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    got his 540 last year and over the year done a fair bit to it, first was have gearbox sorted so was fitted with on from an alpina with ecu, then i got double glazing fitted, i already had my wheels, bumper and mirrors off previous car, fitted full airlift air ride, sorted all new arms out on it, and then with this lockdown i managed to refurb the wheels andredye all my rare leather parts i got a couple years ago, everything was champagne anyhow but the seats and armrests bt redyed so it all matched, seats are e38 sport contours, which i then added heated elements and active massage too, welded the brackets i chopped off some e38 comfort that had tables so these could be fitted, modified e38 arm rest on tilt and slide with phone connection, im still working on the phone, it had a v50 and ive converted to bluetooth, just waiting on an aerial to test it out now, pretty chuffed hw its turned out, next is quad exhaust as ive modded the spare wheel well to accept another pipe, then paint to make it mint as couple of little rust spots to sort, modified e39 handles using genuine e38 fiber optic for external illumination, e38 inter illuminated handles, custom trims with individual badges, and some individual kick plates i had for god knows how long heres some pics enjoy
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    AlexGSi2000 - e39 M5

    Just a quick update, not been driving the car as much as I would have liked over the past few months - been out on a few trips but mainly been driving short distances occasionally. Still very happy with the way the car feels, it may be the warmer weather combined with the Redline MTL but the gearbox is starting to feel a little slicker which is resulting in nicer gear changes. The only thing I have noticed over the past few months is a ticking noise coming from the right bank - I traced this back to the exhaust joint where the headers join the front section of the exhaust. The studs were very well worn / corroded when I purchased the car, despite fitting new firing rings and using bolts, its never been 100% - when logging the car I think its the cause of excess enrichment of the right bank due to the air leak. It also sounds awful - I "suspect" a potential crack in the manifold also, but not inspected them. Because of this, I decided to push the button and order a set of headers, de-cat and centre section from Russ Fellows. In the back of my mind I knew I was going to do this at some-point, so may as well get it done now. As the car will be de-catted, changes will need to be made to the ECU so the EML light isn't illuminated. I have come across a some software called the "MSS5x binary modification tool" from ECUWorx. It looks like its a case of reading the file from the car, making the changes (and purchasing a license), then flashing the modified file back to the car; https://www.ecuworx.co.uk/2020/04/09/mss5x-binary-modification-tool-update-2/ As expected, I am starting to get pretty excited - eta is around 5 weeks on the headers, I'm counting the days already! A few recent snaps;
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a go at the headlights, better but I think they need to come out and be machine polished.
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    Progress on my project e39

    So after picking up my 523i in November I have had a little time to tidy it up. Car now has Anti roll bars from my 530i sport track car which has made a big difference. I have also changed - Rad, w/pump/ vanos/ rocker gasket/filter housing gasket/4 new tyres/full service/ re dyed the faded parcel shelf/ new headlights & adjusters etc etc. My aim is to get it looking as tidy as possible and just enjoy!
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    Finally bought some 351Ms on Ebay. £520 with Goodyear Eagle F1 RFTs all round. They're a bit tatty but nothing a basic refurb can't sort and besides, I think a fresh lick of powder-coated goodness in Ferric or gunmetal grey is on the cards for these. TPMS valves didn't register on the brief test drive I just took after swapping the wheels but they're supposedly ok so I need to investigate that. Considering the dramatic difference I felt moving to non-RFT on the 18s I'm very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ride - I experienced none of the uncomfortable crashiness I was expecting. It just felt less wallowy and more planted.
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    E39 540i Touring for sale

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    Fitted new folding mirror gears

    I bought a pair of electric folding mirrors off Dan a couple of weeks ago knowing they needed some attention. So this morning I fitted them with new gears. The original gear has plastic teeth that strip. The replacements have metal teeth so problem solved. Its a bit fiddly but easy enough. All back together now with freshly painted caps in Sterling Grey ready to fit my Touring, but that will be another day! (pictures in reverse order)
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    Steering wheel remotes

    Ok, so rather than pad out the 'What did you do...' thread, I thought as the sun is out and when I did the left side controller the pics were somewhat lacking, so now I've replaced the right side roller switch I'd take a few more pics for anyone looking at any similar jobs. The work itself is stunningly simple and doesn't require much time for any special tools above what's in most toolkits thesedays. However I shall start with a warning... you will need to remove the steering wheel airbag unit. This is a pyrotechnic device... get it wrong and you risk things going bang in your face, so before you start, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY then take 10 minutes or so to organise what you need while any remaining charge dissipates. Now we're safe you can crack on. I used this video by Nut Job as a good guide to removing the airbag Once that's out of the way you can unscrew what you need... change the roller... then reassemble. The photos should let you see what you're facing... and in reverse how to rebuild it all. To disconnect the airbag unclip the yellow and blue plugs Disconnect the mounting plate earth then undo the 4 silver torx screws and remove the plate Then the black torx screw on whichever side, will release the flappy-paddle (if you have them), or the cover if you don't. Let the flappy-paddle hang out of the way and the black plastic cover can be removed to reveal the torx screw that retains the switch unit With the switch now free, unplug it and you can remove the 3 small Phillips screws and take off the back cover. Unplug the two plugs (they just pull straight out) and you can lift out the main board and then the roller unit - which slides on guides so be careful. The roller switch spindle is easily unclipped (gear end first) and then the spindle can be eased from the roller. You'll note there is a flat on the spindle and a matching one in the roller. Line them up and then just reassemble in reverse order. Pretty simple and for around £10-£15 for the bits from China, it beats over £100 for the entire remote switches unit from BMW. Time taken... around 20 mins... (30 with photos).
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    All genuine OEM BMW front wheel arch liners and undertray fitted this morning
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    Mine on the 19" rims is planted. When I was out in it yesterday, I was specifically looking out for crashiness that other complain of but, nope, just sublime. Do you have VDC or anything like that on your car? When you get the rims fettled up, make sure to keep the hub mating face clean and free from paint or powder coating. Wait and see if your wheel specialist mentions it, if they don't and you ask about it and the response is as if you have two heads, walk away from that wheel specialist.
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    Captain Beaky

    MOT Here we go

    After 18 months the Day Of Reckoning is finally here, we're on our way to see the man about a dog Fingers Crossed
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    Bmw e28 progress pics

    First day off work today in a while so got a couple of hrs in the garage this afternoon. So it was take two on the door repair using M5’s advice Came out a lot better then the first attempt Now i had the plate cut to size i could chop the rot out on the back sideDidn’t get a pic of it chopped out but this is it repaired Then the front part back on, still fitted.then some etch (excuse the runs got a bit trigger happy) next will be to re fit the seal guides. thanks guys
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    Hello all, I wanted to start a thread and share my story on my E34Ix that I acquired totally by accident last year in November without seeing it or test driving it! (what could've gone wrong lol), and how I discovered that I bought an absolute lemon(that is somewhat worth saving) The story: Back in September 2019, I had saved up and then I was looking for a project car that I can use to commute and I was in the market mostly for an e30 or e36 and I would only consider an e34 and e39 under certain conditions and one day I was scrolling through an overpriced e30 and I caught a glimpse of an e34 and as I looked into it and found out it was an ix which is quite rare now especially in red, as I thought it would be a good base to put down more power or I could rwd it if I don't fancy it down the line, my biggest concern was it being a cloth interior automatic(wanted a manual) with a tired paintwork but I went for it anyway so the journey begins by paying £1.7k for the damn thing... Specsheet: Better picture coming soon
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    Bmw e28 progress pics

    Here are a couple of photos of the process I mentioned. I took a template of an e28 driver door top and made this piece to show what I mentioned. The puckering is necessary where the metal curves. The excess metal is then hammered flat with a hide faced hammer onto the insert of metal and finally the slight curve was formed. you can then remove the thin metal insert. The area in the last photo shows the area of extra metal. You can file this smoother as the metal is thicker at that point.
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    They really are utter vermin. Romanian gypos are the main offenders and not just cars - checking out farms to see what they can steal, including smaller livestock. Shoot on sight.
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    Throwback from 2015

    My darling E39s about five years ago. Still have the Tourer of course, but ‘Champers’ didn’t stay with us for much more than a year. To this day I believe both of these facelift E39s represent the pinnacle in 5 series design, and I’m determined to get an E39 M5 onto our drive before my time is up.
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    E39 540i Touring for sale

    1999 Oxford Green 540i Touring Auto Was SE now full Sport An extremely high options list: Black leather interior with black/blue M5 heated memory front seats. Bolsters perfect. M5 'Ostrich' front door cards with chrome speaker rings 18" Axe EX10 Style 5 rep alloys. Staggered. No kerbing. Continental / Bridgestone rubber Birch Anthracite trim (ultra rare) Folding mirrors with OEM Chromatic glass Full black interior inc. roof lining and ABC pillars E38 rear headrests OEM fire extinguisher Shadowline Colour coded door and wing mouldings DSP audio MK4 Satnav 16:9 monitor Amber angel eyes Amber rear clusters Extendable boot floor Extended leather black centre console Extended leather door pulls Genuine black leather BMW gearknob Rear window blinds Genuine M5 clock rings E38 740d thermostat (keeps engine cooler) Front lowered with Eibach Pro Sport springs. Timeless NI number plate All original documents and BMW wallet. Hardly driven over the last few years, MOT'd + 6 months. Oil changed every 12 months regardless of ultra low miles driven. 156,500 miles, as you may know a replacement engine was fitted 3 yrs ago due to timing chain failure. New engine was from a 2000 car on just over 100k. Huge maintenance file for both cars. Drives perfectly. No rust apart from the usual minor bubbling on front of sills. All doors recently stripped and reassembled with new waterproof Butyl during the lockdown. Insides Waxoiled. Carpets as dry as a bone. New tailgate dampers recently fitted. Tailgate and doors rust free Auto levelling sensor recently replaced. New handbrake shoes fitted last year - it works! Approx 3 years ago bonnet, tailgate and whole left hand side of car was respayed by Bimmerbuild. Issues: DSP forgets settings everytime ignition is turned off. Some touch up paint on front bumper. Some small bubbling on front of sills as has every E39 Check rear lights message as facelift lights on pre facelift - needs resistors fitting, have got them but haven't got round to it yet. Still have original rears which I will pass to new owner. As you know, front arch liners are £200 each from BMW so have fitted an eBay replica set. As is common, the fit isn't perfect. Not perfect of course but pretty unique in terms of spec. Have given it loads of love and attention since I bought it in December 2013 from a lady in Chelsea who used to be on Eurotrash. £3750
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    I don't know what would cause that but changing a worn gear is pretty easy. I used t his guide to get mine apart
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    Yes, I've never once thought, when turning the key/pressing starter button, "will it start", like I had with the cars I've had before hand. Precision German Engineering with ruthless efficiency v Italian flair and styling with mechanicals made from pasta. It was an old boss of mine that had a 156, lovely looking car and the cockpit details were terrific but he used to get to drive it only when the courtesy car needed a service.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just to add on top: don't mix dot5.1 and dot5. They are two absolutely different brake fluids, which can't be mixed. It's ok to mix/switch over from dot4 to dot5.1 and vise versa. Dot4, dot5.1 are both glycol based, while dot5 is sylicon based. This information might save some trouble for someone who didn't know about this.
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    Pretty sure that is CB37313, but this car seems to have a phone which is not on the build sheet, it could have been retrofitted. It also seems to have 'Natural Poplar' trim which is not on the build sheet either. Other wise it's a match : Sepia, Champagne with black carpet, Glass sun roof, Individual sunshade glazing, Nav with TV, Alcantara headlining, Climate Comfort windscreen, Individual entrance strips. Data for vehicle identification number: WBSDE92040CB37313 Model description: M5 Market: Europa Type: DE92 E-Code: E39 Chassis: Limousine Steering: rechts Doors: 4 Engine: S62 - 5,00l (294kW) Drive: Heckantrieb Transmission: manuell Body Color: Sonderlackierung (490) Upholstery: Sonderpolsterung (Z1XX) Production date: 14.02.2002 Assembled in: Dingolfing Code Serienausstattung Standard Equipment S210A Dynamische-Stabilitäts-Control Dynamic stability control S216A Servolenkung-Servotronic HYDRO STEERING-SERVOTRONIC S249A Multifunktion für Lenkrad Multifunction f steering wheel S302A Alarmanlage Alarm system S423A Fussmatten Velours Floor mats, velours S430A Innen-/Aussensp. mit Abblendautomatik Interior/outside mirror with auto dip S459A Sitzverstellung elektrisch mit Memory Seat adjuster, electric, with memory S488A Lordosenstütze Fahrer u. Beifahrer Lumbar support, driver and passenger S494A Sitzheizung Fahrer/Beifahrer Seat heating driver/passenger S500A Scheinw.Rein.Anl./Intensivreinig. Headlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning S520A Nebelscheinwerfer Fog lights S522A Xenon-Licht Xenon Light S534A Klimaautomatik Automatic air conditioning S555A Bordcomputer V mit Fernbedienung On-board computer V with remote control S710A M Lederlenkrad M leather steering wheel S785A Blinkleuchten weiss White direction indicator lights S853A Sprachversion englisch Language version English Code Sonderausstattung Optional Equipment S261A Seitenairbag für Fondpassagiere Side airbags for rear passengers S265A Reifen Druck Control (RDC) Tyre pressure control (TPC) S358A Klimakomfort-Frontscheibe Climate comfort windscreen S403A Glasdach elektrisch Glass roof, electrical S428A Warndreieck und Verbandstasche Warning triangle and first aid kit S441A Raucherpaket Smoker package S470A Isofix-System Isofix-System S508A Park Distance Control (PDC) Park Distance Control (PDC) S521A Regensensor Rain sensor S609A Navigationssystem Professional Navigation system Professional S620A Spracheingabe Voice control S632A Vorbereitung BMW Handy (Motorola) Preparation BMW Handy (Motorola) S672A CD-Wechsler 6-fach CD changer for 6 CDs S752A Individual Audiosystem Individual audio system S761A Individual Sonnenschutzverglasung Individual sunshade glazing S776A Dachhimmel Alcantara anthrazit Headliner in Alcantara anthracite S778A Einstiegsleisten "BMW Individual" Entrance strips "BMW Individual" L812A Länderausführung England / Irland NATIONAL VERSION GREAT BRITAIN S850A Zusätzl. Tankfüllung Export Additional Export tank filling S863A Händlerverzeichnis Europa Retailer Directory Europe S877A Entfall Überkreuzbedienung Delete cross-pattern operation S880A Bordliteratur englisch On-board vehicle literature English Code Information S473A Armlehne vorne Armrest front S602A Bordmonitor mit TV On-board monitor with TV S694A Vorbereitung BMW 6 CD Wechsler Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer Individualausstattung ---- Steuerung Individual Hinweisschild BMW Individual 0490 Lackierung Sonderlackierung "sepia-metallic", wie Schl. Nr.: 474 Z1XX Polster Innenausstattung Volleder M5 in Walknappa champagner (Nr. 2 237 193) Naehfaden in champagner (Nr. 2 237 191), Farb-Nr. 0671 Z Steppzwirn champagner (Nr. 2 237 192), Farb-Nr. 0671 Z Sitzblenden in schwarz Nahtbild der Sitze vorne und hinten analog O6/O5 Restliche Innenausstattung wie bei Leder Volleder Nappa Point schwarz (06SW)
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    Bmw e28 progress pics

    Hi dirtydirtydiesel I agree with you with regard to Rich28 and his project. Remarkable achievements. There is an old saying "if you want something done ask a busy person". I think he is a good example of this. When I first started working on cars there was no internet and knowledge was power so people would often not give it away easily so I appreciate where you came from. From your car list, learned to drive in a mini at 17 first BMW an e21 at 21
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    Rear Suspension - Extremely stiff

    Mine has Billies and though listed as a sport alternative they are firmer. Maybe after this shit show is over i might go back to OE. Being as i is well old innit,
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    Hi Jay/P Yes, as a family we have some very vulnerable members and simply cannot take any risks, so staying home and not venturing out until it's absolutely necessary. In terms of what I've done recently, it's been the Carbon Fibre powerdome bonnet, the Hexagon shaped lower grille, Hamann foglight covers, daerk glass foglamps, the twin slat F10 grilles & Hartge mirrors for the cosmetic changes. At the back I smoothed off the tailgate badge and I'll soon put something on the front bonnet badge area - just deciding on what to do! The fitment of the slat grilles is good but not great, it jiggles a little bit but I'm putting that down to the irregularity of the cutouts in the CF bonnet. I'll get them to fit more securely in due course, they're not bad that they'll fall out anytime soon, just need that last 10% of being affixed properly. The interior I fitted up the E38 Sport Contours, ACS Digital Display gearknob and I've removed the M3 CSL steering wheel. It's KW V1 coilovers all round, E60 Turbo and new intercooler for a bit of a power bump and a Dinan strut brace. I'll be looking to ARB's etc later if I feel the need. I used to have a build thread ages ago, I'll perhaps create a new one soon! I'm wanting to get a few of my wheel sets built up next, a few more maintenance aspects, some minor niggles and then more enhancements ! I was in bit of a rush the day I took these pics, I remembered just as I stopped taking them I'd left my wide angle lens on! No interior shots as yet ! Cheers, Dennis!