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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    iX tourer failed it's MOT, the main issue was that the front cross member under the radiator was rotten and needed replacing. Luckily I had a spare in stock so one day later, job done, MOT retest passed.
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    Well this finally happened today in deepest Suffolk, journalist Chris Chilton and photographer Neil Fraser were top blokes and it should make for a great article with lots of action pics. One from my phone before we got going...
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hiya Mike, It was £333 directly from Superchips, and I've covered a couple of hundred miles since installing yesterday. So far I'm really impressed, but need to try to forget it's there and not 'use' it so much - fuel economy seems unchanged at normal cruising, but it's encouraging, I think is the best way to describe it - like a mate sitting next to you constantly saying "Go on then, do it!", and my fuel economy is suffering! In all seriousness, the power delivery feels a bit wider and smoother, and it's in the higher rev ranges when the gearbox kicks down and it takes off like a scalded cat... I've not had to knock the gear selector into sport to overtake since it's been on either, and it's definitely more responsive... I think that once the novelty factor's worn off, fuel economy will also improve. Not sure whether it's psychological, but the engine seems quieter unless I open the taps. Will report back over the coming weeks, and before anyone says it, I know there are other choices, which I did look into, but I didn't want anything that offered stupid gains and the possibility of damage, and I liked the ability to put it back to standard myself if I feel the need; this is the option that worked for me, but won't be for everyone Cheers, Nick
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    The Labour Party.

    When is Corbyn going to go?! This latest political stunt by Corbyn has spectacularly backfired! He was the one to try and score political points first by showing that picture of him sitting on the floor of a train to try and convince the train was packed. Virgin Trains have released the footage which shows what happened. Now the latest is Virgin trains might be in trouble for releasing the images. In the Privacy Policy for when CCTV images can be used/shown, there's two clauses; To protect public safety and assist with the verification of claims. Virgin Trains have indeed protected the public's safety from Corbyn's lie ! Virgin Trains have indeed assisted with the verification of Corbyn's 'claim' .. as a lie ! When Jeremy Corbyn talks = Cheers, Dennis!
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    F11 Rear Bumper Edge Protector

    Hi, We have in stock a Rear Bumper Edge Protector for F11 that we are looking to sell for £30 including vat and delivery Part number is 51472412735 If you are interested please call 01452872666
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    F11 Rear Bumper Edge Protector

    on it's way to me - proper bargain! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    535d manual?

    I'm not saying they can't be manual. I'm saying that most people/companies that buy diesels, buy them to do lots of miles, and therefore an auto box is a lot nicer than manual clutching in rush hour on the M25.
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    No, it's a silver saloon. It'll be on eBay if it's not on here - look for the signature out-of-focus photos in an old barracks.
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    Trade in offer?

    Thoroughly enjoying it, great fun and very practical as well, went on holiday in it a couple of weeks ago had to ask the wife had she packed everything as I had room to spare (200 litres more than the GT boot space) it likes the fuel, but comparable with my M3 and Porsches I had so not worried about that with a similar performance and it's easy to park lol, I like the touch screen Sat Nav easy to use and you can have the pano roof open on the motorway without that 'thrumming' you got on the GT, yes it is the 6 spd DSG I'm hearing that there might be a 7 spd DSG for next year, it's well finished inside, what I find strange is having to turn a key to start it there is a keyless option though available, brakes are excellent. Some pictures of it, excuse the unglamorous location:
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    You just have to be patient. All of my buys have come up when I wasn't really looking. All bargains, all good condition, all with good history. There will always be something to do on a now 10+ year old car, you've got to be willing to spend
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    Lots of tat/copies on ebay and like you mentioned "cheap". Stick with Febi, Lemforder etc. and you won't go wrong from my experience. If it looks too good to be true it generally is. C.
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    535d manual?

    Agree Westy, love the manual in my GTD but the 535d would not be the distance cruiser and fast road paddle demon that it is. I stun friends when I select sport plus and use the paddles, how agile and pointy the huge boat can be. Keep annoying my mate in his GTR as if he's caught napping and not in the right gear/power band the 535d is all over him.
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    Hello - Potential Owner

    Welcome! Agree with the above. Specification is nice but service history is better. Have a read of the stickies in the "im new" section as that has some buying guides and the basics of what to look out for. Also, dont be afraid to ask questions, if you dont know something, ask! we're all here to help if we can. Jam
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    Hello - Potential Owner

    As Chris says, get an E39 Sport, the E60 is not a thing of beauty, especially in SE guise.
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    KW V1 are nowhere near the top level.
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    535d manual?

    Guys this is a big diesel exec saloon designed for long distance cruising. Most people don't want a manual in a car that's doing lots of miles. I definitely don't miss a manual now I'm sat in motorway traffic most days. If you look on auto trader at the f10 520d you see that a lot of them are autos now too. If you want similar power and a manual shift you need you go for a petrol variant.
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    Hello - Potential Owner

    Go for a 2002 or 2003 E39 530d Sport - minimum spec: heated Comfort seats and navigation - try and find one with bluetooth as well. You won't regret it. Better car than the E60 in my opinion.
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    Wheel studs and nuts rather than bolts

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-Wheel-Stud-Conversion-kit-GT50-Blue-Nuts-82mm-17-fit-BMW-7-Series-E38-E65-/111784413138?hash=item1a06dec7d2 tha'ts what i run, i wasn't happy whatsoever with wheel spacers and bolts, it was a no no for me
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    The pictures are still awful - sorry. Some constructive feedback for you: They make the bodywork look rubbish. I can't tell if it's the pictures or the bodywork, but if I were looking to buy they'd put me off straight away. The front and rear bumpers looked stone chipped and scratched, the front splitter looks like the paint is peeling off in one pic, the OSF outer PDC sensor looks to be black not blue, the rear wiper is parked in the wrong place, etc etc. Then there's the details - OK, you can't hide stains on beige carpet but get the black rubber lash cords fitted and they'll distract from them in the boot. What's the wire coming out of the boot floor for? Doesn't look original, so hide it if you can. If the boot mech "only" needs filling with fluid then fill it! Give the engine bay plastics a wipe down with a damp cloth - that's all that's needed there. In my view, the list of faults is unacceptable at that price. As you've still got the car, I'm guessing other people agree. Take the car somewhere a bit more photogenic for some new photos and make sure they're not over-exposed. It's not a cheap car - don't approach selling it like one!
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    Brake discs not centered by the hub just doesn't sound right.
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    MK4 Sat Nav issue

    V32 was the last BMW software. Modified software can have any version number, as the person who modifies it can specify the number.
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    little project on my e39 530i champagne I

    hoping to pick the wheels up tomorrow, tyres have arrived, but im going ot polish and seal the wheels first today i fitted some air ducts in the grill and fittedthe splitter though it need a lot of choping becuase of the arch liners but im pleased with the results, its only gloss black at mo until i get thecar painted should be a looking like a different car at the weekend when coil overs and wheels are on ducts fitted splitter in pricess of being painted and then fitted
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    The Labour Party.

    Corbyn vs Branson. Just wtff were his advisors thinking with his 'there are no seats and I want to Nationalise the Railways' farce. As far as I can make out the man is digging deeper and deeper holes for himself with 'there were bags on the seats' and 'I was looking for two seats together' tales after being caught out walking past empty seats by Mr Bransons cctv. I admire the man for being principled but his shocking naivety in this affair, lack of leadership skills and losing the support of the Parliamentary Labour Party have shaped his unfortunate destiny.
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    535d manual?

    Wouldn't be rapid without a map.