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    My GTR (R35)

    OK, more pictures. Paint still needs decontaminating and a good clay/polish/wax. But not bad for a first clean! Enjoy.
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    Audi media fun!

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    Replacement vacuum pipes 530d

    Hi all, Tried a quick search 'cos I know this has been covered before, but getting far too many "hits" so taking the lazy route... As per title, looking to check/replace my vac pipes, what's the best option for replacement please(as in, where from)? Ta, S Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    My GTR (R35)

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    My GTR (R35)

    What a beast. Looks awesome in white. Makes a nice change from the sea of Matt black GTR's I normally see about
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    life without a phone

    I'd be so lucky! Cpw won't even give me that! Gonna have to go out and buy a shit phone after work. Is this grounds for being able to cancel my contract? They can't provide me with a phone that's fit for purpose for more than 12 weeks and I get duck all signal at my house. I'd like to know why the fuck I'm paying 35 quid a month for a phone that never fucking works.
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    IDrive screen

    I just prefer the look of the wide screen in the interior then it also gives the option to retrofit pro nav in the future if I or anybody else wishes. Do you know if it'd just be plug and play in regards to the monitor swap?
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    Replacement vacuum pipes 530d

    And... does anyone know of a good how to - to help find them all?
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    The Flying Banana

    life without a phone

    Facebook is just gash ..... why do we need to know everones life ..its beyond me ...also in times of hassle etc peopel always find time to get a post up ....and more annoying is going out for a night out and half way thru it getting a text saying looks like a good night because some saddo has posted pics online before night out is even finished ! I love gadgets , i love the internet but sadly i think its ruining the simple art of socalising as no one calls anyone anymore ..its all texts and IMs, or PMs And when you walk down the street or on a train everyones head is down ...we will soon eveolve into a race of bent necedk people as ...no wonder the claim rate for accidents is up ..its because no one looks where they are going!!!!
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    There's a few imperfections in the paint, very small but want to take then out before I take it for a proper photoshoot. Hopefully soon, I'll take a couple more mobile snaps today
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    M4 Coupe at MotoGP

    ITV 4 have highlights tonight I think with Toby Moody who BT should have signed. What a race to start the season. Gutted for Smith.
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    You could try a post on the wanted part I think they are more commonly known as number plate infill I got one a while ago. It's a good upgrade
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Somehow broke the tailgate lock on my iX, got a replacement off a spare tailgate I have, fitted the replacement on, really easy repair to do. Off with the toolkit trim, undo three 10mm bolts, 2 plugs and the metal bar connecting the lock to the tailgate key barrel, get the old lock out, put the new lock in, reassemble. Then tIme for a cup of coffee.
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    Drunken you tube vids....

    I didn't say impossible however
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    Drunken you tube vids....

    I find this difficult to masturbate to
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    Best ride quality wheels?

    I've driven e34's on 15's, 17's & 18's and the result is three sets of 17's sat in my garage. 15's are too soft and 18's (Style 37's) were very harsh IMO and despite only an inch, the 17's were by far the best for allround comfort, handling and looks. C.
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    E39 530d throttle response - MAF issue?

    Either you have a vac leak if the vac lines haven't been changed then that would be a good cheap start, if that's already done then pierburgh maf's are a tried and tested upgrade search pierbugh maf on here and you'll find everything you need to know another possibility is dirty vnt mech as well but I find if you don't pootle around all the time they usually keep quite clean.
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    If you go into the radio set-up you can adjust the amount it turns it up or switch it off. So I have been told. I personally think its a great feature and am happy with the setting.
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    Formula 1 2014 rules video

    Rather cool video!
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    e36 Saloon - M3 vs. M3 EVO?

    Read this after I'd replied to Dan101 - BINGO! I've read that the 3.0 is a more revvy engine plant and this example has AC Schnitzer suspenders so hopefully will feel better on the road.
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    e34 lets see them rims!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe thread on steering wheel and did you manage to get all functions operational.... and cup holder mod...
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    Hi, Just for information. My 530 Touring has just suffered the same problem - key fob suddenly would not open the doors... I discovered that if I held the remote over the antenna (which runs along the top edge of the rear spoiler) it would work at close range. Not wanting to be ripped off by BMW dealers, I decided to have a go at fixing the antenna amplifier which is accessed by removing the three torx bolts on the inside of the glass section of the hatch. Once removed, slide the spoiler downwards to disengage the fixings then lift away and carefully remove the two connectors - one for the remote antenna and one for the upper brake lights. The antenna amplifier is beneath an insubstantial black plastic 'lid' which clearly isn't up to the job of keeping moisture out of the amplifier. Undo the two bolts holding the amp and disconnect remaining connectors and lift the amp out of the car. (it's grey about 25cm long and 1cm thick Pop the clips and separate the two halves of the amplifier casing and you will see the circuit board. Almost certainly, you will see that the remote antenna circuit is covered in corrosion over several of the components. (on the two I've looked at it was exactly the same corrosion in exactly the same place! To fix, first use an old toothbrush (must be bone dry!!) And carefully brush away any corrosion from around the components Now using a very fine-tipped soldering iron, carefully remelt the connections on the back of the board that hold the antenna connector. carefully re-flow any solder joints that look suspect but be careful not to bridge any tracks! Clean all the connectors with switch cleaner and reassemble. That's it - keys will now work again without any problem! I've repeated this on two different cars with the same successful result. Hope that helps anyone struggling with this issue.
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    The Situation

    Angel Eye bulb help!

    5Man Thanks for your reply. Is yours an LCI? My headlight set up is the same as yours by the like of it (my profile pic shows mine) I like the blueness in your halos - when you say converted sounds like it costed you to modify the actual bulb holder am I correct? Your shade of blue is exactly what I would like could you give details of the bulbs, where to get them from and how you converted the holder and how much this cost. Thanks
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    Sills for an E34 touring

    Surely putting the sill covers back on will solve the looks issue anyway?
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    To all new members - please read

    Welcome to BMW5.co.uk Please use this area to introduce yourself giving as much or little detail as you are comfortable with. The forum thrives on pictures so any you have of your car(s), even non BMW's, are most welcome - it will save people shamelessly begging for them If you want to ask anything else, be it a problem or upgrade advice please use the appropriate section and don't post it here. We have model specific tech areas and generic upgrade areas. There's two things I'd also like to ask: 1) Please have a flip through the rules and FAQ's section. There's a load of stuff there on how to properly post links, how to host pictures plus useful links etc etc. 2) Please have a good look at the board index to see what sections we have and get a feel of what goes where - it saves my fellow moderators and I moving topics into different areas And last but not leaset.... GOLD MEMBERSHIP As you will see gold members have their name in gold (Orange is the closest we could get lol). This will entitle you to %10 discounts at some well know retailers, your own forum section, a bmw forum sticker for your rear window and help towards the running of the forum server. All this for the £10 / year. For further details click the gold block at the top right hand corner on the main index page BP