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    worse food

    A dietitian was once addressing a large audience in Chicago. "The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago. "Red meat is awful. Soft drinks erode your stomach lining. Chinese food is loaded with MSG. Vegetables can be disastrous, and none of us realizes the long-term harm caused by the germs in our drinking water. "But there is one thing that is the most dangerous of all and we all have, or will, eat it. Can anyone here tell me what food it is that causes the most grief and suffering for years after eating it?" A 75-year-old man in the front row stood up and said, "Wedding cake"
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    Interior LED lighting

    i have these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261112492483, 2 months down the line, haven't had a prob with them yet.
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    You need to be careful with replacement ECU's as from 01/95 on they had EWS II which means it is synchronized with the immobiliser control unit. This in turn needs a signal from the transponder in the key or the car won't start.
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    Have experienced this previously on my old 535i sport. Essentially its a ecu fault. As the motherboard in the ecu ages the soldered joints begin to fail (some have referred to this as dry joints ). The car want a new or at least serviceable ecu. Some have opened the ecu and attempted to resolder the joints with varying success. The only bonus is there is no coding requirement when swapping these ecu's over. Shame it's not a 535i as I think I have a spare ecu in the garage. Mark
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    Jason M5

    E39 M5 torch

    Fixed,the charging socket had been dislodged some how,and is now back in place and the glove box shuts just as easy as ever no slamming shut.
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    I used to be like this Then I met q girl She was Like this Together we do this I gave her gifts like this When she accepted my proposal, I was like this... I used to talk to her all night like this.. And at the office I used to do this... When my friends saw my girlfriend, they stared like this... And I used to react like this.. But on Valentine’s Day, she received a red rose from someone else like this... And she was like this… And I was like this… Which later led to this... and this... I felt like doing this... So I started doing this... NOW look at me… DAMN GIRLS! And now I am back to doing this! And I don't care if I do go blind!!
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    OK, you've updated the firmware successfully, ignore the commands above, the Intravee is now in Auto UI mode and will detect whatever components you have. It should all wok correctly now, but you may find the Intravee source has disappeared for a little while as the radio will think it's been unplugged. It should be back within 30 seconds.
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    Amy McDonald on Top Gear

    On there again now.
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    Gay marriage poll

    I've recently found myself having to give my SEVEN YEAR OLD SON a dumbed down explanation to "why is that man kissing another man, like a girl Dad?" (middle of Burger King by the way) So firstly, I tapped the 'butch' (big bear looking mo'fo - opposed to scrawny 'American Nerd' stereotype) chap and asked him not to eat his partner in front of my son whilst we ate our horseBeef Burgers(I would do this no matter of age or sex), They apologised sincerely and ran off giggling...hmmm Anyway, back to my explanation that I was caught off guard with.... I just said "they must be very good friends and excited about something...", and proceeded to fill my mouth with as much food as possible because I could see the biggest JCB ever made to help me dig this hole I'm in...'well I have lots of friends that are boys and I don't kiss them on the mouth and you have lots of friends that are boys and you don't kiss them...do you?'......"No I don't son but...well...erm....hmm..............................they are Boyfriends son." and proceeded to shovel more food in......'but they can't be they cant make babies can they?'..."WOW..." at this point I had to use every dads special weapon "I'll tell you when you're older, or you can ask your Mam" At this point I want to stress I'm not homophobic, and to use a cliche "I have lots of gay friends" infact an uncle of mine is gay (properly limpwristed/should have been born a female way)..but it's true. In the eyes of a child - everything is so innocent and honest "they can't make babies"...this is true, so why should they be together! As far as I can make out, the marriage bollocks is down to the C of E? and marriage was, back in the day a 'rights of passage' to beginning a family (didn't women get killed for having kids out of wedlock?) so surely if the Church don't want to do it, they don't have to that's fine?.... set up a new religion?! 'gayism' perhaps?! but then on the flip side, alot of people want this stupid piece of paper 'just because' for example - I'm in NO WAY shape or form, religious, I have a child out of wedlock..but due to be married next year, because my Fiancee is a bible basher? hell no - last time she was in Church was for her own Christening...it's because SHE wants to be married and take on my name and have children. So personally.... this whole marriage bollocks should be split into two.. Christian...male and female to be wed must be baptised ETC ETC in accordance to the C of E goings on. and Non-Christian 'vegas style'...whoever wants to marry, can marry...without judgement. tall, short, disabled, fat, Indian, Asian ETC ETC just need a license (another stupid taX) and away they go. Having the media/government in on this is a plot, weather it's to get a 'gay tax' on 'gay marriage licenses' or for an upcoming election...EVERYBODY in the UK will be getting shafted up the ass (pun intended).
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    Wheeler Dealers 2013 Series

    Would like to see ed tackling something more advanced such as an e65. Something which needs a computer to fix!
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    Nah, they look like 172's on steroids! I would have them on my dream M5, with an F10 DCT gearbox chucked in for good measure.
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    Unpractical and bags of fun......and you're looking at big saloon cars?? That's living the dream £7k buys you an E36 M3 with some go faster bits. If it must be a BMW, that's what I'd be looking at. Although a Boxster S isn't a bad idea either. Or a Caterham rep.
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    E60 525d MAF removal

    Well past couple of days the car has felt lumpy and a bit sluggish and on the way to skeg it finally decided to ping up the old emission warning light, had a quick fettle to fix the problem ( loose intake elbow ) made my way home and decided to do the job properly. So as someone had said it was a quick job I cracked on........... Started with this removed the engine cover, 4 alan bolts, will be 5 if you have not removed the egr valve then remove the air filter cover, 3 alan bolts removed remove the air intake duct, 1 hex screw removed then removed the turbo pipe 2 alan bolts, once you have undone them it will just slide off the turbo. now you have to take the remaining bolts from whats left of the air filter box off and undo the air filter clip to remove the MAF its 2 screws, I thought they would be the same however after much mucking about I found the top one being a hex screw and the bottom one being a smaller hex bolt, only managed to realise this with a mirror and a torch, removed with a 5mm socket ( yours may well be different ?) I just gave it a clean as it is not faulty, you cant really do alot with it as it is a sealed unit though :mad I just sprayed it with carb cleaner cant do alot else. stick it all back together in reverse, don't over tighten the alan bolts as they will crack and turn and you'll have to glue them or something and also make sure you put the turbo pipe on correctly Anyway after my fix of the actual intake elbow, emission lights off and it's running lovely again hope this may well help someone as I did see a post asking when i was looking for it.


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