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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    No signs of leaks, levels were all fine after I had the car for a week, constantly checked and topped oil as necessary because the rocker covers were known. Silly bugger hasn't been checking water though... Hopefully the horn was just a by product of a minor spillage whilst topping up header tank...
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    RickyZ's New E39 530iAT Sport

    Cheers Rich much appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My supercharger project

    Congrats Keith looking forward to seeing the video Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I reckon I'm close to you - and I have had a very poor first service experience at SL. Which independent did you go to?
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    Folding mirrors / stereo

    For mirrors to fold you need to keep lock button pressed for about 1 second, I believe it can be coded to fold on locking but not aware of any other way. To kill stereo off press stop button again after stopping engine (foot off the brake or you'll end up with engine going again !)
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    Mike's 525ix Touring

    Middle exhaust hangers replaced. Hopefully this will resolve the clonking sound that it makes along the road. The heat shield seems to be resting on the back box where it has broken away around the holding bolts. Any ideas on a fix? I guess it's replace or some kind of huge washer? LEDs on order for the brake light that be 24 bulbs to de-solder and 24 LEDs to solder in.
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    Serviced the 540i ready for its impending journey to the south of France Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
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    My supercharger project

    Nice! Fancy popping round and sticking one on the M5? I'll buy you a beer! I jest though, I've been keeping an eye on this quietly and as said, it'll be nice to see it running.
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    shuddering steering wheel?

    Nope, thrust arm bushes are the usual culprit.
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    I think possibly where I went wrong was buying a 9 year old 70000 mile car. It's at this point I reckon things start needing to be replaced. Next time, it'll be all about the condition of the car, and what ongoing and recent work has been carried out. Better to have a car with 110k on the clock which has had all the usual suspects replaced / attended to, than a 70k mile car which has it all to come. Just a thought!
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Keep toying with the idea of a manual conversion for mine. Don't get me wrong the 5hp30 is brilliant, especially for its time and it had a £2500 rebuild not so long ago... But I just can't help but think 6 cogs would make the car so much better!
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    Handbrake on automatic

    I generally put it in park if i'm at a light and i know it's a while before it changes.. The good thing about the LCI you just press the 'P' button and you don't get the flash of the reverse lights either... On a slope i use the handbrake other than that just leave it in park, you can't leave it in neutral as soon as you turn the engine off it goes into park, annoying if you want to edge the car forward because you have to start it.
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    Each to there own ay. but personally I'm so happy I've painted them this colour,I feel they work so well on the car. Would not change my mind as I feel they do really set the car off well, But then again if everyone liked the same thing ect life would be so dull don't you think
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Sounds nice We need pictures
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    No its oxford green with silver gray bison leather mate
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    Dashcam install (mobius)

    Just been out to see if there is a aux power socket in my glove box (640d) but not, have seen a few threads where they have wired it into the overhead lights, I've yet to look at that.
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    Dashcam install (mobius)

    Not sure to be honest, i assumed all cars had them? i just went looking for a supply and found this one! anything to help you in the event of an incident is worthwhile in my opinion, once its set up, i just let it overwrite itself over and over until i want to review anything and then the cable plugs into my laptop
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    Just think about emissions and MPG tests, and it'll be obvious how it all works. First off, all manufacturers need to provide the data which is used for all sorts of things like EU ratings, taxation classes etc. These are done on a driving car, so someone needs to go out and drive one to get the results. So lets imagine a new company called BMW5 Motors. You want the best possible figures, so you do some road tests. Unfortunately, on the first drive, you get stuck in some traffic and all that CO2 and NOx gets counted when you were parked up in the queue. Bad results. Next test, you go out at 5am when the roads are clear, no traffic, but it's cold and frosty, and the fuel consumption is higher. Meanwhile Bald Eagle Autos from the US pulled out onto a massive straight stretch of desert highway and cruised along for an hour with no one around at a steady speed and got awesome results. You can see there's a problem, as mpgs and emissions depend on a large number of conditions. The way around this was to develop at fully standardised test, in a temp controlled cell, a set simulated route, every manufacturer has to do exactly the same trip at the same speeds under the same conditions. That gives everyone results that are directly comparable. Sounds like common sense, right? Manufacturers at higher altitudes give the test results as lower altitudes, different ambient temps are ruled out for making differences. It's 100% logical. Knowing that means you'll understand why they have these driving cycle tests, and why their results aren't going to match your daily commute. So now the manufacturers have their own calibrated test cells, they'll be running their cars on them all day, trying to see if they can make any savings. Stop start was done for this, the IBS battery sensor is also made for this so it won't be loading the alternator if the battery is charged. LED lighting draws less amps, electric power steering means no pumps are always running if they aren't needed. The tweaking of the settings are expected, manufacturers will be optimising things for the test. The big issue with VW is they have admitted setting something up which detects the test, and alters the way the engine works. That part is the underhanded cheating, but optimising for the test is fair game, as long as that optimisation doesn't just switch itself off. An example would be stop/start. If BMW set stop/start to only work in a narrow temp window which matches the test cell temp, it would be classed as cheating. It appears the VAG have set their cars up so they make best emissions data in a tiny window that matches the test conditions, and it's a window that you wouldn't get on the road under normal use. From what I can tell so far, and it is only rumours at the moment, it might be from Adblue systems that add urea into the exhaust which will clear up NOx- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diesel_exhaust_fluid The rumours so far are suggesting that under a certain set of rules which would only match the test, the adblue system is in overdrive. So you can see now why they have standardised tests, why real world data wouldn't match the test cell data, and why manufacturers would be optimising things for the test. If stop/start was set to default off, and you had to press a button to switch it on, BMW would be busted for cheating.
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    All ordered and fitted, am updating my topic now
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    I bet there aren't too many speed humps & mini roundabouts on the test cycle either
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    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    Big thank you to Mike for organising and arranging everything, hope everyone had a good time
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    I must admit I parked my Champagne 2 this morning at work, got out, locked it, started to walk away and then turned round and stopped to look at it, gleaming black in the sun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk and baad speeling
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Ah... Must be Sport spec as there was never an official 540 Sport offered in the UK. Pics of 540 please? C.
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    Advice for car battery is needed?

    AGM was introduced for cars with stop/start technology to be able to cope with more drains and the need for faster recharging. Their charging characteristics are totally different