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    Ace Cafe May 2013 Pictures

    It was there today was great meeting Dave and Dennis again. Had a long chat with Romes as well great to see you again and your car its looking great Nest Sat will be the BMW day at the Ace hope to see many more faces there BMW Dixe and myself taking a moment by my car Romes looks great after the accident repair Dennis Coopers Great Touring as always Took some finding a real carbon fibre badges for boot Bonnet and the wheels but in Blue and White Rondel The engine a ongoing project
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    Retro fitting mirror entry lights

    Yep, can do it one of two ways, you can wire them in with the door lights or you can fit them properly which will require the folding/dimming mirrors.
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    A piece I wrote about my E28 535i

    http://www.speedmonkey.co.uk/2013/05/living-with-bmw-e28-535i-se.html Just thought I'd share.
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    hippie dave

    Ace Cafe May 2013 Pictures

    ^ dem wheels!! is it a 750, I wonder? Anyway Bill looks like a good turnout there. I'll be down on saturday with Tim and Luke and possibly our mate tailor (114d owner) as well. Hopefully in the E28!! (which is currently sat on the drive with ANOTHER flat battery)
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    530i loss of power

    There is also a tilt sensor so it knows when you are going up or downhill and hill hold the gears longer for uphill and for engine braking down hill
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    Engine does not start

    DME relay is prime too. See my motronic no start sticky.
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    E34 Touring-opening stuck tailgate ?

    Well, it's open ! The Bimmerforums method worked like a dream-climb inside and undo the two latch plate bolts, then go outside and pull hard! The only downside is that you may well damage or destroy the plastic threshold cover because that's pulled up with the latch plate. I was lucky-only the surrounds of the two end screws were broken-easily fixed with washers under the screws. Anyway, that was the easy bit..... Had to cut 4 inches out of each wire on the nearside (25 wires!) and solder in repair sections. (5 wires were broken completely and all were internally corroded.) Soldering is not easy when you're doing it in mid air ! Took me 5 hours......didn't get time to do the offside so that's for another day. My iron wasn't man enough to even think of tackling the HRW wires, so I'm going to have to get someone to do that later. The positives are that the gate now works normally, as does the rear wash wipe.
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    e46 sport touring individual

    Saw this last night and its a very nice thing indeed.
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    Ace Cafe May 2013 Pictures

    The e32 .... Sent from my oldPhone
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    It's a no for me. I never was a fan of those. Fit dtm ones if you go racing. Otherwise stick with OEM. G. Sent from my oldPhone
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    tyre pressure for 19 inch spider alloys

    From my door card Admittedly my photography skills are non existent I have quoted the 4 passenger figure above 2,2 & 2.7 (bar) Which is what most car runs daily The 5 passenger + luggage figure is higher 2.7 & 3.2 (bar) Note E39 & E60 shall be different values
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    preventative maintenance

    Ah yes I forgot he had the N52.
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    preventative maintenance

    replace the gearbox sump and get a gearbox flush done too- a lot of oil is left in the torque convertor which doesn't come out, but a flush helps.
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    tyre pressure for 19 inch spider alloys

    Hey Ryza i just running them at that tyre pressure
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    here is when they look good .....
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    tyre pressure for 19 inch spider alloys

    ^ ^ I'll check & confirm, but the recommended pressure for an E39 running 19" Alpina wheels with the same tyres as above (245 35 19 front, 275 30 19 rear) was over 40 PSi.... I have 42 PSi front & 40 PSi rear. 32 PSI & the edges will wear-out in no time, not to mention potential for overheating?
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    As I mentioned before, all my dads family are from Hebburn so by default there must be some connection!!!
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    the 518i and the m52...

    Holy mediocre update Batman! slowly plodding on with this still, i had hoped it would be ready for the end of may but thats looking highly unlikely now. with the wiring complete and most of the fab work done (bar the prop) it's time for the engine to come back out! with the donk back on the deck it's time to rid it of this horrible sprung two-lumps of modern bollocks pig iron. (right) and replace it with my super-duper 5.6kgs piece of rotating art (left). but not before a trip to the stealers! the spigot bearing in the end of the crank also needed to be changed from the 15mm one to the 12mm one. so out came my hugely expensive, precision slide hammer. old and new. insert the new bearing using a tool designed specifically for the job. then bolt the flywheel up using new, shorter bolts and a shim. the clutch and starter are from an m20 engine as well. i also finally managed to remove the viscous fan which was on tighter than any other i've seen!
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    tyre pressure for 19 inch spider alloys

    My handbook gives the following for 19s (normal loading 4 people no luggage): Front 2.4 (35) Rear 2.5 (36) For my 18s it is the same.
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    tyre pressure for 19 inch spider alloys

    36 psi front 40 psi rear
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    Fuel octane for m30, 10:1

    Americans measure a fuels resistance to knock using the Motor Octane Number (MON) method. The rest of the world uses the Research Octane Number (RON) method. According to the handbook issued with the car, for cars without a catalyst use "Super (premium, 4-star) petrol to German Industrial Standard DIN 51600 or unleaded fuel to DIN 51607, minimum octane number 98 (Research Method) or 88 (Motor Method)."
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    e46 sport touring individual

    That's one fine machine. And in one of my all time favorite ever colours
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    e46 sport touring individual

    i love that colour thats a real credit to alot of hard work you've done.nice one
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    e46 sport touring individual

    Bloody stunning!
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    e46 sport touring individual

    Nice looking e46 Touring and may I add a great colour... That paintwork looks stunning after correction... I need to get my butt in gear and get my Techno Violet corrected. C.