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    Think I got sum stretch!

    Correct HTH.
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    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    always weird when you start a wip, it is infact a new chapter, of life, of car culture, of way of living. this is just my new way of wasting money in nonsense. last month I've bought my new car, paid waay to much for it because I went there already convinced that it was going to be mine, no matter what. I know estate v8 manuals are rarer than most of the cars I see every day, and this will make sense very soon. bs aside, this is the reason why I'm going to be completely broke in the next years e34 540i touring with a getrag 560, all factory, as far as i know this is one of the famous (?) 63 rhd produced. She's BH15015 for the vin number geeks out there This thing is my first car in the UK, therefore first one with steering on the wrong side, and first beamer, which means I have no experience on rwd bitches, and more importantly, first car that I bought myself. My ex money pit was a 94 civic eg6, if you're not into hondas is the first thing you can buy when you start every Gran Turismo career. mine looked like this I realised I needed a rwd car when I put my brother's e87 diesel into a wall trying to be an idiot, with success, and I've always been a fan of estate cars. I knew I was going to get a BMW, there's pretty much nothing else out there part from mercs which are all autos, not for me, I was pretty much sure that it would have been an e46 touring, maybe a 330d. I've read about these e34 touring and all the cool features they have, first of all the EPIC twin sunroof, and the split tailgate just like my old civic, self leveling suspensions, good engines and the fact that most parts are interchangeble with even more modern stuff. my dream was to build a touring with an m70, 6 speed and 520i badge at the back, but it takes years and lots af skills that I'll probably never have, so when I saw this 540 for sale among a jungle of auto 525s i knew that it had that "little more" and I made it mine. Neglected, probably abused and maybe even crashed, this car represents my idea of perfect vehicle: big, estate, rear wheel drive, good/big engine, manual gearbox, tough look, old style, massive sunroof. It's the only car that ticks all the boxes. and is nice to look at too, score ! When i brought it home I was very daunted: all by myself, no idea what this thing was going to do, I didn't test drive it because the dude wouldn't let me without insurance, and so the first ever drive was when the car was already mine. 146miles, Wolverhampton to South London.. here we go ! ...and it made it ! surprisingly this thing just ate miles and road, and brought my scared ass back home, champ ! very first thing, get it up on a ramp at work to check how bad the conditions really are: ...very, that's all I can say ! the described "surface rust" on the bodywork just meant that the guy never had it on a ramp. There is serios rust on the sills that have already started flaking, and I still have to check the inside of the front wings. It has had regular mots in different places, given the fact that all the numerous owners lived all over the country, so with the last one done last october I would assume that it won't fail again, but it needs to be sorted, one day or the other. on the bodywork it is actually just surface or slight bubbling, I can sort that myself, but stuff underneath, that will need someone that knows what to do... I've already "booked" someone suitable at work. so that's on the list. I've thrown in a set of plugs just for peace of mind, original ngks, I think they are bkr6ek. all the rest it's just a lot of neglecting and owners that cared more about looks and engine noise that actual car health. first saturday off (I used to work every other saturday before I had this car)I tried a first jet wash on the underside, so that I can really work out what is leaking and what is just dirty, or maybe just make my life a little bit easier when I'll have to crawl underneath to fix something ! car on axlestands in the wash bay, courtains around to protect valuable stuff, and look at all the grime that came out ! it's not even half of what's underneath that thing !! but then, sorry, I had to ditch those ridiculous angel eyes and HID that came with the car. I apologise in advance to HID people or angel eyes supporters, but I got to the point when I was driving at night with no lights on just because I was embarassed of those horrible things, and they were a complete mess held up with cable ties and electrical tape, they had to go. Got a set of original smileys for 100 pounds, and started working for the very first time on my new car. then I also tackled the completely loose exhaust by fitting two missing rubber hangers to the middle section and two clamps with some exhaust paste to actually connect it to the rear section, what a mess! It now leaks from the manifolds, which is a massive bonus, but at least is 50% functional. I then tried to regas the A/c, but had to stop half way through the process because I ran out of time and nobody was going to wait for a crappy bmw to finish regas, and so, next week, hopefully! this is the new look, with bonus cracked main beam next on the list was a compression check. you think m60, you think nikasil coating, so fingers crossed here we go. it did fine, 155psi average with a low of 135 and high of 170, I think i'm all right, I may actually be lucky with one of the latest alusil coated engines, still to check. wich me luck. then two weeks of stop because I was busy driving to the uk the very car that made me thinking about this in the first place, queuing at dunkirk and the last job so far, drive belts. the bentley manual says you have to take off the fan. obviously mine wouldn't play, I've taken them off anyway. and here we are. in the meantime I've changed the bonnet and bootlid struts, so those huge metal bastards don't break my neck everytime. in the future there is a full service with A/c regas, rust on chassis, sunroof, suspension, brakes, rust on bodywork, electrics, diff overhaul, oil leaks, thermostat... is a long list. the ridiculous shnitzer badge at the back will soon go, together with the side stripes. the number plate would have been fine 10 years ago when I was 15, not now. I'm still not sure wether to remore the 540 badge or keep it. I'm a fan of the clean look, but this is one of the few badges worth keeping. we'll see. and no M stuff, i should die first. I hope you've enjoyed it, saturday more misery still to come !
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    The e39 looks tiny between a 7 series and an f10
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    How are the seals on the radiator cap John? I've changed the caps on some of my fleet as the seals had gone square
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    BMW Documentation

    Hi all, Over the years I have managed to accumulate various pieces of BMW documentation from an assortment of sites and sources. I thought it time to place them all in one location where everyone can access them. They are available from my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxDd4Jzlov8Efmg5VVVEaTZVYkplN3MzaGZLQUEzaWFjU0luMl81cW9oSGxlOENGbTlKQW8&usp=sharing The folder currently contains the following: E60 engineer training modules; M Division documentation; Various E60 manuals and guides, and an assortment of BMW presentations. As I find more I will upload them to the Drive and update this post. Mods - Bearing this in mind, perhaps it would be handy to make this pinned? Best, Horsey *Please note I do not own the documents or claim to be the author of them*
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    Your Other Car

    I picked this up for the wife the other week, it's a 0.9 Turbo Dynamique S. Loads of equipment, sat nav, parking sensors, climate and my favourite - comfort access. It's a really good steer but I have a thing for French cars having had lots of Renault Sports in my early 20's.. It averages around 47mpg compared to the 21mpg of my 550i. We do most our driving and short journeys in this keeping miles off the 550i which is really my toy and something pamper! Which comes out when we're short of space or weekends away.. I like how the 550i is more than 5x the engine size! Both petrol too which I'm proud of in this day and age.. 550i Tourer still great for family duties inc dog and pushchair.. Then at home after some pampering.. What do you have and why?
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    Its a nice car but 5495 is strong money for it especially as it isnt a low mileage garage queen
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    £5495 for a 12 year old E39 530i Bubbles 2 seems a bit mental - especially as you'd be lucky to see £1000 for it as a trade in.
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    Cleaned My DPF Today

    All back together now. Sorry no vid of cleaning it but a lot of black and some brown crap came out !! To be fair, it didn't look that blocked: Back pressure logs before: Back pressure logs after:
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    E28 525e - ClimAir Wind Deflectors

    Those look really smart on your E60, they follow the flowing lines of the roofline nicely. Regards, Mick
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    K-seal is a bodge in my book- although it often holds up I am not surprised that, being a bodge, it has failed a while later. The only satisfactory fix will be head gasket and head if necessary, and as others have suggested there is no reason why you should continue to have problems after this has been done properly so your choices are basically sell/scrap the car in it's current condition and use the peanut proceeds to buy an unproven car at the bottom end of the market or invest a few hundred quid and discover renewed appreciation of a known problem free E34. They are not weak engines so being well-maintained your car can be reliable once more.
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    Think I got sum stretch!

    Have to say I'm not a fan, don't like the look but above all I firmly believe it's unsafe. That doesn't mean something will go wrong, but it's unsafe all the same in my opinion. I'm sure it wouldn't go through a legit MOT. Sorry if it makes me a dick for saying but this is a public forum with differing opinions!
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    Hi, If it's not sealing properly then the pressure in the system will be lower which will allow the coolant to boil, which could lead to air locks. Check it's got two o-rings as the bottom of the rad cap can disintegrate. Cheers, Gavin
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    I've been desperately trying to think of a joke about the smell of fish when she hit the van.
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    Any kind of thread insert is a waste of time. I wouldn't even try it. It looks a decent car so I'd put £500 into it - a good used engine should be about £250 and the same again to fit it. Car car is worthless as it is. Scrap is 50 quid a ton and apart from the Catalyst there's not much on it worth selling. The stupid thing to do is to throw it away and then spend £500 - 3000 on another car that will probably go tits up again. The smart money is in fixing this one.
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    Ok. See you at Carshalton beeches station at 6:45 then.
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    Wherever really, the car park in the high street, Carshalton beeches station, what suites you. It's about 40 minutes to Cobham give or take so shall we say 6:45 to be on the safe side?
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    Diamond key is sealed and BMW will only replace the key. Def not a service item.
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    Hi, If you want to pop round for a compression test give me a shout. Cheers, Gavin
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    2007 e60 m47 auto gearoil leaking

    I looked into getting the metal one myself (supplying the part) and it was over £60 more. Getting it for £25 is an absolute steal! Well done buddy. Horsey
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    To scrap or not to scrap?

    As said, if the car has been looked after and everything else is good, then a second-hand engine from a car that has been scrapped due a knackered auto-box would be a good outcome. The engine and fitting should be a lot less than a replacement car that could just as easily let you down. Take a look at the spares for sale section. There is a 2.8 engine going. Should be a straight swop for your 2.5.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Rear door blinds fitted. Heated rear seats next.
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    Rugby world cup

    Am really looking forward to it.... I have managed to secure tickets to 5 pool matches for me and my lad Unfortunately no England matches, so will have to suffer watching Wales, Australia and New Zealand play.... I would like to see England do well, but as ever they would most likely have to play the big 3 from the southern hemisphere which is a tall order. Although it's possible France will play NZ in either the QF or Semi and France did the Kiwis over in the QFs back in 2007 in Cardiff... This will be the 3rd RWC in a row where I've had tickets ....
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    OBC aside, just think that there's far less to go wrong Chris... A pre-facelift e38 in Calypso with ambers and a nice set of rims is a great looking car. Forget about all the electronic add-ons and retrofits and enjoy the quality and waftability of the big 7. C.
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