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    Decided to drive it rather than prat around with it today. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    Up for sale is my E39, I'm selling it cheap due to a few small issues that need sorting. It drives well, smooth and makes good power. The faults are:- Brake pad warning light on. Slight rocker gasket leak. DSC not functioning - no warning lights on dash. Fan shroud is damaged but no cooling problems. Has picked up a vibration at ~50mph since fitting the turbines so could probably do with balancing. Some small marks on the bodywork as you would expect on a car of this age - the only rust I have noticed is on the edge of the bonnet. Good points:- Fully functioning front and rear PDC Climate working perfectly. 4 matching tyres on turbines - fronts are virtually new, rears are about half worn. I have an unused spare to match. M-sport steering wheel. Shadowline trim. MOT til 06022016 - I have lost the original but have a print out from the DVLA website. Drive away a bargain manual 530i for only £750.
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    Project 'e39 trailer' ;0)

    Right as some may know already I have decided I'm gonna build a trailer out of the rear end of a touring to match my car. I intend to cut car in half and use from in front of B pillars back for the trailer. So hopefully the B pillars will be a good structural point and stop the roof collapsing once cut. Will Prob brace it to be on the safe side though. I already have the donor vehicle as seen below so once I've stripped it and recouped some of my money. The cutting will commence lol. Now a few questions for the guru's out there that can help whilst I still have complete car to take parts I need for things I'd like to have with trailer ;0) Trailer will have its own battery so hoping I can use all ideas below 1. Can the central locking still be utilised as I still need to lock rear doors/tailgate and if possible to do this then the tailgate release on key would be useful to ??? 2. Can the rear electric windows still be used as I may also camp in this once done so be nice to open windows if wanted. And if so can the all open/ close on key be used with the central locking above ??? 3. Can alarm be made to work. Again off key with above. ??? 4. If I source rear celis lights can they be made to work without an LCM as don't think I'll need that ??? 5. Also wanna be able to keep the sls suspension but be able to lower and raise it as I feel fit in some kind of switch ??? Sure I'll have loads more questions but that's it for now. And the donor in question And with the tow car lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Recode key

    My spare key doesn't start the car. It will unlock and lock the doors, turn the ignition on but won't actually start it. Is there anything I can do to recode it, or is it a BMW job? Thanks.
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    Fuel pump dead

    Fuel pump done,fits like a glove,so happy with that,but trying to get the new pump seal in place and tighten down the retaining plate,was a twat of a Job, Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    I think everyone has there tickets hopefully we will have the weather on our side
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    Glad to hear it's all fixed and back on the road again. Excellent work.
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    Comma ATF & PS Recommended by Comma for applications requiring: Dexron® II, III and VI, Ford Mercon V, MOPAR ATF +3 and +4, VW G 052 162, MB 236.6/7/10/12/14, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia SP-II/SP-III I think that covers the spec.
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    Either of you want to donate your headlight? It'll be worth it! I haven't looked into it properly, but I think the optics support decent light output for both rings on the E90 halogens, so something like that LED might be decent Either of you want to donate your headlight? It'll be worth it! I haven't looked into it properly, but I think the optics support decent light output for both rings on the E90 halogens, so something like that LED might be decent Check your PMs... new website shall be launching soon!
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    They fade up to a point and the cut out as halogen bulbs don't have a switch on voltage, where as LEDs do Thank you! You did more than that, couldn't do it without your moral support! no seriously, cracking jokes at Shaz ///M sport H was fun haha Want to post the two pics of your car where you tried to get the angels to come out? Would be a good explanation of it why it's so hard to take pics! Unfortunately not, just E60 LCI halogens as they have a unique fitment It's just a replacement unit... and I'm in the same boat as you! Dim angel eyes, even with the "best" solution out there. Will investigate what can be done for our headlights.
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    Runflats on 19inch spider alloys

    19's are prone to cracking as they are, runflats are + spyders area a recipe for disaster! They never came with runflats from the factory
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    520d on 220k miles!

    A Golf from 1983 is not as mechanically complex as a modern day car which means there is a lot to go wrong with cars nowadays and when it does it gets expensive and frustrating tracing a fault. I also think manufactures have gone away from producing cars to last and instead have focussed on giving us a more disposable product.
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    Air Con Woes

    Neither do petrol E60s
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    cassette tapes!

    Quite correct - the drive belts perished on my twin deck, and the aggro to get/replace meant it went - that why bought the £7.50 luxman deck of the bay.
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    Are these wheels avant garde 'style' wheels I.e.replicas or OEM? They look great.......what are the tours like in terms of wear and is there a good rim protector?
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    Very nice. Looks the dogs...
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    ive got plenty of spare bumper pieces but ive used the best I had, I have another centre rear section. but there are slight dents and a distortion. I don't know if these can be straightened out? I guess for a price. Just finding a local place that does rechroming isint easy, and there closing down rather than opening up. I don't think you can open one now, due to health an environmental reasons. The ones still going are mostly long family run and the waiting is long. Chrome has to be good on the e28, if its dented it stands out like anything, as with mine it was shot, really let the car down. I did try making the bumpers colour coded and sandblasting the worn chrome but it didn't look the same. It looks good on the black and red ones. I also originally had full chrome window glazing, but this had become more of a dull grey. At the time I thought if im going to replace them I think ill go for the shadow line Swartz instead. I thought it would make the car look more modern like a late e30 less classic. Now I think I would have preferred the chrome but its done now and it was really painful to do especially the rear window numb thumbs for days. Always my favourite day out, a scavenge at a breakers yard. Sandwich in the tool box and a flask of soup. Final resting place for motors at the end of the line, they take their memories of family transport to the crusher then gone forever. Some visits can be disappointing other times ive found gold. So many souvenirs of dead bimmer holding mine together, I like to think she enbodies the sprit of a dozen e28's among other Bavarian variants. Always makes you appreciate the ones still serving amongst the living. Too many e28's have been broken for spares. So many id love to bring home.
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    Well yesterday I cleaned up and cleaned all my tools and put them away finished the coolant flush and bled the system and topped the oil back up, fitted the under tray with some new clips to replace broken ones and then give the engine bay a quick wipe over. I got bored of waiting on Wednesday so drove all the way to Worcester Audi to pick up an exhaust gasket they luckily had on the shelf, was supposed to take an hour and 50 minutes but I done it slightly under that so by Wednesday evening in the pitch black I had the exhaust manifold on the car with all the intercooler pipe work fitted and cleaned. Some of the parts ready to go on Engine bay finished And a video of it all done, the flashing glow plug light was from not deleting the codes from the Ecu yet, rattle at start up has gone and its purring lovely, well as lovely as a diesel can do in all honesty Took it for a test run and let it warm up for the first few miles to get all the fluids flowing round, then stuck it into sport mode and gave it some beans, puff of smoke from left over oil residue and it ran lovely, brakes need a few miles on them as they have been sitting so long, but I really have missed the sure footedness of the 8 and the way it just goes when accelerating Al in all a good test drive and I didn't want to get out, going to give it a wash tomorrow and enjoy it for the first weekend in nearly 3 months
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    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    ours are here now to
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Plastidipped the Mrs touring grills. The patina of the plastidip is very similar to the finish of the black trim. I'm quite happy with it for a few quid.
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    They look awesome. I'd be proud of them
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    I'm baaaaack Pic courtesy of Ifti007
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    Not the neatest LPG conversion that I have seen
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    NEVER buy a car until it's been in production for at least 6 months. This is at least how long any plant needs to learn how to build the things properly, and also all of the parts should be up to premium quality by then. Plus, as above, discounts are fantastic at the moment on the current model.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    That's the other thing. Off side drops further and more drastic to the near side. I'll keep all posted on what we find