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    Failed M.O.T.

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    Clocked 180,000 last night, still going strong!!
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    My Christmas Bmw

    Hi all, Just thought I would share my Christmas bmw with you all https://vimeo.com/147992355 Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    But I love it. Snapped it outside BMW Sytner in High Wycombe yesterday. It was parked there at least all morning.
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    M5 Touring 5 speed

    had a wash before the shed trip. .
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Busy time for mine. First upgraded to an M5 rep front bumper after pulling the MSport one off. Then it was MOT time, failed on a front lower arm balljoint. Annoying as I replaced them all back in June with lemforder ones. Anyway new one on and will try for a warranty claim. Then i figured time to finish the wrap after driving about mad max style for 3 months. Will get some better pics later. Colour is awesome, it's a satin metallic pearl n can look so different depending on light, from a bright yellow to a shiny satin gold. Also slapped some mtec super white bulbs in so now my angels, dip, main n fogs all put out the same colour.
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    Nice to see touches from this elegant machine gracing current models 30yrs on. If it were a person, she'd be helena bonham carter. Period but a little dirty.
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    Thanks Webster I have now loaded the car up and it's sinking too much for my liking, ride is very firm but not in a good way. It's picking up every bump. That's just with the boot full, no passengers. Maybe if the front was lower it would help but feels like a bit of a mismatch with the front on original M Sport.. Not sure how much new rear shocks would help. I'm beginning to wish I had made more effort to sort out the SLS. A possibility is to find some original M Sport touring springs but these must be pretty rare as most had SLS. Still at least the car is useable. I'm guessing that I would need compressors to get M Sport springs in, the Eibachs were a pretty tight fit despite removing shock, tie bar bolt and droppping subframe.
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    My Christmas Bmw

    Hats off to you, never seen this before [emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    V54 at the moment, next update will be v56 "EDIT" V57.(I think not a PC at the min) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    06 plate m5.

    The codes tomorrow will give a much clearer picture as to what is up - just a reduced power and eml could be anything from some failed O2 sensors to a cam or crank position one
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    If someone just took 18 years creating the finest scotland has to offer, for someone to put coke or orange juice in it, they deserve a punch. Waste the blends, not a single malt!
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    Temperature does effect the whisky. People often use ice cubes for this, but i often find even a single ice cube is to much water to release the flavor. Also, how dare you use a american-ism! Favorites atm are bowmore 18yo. Cardhu, and glenfarclas 105 or 15yo
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    Spongy brakes on M5

    Seems like they haven't bled it properly- spongy brakes is always air in the system. They are awkward to get right for some reason, but you would expect the dealers to get it sorted, did they have an experienced technician working on it or not? No reason whatsoever for it to be any different to how it was before it went in. There have been plenty of people who've had the same issue and replaced the master cylinder to no avail. It's the bleeding. Get them to run loads of fluid through it. Get them to use the computer to run the pre-charge pump and work the abs unit. Tapping the pipes whilst bleeding might help, especially the rears as they go around a good few bends, plenty of places for air to get 'trapped'. Be prepared to get it bleed a number of times too, a few have had to get it done more than once before they're happy. I want to bleed mine again sometime, going to try something different this time... Only other possibility is that there might be a fault in one of the hoses (flexi), if they're bulging under pressure, but you would not expect that with new items. Bleed, bleed, bleed then bleed the bleeding things again!!!
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    Collapsed baffle in the exhaust maybe?
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    Glad you're not winter wheeling these! I'd be tempted if I didn't already have two sets of wheels. GLWTS
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    Failed M.O.T.

    Hopefully. Funny how in one post you act like the better person and say how you "thought the forum was above this" and a few posts later remark some back handed comment about wanting to see me. The hypocrisy is comedic, although no doubt its something else that will completely fly over your head and no doubt be my fault again. You haven't done bad though, you've made it almost 5 months as a member with almost 130 posts before reverting to type so well done. Although i shouldn't have anything to worry about if the person issuing the veiled threats feels a "full on assault" from a forum post
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    This won't be to everyone's taste...

    May I should invite him up for a photoshoot
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    Nice of you to say, aspotofbother. You see that Green color, was not my first choice. When it comes to color. But beginning and like it more and more. Bought the car at a low price. Since there was so little rust on it. And I've got it removed now. So this car is excellent object and rebuild from 523ia to 540I. When I hear the exhaust sound to a 540, I feel the hairs rise up on my arms. And I want manual gear shift. You see, I like to be part of the car. Feel everything. And have more or less, 100% control when I drive.
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    There 20x9.5 all round... although the tyres are to big and it needs to be a fair bit lower
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    E46 M3

    It was carbon, and you're right, it looked great, and if we had good quality roads it would have been ok. But we don't, and it wasn't. The noises were grimace enducing. You'd see an unavoidable pothole or uneven surface ahead and you'd tense up wait for it...... BANG! "For fuck sake!, fucking roads! Bastard council!" Then you start driving the long way to avoid certain bits ok road, it was just to much of a ball ache. I can see why many are being converted to track slags, they suit the track and are great handling cars, but not a great daily for me personally where I live and drive.
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    I'll start the bidding. £300 C.
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    Mtec brakes online, any good?

    I've had them fitted and using them still after a year. Honestly stick to genuine.
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    E46 M3

    How I bought mine First stage of ruining it with 19" wheels Fully ruined lowered on Intrax springs The replacement
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