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    I have it in a E60, the only way to upgrade from CCC or CIC!
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    M5 hibernation, what's involved?

    I was told to fill the tank to the brim to prevent condensation forming in there.
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    Help a fellow 540/6 Newbie? (misfire)

    Yep I highly recommend them, I've got a lot of work done by themm. They should sort it out for you.
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    Be aware they will most likely be a single piece disc as opposed to the OE 2 piece floating style disc. The one piece disc adds unsprung weight to the car compared to the 2 piece one. In all likelihood you probably won't notice it, and USA cars all came with single piece front discs as standard. Not to put you off as a few people run the single piece ones but thought it worth mentioning in case you are a stickler for original design or 100% equivalent to OE
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    535d turbo.....

    Depends on what you call nasty? with the DPF and CAT off the smaller turbo can really be heard spooling up on these 535d's.
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    I went from stock suspension to Ap Sportfahrwerke and I'm very pleased, I also put 20 mm eibach spacers. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Headlamp washers on 520d se

    There is a lot of pressure in the system the last thing I would do personally is clamp the pipes
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    you've got the webasto heater in the wheel arch there, and the intermediate pump under the seat area, not sure how the pump is controlled, i would imagine a relay, i would look up the 530d wiring diagram and check the relay out
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    535d turbo.....

    Ive dropped mine off this morning, it is at J&S in Stockton. They are going to strip it down and see if anything obvious canbe spotted. Mine runs and drives fine, plenty of power, boosts nicely. But on boost the small turbo is making a very nasty noise!
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    The G-Man

    Instrument Cluster Speedo Gears!

    dan101smith, ......I stand corrected! I'm not sure where i got that from. Maybe i've spent too much time looking at E28 instrument clusters on different websites since having this problem. Mick, ........Sounds interesting! I'll check that out. Thanks! G.
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    Hmmm He didn't highlight that the passenger seat had gone saggy..... Would have been better if they had dropped a piano on the car at the end. Good effort.
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    Nice car Andy ,must admit I do have a soft spot for AMG mercs , did spot a E63 AMG for sale near Maidstone the other day and was temped to go and have a look
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    Cheers, Seems like a I do now
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    Any1 any info on this 535d

    Not a fan of a M badge either.
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    F11 520D - What to know before buying?

    OP are you familiar with how to check the options each car has? go to http://www.247spares.co.uk/ enter reg in the results page do Ctrl +U then Ctrl + F search for 'vin' (approx row 207) e.g. 207 "<input type="hidden" name="vin" value="SARRXXLGB4D000235" />" note down last 7 digits go to http://bimmer.work/ enter said vin result is the cars build sheet, very handy if buying 2nd hand as the more non standard options the better.... generally
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    Hello Pete! Glad to see your making the move over to BMW from Jap stuff
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    Welcome along finally Pete. Now get your finger out
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    535d turbo.....

    Holy crap £1350!! Old ones not refurbishable? I had one done on my 530d for £275 at midland turbo, at worst it would have been £375. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well I've spanked this old barge up and down the country since I got it in June. 14k miles now for 2 litres of oil. Still washes up beautifully, still smooth and quiet and comfy. Still feelsome through every control. The Mtec II suspension is wasted on me, but othwise I am absolutely delighted with this brilliant car. If I'd bought it new I would have been happy. as I paid two and a half sacks for it, I'm ecstatic ! 35 mpg overall.
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    I recon we should have a whip round and supply Chris with coffee, Red Bull, Pro-plus and match sticks and make sure he gets more committed to this project.... as in 24/7
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    Stupid Wife Competition

    My wife's a nurse, and used to share a lift into work each day with 3 other girls. One morning they arrive to collect her, and as they pull into the drive they mention to my wife that the drivers electric window is broken and won't go down. My wife nips into the garage and returns with a can proudly in her hand. As i peep my head out of the front door to look, 4 girls are stood by the car, my wife spraying wd40 on the glass while the other 3 watch intently. Her friend asks "oh what's that?", My wife just replies "a magic spray, my husband uses it to fix stuff"
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Just bought a mint set of manual sports seats in beige, destined for the 530i tourer when cleaned up.
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    Suspension Airbag

    I'm keeping quiet. The longer I have the hire car the less miles / wear and tear I put on mine lol. Off to Germany in December for holiday. That will save 2000 mile on my motor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having spent many many hundreds if not thousands on various products I have pared them down to my favourites. Meguiars ultimate compound. 50 cal show glaze Naviwax Ioncoat Additions of megs endurance for tyres Clay cloth from the clay cloth company 50 cal last touch quick detailer All cheap and easy to use ..