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    ^^ As many a wise man have said: "No matter how good she looks, someone, somewhere is sick and tired of putting up with her shit"
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    I would bum it until the neighbours complained of the stink.. She is my kinda lady...
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    The Flying Banana

    Resale value query

    Its a daft thing but LPG syatems really hack me off , i get the fact people want economy but that tank, pipes, filler , i hate them. I have looked at a few cars and been put off because its LPG especially teh big torpedo tanks in bulkheads , the doughnuts are not too bad but rather it without I would rather put up with the mpg of a V8 and have teh car as it should be
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    Hi guys. I recently covered an e28 dash in leather as per the original M5 leather design. I thought perhaps some of you may be interested in how i did it! I used a matt black BMW knappa leather from the UK Hide Company. It was a reject from the german workshop due to minor defects. I had it thinned out to approximately 1-1.5mm to make it easier to work. (the thinning machine is quite cool. its basically a band type razor blade that cuts the back of the leather off. essential if you're upholstering complicated, low wear areas like the dash or sun visors ect) I bought a Singer industrial sewing machine on ebay for £70, which i serviced and cleaned up. I love that thing, its a 1952 model and conjoins Engineering and sewing so beautifully. I had two dashboards so I cut where I wanted the seems to be and peeled the original vinyl covering off using it as a template to cut and sew the leather. I wanted to keep the pocket on the passenger side, which complicated things slightly! I actually started by cutting the pocket panels and sewing them together. This enabled me to practise on some actual useable leather giving me a good feel for how the rest of the project would go. I used black Nylon thread and top stitched all the seams to match the original design. Here are a few pictures taken as I was making it All in all it took me 5 days or so of figuring out and painstakingly hand turning my sewing machine on every topstitch, for fear of making a mess of it! Got the seats and the rest of the interior trim to do now!
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    Mazda MX5 anyone had one?

    Sills,widscreen surround and rear arches are the obvious places... Have you tried one for size Mark..? I find them a little cramped,although im a fat knacker but they could be a bit tedious if a long journey was needed.. Have a go in one first,i wouldnt want you to buy another car for a month
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    Celis upgrades for pre-facelift cars

    Got a set for £150 if your looking. Sent from my iPhone using Fat fingers.
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    You've been out with the lads, came home to an empty home - kebab in hand, get up stairs...open the door and there she is, not a stitch on - firing on all cylinders begging for it... you'd say no?
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    Katy in Corrie - what a pair of jellies!

    KB is in a much higher league
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    Resale value query

    I think by the time you decide sell (which seems to be some way off) then buyers, likely to be enthusiasts, will be more interested in originality as these will be pretty scarce so looking ahead I would definitely be thinking of removing it at some stage.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    New Jag F Type

    I saw one on trade plates the other day. The Mrs pointed it out, but I completely missed it. It's just another unexceptional generic expensive car to me and I wouldn't cross the road to look at one. It's exactly what you'd expect Jag to turn out but it lacks the boldness of the XJ. It also seems expensive- the whole point of Jaguars in the past was that they would make the Italian stuff look silly but cost a lot less.
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    Idle control valve problem

    Vacuum leak, bad maf, cps sensor. Have the codes read and you may get a starting point.