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    My new Beast

    Well I've been lurking on here for a while now. I originally signed up because I had bought an E39 530D Sport as my daily driver (Which I still have) My fun cars had been Cosworths of varying types , Escorts ,Sierras and Sapphires. I decided I'd had enough of Fords so bought an E46 M3 for fun. I did want an M5 but thought I cant have two BMWs the same shape. Well after a couple of months I decided the M3 just wasn't for me so moved it on. I then found this M5 and thought who cares if the neighbours think I have two identical cars lol. Heres a picture of my 530D Sport with one of my Cossies Heres the M5 as I bought it First thing to sort was the wheels. Unfortunately years ago the last owner got rid of the original wheels when they got a bit flakey and put these OZs on. It wouldn't be too bad but he decided to colour code the spokes Silverstone Blue. Not my taste I'm afraid so the hunt is on for a nice set of original wheels. In the meantime I bought these Alpinas from Anil on here ( Thanks mate ) They are absolutely mint but I'm still undecided if they suit the car or not. I know there are two schools of thought on people putting Alpina wheels on M cars. I'm not bothered about the protocol side of things I just wonder if the light coloured car needs darker wheels? With the wheels on and the car given a really good clean the only other thing I want to do immediately is to sort the centre steering link which creaks when the exhausts have warmed up the balljoints. Not serious but bloody annoying lol. Oh and maybe some spacers on the wheels to bring them out slightly. Hers some pictures as it stands now. Cheers Gaz
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    Was definitely chilly once sun had gone down under yardarm/stands! The flame stacks could be felt in Block 28 as well - great heaters I want some. My kids introduced me to Bastille ( but they exceeded pre concert expectations) when haranging me to go to this- no way, school night (plus didnt want to use car!). DR must have been forced on Muse by promotors - I'd not be too happy if I were Muse. Obviously on Bike I parked for free, but neighbours were somewhat shocked by £20 charge as well - I had to buy them all a drink. Seriously, £20 is a rip off in anyones books. Heated hadlebar grips definitely a bonus on way home. Might try and catch this Tour again.............obviously with the dinner break! Ian
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    What oil to use

    Sorry I used Castrol as it says it on oil lid bought from eurocar parts
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    What oil to use

    Just did oil change just over 8 litres
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    Clear Or Ginge?

    You are back in fashion then Adam!
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    530d Sport - Things to look out for

    Things to look out for? A 530i
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    MK IV Nav - how to obtain 3D

    You need to check the version of the software you have. Only later versions have 3D aka "Perspective View" which can then be enabled in a hidden menu. See here for how to check your version and how to update your software if you need to: http://www.xoutpost.com/articles/all-bmw/navigation/9458-bmw-navigation-system-faq.html You need v27 or higher, which will show up in your nav menu as 4-1/70 or higher.
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    Sticking brake calipers ....

    Alternatively buy the service kit and come down - I'll help you do it because I'm a nice chap. SB
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    Sticking brake calipers ....

    Hi Anil, Stoptechs. Like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290918218710?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Very much like this, in fact, as they're the ones I'm selling. Make it £2100 and come down to Croydon for a day and we'll fit them together. Cheers, SB
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    Fiiting strut brace

    Ask them to fit one to there car first. see what happens. lol.
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    Clear Or Ginge?

    The E34 doesn't need to look younger, it's aging very gracefully indeed without 'enhancements' Anyway, clear indicators are so last decade
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    Clear Or Ginge?

    Ginger wins for me, almost every time!
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    German-Style show plates

    I've read on here and heard good things about the pressed plates from Elite Car Care. Definately worth a call to see if their plates are indeed the actual pressed plates as stated. http://www.elitecarcare.co.uk/uk-legal-pressed-metal-plates-pair.php?cPath=91 C.
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    German-Style show plates

    you need to be careful with these as theres 2 ways of making them. the poor way is they press plain silver ally with your reg and they then overlay a white/yellow reflective backing with the numbers/letters cut out if that makes sense. this way is rubbish as the reflective backing can shrink and come away from the ally. (i've had this type before and they were no good after a few months plus they dont look as good as the proper pressed ones) The best and proper way is to have the ally plates with the reflective surface and coloured rim all ready coated/painted to the blanks, then press them. very hard to spot from an ebay picture but just ask how they make them. obviously all the adverts will say they are pressed but you want to make sure you dont get the stick on reflective backing type. Im sure members have this style and they are fine for them but im just giving my expierence of them. All the best
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    Are e30's welcome here

    If we talk to folk with a Rover 45 you won't have any trouble. Of course you'll be in bother if you don't get some piccies up sharpish!