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    BMW5 World Cup 2014 Thread

    If I was stranded on a desert island with a tin of tuna and Phil Neville, I would eat Phil and talk to the tuna Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Scalextric pictures of loft layout

    now i have cars indoors and out! LOL
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    Postal requisition for speeding

    Other than taking a holier than thou, high horse approach and stuttering out the obvious in a condescending and smug fashion, any other pearls of wisdom?
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    Hi, My name is Bjornar and i`m a Norwegian Bmw driver with a pre facelift E39 530Dat M-sport year 2000. I bought this car 5 years ago and i just love it. When i bought the car i tuned it to 218hp@450Nm and drove with it until last Desember.Then it was time for some more power. I contacted a guy here in Norway call himself TRF Racing with many satisfied customers. I desided to go for his stage 2+ giving 260hp and 550Nm. This package contains a 80% bigger IC and a decat downpipe. I also bought a EGT meter and a EGR delete, I removed the hole Egr pipe and the tuner removed the hole egr-function in the software so no errors. Since i have a preface car i have smaller injectors and the opening time have to be pushed a little to reach 260hp. Therefor the EGT to see exhausttemp not passing 900 degrees celsius. The sensor is in the exhaust manifold. My car was at the time 290.000km and the gearbox oilpump had started to sing so it was time for an overhaul and reinforcement. Firms offering reinforcement to the GM boxes was not very easy to find and after a lot of mailing and calling i had found 3 firms offering this. Level 10 and IPT in the Usa and www.automatgear.no in Norway. They all claimed that they could build these GM box capable to handle at least 50% more torque than stock. Due to the long and expensive shipping to the US i went for the Norwegian firm for the job. They`re only a 3 hour drive away from where i live. I said i wanted a box capable of handling 700Nm and they said ok we can build it and give 2 year waranty so i left my car for 11 days with these guys and then drove it home. They build it with rebuild/reinforced planetary gear, clutch drums with 25% more plates,new reinforced input shaft,rebuild improved oil pump,a reinforced converter and rebuild improved valve housing and solenoids. It switch gear a little faster than stock (guess the oil pressure is a little higher than it was) and the lock-up is more an on/off lock up instead of the progressive that it has in stock that dosent lock 100% before approx 120km/t. Now its 100% locked from 80km/t and because of it the car is fast as a manual gear car from 80km/t and the gear oil runs colder because of less slippage. These boxes wast a lot of engine power because of all the slippage they have in stock. With this stage 2+ the car feels fast and strong but you know never enough power so i ordered the stage 4 from the same guy TRF Racing. I will recieve the parts next week. It contains 6 custom made injectors for M57 and a bigger turbo with a big compressor housing. The spec is 330-350hp and 700Nm. I posting some pics of my car and the parts for stage 2+ Bjornar
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    My M535i project

    old engine coming out for new one to get installed engine out bay ready for prep prep work n primer basecoat without laquer Laquerd Gearbox ready for clean New Z3 shifter orderd starter painted Airflow box prep New manifold bolts polished painted bits Donor car.. engine ready grinding floor pan engine ready for installation installed My new arrival yet to fit
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Also did a nice home refurb job on the leather steering wheel.
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    Update on my ebay win!

    The wheels are raceing dynamics
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    unwelcome knock on door this morning

    Cut his hands off, I'd destroy the kid
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    BMW5 World Cup 2014 Thread

    OMG, it was so bloody annoying. It was like a computer in the corner and everytime the main commentator needed a response he just pressed the space bar and a drone like comment would come on. I stuck R5L on, much better. Why didn't Rickie Lambert come on?!
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    Piper's E39 523i.

    Good work mate, it's a wicked looking car so you have to keep her sweet!
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    Piper's E39 523i.

    Well the car has been stationary for two weeks due to this: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/98544-523i-engine-is-shaking-rumbling-at-idle-smells-of-fuel-misfire-parping-sound-have-read-codes/#entry1046874 Misfire, vaccum leak, fuel smell in cabin, poor response at low revs. However it is now fixed! Have had the CCV replaced and the two large rubber tubes coming from MAF to engine. Wot I got: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=271295118328 Not overly keen on Meyle but the price difference between this and OEM was too good to ignore. Old CCV: Split in one of the hoses Old tubes: Massive split in one: Smaller split in other This engine is now sweet. All sensors replaced, rad, CCV, rocker gasket cover, plugs, filters...I've got a top...523i! What a lucky boy!
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    Love this one, cool setting and cooler car.
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    Andy G

    535i/B10 MAF conversion

    could be worth a shot.
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    535i/B10 MAF conversion

    its fine aslong as the person mapping it does it properly, alot can't
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    Taken last night in Waddington, Lancashire with Canon EOS7D with 70-200mm EF-L lens.
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    Shaz H

    Joti's E60 545i 2004

    Ah ok.nah im gona stick to 19's, 20's round here...not a good combo!