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    how far have you driven your bmw

    Bought Dec 2000 with 83k, now has 269k.
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    13 minutes of noise...

    however an F355 with a Tubi exhaust is probably one of the best noises ever!!!
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    Birthday SuperCar Perv

    As its me old B.day today i took a few moments to head to my favorite car dealer to see what lovely machinery they had... Thought I would share A 16M Scuderia A STUNNING Enzo!! Look at the sheer awesome in this picture I had a pretend drive (as you would) One Very special car here, 2000 miles on the clock!!!
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    M30b34 with S38 ITB

    What do you think? almost 250hp
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    What can I get for £7000+

    Well I've had two e39's over 10 years... And an e34 and now an e60. E39's. Rust like a lancia, have suspension issues, electrical issues, overheating issues and auto box issues... The sat nav is dire and prone to losing speaker output. So e60, I've replaced suspension parts and discs. Everything else is good, no rust, electrical bits work and it's okish on mpg.. So my advice is to get a ...... Transit
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    My e34 520 "Project"

    Knocking when pulling away, I'd put my money on subframe bushes and pitman links.
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    e38 widescreen Nav etc into 1998 528?

    You should know the answer to that chris, In a word no, e38 nav screen won't fit in an e39 and the loom is also wrong, you "could" mod loom to git but would be easier to buy e39 kit, Also as many would assume, its not just the head unit (screen) you need all the related bit and bobs ie nav drive radio ect. Sent from my iPhone using Fat fingers.
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    If I had $16.5k, I'd have all six cylinders in my car and it would be orient blue again. And I'd have 10 grand in the bank
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    Terrible idea...

    Bad bad bad.....
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    13 minutes of noise...

    But which sounds the nicest ? Astons are my fave..
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    how far have you driven your bmw

    87000 in the E39 525d 6000 in the E39 530i 2500 in the F11 45000 in the E46 330d Approx 50 miles in the E36 vert!!
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    Now that I do like!! Bring it on driving license missing cunty mums at school runs!
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    Paranoia or impending issue?

    Sounds like a wanglesnatch is loose.
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    IE8 or Google Chrome?