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    Evening all

    Bum chikka wow wow... Oh yeeeeah [emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1]
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    1968 MGB GT. 7 months start to finish

    I will need to find most of the pics but basically. Towed to my old man's in the winter. Loads of rust. Sort of white colour and the engine was knocking. As of today it is finished and fully road legal. 85% my own work.
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    My 540i looks a mess but im sill bring to the show to show as unfinished project ,to line up with the gr8 cars on the fourm to show what you can do from humbel beginnings.
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    Who's had their windscreen replaced?

    Cheers mate I will do. Got some POR 15 in the shed so i'm armed and ready
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    Hey Greig! Yep, back to the dark side. This will be the first time since 2007 (I think) that there hasn't been a BMW here. The Volvo ticked enough boxes for me. it's a 2009 car, it's well equipped and cheaper by some margin than an equivalent BMW. I did look at an E60 520d, and I liked the interior, but I didn't fancy a BMW diesel. I could've held out for another 530i, but..... I got a very good deal on this. and it has everything I want bar the DAB radio - and the dealer has agreed to fit the Pure Highway 300di I have just removed from the E39, so it's all good. The twin turbo D5 engine is really very nice too - a wee bit vocal, but it flies! Back to heated leather memory seat too - and a decent stereo! It also means that we have a car we can carry stuff in - the E39 didn't have folding rear seats - this thing has the capacity of a lorry! I hope I get on with it. If I feel the BMW itch, I'll sell the 07 Focus CC3 the Mrs drives and buy a nice E46 325i Convertible....
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    It should be 14V or higher, but if you are getting over 13.5 volts I wouldn't be so quick to write off the alternator. Disconnect your IBS sensor then check the voltages again. If the IBS is faulty that can also cause problems.
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    That video isn't flight MH17, it's a military plane shot down earlier this month
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    inappropriate use of the //M badge

    He's one... I parked my m5 right next to him... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Fog Lights VS Daytime Running Lights

    I'm another one that also says Iv never been dazzled by correctly aligned fogs, why is it against the law? I don't run them usually but have been known to put them on on some country roads at night sometimes to light up the sides of the road near the car when moving just to give me that extra visibility on potholes or bad ground on the verge
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    Who's had their windscreen replaced?

    Thanks guys. Seems as thought the majority have had replacements with no issue. What i will say with my screen is that you can hear some noise at motorway speeds and i heavily suspect this is normal, as mine has the original screen in from new. I think a lot of people read about wind noise and listen after the replacment, possibly hearing what is in fact normal noise ans suspecting a dodgy fitted screen??? Whatever, if a lot of you are happy enough using their insurance or private fittings with decent companies i suspect i can move it slightly up the "to do" list with peace of mind. Thanks Jamie
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    Hello n welcome, it's a nice looking car, I believe I have seen this car many times been driven around in Nottingham near jct26.
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    James Scott

    project 5

    Lovely car and you done so much work on it.not a fan of black mirrors though.
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    It's just outside a little village in Kent called Littlestone Here is the E60 at subset Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2.5
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    The E39 at the beach the other night. Taken on an iPhone 5S and post processing via TapaTalk App editor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2.5
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    ITs crunch time for the e28

    Always reminds me of "The Scream" which is quite an appropriate reaction in many cases
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    Headunit suggestions?

    ^^ aux in cable using the cd changer socket ftw You can buy a period BMW tape deck for less than the cd43, install the lead and then have tunes from your I pod, iPhone etc and it looks period
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    Another Newbie - Warwickshire

    Nice motor... coolant leak wise.. check thermostat housing.. or where the hose connects to the rad.. mine had a hairline cracking right there. Changed the rad and thermostat. Easier enough job. With decent tools.
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    As it's top spec may i suggest this Ghia badge :lol:
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    fitting rear brake discs and pads

    If you have ever worked on brakes before you will not struggle with the rear brakes on an E34. If you haven't worked on brakes before, be re-assured that the rears on an E34 are about as simple as they get. You're going to need to lift the rear of the car obviously, leaving the handbrake off- so you're going to need to chock the front wheels. You'll need a reasonably good jack and a pair of axle stands. Before you lift, loosen all the rear wheel bolts by half a turn or so and fully loosen the lid on the brake master cylinder reservoir. The caliper arrangement is conventional- single piston sliding caliper with the pads and caliper fitted on a carrier. The sliding pins use a 7mm allen bit to undo, so you'll need to ensure you have one of these. Don't bother trying if you only have an 'L' shaped allen key kit or multitool type thing- you'll need the allen bit and a bar or ratchet to turn it. Once those are unscrewed, unplug the pad wear sensor and then you'll be able to rock the caliper about a bit to give it enough freedom to lift the caliper with the pads up off the carrier, tying it up out of the way using a bungee cord around the strut. Since you're changing the discs as well you'll need to unbolt the carrier. It's secured with two 19mm bolts if I remember correctly. They're damn tight, I needed a 2' breaker bar with a 1/2" socket to get them undone. With the bolts extracted the carrier will lift off. The disc is secured with an allen bolt which I think you need a 6mm allen bit for. Once that's undone they'll usually slide off, maybe with a few taps from a copper hammer or simular. Check the handbrake shoes while you're in there. They'll be fine. Wind back the caliper pistons taking care that the reservoir doesn't overflow. I did this by hand, but if yours are stiffer you might want to use a wind-back tool or G-cramp. On re-fitting, thoroughly degrease the new discs and fit them to the hub. Take this opportunity to adjust the handbrake shoe mechanism. Also, thoroughly wire brush and clean up the pad carriers paying particular attention to where the pads touch them. Also clean up the sliding pins with a scotch pad and some light oil. Re-fitting, as they say, is the reverse of removal
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    1968 MGB GT. 7 months start to finish

    That's a great colour as welk
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    Montreal Blue and Ceramic Pro

    Ahhhfjgkfjkco I need this to happen to mine!! Don't have a garage though
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    Dead human smell

    Trust me, there's no worse smell than dead humans. The stink from your A/C doesn't come close!!! Cheers Dave
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    Buying an e60 m5..

    Get ya... Thought you was tired of putting back tyres on it