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    Disappearing Topics and Abuse

    I’m fed up with replying to forum threads, only to find later, that they have been removed due to the actions of someone else. I do wonder sometimes why I bother posting on forums these days. A recent example would be the disappearance of a thread on this forum, about the incident in Woolwich, I would have understood if the page count of the thread on here, as on a couple of other forums, had been growing faster than one person was able to read it, but I don't think this was the case. On the basis that people put a lot of time and thought into their forum posts, I don’t think it is at all fair for those posts to be removed along with other posts which are deemed to be offensive. Unless there are good or urgent reasons for removing a whole topic, such as in the example above where the page count is increasing faster than it is possible to read it, this could be seen as a cop out. I’ve been a member of this forum since 2005, so before anyone tries to simply blame threads being locked or deleted on the offensive posts of others, it doesn’t wash with me anymore. Moderators and admins have the means at their disposal to moderate and edit comments which need it. If time constraints make this difficult, I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be willing to assist. I think those who post offending comments need to be dealt with, rather than whole threads being locked or removed, otherwise this spoils it for other people who had contributed to it without resorting to abuse. I’ve seen threads on other forums reach 60 or 70 pages in some cases without being deleted, so if it’s possible there, it’s possible here. I also don’t buy into the suggestion that because moderators and admins have lives outside of the forum, they don’t have time to edit every single post. This is because I’ve done it myself and I know that if it isn’t immediately possible to edit a topic, it can be made temporarily invisible, or moved to a part of the forum not visible to regular members, while it is edited or pruned, and offending posters dealt with. As I have said before, I’m not looking to become a moderator on here, but I would rather offer to do it than see topics deleted for want of someone willing to moderate them.
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    Disappearing Topics and Abuse

    There's good and bad in all races, cultures and sections of humanity. As far as the thread is concerned, I read the three reports that were tagged but action had already been taken to remove and analyse. In reality I hope that we are still doing a good job lads and I know that things are given a fair run on this forum without over zealous moderation... Thank goodness that the members are gracious enough on normal occasions that 99% of threads have humour and neutral responses. All points are taken on board and I hope that we can draw to the conclusion that the thread was removed to eliminate escalation because of the sensitive subject matter. We will endeavour to provide our services as usual. Tony
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    Both cars got a good going over today. Hard work in the warm weather, and I don't know why I'm lavishing attention on the red one as its supposedly for sale, but what the hell!!
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    "Garage door openers"
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    I really don't understand people who spend hundreds/thousands of pounds trying to keep old, cheap cars looking factory perfect. It is a losing battle. A car that is driven on the road is vulnerable, and that's a fact. No matter how hard you try it only takes a second for a stone chip, vandal, accident etc to undo all your hard work. Don't get me wrong, I clean my car every week and like it to look presentable, but it is a waste of time and money to be too anal, that's a fact.
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    E39 M5 2000 - Playing up - any ideas ?

    Hi, I'm in north herts area, I have a peake code reader you can use to read your codes, I also have a spare fuel pump (70,000 miles on it) you could try if it comes to it.
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    Someone lend me 5k!

    Yup far too strong at £5k. Would much prefer oe 18" parallels or 17" sport rims. Does seem like a nice enthusiast owned example and has had some good preventative maintenance. £4000 max Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk 2
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    Derek Mc

    Handbrake feel

    Thanks guys Glad to see it is a more common failing than just my car
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    E12 M535i "The Panasonic Car"

    wow that's cool I never realised until now that I want a Panasonic car- but i do!