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    Possibly one of three causes: (it usually is one or the other) (1) fuel starvation - see filter, pump or broken / leaking fuel line (2) Air leak or starvation (fuel too rich), split air hose, MAF or other sensor(s) (3) Sensor problem Lambada etc There are a couple of sites where you can put in those codes you've read and understand what they mean - I can't recall the sites off-hand, but a Google should throw them up in your search. Whatever is causing the problem (most likely a sensor) is throwing up other failures further down the line - so most of those fault codes might be irrelevant and only one might be the actual problem. The Lambada sensor fault is quite interesting because it shows the sensors at their limited (if I understand it correctly) which means the mixture being sensed it too rich or weak.
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    Sad times.....

    Gave a mate a lift to London last night for a few bob. Told the missus I was doing it for the money, in reality just wanted to give the stereo some abuse as I stuck my sub and amp in yesterday. Damn I've missed bass!
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    The Flying Banana

    Cableguy's E34 525i Touring

    Amazing the difference a set of bumpers make.......it looks ace, love it !
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    Front M5 discs

    They look like stoptechs, that must be a good thing? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STOPTECH-BMW-5-SERIES-E39-M5-98-03-GROOVED-FRONT-BRAKE-DISCS-ONLY-PAIR-/280839296136
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    Simon, I'm swapping my new MAFs in tomorrow as it goes. I did a MAF test today with the old ones and was hitting mid 120's and managed 130 once. I reckon that they can be considered 'good' if you fancy trying them in your car to see if it makes a difference?
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    Nows a going time, neighbours will love it 😄 Thanks Clayton
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    Cableguy's E34 525i Touring

    Good to meet you today Chris, also good to see your car in the flesh. Really glad that you're happy with the stuff. It's a tidy thing and I've been thinking of engine conversions. It looked great with the smooth roof plus being lowered on the m parras. Looks even better with the sport bumpers. It'll be one to watch for when the time comes to sell.
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    Cheap engines would be a bonus 😄 if you need the part number for the sensors I can post if tomoz when I start up the compThanks Clayton
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    Before going down the ECP route, check out Amazon for the O2 sensors, original Bosch ones toboot Thanks Clayton
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    Ours was the pre-cat sensors by the way.
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    Was the car hot? Ours chucked a sh!t when the other half was driving up to Lincoln the other week, similar symptoms too. It was missing badly to the point where it slowed to about 40 on the A1, then stalled at roundabouts. We had the codes read and it threw the temperature implausibility one, as well as both lambdas. We changed the 02 sensors and it's been ok since, touch wood. Like you, I'm going to change the upper and lower water temp sensors too. If you get new 02 sensors check for discount codes for ECP, I paid £50 each for genuine Bosch jobbies which I thought was pretty good. Good luck, L...
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    Have you looked under the car to check that all the O2 sensors are still connected ? Thanks Clayton
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    Stick with the E39. You don't need to justify having a nice car.
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    retrofit Bluetooth

    Andrive is your friend
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    Damn these sodding kids

    Im afraid you're Infact the one who is wrong. Touch them, strip them??? god only knows why you would want to do that ??? lmao and you sir will be the one in the wrong.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    1 owner 535i sport.

    Yes, an M5 that's probably had the shit kicked out of it by 6 owners and the promise of regular four figure bills, or a mint one oner low mileage 535i sport that will require little more than regular servicing. As you say, a tough one.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    1 owner 535i sport.

    11 years ago a mate of mine paid £4000 for an immaculate M535i. We thought he was mad. It's still immaculate and it's worth 5-6k now. Good 535i's are very had to find and one owner minters more so. That's got everything going for it. I'd try them at 7k.
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    Black or chrome?

    We all know my thoughts on chrome! Once you go black...
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    Damn these sodding kids

    in reality you all could do nothing. great!! welcome to PC UK
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    OEM short shift kit using E60 parts fitted

    Well I finally got around to changing the clutch on the old girl today. While I was at it I changed all the gear linkage bushings and fitted a short shift. I done some research and found that you could specify the E60 with an optional short shifter part number 25117546373 and it is listed as such on relaoem. Price was reasonable around £50 I think but will have to check the invoice. Creates a much nicer more precise shift obviously with a shorter throw, well worth doing in my opinion
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    Changing the ignition barrel?

    The Ignitions locks differ between early and late columns. On the early column you need to drill out the blank tab. 1/8" or 3mm drill. attachment=37908:IMG_2336-crop.JPG] You need to be very careful when you drill the tab out. If you are not careful you will drill straight though the locking tang, making it difficult to remove the barrel. The hole already exists on late columns I dont believe that there is any necessity to change columns just because you are changing the pedal box. The swinging links on the columns differ. It may be that is the only difference between auto and manual pedal boxes. I know that I have had to fiddle about with them in the past when doing an auto to manual conversion.
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    Changing the ignition barrel?

    I think there is a small hole in the front near where you put the key in and you need to put a round pin there which pushes a tab in which lets the barrel pull out.
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    BMW related captions needed

    "Now where do you fix this bonnet bra onto?!"
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    I'm a muppet!

    Took me several months to discover theres a compartment between the door and the steering wheel, about the size for wallet and phone. And another few small things