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    Mmmm Pantera. I thought that was a Morgan chassis then gar
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    Xmas eve clean!

    As I finished work early today it was either sit in front of the TV with a Xmas film or give the M5 a clean.....I opted for the latter option
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    http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/ Apparently a German company set up in the UK as well.
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    Simonc's E60 M5

    Sold my E39 M5 in October 2013 & 2 weeks later bought a Silverstone blue II E60 M5. I have wanted to get some pic's on here for a while now but the weather has been so bad plus always dark when i get in from work which means i've not had much opportunity to get out in the car & take pic's when its clean in daylight. I bought it from a Pistonheads member but the car was never put up for sale or advertised anywhere i just put some feelers out to see if anyone could be tempted to sell a nice example. I viewed it with the intention of looking at others but it was so good & ticked all the boxes it wasn't worth wasting time looking at others as all the ones advertised for sale at the time either had too many miles or over my budget or out of warranty or looked like they'd be needing a clutch anytime soon. Silverstone blue, May 2006, 51k miles, covered by BMW AUC until end of Feb 2014. All 4 Continentals had done less than 2000 miles & it had 10 months TAX (£ 490 ouch ). It had had the clutch,flywheel & SMG pump replaced at 39k Feb 2012 as part of the AUC sale plus 2yr warranty. It had only ever been to the supplying dealer Stephen James at Dartford. Extra's are, Active seats,through load,Logic 7 hifi,bluetooth,digital tv,rear blind. The car is completely standard & in stunning condition.The driving experience is also completely different to my old E39 M5 - good & bad !
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    Hello 5er's

    Hi All, Been following the forum a while, but only registered today. I own a wonderfully clean 1996 (technically 1995) BMW E34 520i in original Ascot Green. I'm the 8th owner. Bought this car as my very first car, as I past my test in August. The car was bought a week prior to my test with 129,000 miles on her. Since ownership there hasn't been much done at all. First thing I done was set about servicing her because it was due it (still need to clear the lights). Not sure when the car was last serviced as the service history, although there's a lot of it, some of it is missing. After servicing her around the end of August, I also acquired a nice Volvo 740 lip from a local scrapyard which was trimmed to size on the sides, sanded back and painted black. From there, she had some new rubber put on (Bridgestone RE050) in 225/45/R17 all round, then went in for breather pipe replacement as fuel started to leak around mid October. Since then I've had nothing but a massive smile on my face everytime I drive her. She's very clean underneath, all original with very little rust however it does need to be re-undersealed. There are still a few jobs to do before MOT in January. I need to replace the propshaft donut as it's almost completely disintegrated, gearbox has a slight leak - which I assume is coming from the rear seals of the box - and the bushes on the lower control arms need replaced. Aside from that she drives beautifully. Oh I also switched out the nasty steering wheel that it came with (ripped standard Sport wheel) with a much nicer OMP Mugello wheel in "Vintage Wood". So what's the future plans? Well, planning to replace all the rubber impact mouldings, Z3/E60 short shifter install, some paint touch up is required, new wider wheels + some coilovers. I need to source some kidneys as these are missing, and I'd also like to source an LSD as well. The fuel lines are very crusty being 20 years old, so those will soon be replaced with copper pipe. Obtaining a leather interior would be nice, however I may have the current interior re-upholstered, and then paint the grey plastics black. As previously mentioned car is due for an MOT in January, so I'll be spoiling her over Christmas with some new front bumper rubber impact strips plus the license plate blank. Currently have some OS RAM Nightbreaker bulbs to install and also put on the Bosch Aerotwin Retro fit wipers. Then I'll also polybush the control arms to start the process of polybushing the whole car. Since August I've done 5,000 miles. I took a trip to Anglesey Circuit for Drift Matsuri 2015 just back in October and it was a lovely drive through Snowdonia in the bleeding raining (weather similar to home here in Scotland), chasing a Toyota AE86 Corolla. Best drive to this day so far. That's all from me just now. I may make a build thread at a later date once things start flowing.
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    535d over fueling mabie ?

    INPA shows the red bars at +/- 3, but DIS and ISTA/D have the limit "for attention" set at -4/+5 so they are within range. The adjustment measurement is only active at idle so as soon as you touch the pedal, you'll see all the values freeze. It could be a leaking EGR cooler, the DPF regen still trying to happen in the background, the map might be turned up too much (although unlikely as there shouldn't really be any adjustments at idle)
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    Awesome Rupes!... Just Awesome..Cant you remember my front door build thread..... ha ha ha....
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    Goodbye 545i, goodbye Bmw

    I really like the XF...... its a great car,just wouldnt have a diesel one...
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    Lol.. Some good answers there... John deer tractor may be another contender lol
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    Triple Q Oil

    Mo did you buy the ultra? As that's there fully synthetic range of oil, the hx7 is the semi synthetic oil. http://www.shell.co.uk/motorist/oils-lubricants/helix-for-cars/helix-fully-synthetic/shell-helix-ultra-ect-5w-30.html Thanks for the input anils, I won't use anything other than fully synthetic in my cars, the misses 1.6 zaf is hardly used and get say 3k oil changes every 12 months, it also inherently uses a lot of oil, book figure 1L every thousand miles so it only uses semi
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    been a member nearly 5 years

    friendliest forum out there.
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    E60 Bluetooth Not Working

    Look for bmw e60 gps .and you can google it by .bmw e60 gps uk Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    E60 Bluetooth Not Working

    Bt is one of the e60 bugs . The pre lci bt is the worse ..the lci is beter .but if your bt not good .dont fix it Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Xmas eve clean!

    Wow... Lovely!
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    Triple Q Oil

    Appreciate the reply Anil, didn't realise fully synthetic is 40 years old. By the way have you ever considered getting another e39? Your old car was one of the best I had seen.
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    Triple Q Oil

    It's the ultra that I bought and not the triple q stuff but I got the standard ultra not the professional version. The oil was £20 for 5 litres or £17 after using xmas code. The professional version was £46 for the same 5 litres and £39 after discount. So 10 litres of the normal ultra was still cheaper than 5 litres of the professional. If I had a Ferrari I would consider it but not on my car. Mo
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    Car after respray & detail

    Hi vlady, thankfully i never paid for the respray, work did as the damage was done in work. But the final bill was about £2k all in inc VAT etcSent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Evans, Harris and Sabine as new TG Hosts

    Well I for one will be looking forward to the new line up of Chris Evans and the others. Have Amazon prime also for the new Clarkson,Hammond & May. Looking forward to both shows.
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    Help! Fuel cap stuck

    Right I had a little spare time at work today and pulled the actuator out which then revealed the problem. The steel cable had snapped and the actuator was actually working fine. So I guess I just need to source a second hand cable or complete unit but at least I got the cap open and a full tank of diesel in there. Mo
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    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Time to mask off the engine bay to stop it getting covered in crap again. Now for the unenviable task of removing all the sound deadening pads from the interior side of the e28 floor pans and the stone chip from the underside of them ready for the fabrication and welding in by Ben; what a horrible job, it takes about an hour per side on each one. Another enjoyable day 3 done and one rear one to do, two days break now for Christmas Day and boxing day, the wife's patience is wearing a bit thin
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    2003 52 530i sport champagne 1 breaking

    Chewi - Champagne 1's had the Mk 3. Unless it's been changed, of course.
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    OK. Hands up if this is you..

    Sounds like BMW, stick a 7 where a 4 should be - even if its only a shape! They lost the plot on numbers ages ago........ 523 = 2.5, 525=2.5 Now aren't the 330 and 335 both 3.0? Confused and bemused. Ian
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    I apologise for the crap quality but these pics are nearly 30 years old in most cases. These were cheap cars in the eighties as I never had any money working for Lloyds bank on a salary of £500 a month back then ! Bought this in 1986 for £150, what was I thinking ! My first proper car in 1987 £500 Alfa sud Ti, came standard with filler and chicken mesh to hold it together. Swapped a BMW E21 320 ( no pics ) for a Porsche 914, this was a bad move as this car was utter crap to drive and sold it within 3 months Then went BMW a few months later, E21 323i, these were a right handful in the wet especially when driven by a 17 year old driving like a dick flat out everywhere ! Bought it from an auction and the rings were worn so used to smoke a bit but went well ! Back to Alfa again and this time a sprint Another E21 323i, now 1989 Then bought a 2.8i Capri, driving like the Sweeney,loved it sideways everywhere. Went back to BMW in 1990 and bought a E28 lachs silver 528i manual with the sports seats, fitted a set of E34 alloys, this was probably one of the best cars I've ever owned and was a lovely drive. It was about £1800 I think and I sold it a few months later for around £2500. This is me in the pic at 20 with hair ! Not sure why but I went back to Fords again, another 2.8i By 1991 I had left the bank with a nice little redundancy package so spent some on a Golf GLi convertible, had 2 of them in silver but only got photos of this one. Next was an XR3i in Sunburst red a few months later. kept the XR3i for about a year and put a Jeff Howe exhaust on it, if anyone remembers them. Next was an XR4i, I had 2 white ones in sucssesion for some reason. Escort RS turbo with a detection techniques chip ( the company that became superchips ) and a Kent cam, power was 199bhp on the rolling road and it felt much quicker than all previous cars, the phone never stopped ringing when I sold it,great car. Thought I'd buy a 90 spec newer lower mileage RS Turbo, this was a mistake, this car was nothing but trouble. It looked the part but was grief so sold it quickly. 1994 and I bought my first of 4 Cosworths and was well and truly hooked on Cossies and modding them, bought the TSW Hockenheims which looked great in their day. Welcome to head gaskets and turbos on a regular basis, too much boost !!! I drive like an old man now but I was a looney in this car and it's probably when my car control was at its best as I learnt a lot, forgotten now lol ! It already had the Morrette headlights when I bought it. I did have a few other cars but don't have any old photos, Opel Manta, Mercury grey RS turbo, Grey Capri 2.8i, Mk2 XR2, Orion Ghia, another Alfa Sprint, probably more bit can't remember. So that's upto 1997 so far. I know looking back they were nothing special and just cheap old motors but when I came across the old photos I just had to do a thread !
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    My E28 progress

    Looking good Jay, try these guys for rolling your arches.... http://www.archenemy.co.uk/ I needed a little extra on mine even though the 535s are rolled a bit from the factory to accomodate my 10" rears...
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    Some interior photos of the sport it's a marmite colour you either love it or hate it, I was not sure on it to start with but it has grown on me. Thoughts on the interior trim its gloss black but not sure it works well with the rest!