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    Had an F10 for a day.

    Finally got an extended test drive in an F10 M5 yesterday. Initially I was a little underwhelmed by it, it seemed huge and a bit unresponsive but the more I drove it and played a bit with the settings it just got better and better. One of the things I was a little surprised about was just how relaxed it can be if you want, the ride is great and it feels quite happy just mooching about in no great rush. The DCT shifts imperceptibly in auto, although it does feel a little sluggish in it's efficient mode, no problem at all if its in sport or sport plus. If you put everything in sport plus the car is an animal, it is difficult to believe your in the same car once you push the M button. The suspension stiffens up nicely, the weight seems to drop away and it just hauls. I did prefer it with the steering in sport rather than sport plus though, sport plus was a little too heavy for me. It is the first car I have ever driven that feels genuinely superbike fast. There is no sense of the rate of acceleration slowing even at crazy speed. I nailed it down an empty stretch of road and was shocked by the number on the HUD when I looked down. I have not been that fast in a car for a very long time. The DCT is great, a huge improvement over the E60's SMG, full throttle upshifts can be done without a broken neck for a start. The brakes are fantastic as well, loads of feel and power. You could cover a lot of ground in a very short time with the car set up like this, I'm not sure how long you'd keep your licence though. There were one or two things I didn't like that much, the plastics and switchgear seemed a little flimsy and the doors don't have that solid feeling that an E34/39's do. At very low speed (parking) it difficult to get the car to just crawl forward or back a little as its a bit jerky, I'm sure you'd get used to it though. There was a little turbo lag but only really perceptible with the car in its comfort/efficient settings, in sport it doesn't feel like a turbo car at all. I did around 140 miles in it and the more I drove it the better it got, by the time i was taking it back it didn't feel big at all. Looking at the dimensions its actually only 59mm wider than an E39. If you are interested in one try to get hold of one for a day or so as a 40 minute drive is not enough to make a decision in one of these. In summary, I want one - badly. I will have to sell at least one car to do it though, five cars is too many but six is ridiculous. The thing is I don't really want to sell any of them. I suppose the touring will have to go and I'll probably have to put my E39 M5 up for sale to pacify my wife. It will take a great deal of money to get me to part with it though, more than anyone is likely to pay - hopefully
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    For me two words when combined in the title would make me want to run a mile... "Cheap" & "Chinese" sorry but when combined in relation to a motorbike I'd be completing my organ donor card and putting a down payment on a nice coffin....
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    My new wallpaper

    I guess I never thought about a hartge touring, just m5, alpina... One sexy car, IMO. The front lip is the best 'aftermarket' one I've seen.
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    E39 Sport Wheel arch liners

    Yes new ones can be bought at a pretty reasonable price
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    E39 Sport Wheel arch liners

    I think that Kev at Cotswold can get you one for the best price available.
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    Back with an old Calypso again!

    WTF have you been buying now ?
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    My good deed for the day

    I was at McDonald's on Saturday n found a wallet which contained an old pensioner dudes id and about £500 cash. Looked around for him but he wasn't there. Decided best not hand it in at McDonald's, who knows where the cash would end up. So took it home n had a rummage through n found a list of 3 phone numbers. Eventually got through to one, his daughter in England. Turns out he's on holiday here for 2 weeks visiting daughter in law n grandkids n had lost all his saved up pension money. Few calls later and it's returned to a very happy n grateful elderly dude who can now relax n enjoy rest of his time here with family. I might make it to heaven yet! But what would you have done? Handed it all in? Kept the cash n handed in an empty wallet? Or kept the cash n thrown the wallet away?
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    Passat - written off

    ^ ^ It's a kinda funny situation when you still own the car that was written-off during your ownership! There is no requirement for you to surrender the V5c to the insurers (remember, the Insurance Categorisation scheme has no statutory basis, it's something operated by the Insurance industry & the DVLA), so there have been cases of people who have been able to keep using a CAT C car, without a VIC test, because they own it, still have a V5c (so can Tax it) & with an MoT and Insurance, it's road-legal. The validity of any insurance on the car could be an issue if there were a further claim whilst in the original keepers possession, before a VIC test was done & the Insurers, *might* deny liability in that event... The issue comes when you sell it. The DVLA won't issue a new V5c to the new keeper without the car first passing the VIC. They (the DVLA) will have a marker recorded against the car, so they'll just send a letter to the new keeper informing them of the fact that the car needs a VIC. Once any tax runs out, the car can't be kept or used on the public roads. There are all kinds of loose ends... FACT. It IS legal to return a Cat B car to the road if it passes a VIC test. Getting insurance *could* be an issue though! There is nothing illegal about being sold or buying a CAT B car or even a CAT A unrecognisable horror. Though in the case of the latter, the seller (a licenced dismantler), could loose their licence and would almost certainly face being barred from buying write-offs from Insurance companies. So they'd be mad to sell one! They'd have similar problems if they sold a CAT B complete...! The scheme isn't foolproof or very transparent. I nearly bought a lightly damaged Citroen Xsara (..don't ask!) that was sold as CAT C & VIC tested. When I checked, it still had the marker, but also had proof that it had been through a VIC test. The sellers were adamant that it could be returned to the road & it even had a new MoT. Turned out that weeks after passing the VIC, it was involved in another accident, so needed another VIC test! The sellers (a Salvage yard) couldn't quite grasp that...
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    My good deed for the day

    just arrived home to a letter from the police. turns out the old fella went to them n asked them to deliver the reward i turned down. £40 waitin for me at the cop shop, so guess ill make a rally sponsor on his behalf n donate it to aruk.
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    E39 Sport Wheel arch liners

    I know Flandy has bought a pair for his car, he bought them to the Derbyshire meet and showed them to me. You will need to remove the soft rubber bits on the edge and fit them to the new ones, i`m just waiting to see what he thought about the fitment before i go ahead and get some.
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    M5 Leather refurb, 1st try

    Here's a couple of pics of the interior before I started. It still looked nice but a bit tired. You can just see the damage to the drivers seat where over the years and 65000 miles, belts have "sanded down" the seat and left it discoloured. A few pics taken today, you can see the colour change back to the original colour, I recon it looks way fresher. You can see that the damage on the driver seat has gone I love the way the rear seats look like new
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    E39 Sport Wheel arch liners

    I need driverside one, if you need the passenger side we can split the costs and order them up?
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    Christine Sunbathing tonight

    Well this has been disappointing, given the potential of the thread heading! Yes, I'm one of the dirty bastards - and PROUD of it!
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    Temporary van insurance

    This site lets you compare insurers minimum ages for van cover. http://www.money.co.uk/van-insurance/young-driver-van-insurance.htm Maybe worth choosing some of these and ringing to see if they can do temp cover.
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    Top Gear Vs 5th Gear

    Now I dont know how many of you have kids but I was watching 'only the little white van' with my daughter which is a cartoon for those who dont know and who did they have as a special guest?..... Yes....a cartoon Vicky butler-henderson with trade mark black and white leather jacket Please all those vbh haters no throwing yourself off a bridge I'm shore she not set on world domination
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    BMW E12 M535i

    OK. Update time. Engine (and car) went off for a rebuild. Fortunately the donkey was just a bit tired, so it has new guides, stem seals, rings and shells. Everything has been given a through clean and it is going back as we speak with a new stat, water pump, all new gaskets and studs for the exhaust and heat shield. New water hoses all round too. The injectors have been re-furbed by injectortune so hopefully come next week i will have a nice sorted car, just needing the interior finsihing!! Pitchers: Block: and pistons: And finally, some bosch squirters; Should be home next week.
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    M5 Russ

    Whats my car worth - selling options

    I am hoping for more than a few hundred I think we are talking 3 grand or more for the brakes and exhaust alone. I will most likely leave the Bilstein suspension on it but I will get some 2nd hand front brakes and get them refurbished. Other things like the dinan strut brace and up rated front and rear roll bars will be sold or changed. I have a friend who owns his own garage so getting the work done is not really a problem as I can put it on the ramp and do most of the work my self. Plenty to ponder over as they say.
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    Your welcome lads That's my car in the videos. Here's my original thread from another site with all the trial and errors included. http://www.bmw-driver.net/forum/showthread.php?t=24398 I also have this working in E46 coupe boot lids too with a slightly different set up. If you have any querys or questions fire away. Oh and just to confirm, yes there was an issue with the boot opening first go in the morning when the struts were stiff but I have resolved his by simply adding a flat 3mm washer between the 2springs. Works every time now.
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    Derek Mc

    Watchdog next week BMW engine fault!

    Some people, may,,,,,,, or some people may not,,,,,,,,,,,,, have already sent an email to watchdog@bbc.co.uk allegedly
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    I read the first 4 words, and thought that this would answer your question...............
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    Don't start fiddling with the spring. Just move the wiper surface.
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    Remember though its for a us motor not euro. I'd be opening up the maf slackening the 4 screws and moving the wiper tracks so you get a fresh contact surface. Cost nil!
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    99% of issues with the AFM are down to a build up of detritus inside, and/or a fatigued spring. You can refurbish the unit without too much effort, providing you have a clean bench and some basic tools. I'm not 100% sure of the exact process but it involves popping the cover off, cleaning up the copper tracks, lubricating the working parts and adjusting the spring. There are some good tutorials on the subject on youtube, as its a relatively common unit. I've got a write-up in a magazine at home, I'll try and scan it in for you when I get a moment. When you say its not a 100% quality garuantee, I would have to disagree. Like most bits of a BMW they were top-of-the-line quality products when new, and theres no reason It wont last another 20 plus years once its rejuvinated. it doesn't cost a penny, so its well worth a try before exploring a MAF conversion or new AFM. Good luck! If, however The performance upgrades of a MAF conversion are what you're after, well then yeah, crack on
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    Miller performance offer a MAF conversion for the B34, which is more or less plug and play. You need to provide it with 12V as apposed to the stock AFM's 5V signal, and replace the chip in the ECU with either the one they provide, or their more versatile 'WAR' chip. Other than that it's a couple of hose clamps and you're done. Worth it on a stock or mildly modified N/A M30, but don't bother if you're planning more intensive modifications down the road, as I and others have had a lot of trouble tuning and troubleshooting with the Miller WAR chip. The standard chip they provide is a good no-headache option if you want stock drive ability, but the advantages of a MAF unit. https://www.millerperformancecars.com/catalogue.html?page=shop.product_details&product_id=58&flypage=flypage.tpl&pop=0 Here it is installed in my own car.
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    My good deed for the day

    You done the right thing my man.. Karma will repay you tenfold..