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    Are your kids into Lady Gaga ?

    Always good to hide the evidence!
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    E60 Boot Spoilers

    £50 posted mate , the mrs paid £65 for it
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    540i Sport 2001 x reg

    It only take 19 sec to become V8 junky
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    hippie dave

    Are your kids into Lady Gaga ?

    As did I, about 12. Look at its long term effects on me: I've gone and got a peugeot!!!
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    Stat.Veh.Inspection reset

    Could well be, but the MOT's not due till March...how do I reset in the I drive?
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    Are your kids into Lady Gaga ?

    Of course I understand that there are lots of people wanting to spread their ideas over the media, thats not in question, what is in question is whether people believe the shit their spouting. I could go on the net and say Im Jesus Christ, so what, but if you believe Im Jesus, then thats is scary. Whether Gaga or anyone else is trying to spread a message doesnt matter, whether they worship 'Satan' doesn't matter, there is no Satan, boogey man or any other weird and wonderful 'being' out there. She will do as much damage as Ozzy, or the Stones, or that silly fucker Alice Cooper...... none, zero, nada. they are perhaps deluded, some kids will join the club for a little while, then find sex or something else more interesting and move on like most of us did without any hangups about the 'Illuminati'