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    My Supercharger Install

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    Today Ifitted the black headliner in still need to run a few wires but only on the front so lights not fitted yet. a coup;e of wires in the back as well. pictures not great sorry
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT carried out. Passed with no advisories. 14 years old, got to love the build quality of these cars
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    Agricultural repair

    Just my wallet
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    idiots lady in grey (540i/6)

    Picdump Pleased with how it looks inside for a 229k car. Whoever last did rocker covers was a fuckheads and used a Fuckton of sealant EVERYWHERE.
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    I don't that no no no no no no When I start on a car it's got to be right before I sell it, as good as if it were my own, always done it and won't stop now here's my last offering .
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    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    Get Shaz on it, we will soon get more than 10
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    Rear cosole missing one black plug?

    Got a pic of the area concerned?
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    The Labour Party.

    I didn't say who you followed, and don't really give a fuck anyway. What I am pointing out,is that the labour left ( which is where it's likely to go under Corbyn) is the same dictat collection of tossers that wrecked the country in the 70's. Socialism doesn't work, never has, never will. Takes a modicum of savvy to work it out though.
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    Sorted out a spare wheel for my E61..... Purchased the yellow Mitsubishi wheel off EBay for a whole £2, yes £2 and it had the correct tyre size fitted. Then I purchased the steel spare direct from BMW for £48 and had a tyre mate (cheers EdenTyres.com) swap tyre FOC this afternoon. I then came to fit it below the boot floor but as I discovered (along with all E61 owners) leaving the boot liner in place the wheel wouldn't fit so out it came and now the spare sits perfectly in place. I'd also purchased a BMW jack off EBay for £15 so this whole setup has cost me £65, very pleased and much happier now knowing I won't be left stranded. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    what retrofits can i do to my 59 e61?

    Might be simple, PM your VIN and I can advise
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    what retrofits can i do to my 59 e61?

    As said above, if you don't have the fold option already installed, quite a lot! I had the option by way of a button on the window switch panel, but was also then able to code it so that they worked on the key fob too.
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    what retrofits can i do to my 59 e61?

    You can remove the tilt on reverse function by sliding the wing mirror selector to the opposite side.
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    My Supercharger Install

    Los polos Hermanos!
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    The Labour Party.

    Most of you weren't about for this Or what preceded it. The red robbos, Arthur Scargill. The country was a laughing stock. The alternative ? Get out and graft, keep more of your money. Bit of a no brainier really.
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    MV2 Numbering

    Ive just emailed BMW UK Customer Services and asked.
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    My Supercharger Install

    Hahaha. Like it.
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    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    Yes Mike, I am and others have expressed an interest. 1. mikem 2. Jam172 3 Jut535 4 Splondike 5. Joss Well their names are down now anyway
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    New wheels - just need badges now (ordered) Going in to have small rust bubble on one arch done next week
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    530d - Possible gearbox issues?

    I ordered some of my parts from these guys http://www.bristoltransmissions.co.uk/shop/product.php?id_product=78 Might be worth a look. Costs here: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/110786-idle-funny/?fromsearch=1 Horsey
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    Stick with M Paras or go BBS LM?

    I went for the LM's
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    lets set a countdown timer for that too shall we? !
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    There's no such thing as a 520i Sport? Thought you could get 24v ones?! Nvm... Some people prefer the pre-face seats I know that much, but black headlining is always a nice touch
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    what would jack baur do?

    Breaking bad is awesome and I can thoroughly recommend suits.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Through Same openings you change main bulbs, easier with units out the car but sure it's possible with them in with a little Patience