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    Loving her today!! :-)

    Spent 8 hours yesterday cleaning, and waxing. Today has been driving and smiling!! I hope you agree she is looking lovely.....!
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    Is this guy for real!!!!!

    And he took the pictures using a spoon or a potato I think What a prick!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Afternoon all! Well I finally found some more spare time to continue work in the engine bay. Quick recap - oil filter housing done, new rad, thermostat and water pump fitted and DISA refurbished with the i6 kit. So I continued pulling things apart until I found this fella....... Out it came, replaced with a new CCV valve and all the hoses, and a new dipstick tube o ring once the tube had been cleaned out. Popped a new o ring on the intake housing for good measure and replaced one of the rubber boots which had started to crack. Also renewed the small breather hose as it crumbled on disassembly. Then on to the tensioners and belts.......... New hoses and expansion tank on, fresh coolant in and bled the system. Also took the opportunity to replace the power steering reservoir and fluid, as what was in the system had degraded....... All back together, fired the old girl up.........and.........air intake leak Don't you just love it when a plan falls apart!!!!! Checked everything I could get my hands / screw driver on but hey, that would too easy, right? So............. Annoyingly I couldn't find anything obviously wrong, so decided to quit for the day and look at it with a fresh set of eyes some other when. Well, at least the cooling system is ok! Decided to redeem the day by giving the 2 wheeled steed a clean in readiness for a trip to the British Superbike meet at Thruxton tomorrow........ .....and of course I now have a good excuse to raid this.......
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    It's been a while!

    It's been a fair while since I've had any downtime recently. New job forcing plenty of things to the back of the list. But what I have been doing is getting on with the garage build for the M5 to live in. It's been a bit of an expensive do so far (even doing all the work myself) with nearly a grand on 2 skips, a grand on concrete, 1400 quid on bricks - The whole thing should see me done and watertight for about £5500 - That's before it's trimmed out and made "pleasant" inside. Progress so far is going well, the last couple of days have been far too hot to bricklay though, as soon as the mortor touches a brick it goes off, even with wetting the bricks - The heat just sucks them dry again (Any builders care to offer a tip on this? Plasticiser maybe?) Cheeky time-lapse video of the progress for the footings - 40 ton of crap removed, 26 ton of concrete put in! Then this is as it stands today: Hopefully the walls will be done within the next 2 weeks - My old man will be coming to help so he can get all the corners set up for me quickly then I can do the runs easily then Size wise, internally, it's going to be 6.6m x 4m - Plenty of room for the M5 and getting all the doors open and working on her too The only thing I'm not happy with is the planning constraint of hacing a flat roof with a maximum height of 2.4m (so internal height of about 2.2m) as I wanted to be able to get the van in for working on too, but not to worry - The main thing is it's on the way to getting completed
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    535i Andrew

    Trade in offer?

    Well when you are sleeping in the Golf on your todd, you can atleast adjust the temperature to suit you and you only!
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    New to my E60!

    Looks nice as it is, as long as it doesn't have an m5 badge! If you change wings back to standard you'd have to change bumpers, arch liners etc too as they're a bit wider
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    Trade in offer?

    The wife says "It won't be cheaper as you cannot afford to divorce me however, you could sleep in it!!" Doing screen share on a 50" TV in the bedroom is not always a good idea!?! Doh!!!
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    535i Andrew

    Trade in offer?

    Simples, trade the wife in for the Golf, it will be significantly cheaper to run, lower maintenance costs, doesn't demand to be taken out, dosent need new shoes every second week, doesn't need several wardrobes to keep all its stuff it.
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    535i Andrew

    Radio shenanigans

    The BBC stations are broadcast from local transmitters up and down the country which will all have slightly different frequencies. My car was bought from Aberdeen, I live near Glasgow airport and when I was only 40 miles north of the Scotland/England border my radio crapped out because it was searching for an Aberdeen broadcast of Radio 2. Reset the radio to back home frequencies and all has been well. Travelling between Leeds and Manchester and yeah you might just have similar issues.
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    The EU Referendum poll

    Anyone stuck at Dover? That's just increased security on the French side. Imagine what it would be like if they were actually trying to be difficult and we were out of the EU.
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    Talk me out of a 7 PLEASE !!!!!!

    Thanks for the replies I would wait for the new Touring Lennox but my current PCP deal will be up before the new touring comes out. My my only other concern is the fact the car is parked in the street and just not sure if it's just going to be to big it's apparently 12" longer than my F11.
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    Anyone got 81K spare? JAHRE Edition M5

    ^^ Yeah; shame it looks like an over-inflated motorway patrol car though in that colour
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    Andrew S

    Updating the Satnav

    Hi Rosie, really appreciate your help. I have downloaded the ISO file and extracted the files and burnt them and will give it a go later. If this doesn't work, I will buy a map book Thanks again Andrew
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    At least with an older car you don't have the crippling depreciation that you get with a newer one. So spending money on maintenance isn't so bad in that context, You should really budget £1,000 per year over the long run on an older BMW. Some years you will spend less, some more.
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    Its amazing stuff isn't it!! will get some pics up one day of interior I did. I watched a few videos for repairing tears on youtube, its amazing how easy it was to hide!! really straight forward. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    folding mirrors .....where are you ? and dibs on them if they are
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    IDrive controller warm to touch

    Your knob's bound to be a bit warm if you've spent 180 miles playing with it
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    Is this guy for real!!!!!

    To be honest all that can needs is about £4 spent on it..... Glass bottle, petroleum and a match!!! £6k??? Appreciate a nice one is worth saving but that's a insult to dogs!!
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    Is this guy for real!!!!!

    The car was once lovely, I love the big merc coupes but this one is a pile of bile. How anybody expect to sell a car when they are threatening you if they don't like what you say or ask is beyond me [emoji17] People like this are amongst us is what frightens me [emoji45]
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    Lim/saloon spec? What's the difference

    Lim short for limousine and it means saloon/sedan in German and other countries. Our "limousine" would be called Stretched Limo.
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    dpf removal

    I'm only your man if you want to remove a whole 535d LCI turbo assembly Only if you shit yourself after a remap
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    Engine carbon clean

    Apparently just goes where air goes, so to me, seems alot safer than terraclean??
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    Talk me out of a 7 PLEASE !!!!!!

    Nice C Class!!! [emoji12]
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    Few more new bits added ;0) Alcantara covered custom air ride controller mounted in e38 centre armrest Alcantara covered bottom trim piece with BMW individual badge Alcantara covered interior trim with more individual badges Custom Centre console housing NBT controller also covers in alcantara NBT all up and running Even trimmed up the modified cd changer mount for the NBT unit Orange lights all round. Waiting on side repeaters to arrive Air ride kit mounted in spare wheel well With covers all back in place Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello hello

    Hi guys I have finally got hold of my first e28 525i after many years of wanting one! Looks like it it came out of a lake mind!