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    you all give Fezzy abuse lol for his changing cars issue, good on him i say , if he likes it he will keep it , if he doesnt its for sale but he has owned it , trrid it and ticked it off his list ...if i could i would change my car every month ! ( instead of every 3 months lol )
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    Possibly only need the six months then. [emoji113]
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    Farewell to my E39 M5 :(

    Made a quick film before I sold me E39 M5. Certainly miss that car already, Im thinking the e60 M5 next Let me know what you think..
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    Good choice Stu, they do sound good. My Bro in law has a audi tt 3.2 so same engine, the only thing is they're not as fast as you'd think but still plenty for day to day driving
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    51 plate E39 M5 - SOLD

    This is actually different to d/g, only found out when i had to replace the drivers side drop glass a couple of weeks ago. This is high impact protective glazing. A keen eyed and knowledgeable forum member pointed out that the corners of the glass are different, and he was indeed correct. This is even rarer than the standard double glazing, hence my wait for BMW Germany to send the glass over. But, because it is bonded to a sheet of plastic in between the two sheets of glass, (just like a windscreen) even when the glass is broken it doesn't shatter and stays in place. Which as the window fitter pointed out is great as you don't get any broken glass in the car/inside the door frame. Very handy, if you happen to get a broken window.
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    As a rough guide. I had my gearbox serviced by Dartford Transmissions who are on the pricey side, but seem to be well regarded and thorough. It was just over £500 for the service and they quoted £2800 + VAT if I wanted a complete rebuild. I know Baus had his TC rebuilt at the cost of around £1100ish (incl fresh oil I guess).
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    51 plate E39 M5 - SOLD

    Some pics from my favorite detailing session Some shots from last weekend, what you cant see in them is my daughter asleep in the back. For a couple of weeks the only place she would actually go to sleep. Andy finally the reason my love affair with the E39 is drawing to an end
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    Pixel repair

    1. Skeggy (Don't trust him mind... ) Sorry Si... couldn't resist following your request for someone to vouch for you..G. 2. AngryDog 3. AngryDog's mate 4. Gbrownings 5. duncan-uk 6. 711JRP 7. Timbolina 8. Seesure
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    Agree, wife's VR6 4 motion is a cheap sports car and corners very well, fast enough to scare as well at this time of life.
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    price please 34411166018

    Hi, 2 of those would be £3.34 inc vat and delivery Payment Options Delivery Address the same as Registered Card Address Call 01452872666 and quote ref 42408 Delivery Address Different to Registered Card Address Paypal – partsgloucester@cotswoldgroup.com with quote ref 42408 and delivery address in the notes section Bank Transfer – Sort Code 20-07-71 Account Number 30931748 with ref 42408 in the notes section but please call or email us with your delivery address Many Thanks Phil
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    Spare Wheel Size

    Hi, As far as I know there's no biscuit wheel with an e39 centre bore (74.1mm) You could use a hubcentric spacer down to 72.6 then use a BMW biscuit... Cheers, Gavin
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    Farewell to my E39 M5 :(

    Exhaust was a custom back box delete. I asked for very long tips to get rid of any chance of rasp. Why you guys hating on the E60? Im interested to know because its a expensive car, need to make the right choice. I personally love the shape
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    Dennis another comedian I'd forgotten about
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    Expecting sale add soon
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Lol .. I was happy with it standard until I came on this forum ... dangerous things forums ... they make you want more and more ..lol[emoji33] [emoji6]
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    Welcome aboard Barry from Steve with the 28 and the 39,also in Southport, it clicked when you mentioned the bakery.
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    One thing to note on removal is that you get at the turbo mounting bolts through the air filter box. Remove air filter and you will see three round plugs on the bottom of the filter box, take these out to get at the bolts holding the turbo.
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    E39 HiFi speaker replacement

    Holy crap!!! Ok, so the prospect of buying just Intravee to enable iPod/phone connection for music and leaving the rest alone seems most likely now!! lol Thanks again Dennis as always
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    Tips on decent value detailing products?

    Having had a nother think about this thread I decided to give a more comprehensive answer for you as it's hard to offer this kind of advise without caveats, suffice to say, you can't hold anyone here responsible for how the job turns out should you choose to take or not take that advice. I still say go with my previous suggestion but this is an alternative answer and the path I'll be doing myself on my car. I'll be doing an extra stage with wet sanding. WASHING If you can, invest in a pressure washer that you can add the detergent to and allows you to alter the concentration levels. For Karcher, I believe this starts at their K5 range and obviuosly, it's a one time buy. I'm aming for a bucketless wash this way. If not, rinsing with a hose is just fine. What ever you do, don't ever, ever go direct to washing with a mitt or sponge, aways rinse thoroughly first. Alternatively, you can use the two bucket method with grit guards. Although necessary, I personally beilieve these are a rip off. The average is around £20 per bucket upto the ridiculous £70 for the Swissvax bucket system. Either way you'll need a high quality wash microfibre was mitt or sponge. I have a foam spray lance which is solid brass at £35 (aviod the plastic types like Karcher) and Valet Pro ph Neutral Snow Foam at £18. Then use a high quality heavy pile microfibre drying towel. I use Monster Purple Monster Edgless XL at £14 Cost of DIY wash - from £107 PAINT CARE Firstly, and must really, is going over the entire car with a clay bar. Paint, lights, glass and wheels. I use Bilt Hambers at £10 per bar, you get twice as much as other brands and you only need water as lube. If you use the regular clay, leave it on a warm surface or in warm water to soften. I cut my clay to size depending what I'm doing, a cheap cheese wire is brilliant for cutting it. you can even use warmish water to actually clay with. If you don't clay the car, you're only going to end up mixing the surfacants and industrial fallout into your paint. Once correctly done, you'll notice an immediate depth and definition to the paint (especially if metalic). Think of it as de-misting your rear window. Cost of DIY claying - from £10 Machine polish the car including the glass (use a raylon pad for the glass). The difference from not doing it is literally night and day and it's a one time job. Whether or not you need/want a multiple stage job is upto you. The condition of the paint may warrant several stages or not. You can get a Makita 9227C off eBay for arount £100 or you can buy a new DA or Rotary from £80-£400. My preferance would be the Makita. I currently have Sonax Cut Max and Perfect Finish PROFLINE. My preference is Menzerna, but Sonax is what I have at the moment. If you go this route you need to decide which kind of machine you want, either DA or Rotary. DA is Dual Action and at it's basic level is an orbital sander/polisher (think of the way a spiro-graph works) and a rotary is essentialy a slow, variable speed angle grinder. If you've never machine polished before the safest option is DA, you can do A LOT of damage by missusing a rotary. If you're unsure but would like to try machining, talk to your local scrapper for bent panels to practice on. When people mention single/multiple stage/pass, they are talking about the number of times to machine the paintwork. You can get compunds, heavy cut, medium cut, light cut and finishing polishes. I doubt you'd need a full on compound but a medium and light/finish polish may do the trick. You might even get away with a single stage polish using something like Menzerna's 3-in-1, which cuts, glosses and seals in one go. These are never as good as seperate products but if the paint work is good you should be OK. As for polishing pads, a medium and light/finishing pad is all you may need. It's a lot of effort but once done, it's easy to maintain the finish. I go with Hex Logic pads, popular cutting polishes/glossers are from 3M, Auto Finesse, Carlack, Chemicle Guys, Menzerna, Meguiars, Poor Boys and Scholl. You will get away with buying sampler kits. These are generally different grades of compound/cutting polish in small (250ml) bottles. These are enough to polish several cars! A bottle of panel wipe wouldn't do any harm to wipe down after polishing and several good quality Microfibre cloths (Monster, Gtechnig, Autoglym, Menzerna etc). I use CarPro's CeriGlass polish with a raylon pad or hand for the glass work. Cost of DIY machine polishing = from £150 For waxing, I've currently got a tin of Collinite 476S. It's a carnuba based wax, applies and buffs off easily, gives good protection, lasts for a a good while and is relatively cheap. It can also be layered to increase gloss. If my supplier hadn't of run out of Victoria Wax - Concours, I would have got that instead. I'm also going to look at Swissvax's Blau-Wiess, about £145, which has been specifically formulated for German car manufacturers paint . I doubt you'll be looking at Swissvax Crystal Rock. You'll need a few applicators (pounds) and a few high quality buffining Microfibre cloths. I use Monster Microfibre Purple Monster, they're £13 for a pack of 3. Cost of DIY waxing - from £45 WHEEL CARE Do the wheels first. All that's needed here for weekly maintenance is a wheel cleaner. You can use the wax on your wheels after as a temporary sealent. As with all washing products, choose an acid free ph neutral cleaner. Some are applied as a liquid, others as liquid gel. I'm currently using Sonax wheel cleaner plus (Full Effect). I don't know how it performs with seriously baked on crud but on my wheels I'm quite happy with it. My only gripe was with the instructed activating dwell time. It was more than the 5 minutes stated on the bottle, nearly double it. You'll know when it's activated as it turns red. A gentle aggitating brush, if needed, to clean the rim is all that's needed but don't go spending a fortune on a brush.. If you're cleaning weekly, all you may need to do is apply and rinse off when it's activated for a couple of minutes. Also shampoo them after washing the car. I use Gtechniq T1 Tyre and Trim at £13, which can be layered depending on the level of "wet look" you're after. Cost of DIY - from £20 GLASS CARE You can use a cream or liquid for this. I personally wouldn't pay over £15 for either. I use Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass at £10 as it's formulated with privacy tint in mind, which my car has, or you can go with their G4 nano polish at £8. An applicator and a couple of microfibres are in order too. You can buy top line 'glass microfibre' cloths or general purpose. To be honest, Autoglym, Gtechniq and Menzerna are pretty much the same for around the same price. Some use waffle weave, others standard MF weave cloths, which ever's good for you. For general purpose I even bought 60 MF cloths off of eBay for £20! cost of DIY - from £15 If going the way of a sealent isn't on the cards, my advise would be clay bar the car yourself, get a bodyshop to give it the once over with a machine for a couple of hundred then invest a £100 or so for the weekly wash kit (excluding cost of pressure washer). I'd avoid filler polishing products like Autoglym's super resin polish. On a scale of 1-10 (10 highest) they have a 0.5 cutting rate and a average shine/gloss. All they do is try to mask the small scratches and swirls by literally 'filling' in the defects with polish. I may get shot down for this, but even Gtechniqs P1 nano polish is more of a filler than a cutting polish. Let us know how you get on.
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    Glad you're sorted. The gasket isn't all that difficult. I've done it on my current and previous car. You just need to take the coil packs out and undo electrical connectors etc. Once you're in there, clean up the metal surface, add a bit of sealant and replace gasket. Depending how old your gasket is, it may be very brittle like plastic and it's a bit of a faff to remove it all. Check no bits have fallen off that could make their way around the engine.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Here you go, interior all cleaned and presentable!!! :cool: Would you believe that in all my time owning it, this is only the second time I have taken photos of it, with the first time being last weekend!!!
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    It sometimes takes a few start ups for the light to clear, but of course, it could be another issue. I'm due to get Jimmy to load inpa and other software onto my net book soon, so that will help with diagnostics. If you need a hand with your intake hose fitting, let me know. Happy to help. My car is velvet blue, looks a bit purpley. 18 paras. Excuse the grey primer on the back valance, I'm due to paint it 'soon' lol. I'm around town quite a bit.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Added a new addition to my car Spare wheel Horsey
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    How much when new?????

    Just to up date this thread I have found a 5 series pricelist from March 1995 if anyone is interested. It has all the prices of all the models, SE's, iX's, Sport's and Saloon's and Touring's (I think) and the option costs as well as the standard spec list for each model. Here's a few sample ones; 518i Saloon £18,290, 525i Sport Saloon £29,550 540i Touring £38,450, M5 Saloon £52,480.