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    My 1st car (not a BMW!)

    1983 Ford Capri 2.8i in Cardinal Red. I bought this in Oct.1992 and believe it or not I still own it!Unfortunately,being an '80's Ford it's got tin worm-not terminal though so looking to get it back up & running eventually! Wondered if anyone else has owned one?
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    Spoken like a hero!
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    Excellent I best take some pictures now I've seen how it works
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    BW Auto Repairs & Codeing

    Ok so my M5 (E39) was set so that I could watch TV on the move, when I replaced the TV Module with a Digital one I lost that feature, after a lot of head scratching I realised that my old box had been coded rather than being bypassed with a cable (which I think is neater). I was put in touch with these guys: BW Auto Repairs Ltd 0208 5703600 based in Hounslow (they also attend the Ace during the summer) http://www.bwautorepairs.co.uk Any way they re-coded my car for TV on the move, at the same time they also stopped the Auto Lock function for me and made the oem alarm bleep when arming and dis-arming. They have said that they will do this for any forum member for around £40.00 Speak to Jay or his son Dom