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    Anyone know Employment Law?

    Nothing wrong with writing to the HR department and highlighting their lack of support and training to a new member of staff and how disappointed you were to be pushed into a situation where support was promised but wasn't delivered which ultimately ended in your sudden and unexpected sacking. JJ
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    Breathe Easy - CAI kit installed!

    So I've been researching Cold Air Intakes for a while and the benefits of relocating the intake air temp sensor. Not happy with the options available for relocating the IAT sensor, I decided to use one of my old MAF units in the setup to utilise the sensor in that. Much better than putting a sensor outside of the airflow like Dinan and Evolve do. The IAT sensor in my old maf worked fine with no issues so it made perfect sense to use it - and the housing. Total cost (Excluding new MAF units as I changed them last year and kept the old ones), including K&N filters was £135. Before the usual shouts of "K&N oil fucks you MAF - no it doesn't. It only ruins you MAF if you over oil the filter and it then bleeds through and is ingested into the intake tract. I only grabbed a few photos as trying to relocate the aux air pump was interesting, but a solution was found. New intake trumpets in the lower bumper grill too - feed the filters with lovely fresh air whilst avoiding water ingress. Much better
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    idiots lady in grey (540i/6)

    Car had new upper n lower arms yesterday along with new front struts. Back end will get done next weekend
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    Glastonbury....Kanye West

    Colossal thundercnut..
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    Best 5 Series, and Why

    In other words.........
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    Geordie's E60 530d

    I thought I'd make a sort of build thread for my new daily, which is a 54 plate 530d. It was registered in December 2004, and has covered 97,000 miles. I was in the market for a diesel daily to do my 130 mile a day commute in, after my work changed the goalposts on my use of the works van recently. I had a very nice Jaguar X-Type 2.0d last year, with only 61,000 miles on the clock, which I sold when work told me I could use the van every day. Well, after three months with the van work said they thought it'd be better if the van was kept at work for the back shift as well as dayshift, so it was back to using my own cars again. Well, my other cars are a 1999 Nissan Primera GT (40mpg on a run), a 1997 Porsche Boxster (35mpg on a run) and a 2000 Mercedes CL500 (30mpg on a run at best), so I was after something that'd get me mid to high forties, but have that bit of something special to enjoy daily. I kept going back to the 530d as the one I wanted, and was after a well looked after one, low to average miles, and in the best blue colour. Amazingly, despite the fact that I was willing to travel for the right car, I found this one in Middlesbrough, only 6 miles from where I live. This is some pics from when I saw it first... I didn't like the 18" multispokes on it, so asked if I could have the standard ones on his wife's 530d. Yes, a bit cheeky, but as my Mam always said, "shy bairns get nowt!". To my surprise, he said she wouldn't mind haha, so here it was on my drive for the first time, a bit mucky... After it's first wash at 7am the next morning... Some multi-storey shots during it's first run out, up to Newcastle to stay at the Malmaison and go to the theatre darling... After it's first proper wash, clay bar, wash and some Autoglym Super Resin Polish... Exhaust tips needed a polish, so got one... Side repeaters bulbs were a bit flakey!... so I replaced them with silver chromed ones.... Some interior shots, but I'm sure you all know what these look like!! I'll be putting my private plate on it when I get the V5 back in my name. This is it faced up.... This needs sorting. The PDC is not working, and I think it's because there might be a couple of sensors not working. This one for sure... Polished the chrome today... Not sure what this little switch is for... and also not sure if this is an audio speaker or what. It's in the passenger footwell. Haven't stuck my ear right next to it yet, and only noticed it was there before I came in tonight... Fitted some wind deflectors today, and this was the cack that came out of the first window channel I cleaned! You might be able to see, I like a photo or two! You might also have noticed that I removed the silly ebay special M badge. Things to do list: Parking sensors to sort. Leak in air-con system to sort Angel eyes upgraded to led/white PCI light upgrade maybe. A few scrapes and scuffs to get tidied up. Remap up to 275bhp Not too big a list. Loving it so far. It's everything I was looking for and then some. To get nearly 600 miles from a tank of fuel is great, but to get them in a car as good looking and quick as this just means that there are no compromises to be made. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for making it down this far if you have. Chris
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    E28 clear indicators

    FYI http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=321778289623&globalID=EBAY-GB
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    Was a good day lads! Thanks for coming and representing the 5er family! Here's a few teasers!
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    e34 coilovers

    Very little. Mmmmm, Pro Sport coil overs as well, the seal of quality.
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    Time to say goodbye

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    Valve replacement

    Battery all good. Starts everytiime. Fixed two fuel leaks and replaced one tyre. Nearly there.
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    Cool, bet you can't wait to get it out on the road! Have you got some RK plenum plates with your kit? Well worth it for eliminating boost leaks. I have a spare set if you don't, as I didn't need them anymore when I fitted the Evolve billet plenum. Can't wait to hear your reaction to supercharged m5 power!!
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    At the Graffiti Wall, Chelmsford
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Washed the car yesterday and then this morning decided to make it to the Graffiti Wall meet at Chelmsford. Well worth the trip in the end after it thankfully stopped raining and the sun came out...eventually .
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the rear bumper off in preparation for getting some annoying little blisters attended to.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mines sitting in a body shop getting work done it all around cant wait for the baby to be done! [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dremel with small flap wheel type attachment. Decided some delicate parts involving oil passageways should have sand/glass particles fired at them lol! How's yours coming along Jamie?
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    idiots lady in grey (540i/6)

    I'm pretty confident a 540/6 with a 3.45 diff will have an e34 m5 down the strip
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    525d - Need new battery.

    From what I understand any battery WILL require registering. But any battery that is different to current spec will require coding ASWELL
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    but to fair its rank looking...no wonder it's been hidden away ...that interior is awful
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    e34 coilovers

    yes and 3x less price for budget ones....
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    Looks good Henry, great colour match
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    This is the 3rd time I've mentioned that company, next time I'm asking him if we can have a forum discount
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    pdc module unit replacement

    I did one for M-ASK to CCC retrofit & Dension 500/AVR install. They all more or less follow the same procedures. In addition what's already I've done Xenon retrofits, airbag module swaps, e90 LCI head unit retrofits, Bluetooth retrofit, ABS pump/module swaps, etc. just a hobby helping others out really. I got a copy of E-SYS for the latest F Series Cars but I've not installed it yet. Looking forward to giving that a go. I've an e63 630i & an e63 M6, they are e60s from an electronics point of view. Hence frequenting the 5 Series forums. A lot of commonality across e6x cars. Had an e39, that I should never have sold (in February).
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    Ok guys been a bit lazy hadnt started swapping the interior around till today.. Just swapped the back seats over..