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    Uber Tramp

    bbs splitrim bolts

    Ah fuck sake not again. Now I have to see where else I posted stuff sent from Crapatalk
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    Who are we behind our usernames?

    I.m Mick.48,married to Donna,pretty much spent most my working life driving for a living,not a bad way to earn a living really,been all over UK and Europe and been paid to do it, I love anything with wheels, Also we,re really big animal lovers,we sponsor 3 dogs with the Dogs Trust,as well as having Hartley,our own Bullmastiff, I don,t have a massive amount of time for hobbies as i,m away all week with my job,so we just tend to chill at weekends,take Hartley out for walks and relax, I always browse this forum whether home or away,i think the advice,information and banter is brilliant,also the variety of members and their cars is great,it,s the only Forum i,m a member of now and imho the best i,ve been on.
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    Rather a testing time as alternator failure fried electrics down stream and lots of issues including loss of instruments, so I cursed and shut door on it for three months. !! Started last week, new alternator fitted, still no charge and ignition warning light glowing like Santa's nose on Xmas eve. Fitted new oil pressure switch as it is linked, no improvement. Next move, so renewed relay in can, that fixed the charge but no reliable instruments, so then got and fitted voltage stabiliser after rewiring it as hiding on back of dash panel. ......it all works properly now. threw away alternator,12 volt relay and voltage stabiliser - all fried by stator burn out. So gave it a pat, cleaned it inside and out, put tools away after a test. Both happy again. So today, took it to the seaside for a treat, that is why I like the struggle of old cars and dont buy a new one, old = fixable, only £350 including eleccy man for an hour a pile of bits, a back ache and a few minor curses. Return to M5 issues this week.
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    Steve van hool

    Who are we behind our usernames?

    That dog called Stan, has a lovely looking face and a very healthy looking coat
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    Best film bad ass of all time?

    As I'm typing this I'm watching the good the BAD and the ugly, surely Lee Vancleffe is up there as Angel eyes? Literally the bad.
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    Project Alpina.

    Project Alpina ready to go Ripples dents n dings... dent stripping process started engine out wings off engine bay clean up time bit of repair work n primer sprayed laquerd slick primer stripped to almost shell spray booth ready to flat flattend no more dings screens out Painted still needs buffing yet Alpina wheels Alpina stripes in Gold
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    If your trying to lose some weight

    Well here's a diet that I've used in the past and lost 5 stone previously and kept it off for 5yrs and currently doing it again to lose a couple more after being lazy for the last 6 months and enjoying my food too much. It might not be to everyones liking and might not work with everyone but it works for me so thought I'd share it. If you do it, do it at your own risk! http://www.idiet4u.com/diets/sacredheart.html 1 thing though you NEED to be strict!
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    Halfords Spanners

    Halfords have got a set of 25 spanners from 6 mm to 32 mm for £50! That's £2 per spanner! The only downside is that they're not Halfords Advanced but for this money I'm not complaining. I've already got all of these sizes in Snap-On and Halfords Professional but these would be good for chucking in a tool bag or carry box etc. given the price.
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    BMW 535d (mapping)

    I have around 370bhp and 530ft of torque, no rolling road to back this but the map was done by eco tune (reputable) and I have their decat downpipe and dpf delete pipe, also egr plugged and coded out, I also blanked the flaps using pmw ones and fitted all blue silicone hoses in place of the normal black rubber ones as they perish, every vacuum line is now silicone as are my boost hoses, I also have a 100mm neck size pipercross foam come filter with a custom made Diy heatsheild for max turbo noise, the engine is now running strong, it's now a fairly quick car for its size I want more from it but pretty much done the basics to get over 400 you will need turbo work but 370/380 with the above is achieveable...
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    Bent iPhone 6 fix!

    Budapest is beautiful.
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    Best film bad ass of all time?

    That was one sick film, but I've got Ray Liotta down as my favourite psycho in almost every movie he's made, smouldering, just about controlled wildness, scary dude!
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    Many thanks to Hippie Dave

    For some reason pictures not showing so Bill
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Sunday and a few things done on the old girl the centre consol is completed now that was finished in the morning. Just needs a wipe down In the afternoon while I played with some lights for the car, hippie Dave went to work on the control arms upper and lower, as well as the anti roll bar all being replaced as well as the bushes. This proved to be a long slog and in the end had to completely remove the whole thing from the steering rack. By this time we were losing light. So put it all away and dinner with a couple of beers before he headed home. Bill
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    BMW 535d (mapping)

    jason at B&w chiptune your man for bmws!! call them b&w chiptune, google them Sent from my iPhone
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    Ive spent money again...

    spent about £1000 already! but im a geek for the oem.
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    M60 Swap

    Another Thing An M60 Has Found Its Way Into.. Rather Cool Better Then The Normal Tripe It Normal Goes Into I Must Say. S,Butler Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Who are we behind our usernames?

    My names Richard Holmes im 41 and living in Duffield Derby but originally from Leicester. Digital printer/graphic designer by day and car nut by night. Married to Donna and have 2 kids, William 9 ( plays for Leicester City FC, I'm very proud) and Lucy 14. I'm on the right with my son next to me at Wembley last year when Derby got beat in the play off final, twats!! Sorry for the poor pic, looked much better on my phone
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    thinking of getting an f10

    This review should help you make a decision its from a guy who owned his e39 530i for ten years then moved to an F10 530d http://www.bmwhaus.ie/forum/showthread.php?tid=4533&pid=60574#pid60574
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    I have done that before and it defo works and once you get over the fact that you. are just eating fuel to stay alive it's not bad...I wish I didn't like my food so much then I wouldn't need to diet ...I would love to treat food as fuel only lol ..how hard can that be
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    If your trying to lose some weight

    I agree but if you need to lose weight then it has to be done. I love ma food but also need to keep an eye on my weight.
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    Avus E34 540/6 Touring restoration

    Minor update time. The garage has said that my car should be coming inside for the welding to be finished. I really want an MOT before winter properly sets in as it really needs a few miles on it to loosen up the oily bits. It started on the button yesterday and is running nicely, it shouldn't need much for the MOT. I bought a nice set of sport seats off Geoff, they've been recoloured by Bespoke and look very nice indeed. If i'm honest, I prefer black interiors but these seats should make a big difference after having the knackered comforts in the car. .
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    A4 tdi.. thoughts please "Help Required"

    Looks a lot better with the new suspension on it. Good to hear you have had trouble free miles too and cheap ones at that by the sounds of it. Result.
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    Driving by numbers...

    Jammie gits........ !!!
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    I liked keeping all my discs in the holder.
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    Best film bad ass of all time?

    I agree and the nasty little fucker in Casino.