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    Due to a change of ownership I'm not involved in seeing this build though on site though the design is all mine and the details as planned. This was a bugger of a site and technically difficult build but coming together very much as planned Just thought I'd share.
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    Oops, meant to quote hotbox. Never mind lol
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    Views on today's cycle route

    First day I've really given the new bike a good run today. Views at the Scottish Open and some open land on the A96. We are very fortunate to live in a place like this - when the weather is this good, not many places I'd rather be.
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    I always look at saloons with roofboxes and think 'good man, another one not driving an estate' Mine's gonna look like this in less than 3 weeks, woohoo!
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    New Tyres - Accelera PHI

    shed or greenhouse?
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    Jimmy is the man!

    Nuff said really!
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    Jimmy is the man!

    I totally agree!!!!
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    Poland tyre firm

    A few lads over on e30 zone have used them and not had any problems
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    New Tyres - Accelera PHI

    I hope you're not behind me if I slam on the anchors on my supercar with carbon ceramic brakes!
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    535d Boot Badge

    I am the opposite, I like people seeing the fact they have been left standing by a nice diesel saloon that has a good looking rear end rather than a greenhouse on the back Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    New Car purchased.....BMW M3 CS

    Beautiful car.. But i am very dissapointed .... Where are the under bonnet pictures?
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    Poland tyre firm

    Camskill had no M5 size contis for ages and just as I was about to order from oponeo I checked and they had some in.
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    Latest regsitered E39? 06 plate

    Even though someone one post above you has told you there's one registered in 06?
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    Some pics of the E39 Touring

    Nice one i do like that,sits really well,looks lovely,its made my mind up to change to black grilles on my sport saloon
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    Points about wages are true, but I think another important factor is that the general trend in ownership has moved to one of expected change (contract-lease cars in particular) so there is a general assumption that people will just "get a new one in a year or so" and they won't be fussed (or they will claim on insurance). Also people will generally assume (maybe subconsciously) that other people live by their values, so (well-paid or otherwise) garage mechanics may not even see the damage as a problem if they have a throwaway car or something on a contract that will be replaced in a relatively short space of time. The idea of somebody keeping an item like a car for years and years is now quite alien, even compared to only 10 years ago, so many of the people working on them now will not have grown up with the mind set of preservation, and will have been trained in an environment of the disposable part rather than that of understanding and fixing the problem or (even better) preventing the problem in the first place. This is obviously where the holy grail is a garage run by a trained person with experience and a passion for your make of car- vocation for the job and understanding of their subjects will naturally ensure they do the right thing. Maybe we should set up a forum5 garage service!