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    Not sure if its been covered or not before, but i thought i'd do a little write up of upgrading your Throust arms bushes to powerflex items It was about time i replaced my front thrust arm bushes. I had bought powerflex items absolute moons ago, well over 12 months in fct, and simply hadn't replaced them as they didn't need doing at that time. Fast forward to the present and although still not critical, i was experiencing some slight shimmy at about 50mph when braking, a classic sign of the bushes going. So i broke out my jack and socket set and got busy, and took a few snaps along the way. All done and washed up in just under 3 hours which wasn't bad at all i thought. So first off is checking the ball joint end of the arm. You don't want to go through all of this then realise you've spent time and effort putting powerflex bushes in a knackered arm. I opted to have the car in the air, then using a trolley jack, get the jack so its a little clear of the ball joint, then you can use a pry bar in the space to pry against the ball joint and check for free play. Once you're satisfied that your arm is ok to use you need to remove the arm to get at the bushes here this rear through bolt has to be removed along with the front ball joint This end is a little easier than usual with the coilovers being on. OEM shocks protrude down through the sleeve much more and mean its a bit trickier getting the balljoint off You also have to undo the front ARB brackets and pull it down out of the way , then faff about with the steering in cetain posiitons to get access to the bolt, but its not too difficult Once the arms are off we can inspect them You can see some evidence of cracking, so i knew they were at least on their way. Interstingly, the arms were stamped 99 as you would kind of expect on a 2000 car, but the bushes were dated 2003, so it looks as if its had some previously For anyone who's replaced RTAB's on their E36, this will be familiar, to extract the old bush sans press, its easier to hole saw the old bush out Smokin!! Then you can get a hacksaw in and cut down until you saw through the outer steel sleeve. I had a reciprocating saw which took a little more work out of it for me With this done, the bush snaps together that tiny distance and it means you can then drift it out easy Give the arms a good clean then install your new powerflex items using plenty of copper grease so they stay lubed and quiet Then its a case of reinstalling them along with the supplied washers The beauty of the powerflex items is you can install them by hand, and you don't have to have the car in its rest posiiton on the ground before tightening the rear bolt I found a little play in my other front arm on the drivers side, so a pair of these will be ordered next
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    E60 running temp

    Also, it won't get to the necessary back-pressure levels to detect that it needs a regen. There's also a sensor that measures how many grams of gunk is stuck in it- this should stop working too... Mother, you have to stop posting here, I get jealous every time I see your signature!!!
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    More ///M's on the way!

    Come to 2005, its a nice place to be and trees go by so quickly !!On the original subject. I personally think that BMW are making too many M cars. It should be M3, M5, M6 and thats it. These are special cars and not watered down versions. of the real thing.........they are the real thing.
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    Now this looks like a weapon!

    Here u go Standard looking pipe on the back It currently stripped and turning it into a dedicated track car How well does it go, well it's had a few extras done but it's sat on the bumper or and e46 M3 and left a DC5 integra for dead and out dragged an e60 545i Handling is OK, cheap coilovers did a job to a point on the road. It wasn't twitchy at all which some people expect.
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    More ///M's on the way!

    ^ it's not like it's even motor sport anymore is it? e30. M635. E36 had proper motorsport careers. I suppose touring cars use the e90 but it's not works backed is it and based on a 320!
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    Black or tan leather?

    Even though my colour is not wanted but has been slated (grey) i think it is a great colour, all i want now is leccy contours in grey.
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    More ///M's on the way!

    like x 1,000,000