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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hiya Mike, It was £333 directly from Superchips, and I've covered a couple of hundred miles since installing yesterday. So far I'm really impressed, but need to try to forget it's there and not 'use' it so much - fuel economy seems unchanged at normal cruising, but it's encouraging, I think is the best way to describe it - like a mate sitting next to you constantly saying "Go on then, do it!", and my fuel economy is suffering! In all seriousness, the power delivery feels a bit wider and smoother, and it's in the higher rev ranges when the gearbox kicks down and it takes off like a scalded cat... I've not had to knock the gear selector into sport to overtake since it's been on either, and it's definitely more responsive... I think that once the novelty factor's worn off, fuel economy will also improve. Not sure whether it's psychological, but the engine seems quieter unless I open the taps. Will report back over the coming weeks, and before anyone says it, I know there are other choices, which I did look into, but I didn't want anything that offered stupid gains and the possibility of damage, and I liked the ability to put it back to standard myself if I feel the need; this is the option that worked for me, but won't be for everyone Cheers, Nick
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    The Labour Party.

    When is Corbyn going to go?! This latest political stunt by Corbyn has spectacularly backfired! He was the one to try and score political points first by showing that picture of him sitting on the floor of a train to try and convince the train was packed. Virgin Trains have released the footage which shows what happened. Now the latest is Virgin trains might be in trouble for releasing the images. In the Privacy Policy for when CCTV images can be used/shown, there's two clauses; To protect public safety and assist with the verification of claims. Virgin Trains have indeed protected the public's safety from Corbyn's lie ! Virgin Trains have indeed assisted with the verification of Corbyn's 'claim' .. as a lie ! When Jeremy Corbyn talks = Cheers, Dennis!
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    My Milky Way Photography!

    From Sunday night, I managed to capture this Also non-BMW related, other shots from the same night This is the first time I've successfully managed to photograph the Milky Way, I'm quite pleased with the results! These were taken between midnight & 2am on Sunday night, at Durdle Door in Dorset. I have a few more photos from the night, if you're interested, follow me on Instagram @dazecoop (shameless plug, hah).
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    EPIC FAIL warning here lol Ive learn't a thing or two by this, trying to reset the Idrive on my E60 and removed the battery cables for a suggested reset. ok so while that was off i thought id hoover the car with my eldest lad. all went well car hoover, washed etc, pretty happy with the result. Then my lad said how dark is it if you shut the boot with someone in it. I said "fairly dark id say" I said get it and i will shut you in and obviously let you out. He said no only if I go first so said ok no worries. off I popped into the boot, keys in my pocket unfortunately. He slowly shuts the lid, click the boot is shut and yes its pitch black in there and warm. so I tap on the boot for him to let me out only to find it won't open. so he panics and runs to get his mum, im in the boot trying to peel back the lid liner to manually pop the catch, which is harder than it looks. Then I think he can use my key. but no i have them in my pocket lol. so with everyone flapping outside my car I decided to try and work out how to reconnect the cables to the battery by just feeling. easier said then done. 10 mins in and loads of fiddling I could use the key to open the boot. So lesson learn't don't listen to your lad with his ideas and if you do make sure you can get out and make sure the electrics work lol. The Mrs wasn't too happy and asked wtf was I thinking, lol hahaha
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    The pictures are still awful - sorry. Some constructive feedback for you: They make the bodywork look rubbish. I can't tell if it's the pictures or the bodywork, but if I were looking to buy they'd put me off straight away. The front and rear bumpers looked stone chipped and scratched, the front splitter looks like the paint is peeling off in one pic, the OSF outer PDC sensor looks to be black not blue, the rear wiper is parked in the wrong place, etc etc. Then there's the details - OK, you can't hide stains on beige carpet but get the black rubber lash cords fitted and they'll distract from them in the boot. What's the wire coming out of the boot floor for? Doesn't look original, so hide it if you can. If the boot mech "only" needs filling with fluid then fill it! Give the engine bay plastics a wipe down with a damp cloth - that's all that's needed there. In my view, the list of faults is unacceptable at that price. As you've still got the car, I'm guessing other people agree. Take the car somewhere a bit more photogenic for some new photos and make sure they're not over-exposed. It's not a cheap car - don't approach selling it like one!
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    Brake discs not centered by the hub just doesn't sound right.
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    MK4 Sat Nav issue

    V32 was the last BMW software. Modified software can have any version number, as the person who modifies it can specify the number.
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    little project on my e39 530i champagne I

    hoping to pick the wheels up tomorrow, tyres have arrived, but im going ot polish and seal the wheels first today i fitted some air ducts in the grill and fittedthe splitter though it need a lot of choping becuase of the arch liners but im pleased with the results, its only gloss black at mo until i get thecar painted should be a looking like a different car at the weekend when coil overs and wheels are on ducts fitted splitter in pricess of being painted and then fitted
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    The Labour Party.

    Corbyn vs Branson. Just wtff were his advisors thinking with his 'there are no seats and I want to Nationalise the Railways' farce. As far as I can make out the man is digging deeper and deeper holes for himself with 'there were bags on the seats' and 'I was looking for two seats together' tales after being caught out walking past empty seats by Mr Bransons cctv. I admire the man for being principled but his shocking naivety in this affair, lack of leadership skills and losing the support of the Parliamentary Labour Party have shaped his unfortunate destiny.
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    535d manual?

    Wouldn't be rapid without a map.
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    Mk4 repair

    So for £88.45 for replacement drive add £120 for the original unit I now have a working drive that should be good for another 13 years. New drive is an M5 unit (interesting use of name) old unit was M3 4.6. The M5 unit isnt listed on real oem as e39 applicable but it totes is. Pretty cool I now have the unit that was used on X6s right up until 2014. Out with the old and in with the new. This was a piece of piss to do. Just two cables. New drive makes absolutely no noise at all and reads a 2016 map disc copy. Overall pleased. Need to do something about that green line on the screen but refuse to pay anymore than a fiver for these 4:3 units. Could buy a wide screen monitor but I've had it with throwing money at old BMWs.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Had a few days off work so took a trip to see the long-forgotten Parental Units up in Lincolnshire last week - a good excuse to get the car on the ramps and change a few bits I've been meaning to do for a couple of months: Some new rear arms, discs + pads: BC-Racing coilovers still doing well after 8 months/9k miles. Really pleased with them: Then finished with replacing the brake fluid. I put Motul RBF600 in as I'd bought a few bottles a while back and they were sat on the shelf. Also used this pressure bleeder - top bit of kit for £40 - made the job a doddle: EDIT. And a good excuse to give the wheels/tyres a good scrub off the car! Will get the tracking redone this week then some small bits of bodywork are next on the list.
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    Few new parts collected for my future upgrades over the next few months ;0) E38 750iL rear electric seat with heating. lumbar and electric headrests. Also cup holder which I'm gonna try and install. Rear comms pack with passenger memory Vanity mirrors for my contours Picnic tables also for my contours Active pads for massaging my bum lol And also a FULL switch pack ;0) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello - Potential Owner

    What's your annual mileage, do you need a diesel?
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    Grand Dragon


    I can go one better! Myself a friend and my brother went to a festival a couple of years ago and we all piled in my work van to get there! On the second day all our phones had ran out so I suggested I'd go back the van to charge them (coz I'm nice like that!) so after a couple of hours sat in the van with the air con on (it was about 35c btw!) there was only one phone left to charge, I remembered there where a few cans of drink in the back, as I was sobering up so headed into the rear of the van to retrieve a can or two of lager i gained access to the rear of the van and realized I couldn't reach said cans from my standing position and needed to enter the van to get a grasp on the tasty (warm) beers! So I jumped it the back and as the van was parked on a hill with the nose pointing downwards, as I got in the van the rear door shut behind me! Well i laught and laught until I realized the rear door DIDNOT have a handle on it to get out! It was also paneled so in the complete pitch black I proceeded to rip off the panels, this gained me acces to the lock mechanism I fiddled around with it and hey presto, it came off in my hand! at this point the wee I had been holding in came out and also the I was crowning! Anyway after about 20 minutes trying to put the lock mechanism back together, it was born! Then the mechanism clicked into place and I managed to open the rear door! Your the first person ive ever told of this!
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    Airport parking

    Regardless of cost I'd always rather park the car myself in long stay and take the keys with me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Any car electrical experts?

    I would recommend he fits a 2nd battery (deep cycle) to power the boxes. Then have an electronic isolator switch fitted (like this one - http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Durite-12V-140A-Dual-Twin-Battery-Voltage-Sensitive-Split-Charge-Relay-0-727-33-/321370579575?hash=item4ad32de277%3Ag%3AY90AAOSwbYZXfM7d&_trkparms=pageci%253A95f81dc2-6663-11e6-bd4d-74dbd180bf67%257Cparentrq%253Aa51b818f1560a6a8f5688dadffffafaa%257Ciid%253A12 http://www.jaycar.com.au/140a-dual-battery-isolator-vsr/p/MB3685). That allows the 2nd battery to keep the boxes going until it's depleted without causing the car's battery to go flat. It then allows the battery to be recharged from the cars alternator.
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    Intravee and Alpine KCA-420i

    Hi, Sorry no, only because I guess the Alpine part would be of no use to anyone so I'd be stuck with it.
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    The Isle of Gruinard may still be available...
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    Mk4 repair

    The Mk4 DVD drive unit is extremely easy to replace. It is the same as the DVD drive unit in the E6x's, E8x's and E9x's with CCC (Professional Nav up to 9/98). So you can fit a brand new BMW unit with a 2yr warranty. Part number is 65839273195
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    You're in a strange area for an E39. Alpina or not, it needs a grand spent sorting the faults out. That makes it over £7k, and I suspect the number of people looking for an E39 with issues at £7k is very few. There's an auto on eBay at a trader for £6495 with a few more miles but looks to be in decent condition. You'd have to really want a manual to walk past that. Have you you got it advertised elsewhere? I don't think this forum is the ideal place for it - I sold two E39 Tourings last week, one within hours, one within a few days. One on eBay, one on Facebook. TL;DR: price.
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    I like it though i don't think the pics do it justice. Some people won't see what the premium is over a 530i for £3k i'd expect. Get it polished up and some decent pics and i'm sure some one would be interested.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Cheers Keith, much appreciated. Keeping them clean this time of year is nigh on impossible, as you'll see... Went back to the Parental's over the bank holiday weekend to use the ramps and get the new suspension bits fitted. Before this I'd had a rather comical few days at work with new bits seemingly arriving everyday as I ordered everything I could think I'd need ahead of being guts-deep in deepest darkest lincolnshire and finding out I was missing a crucial part... First a new pair of rear discs from Kev @ Cotswold BMW. Great service as ever: Then a pile of Lemforder/TRW suspension links, tie-rods, etc etc to make sure I could refresh all the running gear. Oh and a new set of Pagid pads for the back: Then to work! Started with the front, replacing all associated suspension bits: Stripped the arch down leaving the hub resting on a transmission jack (tie rod still attached at this point). Seriously filthy arches despite being jetwashed out a fortnight ago! This is the Franklin T331 balljoint splitter that's getting referred to a lot recently on here when people ask what splitter to use. It does the job, but do not underestimate the level of force required to break a 10+ year old e39 balljoint. I've augmented the splitter with a small brass tophat I turned up on the lathe to keep the bridge level so each end is not operating at an angle. I've had this one six years or so - since I've had e39s - and probably cracked 30-40 e39 balljoints with it. Quite often I'll tighten it up and if the balljoint doesn't go bang straight away I'll put some heat on the steel insert in the upright with a small blowtorch. Some new vs. old bits laid out on the deck for posterity: It took a solid 9hr day - even on the ramps - to get the front all done. The amount of time it takes unbolting things, breaking balljoints, compressing springs, etc etc I grossly underestimated (thinking I'd have the whole lot done in one day!). So taking photos got dropped in favour of cracking on with getting the job done. The next day, after a quick test drive to confirm the front is A-OK, turn the car around and start on the rear! Did I mention it was one of the wettest/dampest weekends in five years? Hence why I drove 150 miles to use the ramps rather than on on my back on my gravel driveway... Again, another all day slog so little chance to take pics. Last one before a cleaned arch liner goes back in, with discs and pads still to go. Liners will come back out in the summer for a good scrub behind and a dose of rustbuster everywhere. Then lots of measuring of ride heights, adjusting, measuring of toe, adjusting, so on, so forth. If anyone's interested, I've started on the following setup WITH ME sat in the car, 1/2 tank of fuel and 30kg in the boot: Front left 645mm Front right 646mm Rear left 635mm Rear right 635mm (Measured from ground to top of wheelarch - standard tyre size, 36psi front, 32 psi rear). Toe set to straight ahead and camber at initial setting on top mount - will get it aligned properly this week. And so by the time I was all done and dusted I returned home at 10pm on Sunday night in time for work on Monday. The car feels sublime now... Will add a bit more once I've settled on a damper setup I like and driven on a dry road! 150k miles this week...
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    E60 vibration on braking and driving

    is it only under braking? If so here is a simple test to check it's the disks (which it sounds like it is) Under drive lightly(!) apply the brakes - (keep your foot on the throttle, so you are still accelerating with your foot on the brake) does the car vibrate? If so it's 100% the disks. As an additional test you can repeat with the handbrake to check if it's the rear brakes.