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    M3 finally out to play

    Ok so here's my toy. I've had it around a year and a half and done about 800 miles in it. With the beautiful weather I thought i'd get it out and zoom around for a bit. Its a 3.2 Evo for those interested. Its totally standard as I like it and needs a few small bits but is in generally great condition. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Best sized diesel?

    what do you think? (if you're having trouble, there're only three sizes, so eeny meeny miny moe should get you somewhere, at least!)
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    Car got Stolen!

    Just going to wait for my Insurance company to call me tomo morning , Lets see what they come up with...!!
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    Guess you have seen the pictures of mine on the other thread with a cheaper set fitted... Look good, but not for me... Think they would suit your car.... But expensive if you don't like....
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    iPhone 3Gs is finally dying

    I've got an iPhone 5 and just upgraded to a galaxy s4. Had it since Friday and its on eBay already. Stick with the iPhone mate.
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    You had sense mate. Newport keeps drawing me back despite several attempts to move away! Took me a couple of goes (Risca boy who moved around a bit but always ended up back in the village) but in 2008 I was gone, and managed to stay gone!
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    530i loss of power

    I had a similar problem with my E39 530i - seemed like no power for a second, then would change down and all was well after a second or two. Resetting the gearbox adaptations cured mine. You can do it in INPA or on the E39 at least just disconnect the battery overnight. The E60 might be more complicated than that, the E39 has a ZF 5 speed transmission and I think the E60 has 6 speed although still ZF. Also the gearbox change pattern is influenced by whether it thinks you are going round a corner and uses data from the ABS sensors on each wheel, iif you have different tyre tread depths or different makes of tyre you can get issues like this.
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    You had sense mate. Newport keeps drawing me back despite several attempts to move away!
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    Dream Builds?

    OMG I'm agreeing with Baus. That v10 howl and the excellent F10 box would make an excellent combo.
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    preventative maintenance

    I bought mine at 104k miles, similar mileage to yours. The water pump bearing became noisy soon afterwards. It will probably fail for you sooner rather than later if it hasn't been replaced already. I'd get it and the thermostat and housing replaced, and some fresh genuine BMW coolant. Check that the radiator is in good condition also. Check for any coolant leaks that might be there. With no temperature gauge, it is essential that the cooling system is in good condition. Check the scuttle drains to see if there is water there. Remove the spare wheel well liner and check that it is dry. Check when brake fluid last replaced. Maybe time for fuel filter ?. Differential oil change ? Apart from that, if is has a fbmwsh it is probably fine. Get it checked over, and they will advise you of anything.
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    530i loss of power

    I had the security update on my LCI model the other day and the gearbox changing was almost like it was in sport mode, how and why i don't know as they are completely different modules i would have thought. So maybe just a gearbox reset may cure yours
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    Best sized diesel?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a diesel touring or saloon, which engine size will give me the best consumption? Plus it will be an auto too. Also what is the ride like on the M-sports? Many thanks in advance
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    Bluetooth drops my phone signal

    tartphone ? Intriguing...
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    What you think of these...?

    I always thought m3 mirrors fitted and were what they used on m540s.
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    Overpriced a smidge?

    Looking at those 2 pics, the E60 is the better looker to me. Let's face it, E60 and E61 owners will never agree. I'm happy with how mine looks
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    Daddy's little helper

    Depends on how many times he dropped the flannel lol
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    Daddy's little helper

    Took the dogs for a walk and came back to see that the nipper had decided to wash my car. Well it was dirty.......!
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    Vanos repair.

    All I have to do now is find a decent bumper strip and fit it. Fix the Viscous fan, fix the thermostat, do an oil change, re-fill and bleed the radiator, add some anti-freeze and I have finished. Oh apart from getting a new interior carpet --- removing all the seats, uncoupling the seat belts, removing the side trims, the centre console. The accelerator pedal etc.etc. Removing the old carpet. Fitting a new one. Putting everything back in.... the jobs a good un. Have you noticed with cars it's always one-more-job to do?
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    Daddy's little helper

    Well a flannel is better than a gritty sponge!
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    Told you there must be somebody. Please don't call the Scots annoying, it could trigger an international incident.
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    countach replica anyone?

    Why do people put 'drift' in the title of anything rear wheel drive? That pile of yellow plastic crap would be about as much use for drifting as a canoe.
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    Jason M5


    My mates got an insignia vxr those things are rapid,but don't think i'd pay 30 grand for one.
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    F/R badges

    I've not managed to get round to doing any for my 530 yet but I've got loads of pics of ones that I made for my last two cars plus a few friends cars too . Here`s a few plus some carbon over lay work and a digital dash that a made for my Skyline .
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    The orange lit dash is holy
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    Does the E39 still feel modern to you?

    i have never looked at my cats interior. but right now if you dug him up you could see the interior.