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    Changes from V6.02-7041 User guide split into main User guide and Extras supplement.Internal changes to allow firmware programming at the factory.Added extra trap for Over Heat warning being disabled or having an invalid value.Added control for Rear Side Lights on the X5.Changed interlock on FTP to use the rear lights rather than the dip beam state, this enables FTP when Dip beam is used for DRLs.Fixed bug when using an 'Aux' source. Menu option for the previously selected source type were displayed.Added option on Exit Lights to trigger only when the Rain and Light sensor would have turned on Auto Lights.Change to CD status poll response from the BM54 radio to enable the CD Changer source to be selected if the radio was turned off and then on again with the radio source selected.fw-app-256 - extras V6.02-7045.zip Intravee_Users_Guide_V6.02-7045.pdf Intravee_Extra_Features_Supplement_V6.02-7045.pdf Intravee_PXA_Supplement_V6.02-7045.pdf
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E34 specialist

    What's up with it? I do old BMW stuff - not a business as such, more of a paying hobby. I know E34's back to front.
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    Shameless brag coming up 2013 BMW National Festival Concours Winner - Best M Power 2013 It was the first time I had entered a concours event so I'm well happy I entered for the experience more than the expectation of winning something so It was really nice to get something back for all the time and £'s put in getting it top notch.
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    Need some help on an E39 M5 valuation

    I think Indy servicing is to be expected at this age and mileage, in fact mine gets serviced at CPC precisely because they are better than main dealer. Agreed on all other items - I should know I've ticked off all of them except clutch in the last couple of years (don't tell the wife!).
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    e39 M5 Insurance Quote Suprise!

    Yes me! Made a topic last night. £280 for a 530i, £550 for an M5. I'm 26.
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    Don't rely on an MOT inspector to pick up on worn bushes. These are sometimes only obvious if you drive the car - which the inspector will not - or once you take the worn bits off. My car passed the MOT with no advisories, yet had worn bushes. At the front, replace the entire arms - that way you get new ball joints too. Don't fanny around with just bushes - by the time you add additional labour charges for pushing out the old bushes and pushing in new ones, you're not saving much by not replacing the arms - which will have to come off the car in any case.
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    This is a big bubble. Taken with an SLR, no photoshopping, no cropping.
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    Gaydon 2013

    I thought the show was okay but very slanted toward modified and performance motors. I liked the area displays which had a nice range of cars to view but I didn't see many standard 5,s. the thing I think really let this show down was the lack of trade stands. I would have thought that this was an ideal opportunity for a few auto jumble type stands. I went with a shopping list and a pocket full of cash but came away with nothing. Anyway, overall very enjoyable but probably won't go next year. Cheers Dave
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    EGR delete, which kit?

    Haha, true... in my impatience I'd already bought the eBay one through Still, it's a decent fit and good quality piece of kit and the tight jubilee clips seem to be holding. I've ordered a 'proper job' boost hose clamp, though, just to make sure - the car's being remapped on Friday and I don' want it to start popping off under higher boost.
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    Gaydon 2013

    Used to go to this every year but not been for about three years or so now... Them 7 Series have been ruined. They should serve a custodial sentence for transforming them into what they now present....
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    Falken 453's in the wet

    I've learned there's little value in making general assumptions of tyre performance by brand alone. Pirelli P-Zeros are okay but P6000s are some of the worst ditchfinders you can buy. PS3s are inferior to PS2s. A budget-priced Federal tyre may well perform averagely, but the RSR595 has been acclaimed as one of the best track tyres available and a viable alternative to the reference Toyo R888 or Yoko AD08. I swear by the Sessanta but have no interest in any other Vredestein products. I find it pays to be open-minded and do your research on the specific model of tyre, which is why reviews like OP are useful. I'll shut up now to avoid further perpetuating yet another emotive tyre thread
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    what a sad day

    That's some bloody list mate I would swap one of my kids for any of those !! I would'nt really I would need cash my way too !!
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Bloody hell Stefan he's growing fast...feels like only 2 minutes ago you posted pictures of him as a newborn and he was a tiny little peanut
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    Damn these sodding kids

    That's where your wrong. You can do whatever the hell you want. Just like the shits jumping on cars are doing what they want.
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    Interior change started

    Finally making some progress on the drivers seat. Loads of pre required. Was pretty worn on the bolsters and really filthy... Lots and lots of cleaning later the dirty leather is the same colour as that that has been hidden under the plastic panels since new... Couple of light coats of dye on... Base well covered but still only light coats over back... Well covered all over... Not finished yet - been using a brush but need to finish with some sprayed coats to remove the subtle traces of brush strokes in places. Then do the back panels and headrest. Switch panels will be done in matt black.
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    Mine too , even my number plate lights strobe
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    My LED replacements do this too
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    this... mines does this since I changed mine to led's
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    Folding Wing Mirrors on lock

    Ive had factory fitted folding mirrors on about 6 BMW's ive had and they have NEVER worked off the remote. Wish they did