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    Should i lower the 540?

    Current ride height is perfect Mine is on OEM M5 ride height and it's just perfect as it is
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    Should i lower the 540?

    I think that your 540 is perfect as it is now on the picture. My ex 540 sedan was 20 mm lower than my 540 touring (M sportchassie) (18"wheels) and i have some problems that it scratch the ground sometimes. Thats a reasons that a keep the touring becuse sometimes i need to drive on roads that was not possible to use the sedan. http://www.autopower.se/galleriet/bloggbilder/00016723_s640.jpg http://www.autopower.se/galleriet/bilder.asp?bil=45700
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    Should i lower the 540?

    Always go lower!!! I use bc coilovers they are very good for the money! If any one is looking for done dtune is a bc dealer now so I can get you guys some good prices!
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    Hand build mini V12

    Very impressive indeed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLhpnfWsycI
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    Piper's E39 540i.

    Mate i'll read the codes on it for you, could be something really silly that needs to be fixed. PM me to arrange a time etc to meet up.