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    I bought some genuine 18" wheels so that we can fit winter tyres to them, got them off ebay last weekend, had to drive to Wembley, but they were a bit of a bargain at £250! All 4 are straight and original, just a bit unloved and battered, but me being me I could see some potential One of the photos from the advert: Look so much better after a deep clean: General condition pics: After a good bit of sanding with 80 then 120 finishing off with 240 grits pretty much all the kerb rash is gone...then given a decent coat of etch primer and left to dry over night and in the sun yesterday (Saturday). Once little man was in bed i headed out to the garage and started to shoot the base coat....couple coats and the faces and barrels were done....gave it 20 mins to flash off (got to love fast base coat thinners!) then shot the 2k clear. Pretty chuffed with the result as this is my first time spraying proper car paint thats not in a rattle can. There are some areas where there is some "grot" in the base...but these are winter wheels and for a first attempt well chuffed. So far these wheels have cost £250 for the wheels, £80 for the paint and probably £10-15 in sundries...Got some TPMS sensors coming and they were £130 odd so not doing too bad expense wise
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove it to work and hit 160k. So far 20k of trouble free motoring in 4 years.
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    So I've not been on here for years! I bought a cheap non runner e46 coupe to play with for a few months, it was actually not bad to drive, 320cd 6 speed manual, which had been messed with and mapped. I still own the 540i, I cant really think what ive done with it, I also picked up some style 66 wheels, and had them powder coated in a shadow chrome last winter, as winter wheels, with 4 new lassa winter tyres, it performed great! Then had rust cut out of the arches, below boot and sill, new metal welded in, and a near full respray. n
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    x4 rear subframe bushes replaced; rear 2 were ok; front 2 were both torn! Gone with Meyle HD bushes; took 3 hours all in They all came out fine and all went in fine; much thanks to @jimmy and the use of his subframe tool Quick photo of how clean the underneath of the car is too
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Working on your own cars is such a double-edged sword. When it all goes well and you fix issues, it's so rewarding. When it goes wrong and you end up with an immobilised / broken vehicle, it's utterly soul crushing. Have been there before many times. Hope you manage to get it sorted.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced my O/S wheel arch fender liner today. I've had this part in my shed for almost 2.5 years, shame on me for putting it off for so long. Made myself laugh in the process - putting in the final screws I realised I hadn't re-connected the OAT probe cable, d'oh. Please forgive the state of my car, she does need a wash having covered 500 or so miles this week.
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    New Car added - V8 540i

    Finishing touches after adding both front and rear Sport bumpers this afternoon. My main mans Rear end. Lol Quite a transformation on this car. Titan bumpers on Arctic silver. Hardly noticeable. New number plate. Final one next to old mans. He is the reason for the BMW obsession.
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    535i Andrew

    Brake prices - why so varied?

    No. Just no.
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    535i Andrew

    Exhaust Note from 535i

    It's quiet and refined as you would expect from Germany. Once you get up above 3,500 rpm it really begins to pull hard and makes a great snarl in the upper reaches of its rev range. But by that time you've overtaken what ever snot box that was holding you up and are now having to back off as you are, ahem, cough 1 mph above the speed limit. The thing is it's a lazy old lump, with the turbo, max torque is reached under 2,000 rpm so you can actually drive it without going above 2,000 rpm quite happily without making much noise or using much petrol which is what the ecomentalists want from car engines. A different air filter and back box delete I imagine would transform it into a chav chariot if you really want that sort of thing and on a related note... You can get a bit of a snort on the downshifts when using the paddles. And if you are a bit cack handed you can get it to blow its waste gate and make it sound like a squirrel in a food blender. Which of course I've never done. Wash yer mouth out with Diesel! Humph cheek
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    Bye bye G30

    So the 520d is no more. I got a cracking deal on a trade in and also car was developing some slight niggles which were starting to aggravate me. With 8 months left on the warranty it was time to chop it in. replacement is a 2020 model year X5 30d M Sport in Mineral white (which is really pretty) , despite being a stock car it has all of the spec that I wanted, being: Panorama Glass Roof Sky Lounge Adaptive LED headlights M Sport Plus pack which includes Sun Protection Glazing, M sport blue calipers, m seat belts, shadowline trim (no chrome anywhere) 21 inch alloys, memory perforated sports seats, m sport active exhaust. Sounds pretty bloody decent for a diesel. Technology Pack Head Up Display, Harman Kardon, Connected Drive Professional, Wireless Charging, Gesture control, Wifi Hotsport, Live Cockpit, Parking assist plus, display key, advanced safety, built in dashcam Other stuff like Mirror With Auto Dip, Ambient Interior Lighting auto boot atc come as standard. No comfort pack as I opted against the risk of keyless theft. Insurance is actually way more expensive on those cars and being 27, this was a fair bit more than a 520d already. Car is pretty epic, as a big a jump for me as from F10 to G30. Tech is sensational. You get car play, connected music, office pro and all of that for three for 3 years. Only one pic for now but will grab some later today. Forgot to mention, no free umbrella this time, did get some other freebies mind you.
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    Car and Classic E39 write up

    In General; but thought I'd put it here too: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/magazine/bmw-e39-5-series-the-time-is-now/?fbclid=IwAR06o5nZHZz9t197Uf4w89d1FPdh-aLGatQ-82YDl1Fxl_cIDGvqca-BpaQ
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    It went back to Bowker BMW for the airbag recall, I lost the letter and totally forgetm, and found it a year later! They did the "Health check," and it got all green light oher than a slight oil leak, which i know is rocker cover gaskets. Just a few smaller jobs left to do, fresh plates, maybe rear spacers, and then do the rocker gaskets, I had a set of rockers done in crackle black powdercoat which i will then fit, Sam
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    German speeding ticket

    The UK Government recently made a song & dance on how the DVLA is finally sharing details with our neighbours on offenders - as a lot of people on holidays found out about this summer. Anyhow, feel free to send me a scan of the letter you received, and I'll happily compose you a response in German (I lived there for 6 years). It may be a scam - but I doubt it. So they've sent you a picture; on the letter it'll state the registration number; once we establish it's genuine, just write back to them & point out their mistake. It has to be a front facing picture showing the driver by the way, and ultimately it's up to them to identify the driver, not you. But do not ignore it.
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    Taffy 1

    Re-manufacture of steering box.

    Gaza, you've come through for me once more. You are a LEGEND!
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    Like suggested. Measure battery charging voltage (also with heavy consumers like blower and rear window demister on). Check DDE (engine control module) connectors for possible corrosion. Renew DDE relay (DDE voltage supply). https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NX52-EUR-04-2007-E60N-BMW-525d&diagId=61_4126
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    E39 Halogen and Xenon Reflectors

    Final update on this. Missing ballast arrived from hella today. So for £ 550 I got brand new oem xenon headlights totally complete with all bulbs brackets and ballasts. Happy with the responsiveness of the seller as well.
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    E39 M5 stolen last night

    This has been found and the owner has it back in their grasp now Very little damage reported (both front lower grilles and Motorola phone damaged) and that's about it! A very good and lucky outcome IMO
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    A bit of a running report on this one. Early august saw it in for MOT which was successful. Having said that, I would have expected a pass since (to my shame) the mileage travelled since the previous test amounted to a big fat '0' But prior to that, I had started on a very necessary rear end rebuild. Although the (rear) suspension was just about adequate for immediate use it really did require refreshing. Most bushes were shot, CV boots perished and the wheel bearings were awful. It really was time for a full rebuild. The objective was to build up a complete refreshed rear end and, whilst fitting it, complete/tidy various areas left over from the saga of the rebuilding of the sills/jacking points, particularly the area behind the 'beer cans' which is inaccessible with the rear axle in place. I also decided to upgrade and modify the axle to 'M5+' spec with the axle being fully adjustable for toe and camber angles, along with a few other choice upgrades. Massive update on this soon. I'll do a full write up if folks are interested in such things and I can find the time......
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted new fog lights to finish the job of new inner tail lights and halogen upgrade. Just before the rain came down. Pictures of old and new. Old ones - particularly the left passenger side - rotten and water damaged. newold Looking at this the work I had done years ago on the bumper is starting to spot with stone chips. Doesn't look so bad from a distance. I had a fibreglass repair to a split about 7 years ago and its held up surprisingly. Just doing loads of other work and you can go on an on I suppose and budget isn't endless.. That said found new ones available in Poland - not sure how much.
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    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Yeah this is Paul's old car. I bought it off him in 2011.
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    Propshaft rear coupling

    Just a wee update, sourced a new Febi Bilstein (who supply BMW so I ve been told) flexi disc with new bolts from Autodoc for £72 delivered. Mate fitted it today, all good.
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    *Rubber boots (MAF-throttle valve) *CCV system *Rubber grommets at the rear end of intake manifold *DISA
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Lies. I haven't managed 1 month yet.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Unseasonably good weather at the moment and a free weekend resulted in a last minute dash to Ludlow for the Food Festival. Was nice to just chuck all the camping stuff in the M5 and cruise there and back again in e39 effortlessness. The quality of the finish of the paint sees me looking back time and again - feels like having a new car. Now the mornings are getting darker/chillier I've contemplated clearing space in the garage to go away at night on the shittier winter days. But nah, she'll be staying out and getting used all year round. Cheers
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    bit of an update for those keeping tabs lol. Rear Brakes have been refurbed to match the fronts are now on the car along with the fronts. Supercharger kit has also now been installed. Few bits and pieces left to do then I can give it a road test few pics for ya