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    Mmmm Pantera. I thought that was a Morgan chassis then gar
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    Xmas eve clean!

    As I finished work early today it was either sit in front of the TV with a Xmas film or give the M5 a clean.....I opted for the latter option
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    Chris Harris will be great for car reviews, Sabine, great driver but not a great presenter/reviewer for me. I find Chis Evans annoying but I know others like him. We'll have to see what the format is before any judgment can be made. Not a fan of fifth gear either, anyone who thinks VBH is hot is either blind or hasn't seen a woman in years. The others are just irritating.
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    I guess I find it hard to relate to such exotica as ferraris and lamborghini etc and tend to think of stuff which is out of reach but not unachieveable one day, I am probably a bit simple and easily pleased lol!
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    supercharged m5 non runner

    Even being 'charged, 18k for a 125,000 M5 with a patchy history is not likely
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    Yes it's driven and is my only car just really keep on top of things
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    Goodbye 545i, goodbye Bmw

    M seats and sports seats are the same thing.... But the M seats are embossed (usually)... I have done pretty long stints in the sports seat and find them pretty good,and you both skinny compared to me...
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    Triple Q Oil

    I did get ultra and not hx7 but they also had ultra professional, not sure what the difference is between the normal ultra and professional. We have had a quite a few vauxhalls in the family and for some reason the 1.8 Astra and Zafira used next to no oil and the 1.6 versions used about as much as your misses car. I think most manufacturers put that 1litre per thousand miles in the manual now to cover themselves from having to replace engines. I'm sure my old avensis stated up to 1 litre every 1500 miles which in a car with 4.5 litres and a 10,000 mile interval would seize the engine between services. Anil it would be good to see you back in an e39 but I totally agree that it's getting near impossible to find something close to what you sold. Mine is stone chipped and needs a million things done so I've been tempted soo many times to find another instead of spending money on mine but they are all at that age now where they need either mechanical or body work doing or maybe both have been done but have huge mileage or a weird colour combo (beige dash boards are a no no). I'm sure you will buy another at some stage, but its going to feel like a slug compared to that GTR! Mo
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    Triple Q Oil

    This is the the best bit, the owners manual states that 1L of oil every 1,000 miles can be normal, it takes about 4.5 litres iirc, and servicing is every 10k or 12 months which ever comes first, so basically you'd run out of oil before it gets to a service interval or if you kept an eye on it and topped it up it would of had another oil change already between servicing haha! How they think that is normal I have no idea, most of my cars have never used any oil, or at least not needed a top up between changes. I also have no idea where it goes (it obviously gets burnt) it's not smokey though and other than the oil consumption being high it runs fine, it's actually been a very good motor needing literally no maintenance in the 7 years she's owned it, apart from servicing and two rear coil springs and wiper blades. That's even with her running it nearly dry a couple of times when I first met her and didn't know about the oil consumption and wondering why it sounded tappety
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    535d over fueling mabie ?

    INPA shows the red bars at +/- 3, but DIS and ISTA/D have the limit "for attention" set at -4/+5 so they are within range. The adjustment measurement is only active at idle so as soon as you touch the pedal, you'll see all the values freeze. It could be a leaking EGR cooler, the DPF regen still trying to happen in the background, the map might be turned up too much (although unlikely as there shouldn't really be any adjustments at idle)
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    Awesome Rupes!... Just Awesome..Cant you remember my front door build thread..... ha ha ha....
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    Goodbye 545i, goodbye Bmw

    I really like the XF...... its a great car,just wouldnt have a diesel one...
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    Lol.. Some good answers there... John deer tractor may be another contender lol
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    Triple Q Oil

    Mo did you buy the ultra? As that's there fully synthetic range of oil, the hx7 is the semi synthetic oil. http://www.shell.co.uk/motorist/oils-lubricants/helix-for-cars/helix-fully-synthetic/shell-helix-ultra-ect-5w-30.html Thanks for the input anils, I won't use anything other than fully synthetic in my cars, the misses 1.6 zaf is hardly used and get say 3k oil changes every 12 months, it also inherently uses a lot of oil, book figure 1L every thousand miles so it only uses semi
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    been a member nearly 5 years

    friendliest forum out there.
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    E60 Bluetooth Not Working

    Look for bmw e60 gps .and you can google it by .bmw e60 gps uk Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    E60 Bluetooth Not Working

    Bt is one of the e60 bugs . The pre lci bt is the worse ..the lci is beter .but if your bt not good .dont fix it Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Xmas eve clean!

    Wow... Lovely!
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    Triple Q Oil

    Appreciate the reply Anil, didn't realise fully synthetic is 40 years old. By the way have you ever considered getting another e39? Your old car was one of the best I had seen.
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    Triple Q Oil

    It's the ultra that I bought and not the triple q stuff but I got the standard ultra not the professional version. The oil was £20 for 5 litres or £17 after using xmas code. The professional version was £46 for the same 5 litres and £39 after discount. So 10 litres of the normal ultra was still cheaper than 5 litres of the professional. If I had a Ferrari I would consider it but not on my car. Mo
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    Car after respray & detail

    Hi vlady, thankfully i never paid for the respray, work did as the damage was done in work. But the final bill was about £2k all in inc VAT etcSent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Evans, Harris and Sabine as new TG Hosts

    Well I for one will be looking forward to the new line up of Chris Evans and the others. Have Amazon prime also for the new Clarkson,Hammond & May. Looking forward to both shows.
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    Help! Fuel cap stuck

    Right I had a little spare time at work today and pulled the actuator out which then revealed the problem. The steel cable had snapped and the actuator was actually working fine. So I guess I just need to source a second hand cable or complete unit but at least I got the cap open and a full tank of diesel in there. Mo
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    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Time to mask off the engine bay to stop it getting covered in crap again. Now for the unenviable task of removing all the sound deadening pads from the interior side of the e28 floor pans and the stone chip from the underside of them ready for the fabrication and welding in by Ben; what a horrible job, it takes about an hour per side on each one. Another enjoyable day 3 done and one rear one to do, two days break now for Christmas Day and boxing day, the wife's patience is wearing a bit thin
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    2003 52 530i sport champagne 1 breaking

    Chewi - Champagne 1's had the Mk 3. Unless it's been changed, of course.