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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Might have found a Classic vehicle repair firm for a quote on the rust repairs ... waiting for their reply. ee
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    Uber Tramp

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Mileage is what I have done today!!! Yesterday my car ticked over to... And I've just taken this pic now after reaching home and have had some food to eat as I was hungry... So today I went from west London to shefield and back. Then to croydon and then to Gloucester (to meet idiot) and now home. And got a gift from Adam (who also tried selling himself to me...but couldn't afford what he offered) sent from Crapatalk
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    likewise ya cunt!
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    what a bummer at this stage of the project, bodgers are a real curse (see my thread re Alpina 4.6) and they leave mechanical wreckage in their trail. great donation re the replacement head and work done ready for the head rebuild. such a handsome car you have.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Are you playing Billy-big-balls about E34 V8's Idiot? If so I think you're lacking a bit too?! Any E34 still running is magnificent in my book, but there's always something special about the bigger sixes and V8 engines.
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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Should be a metal tag on the back with what it is written on it
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    Converting dying B10 V8 to manual

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    Converting dying B10 V8 to manual

    Piece of cake - 3 days tops if you know what you're doing, that includes very minimal wiring adjustments, re-programming and all the mechanical work too. It was a bit of a nightmare to drill down on the coding and such but after a decent nights kip and fresh eyes etc..... Ask me how I know
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    Help needed 535d gps

    I chuckled at this. Haha
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    Uber Tramp

    How Dirty are you?

    sent from Crapatalk
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    Which one do you prefer?

    yummy!!!!! JJ
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    since having the car it has had a blow from the exhaust manifold area . turned out to be two studs broken in the head.... this is common on the 6 cylinder engines as you will all know and is not really a major fix. however........... when i go to fix this while we are slightly quieter i find as my usual luck goes....the bodgers have been at it . one of them has had someone attempt to do it in place and has been drilled in the wrong place and at funny angles!!!! soooooooo the outcome of today is currently as below over the xmas period i will be swapping all my original cylinder head components over to the replacement head which has already been skimmed and pressure tested. i was donated this from a local bmw specialist i worked for around six years from leaving school . more soon
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    Shaz H

    Tyre blowout - 530d 275/30 R19

    Ouch! Rim damage? You're in luck, im selling 275/35/19 bigger profile, more confort
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    Update: She's being polished well she was today All for now S,Butler Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I use a good guy in Wednesfield if that's any good
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    Since there are a few shots of E30's Here is my Summer machine of pleasure Leigh
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    Needed a decent welding/ fabricator

    I know you do fella's. Good luck with the quote. It's a shame you're not further North as the bodyshop that are looking after my car are very reasonable for top quality work. C.
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    Views On This E39 M5

    I'd love a Boston green m5 with tan(cinnamon?) leather! Bloody lovely although I know it's a marmite combo
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    How Dirty are you?

    The clean bit (lower left) is compliments of another car that rammed me up the back, pushing me into a car in front. Happened last week when the traffic stopped suddenly on a dual carriageway, luckily only scuffs and damaged exhaust tips, and broken bits of plastic at front...
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    Welcome back Bluey! Bet you can't wait to put all the stuff back on
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    My dirty diesel

    People, take note, this is how an "I'm new here" thread should be. All pics and no talk. Welcome!
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    a few pics as promised....all be it iphone quality....
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    Another, this time of my old 540iLE and my M5, neither of which are still with me.
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    Iphone4, no editing, taken in Nicasio, Ca, USA. Don't know anything about photography, can't afford a camera, but love taking pics.