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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mine had a full body mop today. Scrubbed up well!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Gave the old girl a bath and booked her in for wheel and caliper refurb next week Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    This has got to stop!

    They get everywhere!
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    Go-faster snails

    I parked up against a bush for two weeks and now I've got a bunch of go-faster snails installed. I'll let you know how they affect the dynamic characteristics of the car.
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    SuperDave RIP

    If you're having a glass of wine/beer/other beverages are available tonight then please raise a glass to SuperDave, Dave Andrews for it was his funeral today. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I passed in mine and the forums condolences to his widow. RIP SuperDave, cheers to a life well lived.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Got it back from the body shop this week. It has had new front wings along with the bnnet, wing mirrors and sills being painted, bottom of the doors removed the rust and jacking points cutting out and re-welding. All done at The Motorworks in Gloucester - definately reccomend. Just need to leave it for a few weeks before I coat the paint so it sufficiently hardens. Also need to get some new door strips as the originals were rotten. Not sure I want to put the mud flaps back on - yes they are original but don't want to trap any crud behind them causing a starting point for rust. Having it one colour now has made a big difference to the overal appearance the mirrors and the black sills let it down before but not any more.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The Tourings first outing and ‘long drive’ since buying it. Haven’t done any long distances in it since fetching it back from Glasgee 8 weeks ago Its on its first road trip over to Anglesey for a few days
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    This has got to stop!

    The other day I was driving along the A40 when traffic came to a standstill. I take a glance to my left and what do I see? I see a 5 Series GT that has been debadged, probably a 520d. What did they stick on it instead? You know what's coming! An M5 badge [emoji2357] I've also seen a E60 520d with the 520d badge still on, but an M5 badge attached to the left side. Seriously, this does not look cool and it just makes you look like a plank. This has got to stop! Enough with the M badges already. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    e39 purchase

    Ok folks, this is where we're at. I'm having four 'quality' budget tyre from Black-circles fitted on Thursday. Being pensioners we can't afford top-end rubber & the low annual mileage we're likely to do together with our driving style (definitely not like a hearse, but no track-days!) doesn't warrant the cost. The deal coming with a warranty to replace any irreparably damaged tyre during it's lifetime is attractive, seeing as how we've had to replace two tyres over the past 18 months due to so-called tradesman dropping screws on the road near us. I'll have a good service done (inc. coolant) together with the replacement of the hoses & rad cap at my local garage, but things like water pump/rad/etc. will have to wait a little longer. We may have to invest in a new battery as well, a receipt shows it to be only two years old but the car standing idle plus umpteen 'jump starts by the dealer probably hasn't done it a power of good … it's currently on an overnight bench charge. Lastly (for the moment) please don't anybody think I'm ignoring any of the good advice received on the ground of that 'I know better, it's just a question of priorities.
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    I have added the pictures to my first post one last time after multiple PM's and now getting Google requests from people... I've given a lot of time to this forum but I think it's time to say a final good-bye. I have enjoyed my time on here and have made many friends but I think things have changed. I did try to help out after Darren passed but the atmosphere that once was just isn't here anymore. Please enjoy my E39 retrofit guides whilst they're still 'live' and I hope it will inspire some others to keep retrofitting to their E39/E38's Ray
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    Ant's 98 535i Project

    So first day out out in the E39. Lovely weather and thought I'd show my face at the Forge motorsport's annual brunch club. Fair few BMW's there but it's amazing how much rust was around! Really proud of how mine looked. I did leave early but overheard some cracking comments from on lookers that these are getting rare. Can't wait to get the wheels and grills done next week! However, I do have a coolant leak. Cant quite see where from from but I have filled it up twice in three days. Looking to do a fool coolant system overhaul, how much would I be looking at? Anything else needed? -water pump, -top/bottom hoses, -full flush etc Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Well been a while since posted as still can’t use Tapatalk for some strange reason, apparently Tapatalk have a fix so will message admin when get five mins Anyway since was last on, now fitted my Wagner (sore knuckles job such a tight fit !!) and had her back on rolling road and tweaked my map again and then today fitted new wheels , quite pleased with them and not seen any on an F11 still got fit my CarPlay adapter and hardwire my rear dash camera only 2 other things I’m thinking about are quad exhaust possibly and defiantly a bigger brake kit
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    535i Andrew

    Castrol and LL04 approval ?

    The only dipstick in my car is between the seat and steering wheel.
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    Castrol and LL04 approval ?

    I have been doing 10K miles..."home oil changes" for my last two BMW 520D estates ( an E61 and F11). And I have always used the "cost effective" solution of GM's Dexos2 5W-30 which is BMW LL04 approved. This is easily obtained via FleaBay for ~£20 / 5 Litres.............Both cars exceeded 200K miles with no engine issues seen ....and both were/are still on their original Turbochargers....which is usually the first part to suffer from poor oil quality. And yes .........both cars had N47 engines and neither suffered any timing chain issues.....Go figure.....Regular Oil changes almost certainly reduces the risks. Both cars required DPF replacements at ~170/180K miles, but this is simply down to them reaching their end of useful life through internal ash Build up....and nothing to do with the Oil Quality So in my personal opinion save your "Castrol sized" money for beers, and use GM's finest instead...............I believe VAG Quantum is now similarly priced online and LL04 approved too. Peter.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Put the engine on the stand for stripping and rebuilding M57NTü 535d
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    So tried these 17" Hartge rims on for size this week. I have had them for a while but not got around to trying them on the car, they were always one of my favourite rims. But I still think the Borbets edge it
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    Speaking from bitter experience, these auto box faults can happen with no prior warning or symptoms. Even with having the box serviced, twice.
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    Vanos seals changed

    Changed my vanos seals a couple of weeks ago. The car had a really strange problem where the idle would dip at regular intervals after start-up. On one occasion it even conked out. Did some searching and found myself learning all about vanos problems. Great. Ordered the seal kit from Beisan, and the rest of the parts from BMW. Took me the whole day as I've not had the car long and this was my first job under the bonnet, so I wasn't familiar with the vehicle at all. In at the deep end! If I did it again it would take half the time. The bit I really didn't like- cutting out the old seals! The point of no return... But the new seals were actually really easy to fit. In fact it was the faff of getting to the vanos unit that was the hard part, once I'd removed it the seal change was straightforward enough. My "cold start idle dip" has now been fixed. To drive, I don't really feel any difference. I was hoping for an increase in mpg, was 32 before (real), 33 after. So the problem evidently wasn't so bad after all, but I'm glad I've got it sorted.
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    Jeremy Kyle.

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    Well, I hate reading threads that have no conclusion from the OP, so thought I would follow up to confirm that I have had the Flywheel / Flexplate (https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=PX92-EUR-12-2009-E61N-BMW-535d&diagId=11_2717) replaced and now have no noise Thanks for the help and advice.
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    Rebuilt the vanos! Finally the engine is going together again
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Everyone is cleaning up - I washed mine after a few days around the Cotswolds - that V8 noise is epic
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    Work done part 2: Mtec grooved brakes all round; Mtec brake discs on the rears, EBC Yellowstuff up front; HEL braided brake lines with Motul DOT 5.1 fluid; prop donut changed too (a few heat shields removed and it's extremely spotless under there) and the 'copy' undertray fitted too. Needed a bit of fettling, but it fits fine and for £50 inc delivery from France, worth it over the c£150 OEM part from BMW Germany:
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    Oh; rear drop links and prop duffnut being changed too... Think I might leave the brakes to another session when they can be done in one go along with the lines, but will see how things go tomorrow The cars been given a good wash and Autoglym Aqua Wax though in readiness; it's nice to work on a clean car
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    A quick check over this morning at my pals; skewiff steering wheel sorted, cars driving straight & true Its immaculate underneath, not an ounce of rust... Did find the oil filter housing gasket leaking though, so that’s been ordered along with a new stat, water pump, coolant, the 2 main belts etc, oil and filter ordered also & booked in, next Tuesday, to have it all fitted Will get more pics up as things progress