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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Whoosh Wednesday! Small turbo is new and upgraded, Big turbo looks brand new but it's the 120k one out my old engine. Well pleased. Nearly ready for 400+bhp.
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    Less rear PDC sensors

    If it's M-sport the outer sensors are on separate moldings and the center sensors are on bumper itself. The bumper core must have been changed at some point and doesn't have the sensor locations. Even with towing hitch there are always 4 sensors.
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    Jamworths 2001 530i Sport

    Right then, goodbye 2015... hello 2016! Ive hit a badger...Done 23k miles in it...and with the small excuses of a flat battery all is good in the hood. This year... Many bits an bobs planned. The Autobox is FIRST ON MY LIST.. it must be done come hell or high water. Then it be Service time again. Another INSP II but this time im going to up the grade of oil. From 5w30 to 5w40. Simply as the car has just ticked over 160,000 miles and I think it needs a little more protectant. The second bugbear is the radiator. It's a new one from Euros and is leaking.. on the floor like a drippy dick so this wil lhave to come back off to be replaced AGAIN! im making sure Euros hear the loud side of me though as im not walking out of there without some compo! THIS being only the first issue, the second issue which has manifested from the first is that this leaky radiator is also spraying on my alternator belt/steering pulley and causing it to scream like a little girl. So this will also need to be sorted. Thirdly, the throttle control valve needs cleaning and my DISA is making a very slight diesel rattle, so the seals need doing, small cost but bloody fiddly.. will leave that to the summer. Also need a windscreen. Oh and my FSU blew this morning, new one ordered. Another common issue done £30 later. Anyway.. that updates me for January. Feb is just around the corner! Soon be Christmas... haha. JAM
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    Voltmeter will only show 16v mate I've tried b4 it's a proper meter that the aa use u need to check the cca under load Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    get a voltmeter on your battery how old is it?? are they LED replacement bulbs? JJ
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    I have the cable from Jimmy, it only reads parts of the car. Not all, which is the same problem my garage (snap-on diagnostic) had today, they also took it to another local place where they have a different machine which still didn't work. Both say they haven't had problems with reading Bmw before. Which is why I suspect a wiring problem.I've got the bypass off eBay too. Had that on a while, but until I can 'talk' to the car, I cannot reset anything. Which is bloody annoying! Hopefully be something simple... Guess we'll see soon enough. [emoji33]
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    De-Badged cars

    I've always de badged my cars, i just like the clean look with no fussy lettering. I've also always opted to for clean number plates with no manufactures names or numbers at all and never had a moment's bother
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    We like what we like Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    De-Badged cars

    I would imagine that the tail pipe arrangement is different on the 535 models to differentiate it from the lower power models (530d downwards). I had my m5 debadged although to the trained eye the quad set up was a dead give away. My 520d is debadged because I don't like the chrome on a dark car and think it looks better without. Just aesthetics really.
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    F10 530d

    De-Badged cars

    The 518d, 520d, 525d and 530d all share the same tail pipes appearance wise. The 535d and 535i have a tail pipe on both sides. It's a shame the 530 doesn't get the 535 tail pipes One thing I have noticed is that 525d and above have chrome strips in the door handles as standard. However I have seen some 520d's with these handles aswell (assuming it's an optional extra on lower engine cars?) 518d, 520d 535i, 535d, Activehybrid 5 525d and above: 518d - 520d Hope that helps and correct me if I'm wrong!
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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    UPDATE 13/1/16 We purchased a rare set of Staggered Flat Stars from Germany last year Once again a massive thanks to the e34 guys on this forum. Well, with nothing going wrong with the TBL since November, and the sight of the wheels looking sad in the corner of the garden ... We finally got around to getting some rubber on Flat Stars. The Staggered Flat Stars are now sporting 255/40/17 Toyo T1 Sports. TBL feels much better at speed ... and along with the Bilstein suspension feels I might even refit the rear bumper Aero skirt ... Comments welcome
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    There is also a guide on the 3M stuff - it's not expensive but takes a few hours JJ
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    My New 1989 BMW 535i

    Ahh, there's the rub; at £65k new in 1995 it was £10k more than an M5 Touring and £25k more than a 540i Touring so only one rhd car was ever ordered and made - this one. Love the pics of the rest of your BMWs
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    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    I only just got round to watching those track day vids, and although I have never done a track day it is clear that the driver of the black touring in front of you could not drive! Every corner he had the wrong line, he brakes too late constantly and not smoothly either. His turn in is therefore aggravated on every corner just about. Whereas the lines you took Richard were much better and much smoother on and off the power too. The noise that car makes is awesome though!!
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    Hi I'm new! E39 530d Touring M5 lookalike

    Looking more like a replacement 5series coming my way!?
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    Hi I'm new! E39 530d Touring M5 lookalike

    the new e class are nice cars, my dad recently got 220cdi estate and it's a bloody nice car to drive. As for xenons, yes they will go in no probs just use the H7 adapters if using halogen angel eye lights.
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    Think M52TU and M54 are pretty similar. Make sure you buy the 4 pipes that connect to the CCV as well, they will very likely crack or fall apart when you try and disconnect them.
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    My New 1989 BMW 535i

    I'll look into the phone thing. Theres a load of gubbins in the boot and a manual. Just need time to sit down with it. That E34 is awesome! I love it and want one. Love the E39 too. I think the E34 the best looking touring of all the 5 series. Something very business like about it. I am in fact bang into my BMW wagons. On my 3rd E46 touring now. Great cars. Not a patch on your Alpinas and not a 5 series so sorry for posting but here is my 330 manual in case you're interested. Took a while to find a manual with this colour combo and spec. And heres my E30 323. Aircon and cruise control. Thats my lot.
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    My New 1989 BMW 535i

    Here's the thread on the E34... http://thealpinaregister.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13242 And some pics of the E39 when the PO got it detailed (it hasn't changed at all)... http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=87196&highlight=alpina With regard to Alpina wheels, here's my E34 on its 17" original Alpina Classic wheels.... Trialing 18" Alpina Softlines....... 18" E31 Alpina Classics.... And a pic from when it featured in a magazine shoot..... With regard to getting the phone working, it will be worth look if there is any documentation with the car it and if you can find where the Credit Card sized SIM card might go. I bought my 1997 E38 last year and managed to get the two in-car phones working with a PAYG SIM from O2 as they (and Vodaphone ?) still use the GSM network.
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    If you can get someone else to turn the key, put your hand on the relays and you should hear and feel the click. Here's a guide to relays- http://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/relay-guide.html terminal 30 is battery power, so that should always be live. 85 and 86 are the triggers, sometimes they'll activate the relay by putting 12v to one of those, but you can also have ones were there's always 12v to it, and the ground conection is switched to activate it. That is what will make the click. When it clicks, it'll connect T30 to T87, that was the connection you were bridging. The pin87 should run direct to the fuel pump, so check to see if the relay clicks, if you have 12v at T30, and also if you jump 30>87, you should have 12v appearing at the fuel pump.
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    Turbo Failure

    Yeah deffo 2nd the oil change at the same time.
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    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    Indeed, it does not seem that long ago that I picked the car up! Overall, yes very happy. The car does what I expect of it and does it very well. It's a big old bus, so manoeuvring around town etc. is not it's forte, but for a long distance trip it's a very effective tool. It's also very hard to judge exactly where the wheels are, so the 'Top View' is a must IMO. I've more or less made friends with the DCT transmission and can now move the car back and forward within a cm or two, but in 'comfort' mode there is a stupid amount of delay on the throttle response, 'sport' is much better but even then there is some delay and it's not turbo lag! It's not got the character of my other cars, but then modern cars don't seem to be made that way.
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    Just answered this on another forum Edit your profile to show your location. Somebody might nip round with a meter and check out your fuel pump relay for you. As you have spark, your CPS may well be OK. But you need a meter to check that too