearly nine years later it was.
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    It's ALIVVVVVVE!! Exhaust swapped over from other car and all good! - not a great fan of the design of the exhaust system I'll be honest but at least it seems to be working again! exhaust system weighs a lot fyi! - There is also a lot of space around the exhaust to allow for a double system at least up to the resonator I reckon!
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    Worthy of a fail?

    Sounds like they charged you for an inspection that wasn't done. Stevie wonder could tell you those brake pipes are dangerous.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Over the last two weeks, ish ...... New front pads and sensor Replaced split charge air pipe (smoke and power loss sorted!) Rubber seal to intercooler/turbo connection (oil leak sorted!). Rocker cover and manifold seals (trying to find the leak ). Glow plugs. Oil and filter change. MUCH better
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    M30 is a cracking engine. Don't dismiss it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yep that's her. 84k miles with full history. I have the original Cross Spoke R390's and even the Dealer Fit Blaupunkt Radio Cassette is still in the car working perfectly. Recent full suspension and brake overhaul and I added the staggered Alpina's. It also has the rare Buffalo/Bison Leather which has a coarser grain and it honestly looks almost as good as the day it left the Dealers. Reluctant to let her go but I currently have five cars and not enough time to use them all. I haven't advertised the car and wasn't going to, however if someone was interested then it saves me storage fee's over winter. C.
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    Cic was very straight forward. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yep and with the 15mm spacers they'll look ace [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have the same issue! Creaking/rattling coming from the front dash somewhere.....Havent managed to figure out where as of yet..... Glad I'm not the only one!
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    Yeah; look at my amended post Saw it as 2003, not 2005
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    Agree with above. Engine oil leaks will be a headache at that mileage, the vanos seals, cam cover seals, vacuum pump to timing case seal, the dreaded alternator bracket oil leak. EGR systems can play up on these engines. Valve stem oil seals. And of course the liability that is the 6HP26 autobox. But other than that it will be a beast.
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    My C55 AMG

    So I have had the car over a week now and it's been a joy and Iv thoroughly enjoyed it. I picked the car up in Ross on Wye and drove it back 134 miles to Widnes. I nursed it back home and averaged 28 MPG. My daily commute in the mornings at 5am is only six miles and I'm averaging 23 to the gallon. In stop start traffic it's more like 18. The car has covered just 75k miles and comes with a pile of history and the car has wanted for nothing. The previous keeper swapped the front springs and dampers as he said the ride was too harsh for everyday driving and replaced them from an earlier C32 model. He also replaced the rear dampers with C32 units. The ride on the car is super soft and is ideal for motorway use and I think this is why he swapped them over as he covered 15k miles in a year mainly motorway. However, it does feel a tad vague and floats rather than being precise especially around corners. I think with all Mercedes the brake pedal feels very spongy and doesn't give you a great deal of confidence. It passed the MOT in April with no advisories but may consider upgrading the discs and pads. There are two small chips in the front windscreen and a 2 inch gash to the rear near side quarter panel which has been touched up. I think the tracking maybe out as well as it pulls slightly to the left. Everything works on the car even the electric rear blind. The torque from the V8 is wonderful. However, in even the moist of conditions the traction control keeps kicking in when you bury the throttle.....not much can get close to it though. The V8 from inside the car is pretty muted to be honest and it's only if you open the windows that you can hear the growl. The previous owner also fitted a 1/4 wave resonator to reduce the drone. Apparently it's a helmzholm style J pipe and cuts resonance by bouncing a soundwave back into the exhaust system.... Here are some pictures
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    Grand Dragon

    My C55 AMG

    Fezzy is looking for his "unicorn"
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yeh £2,500 Hell i never paid that it was a sample from a mate lol most ive paid for a wax is £90 Lovely to use but ludicrous amount of cash.
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    Mk4 repair

    My M5 drive arrived yesterday from Cotswold, fitted it this evening and it really is as easy as Chris says.....one of the few 15min jobs you can do on an E39 [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stag Names

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    Bhurkini's - who cares?

    I can't for the life of me work out how this burkini thing is a visual association with Islamic extremism, Daesh and Islamic Terrorism. Honestly im struggling to square that circle. It would be the same as to say the crucifix is a symbol of white supremacist and violent Christian extremism based on the use of the cross by the KKK. The white supremacist like the kkk who have taken the cross as their symbol of choice dosnt necessitate the cross as being in any way shap or form an acculation of their claim to it. The same way as daesh have zero to do with islam and its religious symbols what ever they may be. I guess the irony of this whole mess is that the Burkhini in of it self doesn't actually conform to the legislated dress code of Muslim women. http://www.abukhadeejah.com/hijaab-of-the-muslim-woman-and-its-conditions-download-leaflet/ On a side note the above also applies to ths nation of Islam. Islam is free from them. No one race is superior over another a person is judged based on their deeds and not their creeed,tribe,gender etc All this has realy done is show the double standards of these few men. Oh and probably sent gift wrapped disillusioned fools to Daesh. Daesh must be teaming with joy at fresh blood, after all the blood of the ignorant foolish youth is in constant and never ending supply. Peace. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Basic e39 Front Speaker Upgrade

    Morning folks, Probably been asked a million times this one, but was wondering if anyone could recommend a set of half-reasonable component speakers to replace the standard front speakers on the e39 - max budget is around the £120 mark. Reason im asking is that I have just transferred a set of rear Focal ISC speakers from dotcom1970's old car into mine which now highlight the quality of the front speakers - so I need to do something about it. I know countless people will tell me to go down the route of fitting larger speaker baffles / pods and then amplifying the speakers - however I will be happy with a set of half decent components driven by my Alpine headunit. I fitted a set of Infinity Kappa speakers to my previous Audi A4, even driven by the standard headunit the difference was massive. Can anyone recommend a set? I believe the depth of the standard baffle is around 60mm - Im thinking about fitting another set of Infinity Kappa 50.9cs.