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    I love the phrase 'Asian community' - most Sikhs and Hindus I know really don't like being lumped into this segment. But, they don't cause any aggro - Islam as a religion just seems to attract trouble. It's odd how Sikhs/Hindus, both current generation and their forbears who came over on a boat in the fifties and sixties, don't have an axe fro grind. They worked hard, raised families and undoubtedly took racial abuse. Why is that?
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    Are you serious?? please tell me where this fuckin sign is I will go tear it down myself unless you or your mate have done the right thing and tore it down when you seen it. I drive through the back streets of Moseley/Sparkbrook etc on a daily basis and have yet to see this sign saying NO WHITES! White's Black's Brown's etc live here in peace so stop typing shite as all it does is fill people online with more hatred. Plenty of white folk living in the so called NO GO ZONE and I know a few of them too. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    You find it one sided here on a car forum where as I feel it one sided in the media nearly everyday! Look we are on a car forum we have passion for cars that's what brings us guys together regardless of race and religion!! So I don't think we should be wasting time on people like anjum Choudary Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    It was not very long ago that we had signs in this country saying NO COLOUREDS, NO BLACKS, NO IRISH AND NO DOGS
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    For a long time I've adopted the stance; regardless of race, colour, creed, class or religion, if you're a tw@t you're a tw@t.
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    No sure why we're even discussing this Choidrey cunt. Not worth air. personally, I don't give a fuck if you're polka dotted with green skin, or worship fucking aliens. If you're a decent fella, you'll get the time of day off me. which incidentally, M535 man is.
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    Anyone notice that suddenly we have slipped in that the Al Nusra front who we have labelled for decades as part of Al Queda have dropped links with Al Queda and are now helping the rebels fight Isis. In another words, we were funding them all along. Anyway, if anyone is scratching their heads wondering where the guns come from the answer I am ashamed to say is us. So before we start labelling people like this Anjem prick, maybe we should hold our own governments to account, after all we vote them in.
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    So you saying it's ok to tar a whole community for the actions of a small minority ? My blinkers are off, I have experienced racism 1st hand a number of times and to be honest I don't give a toss either as I just move on with life and I sure don't hold a whole community at fault. Maybe you should do the same. Anyways I'm done with this thread. Have a nice day 😎 Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    It just seemed very one sided, and unfair, like Iv said all along, I was just levelling the playing fields, like you said there is bad apples in all walks of life.
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    I didn't say sunderland is Muslim bashing whites? I just gave my experience in a place I lived for 4 years!! I didn't say it was Muslim bashing it was racism. There is bad apples in all society mate!! All I am saying is we should look into history and realise not all terrorists are necessarily Muslim!! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    So why link it if and what are you trying to level out here?? please stop listening to lies the media feed it only create more hatred. If these media outlets ignored this twat Anjem like 99.9% of Muslims have I'm sure you guys would never have heard of him and he would have just crawled back into the hole he came out off. No high horse here just a little peed off with these no go zones I've never heard of before in my town 😂😂😂 Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    Here we go again linking stupid articles the media have picked up on oh and a clip of the 2 utter bellends babbling a whole load of shite, do you really think them idiots in tht clip above represent the muslim community???? Sure enough there will be a replacement for this anjem dude soon enough probably on a decent wage packet too and the media will be giving him/her full coverage just to keep you guys on the edge. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    I lived and worked in West Yorkshire for just over 10 years and I witnessed and received quite a lot of racist abuse, often whilst being in people's homes and working as a Paramedic. I also encountered a lot of racist attitudes from colleagues. I despised it in all its forms, but most particularly when it was used to form the very same attitudes in the next generation of any racial or religious group.
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    One thing I want to ask MP's, ministers etc is this "where the hell are Isis/isil or whatever we choose to call them, getting their wepons from. Last time I checked, the Arab states couldn't make a decent cup of tea, let alone guns, bombs and tanks. anyone help me out here, I've been scratching my head so long thinking about this, I'm nearly bald !
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    I read comments about Islam Asians and white no go areas. It's not just here that I read comments like this but read it on a daily basis on other social media platforms!! All I do know is I have never come across any thing like that anywhere in Birmingham. We are talking about all this racism I have first experienced racism for being in a so called white area!! I lived for 4 years in Sunderland as university student and was subjected to a lot of abuse for simply being the wrong colour. There were times were the bnp would be driving around blasting royal Britainnia and hand leaflets out metros. You would get looks of disgust when you get on a bus or metro all for being a different colour!! I have been born and raised here but to be subjected to that kind of abuse is unreal in 2004!!! As for the comments about Islam please don't tar everyone with same brush just like I don't think every white person I meet are like those racist scum I come across in Sunderland!! As for anjum Choudary he deserves everything he gets!! Also guys please read history about how all this terrorism we see nowadays has started and how it all came about the root causes the trigger factors not that I'm saying what these nut jobs do is right far from it!!! Not all terrorists are muslims!! Even if the sun or daily mail newspaper may think so!! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, I did solve this in the end. A piece of wire with a spade connector had been scotch locked into the loom and it happened to be touching the old 525e ECU which was in the foot well. Now removed, everything works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Mick, i am ashamed to say that some years ago when E28s weren't worth a lot I broke two cars that didn't really have anything wrong with them, the first one was a 520 with a head gasket issue that I stripped mainly for its chrome bumpers. I did however keep many other parts that are interchangeable across the range. The other car was a 525e that I brought just for its wheels, again this car had nothing wrong with it and drove it home. Quite tidy, no rust but again not worth big money, I had the wheels but my mate stripped everything else off for his eventual failed restoration project of another 525e. This car even had brand new calipers on it which were saved. Now as Max Bygraves used to say ( I'm going to tell you a story) thats if you know who he is My good freind and work colleague decided he wanted a 525e when I brought my first one 15 years ago and purchased a very tired running shadow line 525e with body coloured bumpers as a restoration project that never really got of the ground. I then decided stupidly that I wanted a M535i so he brought my 525e from me as a daily driver and the restoration project was stripped of all the nice bits and stored. After a couple of years of hard use that car failed it's MOT but not severely but he does not have the nessecary skills to have fixed it up quickly, I was offered the car back but at that time my drive was too full for any more cars so I reluctantly declined so that one was stripped of all the nice parts and stored, you can see where this is going. He has an unknown hoard of parts. The story is not quite over yet, he then purchased a very nice 525e, again as a daily driver but about 9 years ago he laid the car up in his garage along with his hoard of parts along with some other junk to the point you can hardly see the car. Life and prioritys have changed and he has decided to let go and on Friday the 26 of August I will be helping him exhume the car from the garage and try and see what it's condition is like and if we can breath some life into it and see if we can get it running and moving (big ask after 9 years but you never know) I will be bidding him for some parts as he has a full set of shadow line trim for the doors which my M535i should have that some swine swapped out for chrome before I brought it. Any way I will post up the story of the epic exhumation of the 525e next week when the job has been done.
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    UKs first RWB Porsche

    There were some other nice motors that came along. I didn't get to take many pics of them but here's a few. Oh and some belong to Raj too, like the testarossa and SEC mercs , he has a nice collection! Might recognise these 2, Shaz n Ifti came along to say hello! And had a good catch up with Baus too! Thanks for coming along guys!
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    UKs first RWB Porsche

    T, did you pick up the 'spare keys' for it???
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    UKs first RWB Porsche

    And so after the crowds had gone I took some pics of the finished car n here it is
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    UKs first RWB Porsche

    Have you not heard the old saying about the sow's ear and the silk purse?
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    Locking temp controls?

    It's simple
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    As I buy and collect only old stuff I have to accept what options first box ticker applied many years ago, however the Alpina purchaser ticked most boxes he could find, many thanks to him.
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    This is a multi religious country where all religions should be equal and we should be tolerant of other people's beliefs. No one religion should be more prominent than another. I live in a multi cultural street and we all get along fine.
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    535i Andrew

    E61! Will 3x kids seats fit?

    Don't get either.....