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    Rubbish. Buy car, want more power. Used to the power, want more power. The Vicious circle of car performance. [emoji6]
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    THIS lady is no longer fine. So much we don't know about this disease, how it works, how long it lasts - caution is of paramount importance.
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    when on se suspension & 19s, 235/35 fronts 265/30 rears - could easily go 40 all round to loose gap more as rear had plenty of room
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    Withdrawn and now sold

    nice car and good value with that amount of care and work done, mileage of no great concern to me. glws
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    My cars a few months older Daz and defo H7s. I've decided to go with the HID conversion and just hope they'll be ok. I've ordered the kit you suggested Andy in another post on here from gps. The original bulbs were more amber but at least they matched. I've checked the lights to make sure they're both original and they are so not sure why these brighter bulbs look odd. Fingers crossed the HID kit will be ok and bright white
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    Jaguar V8 XJR - why not

    They handle pretty well but the steering is light. You'll also find it has more grunt than grip! The J gate selector for the autobox works really well for when you want to override the selection. One issue is that they don't come with Bluetooth and most had a tape deck. I fitted a Kenwood Bluetooth head unit in mine with a fascia adaptor from the U.S. (There wasn't one available here at the time, still might not be) and that sorted all the connectivity out. Easy power to be had from pulley upgrades too.
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    I went to le-man in a c63 amg, got pulled for speeding soon as we left the port Not as quick as I thought it would be. A good mate of mine has the 535d and its what made me want one, I just got this 530 at a good price
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    Pixel repair

    Yeah that's fine Tim, would just need to make sure that Rudi is happy doing these on the same day. I'm happy spending the day in Southampton anyway
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    show off [emoji14]
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    Pixel repair

    Group buy is already in effect just need to add your name to the list. 1. Skeggy 2. AngryDog 3. AngryDog's mate 4 5
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    yeah last Monday also lol. is yours the 530d? looks lovely. what oil are you going to use?
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    Pixel repair

    No, I sold my last M5 in February. This is a new car I bought (Rich_D's). As far as I know the repair on my old ones is still going strong 2 years later.
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    Pixel repair

    Ok guy so have spoke to rudi and he is happy to offer a discount. I'm still waiting to hear back from him as to how much and how best this will be done but discount is discount! I'm thinking of a deposit based scheme to guarantee to all who commit see it through and it doesn't impact on everyone in the group buy but open to suggestions To keep the process swift and allow for a decent turn around time it will be done in multiples of 5. Not sure where is best place to start the thread - a new one in m forum or in the general 5 series forum or somewhere else? I'll start it here and can be moved if mods decide fit. 1. Skeggy 2 3 4 5
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    Nippy Supra

    The stock twin turbo setup on a Supra is only good for around 450-550bhp.This is why most people swap them out for a big single conversion. A single big turbo uses more boost pressure to create power than a twin setup due to its size - Bigger the turbo the more pressure required to move the air inside (Think thats how it works anyways) The R35 has two medium sized turbos which will require less pressure to move the air than the single but they can still create similar power.
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    Very boring but Rust! Ours swallowed around £3k once they started digging.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Hi it's a 530d. It Don just under 270hp which I'm happy about. It was done at Moorfield autos by Andrew Gallagher. Massive difference
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    That is the power for the heated parts NOT lumbar. For lumbar Ya need to power and ground 13/14 at top of your pic. There bigger pins. Here is a pic of a passenger side seat with heated and electrical connections. Notice the red and brown wires. This is for MAIN electrical stuff in seat lumbar. Movement etc NOT heating. You can make out the added heating loom as the 3 separate wires in the pic.
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    Spare Wheel Size

    The larger the diameter of the wheel the lower the profile - all standard wheels have approximately the same rolling circumference hence should fit in the well. If this wasn't the case you'd have to program the speedo to read correctly for different wheels which I don't think Ive ever heard needs to be done
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    E60 2006 530 D DPF

    Make sure you delete the error code when it appears. The error may appear 5-20 times so don't give up it will eventually go. Sometimes it goes for few mins and when car is about to regen it will come back so keep checking and deleting code When it does not come back just enjoy your drive and check back pressure after completed journey
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    Not with winter tyres fitted
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    Farewell to my E39 M5! :(

    I'm welling up.... The most stirring minute and a half I've had today!
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    Yes, the system stores faults (in DSC) and is diagnosable with DIS. Have you initialised the system?
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    I've been running PSS for a while on the M3, and they're standard fit of course on the M135i. Very happy with them on both cars. Suspect i'll be putting them on the F11 before too long...
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    Tbh I've had my fair share of problems with them over the years, but every time I make my mind up to leave they offer me such a good deal that I just stay in the end. It's been absolutely great the last few years and as a rule now I just cancel straight off when it's upgrade time. This way they give me unbeatable offers there and then. Just this thing with the wife's phone is infuriating. That's what you get for trying to do something nice for the missus!