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    530i Sport Touring

    So I bought this touring a few weeks back. Unfortunately on the way back from picking it up the gearbox failed. The seller turned out to be a top guy and agreed to go halves with me on the repair. Fortunately I was able to get the repair done for a grand, the company agreed to just do the internal repair and not bother cleaning up the outside of the box itself, which is fine by me. Unfortunately, when I dropped it off I asked the guys to do a service and put an MOT on it. The MOT wasn't due yet but I wanted to be sure it was safe for my wife and daughter to be driving about in. It failed the MOT on totally knackered brakes. All four discs were dangerously thin, pads where knackered, brake lines coroded (every mechanics favourite job) So nearly two grand later, the car is back. New brakes all round, so now even the handbrake works! Fresh MOT, and a full inspection 2 service. Despite the issues above its actually very clean, but did need a bit of a freshen up. So while it was at the garage I ordered some minor bits. I bought the car on 18" style 69s, but I quite like the OEM look on the touring. So I got hold of some style 66s with continental rubber all round, some new rear lights, new number plates, new windscreen wipers, new wheel centres and new roundells. It's my first touring, and I have to say, I really like it. Has anyone on here done an M5 conversion? Seems an obvious thing to do. I really like the shape of the touring, should have bought one sooner.
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    BM Ian

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    polished it
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    Piper's E38 Story

    AP Sport springs and two rear Meyle shocks fitted. Helicopter gunships, dog tags, jets, ladies in bikinis. These are proper man springs! No pics until fronts are settled! PAS O ring. Tiny part, big difference
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    Just realised I wasn't very specific either!!I'm a police officer in the Met. More specifically I am a DC in the CID office at a busy borough in South East London . I also have a part time job as an instructor for a Supercar driving experience company. I enjoy my job most of the time but doing more with less (and for less!) over the past few years is taking its toll on morale and the quality of policing. It's still nice to lock up the real bad guys though! (When the bloody courts dish out a decent sentence!
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    Brighter Backup Lights

    Cree LED bulbs.
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    I've got loads of pics both of our cars and various other ones. I'll try to get them posted tonight. Overall was a great day, my first car event and was nice to see the forum guys, all really nice people very helpful & friendly. The little convoy drive up from Beaconsfield was also amazing, if only the pack was a little bigger would have been perfect. We got a lot of heads turning on the motorway
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    Stunning Stefan! new plates look good too Today I changed my bonnet and boot badges back to black carbon fibre ones and fit my new alpina seal set as the old ones were rotten! £16 delivered form ebay if anybody needs a set. Also worked out how to get interior mirror trims off(bit of a knack to those buggers) as im going to be fitting M3 replicas soon, any tips welcome Stefan
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    E61 530D 2005 Leak from Engine Bay

    Check around the gearbox sump pan, common problem.
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    I just noticed that I didn't actually state what I do lol... I'm a specialist installation engineer for a company called Trak Global. We own a young drivers insurance company (Carrot) and an SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery) tracking company (Swift Trak). We also do fleet tracking (for most big hire companies such as Europcar, Helphire, Enterprise, Sixt, Kindertons etc) and have overseas operations (mainly expanding into the UAE at the moment so lots of trips to Dubai etc lol). I get to spec up tracker installation locations and wire feeds on brand new vehicles for insurance specifications and also Audit other companies and do service calls on non-reporting equipment. I did this for my old company but I also had to fit parking sensors, DRLs, hands-free kits etc etc but Since moving to Trak I've had an £11k pay rise over my old job and significant reduction in work load plus a load of other additional benefits that I didn't have previous. and a much nicer/better van! TL;DR - I fit shit into shit and check other peoples shit that they have fitted to see if they are shit, for really good money.
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    E61 530D 2005 Leak from Engine Bay

    Looks a bit like power steering fluid but difficult to tell from description The only way to tell for sure is to remove the cover and locate the leak There may well be somebody along who will know Good luck at Spa, fabulous circuit. Went a couple of years ago the last year of the V8`s
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    Dmp 5

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    It was a 525i and he loved it. Think he was gutted when he replaced it. Glad you changing the exhaust. Will look much better!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nearside tyre change with the front pictures lol
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    No real benefit other than putting a fresh filter in and removing one that might be clogged or past its optimal flow rate .. Just like a new air filter.
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    F10 rear door water leak?

    It's going to be a little bit tight for the first time, you just have to trust that everything is ok and just "pop" the first clip out. The rest of the clips will be easier once you get the feeling how much force you have to use. If you have problems in getting the first clip out, why don't you ask some friend or go to the nearest small garage and they will show you how to get it open.
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    530i Sport Touring

    I'll probably do a suspension refresh and ditch the rear SLS at some point, it feels fine to drive but I'm sure there will be some worn bushes etc. The style 68s are sat here. Square set, all in excellent condition with only one tiny chip to one of the rims. Recently refurbed at lepsons. Matching set of nexens with only one needing replacement, let me know if you fancy them.
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    Well if you fancy a spare set I've got 4 sat here, with matching tyres doing nothing.
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    Mine is reassuringly heavy, it was tweaked at LCI. Agree it feels stiffer, I think to counter criticisms about straight ahead vagueness.
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    Looking forward to it, if anything for the tunes!! I remember bopping along to the classic NWA tunes from back in the late 80s / early 90s Ricky, Ricky, oh my gad, someone shot Ricky!! Classic movie, one of those movies I just have to watch whenever it comes on!
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    Steering wheel wobble

    I've checked to see if one wheel is hotter than the other but seems okay. Was thinking of having them reconditioned anyway for peace of mind
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    E34 M5 collection for sale

    this is a very nice car with excellent spec re extended grey leather and individual rear seats etc
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    Let is run through the "quick" test, then follow http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/89141-dpf-back-pressure-sensor-test/
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    Andrive faults and fixes

    Hi folks After a long time trying to get the ANDRIVE AN39-3 unit work properly, I only managed to fix some problems (rewiring ... etc) but finally I decided to forget this horrible experience. If someone wants my AN39-2 and AN39-3 units there are available in a very low price (what you want...) I decided on a /// AVIN Avant2 unit (from Germany) is like AN39-3 but everything works without any problems and with great support from USA and Germany. I'm sorry to have spent my money on ANDRIVE ... Best regards from Spain
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    Few pictures of the e60 530d

    Hope everything goes well mate [emoji2] [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    E39 Auto gearbox

    I don't regret changing the oil and filter on mine. It's now on 180k and runs fine. I changed the lock-up solenoid at the same time. As to the don't touch it argument, I believe no one touts the 'lifetime oil' crap anymore. There is no such thing as lifetime oil. Not changing it just reduces the 'boxes lifetime. Anything mechanical benefits from the best lubrication. You wouldn't dream of doubling the oil-change intervals on the engine to save a few quid would you? While it's running well, treat it to some fresh fluid for Pete's sake.
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    CCC replacement options

    NBT is the way to go, but expensive. Search for it on here - there's a couple of members running it now I think.