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    I like mine
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    Bought another e39- again

    So I had the opportunity to buy a 528 touring with over heating issues very cheap... turns out, the car got hot and was shut down - it then wouldn't restart with suspected low compression. I got the car trailered to my house and started work. It turns out there was no fuel at all. I popped a new radiator and water pump in to see If it was worth saving and it is as sweet as anything, really smooth and powerful. Anyway...
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    @t.wak - Thank you sir @Mazz - Thank you sir...as well. Update time! An oil pan - I think it's clean enough. ooooh...wiring And done They got it right the second time around...sorta Nice and shiny Time for a first start with the obligatory missing exhaust Its finally on the ground. Have to do something about that wheel gap Unfortunately, we put the exhaust back on. Far too quiet now. And it actually drove, quite nicely. Tyres are rubbish so couldn't really tell if there was any propshaft vibration. Bath time Added a plate surround and a badge Trying out a Dynaudio wheel well subwoofer. Really impressed with the bass output No body smuggling here...I swear. Added some throwing star covers. They need to be sprayed silver again. Now this is going to be interesting. More on this later. Great success.
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    Sterling Grey E39 530 Sport Touring

    Purchased from member sutts last week (also acquired from the forum by him), my 2nd E39 Touring although this one is in far better condition! Lots of paperwork and history came with it and it was obviously very well cared for in the past. Notable extras include auto lights, auto wipers, folding mirrors and auto a/c.
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    Deepest Yorkshire, just round the corner from the Woolpack!
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    Random shot I took on Sunday in a very small lane in wales lol
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had the tracking checked this morning, when the suspension was replaced before lockdown they didn't have the B10 on their machine so it was setup as an M5. Turns out that's pretty close to how Alpina spec it anyway but popped along to the Wheel Alignment center in Southampton where Nick uses a Supertracker as opposed to the Hunter most people seem to prefer, he has great feedback on Pistonheads and I used him when I first bought the car in 2013 and tyres have worn evenly so more than happy with his knowledge: Car was cleaned at the weekend as we're off to Northumberland tomorrow for a few days, fat lot of good that was with the torrential rain this morning!
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    If you look at some of the reviews of the SQR 46 they are not that great. The consensus seems to be that it looks pretty good but there are quite a few annoying issues with the controls. The main one being the implementation of selecting the Bluetooth source, you have buttons for FM1, FM2, FMT, AM and DAB but for Bluetooth you have to scroll through a menu at the end of which is Bluetooth. I don't think it automatically selects Bluetooth when you get a call either, which would be very annoying. Have a look on Amazon and translate some of the German reviews. I did consider this unit, but in the end went for a period Professional RDS radio which is fine and cost me less than the SQR 46, it has no DAB but it was modified to incorporate Bluetooth when you select AM on a single button press. I like the way it groups radio stations with similar RDS names together, if you click on BBR, it lets you select the BBC radio channel from a sub list. On Sunday, despite the crap weather, I went for a nice long drive in the dales with some other BMW CC members, starting from Bowes museum in Barnard Castle (so about an hours drive to get to the start) on some really nice single track twisty roads over the top to Tan Hill Inn and Aysgarth finishing near Bedale. Loved every minute, now I just have to clean all the sheep shit off when it stops raining.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    show and shine entry at Forge Action Day at Castle Combe today. I was the only person who when arrived didn’t get out and clean the car, someone even brought a vacuum and another had mirrors to show off the underside (the temptation to put some oil on the mirrors was so strong). Maybe that’s why I didn’t win! Or that fact that my suspension isn’t broken and tyres fit properly (don’t have air ride, stupid camber or stretched tyres). Those kinds of modifications I just can’t quite comprehend. I appreciate most things cars, even though it’s not what I would do, but that is just utter stupid. These three things seem to be all the rage now, and massive stickers behind the wipers at the bottom of the windscreen. That could be it for the year, I can’t SORN it yet as I might need to move it about so I can get my other car in the garage to do some work on. Although I need to find a knocking noise. I think it’s exhaust. I’ve been told to look at the ARB drop links which I will do. Car doesn’t feel wayward or loose and makes no noise when driving in a spirited manner. Hard to replicate consistently which would make finding it easier. Just need to get it properly in the air so I can get under it. Tbh it is just part of car ownership and I am not bothered by it in the slightest as it will get sorted. Winter plans will be find and resolve the knock and that is about it. I am happy with the spec and that of it. Doesn’t need any more restoration style jobs yet. I’m very happy with it!
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    I changed the silver hex trim to the grey fineline trim yesterday. Much more in keeping with the old man beige....
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    Why would anyone want a 10kW kettle? You couldn't use one on a 13amp plug... I did use the Ecodirective as a good example of EU interference. It does still affect almost every aspect of our lives as everything uses energy in its manufacture or its use. Some items have been made to use very little energy in use and manufacture but are no longer durable... in some cases the end of a products warrany defines the end of a products life. Given that I started my working life in manufacturing and have worked in quite a few countries, I am amused that there is a class of you Brits who despise the very thought that someone in this country might have an idea, research it, carry out marketing studies, take on an industrial unit with the view to manufacture and possibly employ someone.. Give a youngster a job better than flipping burgers or working in a call centre. That may be good enough for you but it isn't good enough for folk who want more and better.. The last few months have demonstrated two things to me, one is just how many people don't need to be on the road and the other is how well the country operated despite the fact that a lot of pointless people who have worthless jobs were shut up in their homes... Yep the important people were still out there, repairing roads, emptying bins, fixing electrical faults, stocking and manning the supermarkets, whilst the useless ones stayed safe. So yes, I will be alright Jack, it has been the attitude of a certain class of person to sneer at working folk, the people who make your world work. This class are the people who have made EU membership work for them and are the ones bellyaching about us having left and are now shiiting themselves about what they are going to do now the gravy train has hit the buffers.. What's worse is that it takes a German to tell you this... Now I'm out of here.. Keep on whinging dudes
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    N57 timing chain....my experience

    I know everyone hates this topic, mainly around the 57's little brother, but I wanted to highlight my experience (to note I won't be mentioning dealership groups, names or locations for obvious reasons stated below) A couple of points to note first though: Mine is a 640D GC, but either way for the sake of this consider it a 535D! It has fully comp BMW extended warranty I could have gone to a specialist agreed, but take into account point 2 My car only today has just clocked over 66k I have owned this car since it had just over 2k on the clock I have history in previous cars of them going in for the same issue multiple times and ultimately destroying my enjoyment and ownership of the vehicle from DMF failing/failures (9 times) to an engine needing replacement (4 times). My car before lockdown, and maybe even earlier in the lifespan of it, had the odd moment "shh" on startup in varying state of cold or warm, this was not the classic rattle as some would expect of a TC! That being said during lockdown and post lockdown it had begun to critically become more frequent and more regular, and overall more frustrating. Combine this with me occassionally noticing the engine sounding more "clattery" more so in the warm up phase and overall just not quite itself (I would hope I know my car considering I have driven it for 64,000 miles!). Taking advantage of BMW assist it went in 6 times to one BMW dealer with a suggestion I go visit another dealer for a 2nd opinion or wait for component failure after the final time. I have also had 2 BMW roadside assist guys all of whom could not fault the car in anyway, one eventually just saying drive it down there and I will meet you there! But, for me the car was simply not right, somehow, I stopped going for drives just for the sake of it, I would simply avoid going out in it, because I almost knew I would just come back hating the car for this "issue". The car got returned on a Wednesday, by the following Monday the car had done it regularly 4 times in a row that day, that morning I also noticed the car seemed "lethargic", not lacking a huge amount of go, but for someone who has driven it regularly it was not quite "there", not the rocketship it once was. Also I had noticed, worringly, that sitting still if revved the TC was noiser (not flapping!) and also was noiser at lower RPM (if before the TC was slightly audible at 1700 - 1800rpm, I could hear it at 1300 - 1500rpm now). Time for another call, but this time the car was going to another dealer still localish, but lets get that 2nd opinion! Either way the car spent just over 1 week at the second dealer, with 3 technicians and 1 master tech. Only the master tech picked up on the noise and RPM's, after multiple starts and a fair few drives, and one YT video of a similar sounding (but worse N57), I got a call to say that the cam cover was coming off and the top chain was being checked after them comparing it against 3 other 640's with similar mileages, one TC sounded noiser than mine! Thank god someone was actually listening and they had something to compare it against. So the fix for my car well, it has only had the top chain and tensioner replaced, so yes there is still the lower chain, tensioner and guides potentially in the future. I won't lie that makes me feel a tiny bit nervous, but I cannot complain as the car drives like my 640D "did" and should. It also starts without any undue noise I was hearing, the clatter in the warm up phase has gone, the car warms up faster (at similar air temperatures and traffic conditions) and to top it all my MPG has improved. The final nail in the coffin so to speak, the car is not making any TC noise until 1800 RPM. The sad bit: my car only has 66k on, oil changed every 10k and the TC stretch was still actually within BMW specifications (yes what I am saying is that I had a very understanding workshop foreman look after my car, who wanted to obviously earn some coin, but satisfy a customer) If you are concerned in anyway then do listen to them on startup, warm up and occassionally when stationary by listening by the driver's door under the sill (ideally record it on your phone, although not 100% conclusive all the time) After speaking with their master tech a few things came to light: He has now done a few N57 chains, and is aware even outside the network there is a few more appearing as they age. Most have been police ones as you can imagine within the dealer network! It is always the top chain that is stretched based on his experience, and even my research would point to this An N57 TC should only make any audible noise continously between 1800 RPM and be gone by 2500 RPM, this might be more difficult for the single turbo guys having listened to a few Even he "off the record" said get the oil swapped out every 10k if you want them to last! If it is rattling or flapping, well it is buggered and needs changing, stop driving it Any questions let me know, but I wanted to highlight my experience! For the record yes I am back to loving mine, again, it also passed the MOT for another year, first time. I am keeping an eye on the shocks though as one of the 640's mentioned above had shagged shocks all round by 70k!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Couldn't agree more! Toting up the bills is enough to make a grown man cry Also reminds me of... My biggest fear is that when I die my wife will sell my car parts for what I told her I paid for them!
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    Boot locked help :(

    Well I’m pleased to say got my drill ready went right in just above the linkage cable was abit of a fiddle drilling through,but hey presto managed to get the boot open then checked the loom had a split wire soldered it back on all working now,went through all the wiring for the trunk taped it up slightly thicker just for any further damage it may cause,now I just gotta file the hole slightly smoother touch it up with paint and stick a rubber bung in there just incase for future,thanks all for the reply’s much appreciated.
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    Nurburg - summer 2019
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    '05 E60 530d Manual - Underside refresh

    What a joyous weekend! Ok, I guess sarcasm doesn't really come across that well in writing. I got the rear subframe inside and stripped it. I knackered the threads on the end of one driveshaft, I thought I had the lock tabs far enough back but they took out the thread around the cutaways on the driveshaft. Then the thread picked up on the integral link (the long bush that attaches between the rose joint, hub and lower arm) going into the hub. I started to drill the thread out in preparation for repairing it then thought it would be wise not to, it's too critical an area and used hubs aren't too expensive - I then noticed the wheel bearing had the beginnings of play so I wrote that hub off. The brake backplates are also corroded near the mounts so I'll have to get them all round. I did get round to repairing the handbrake cable retainer on the other hub though. I welded a nut on and left it to cool down, sometimes works but didn't in this case, a thread repair was necessary. The offending bolt: Drilled and tapped for the Timesert insert: Counterbored for the wider head of the insert: Hey presto! M6 hole back where it should be. I cleaned up the R/H (left in picture) hub. Vapour blasting would give it a much nicer uniform finish but I just wanted the worst of the crud off it without spending more bloody money! The lower arms got the same treatment as well, before/after for comparison.
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    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    It has been a while since the last update, and the car has had a fair bit done to it. I spent a chunk of time trying to get the water+methanol injection working properly. I am happy with it now. *Methanol is really horrible stuff, handle with extreme care* There are some benefits to working in a lab. After some data logging, I found the peak boost is around 2.8 bar absolute. This is a little over target, but it achieves it fairly regularly without problem. The injection range is now set to linearise between 0.8 and 1.8 bar gauge (12.5 to 27 psi on the controller). I fitted a 500 cc/min nozzle initially, which should be about right for ~ 300 hp at 1.8 bar gauge. The kit comes with 2 x 1000 and 1 x 500 cc/min nozzles. I may well try the 1000 cc/min, but I want to do some proper dyno testing to figure out if this is actually needed. Results have been good. MPG is way up, especially when taking it easy. It uses ~ 5 l of 50:50 water:methanol per tank diesel for mixed driving. The car has been running really well and has seen a lot of use around the Alps. Unfortunately, it developed a slight water leak halfway up a mountain in Morzine. Culprit was the bleed plug, a fresh one is in now. I used the time on the ramps to fit the new clutch master cylinder and line. * cylinders Still very firm, but a bit better. The old line was from 1999 and a little bit cracked. I also made up a new injector loom to properly fit the E60 injectors and follow the M57N routing across the top of the inlet manifold. This let me fit the rear acoustic cover form the M57N, the whole set up looks quite clean now. The front brakes had frustrated me. The protection plate had corroded out and was rubbing, and there was still a bit of judder. I fitted new plates and M5 bearings, which have the additional studs to support the disc. To try to stop the judder, I poly bushed the other controls. For anyone thinking of do this, black is way too firm for UK roads, the feedback is horrible. Purple is fine. My favourite modification has been a new exhaust. Wish I had done this sooner. I took it to Powerflow in Southampton, really impressed with them and their work. It’s a 3” down pipe with cat into a 2.5” mid section with resonator and silencer. Bit of noise low down, but no drone on the motorway. Pleasingly subtle. I found another set of less-cracked poplar trim (seems they’re all cracked to some extent), so swapped out all the better bits. It got through the MOT with an advisory on the handbrake, so that has been done as well. Really enjoying the car now. It's inspired a couple friends to get the too. Took it up to help fix a TT with these two, some very cool cars in there. It is back out in Europe now, with no problems at all. It drives beautifully on the mountain roads, the Jura is great if you ever get the chance. Next, is the turbo actuator. That may take some time to perfect though. Until then, cheers
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    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    E32 is stripped down to the rocker covers atm. Waiting on parts/gaskets so I can build it back up. But in the meantime I’ve bought it some company ...
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    It finally got the CH-Rs back, I had to referb the E93s wheels & I wanted to wait till I’d put the lowering springs on that too see how they looked with low suspension, but that ended up a bit too low! First time seeing it with the new custom grill, resprayed bumper & the proper wheels. They look better on the E39 than the E93... Better again in the sun
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    '05 E60 530d Manual - Underside refresh

    The underseal is done. Had a good couple of dry days, the first mostly masking everything up and the second applying it, Dinitrol 4941. I went up the rear to just above the bumper mounts as well, I forgot to snap a pic but the reasoning being there were several small blisters. I didn't go up into the transmission tunnel as it was in good shape. I can finally start to get it back together now but theres a lot of work still to be done! Most of the parts I've been hoarding, still need to pick up lower rear wishbone bushes, front brake back plates and some other stuff I've probably forgotten! Still to pull the intake and find the source of the oil leak too. - Lemforder F+R arms, drop links, rear bushes, front top mounts and tie rod ends - EBC Ultimax discs and pads - in hindsight I should have looked more into upgrades but these will do for now - HEL brake lines in smoked black - was tempted to go with yellow or purple to match the KW's but thought better of it, not like you can see them anyway! - Powerflex subframe and diff mounts - BMW flex disc, centre support bearing, front caliper seals, front ARB bushes, rear vents, shifter arm front bushes and ball outer along with a few clips for the brake/fuel lines. Aftermarket would have done for some of this but I've found the rubber generally doesn't last on non genuine parts. - Autofren aluminium front caliper pistons - old ones had just broken through the anodising around the main seal as the dust seals were no longer doing their job The calipers may not be to everyones taste but I thought it would compliment the tan interior and it's not too far fetched from the metallic orange on some of the modern BMWs . I wanted something different to the usual colours. The finish isn't perfect but the powdercoater forewarned me, again not like you can see much of them. Hopefully they will stand up to the heat. The rear caliper hardware just needed a clean up, before on the left and after on the right. The calipers are all rebuilt now, something to do when it's not so nice weather outside! Front coilovers built - the old passenger mat makes a great kneeling pad BTW! Luckily I had an old 'special tool' I knocked up years ago for doing front suspension, a 22mm socket with flats milled into it for a 19mm open ender. The rebound adjustment on the KWs is where you usually find a 6mm internal hex/allen on normal shocks. I had to grind the inside out for a 10mm socket to pass through and hold the piston rod. I also knocked off the pins while access is easy, it's probably going to need a bit of fiddling anyway to get the alignment sorted as I plan to run it slightly lower than the M-sport suspension
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    Miss placed the main key again so decided to try fixing the other original one you need three hands to hold the new push switch in place, get the iron in place & feed in the correct amount of solder in. Luckily my daughter was keen to help she fed in the perfect amount for the switch & new battery so we now have two working keys. Of course the other key turned up a day or so after doing this having been missing for weeks!
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    Working VIN Decoder

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    An easy purchase decision, it really is as clean as the photos show!
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    Cadwell Parker

    F11 strange alarm behaviour

    Ok, back again with another (and being optimistic, final) update. Soon after fitting the new battery the strange alarm behaviour returned along with same fault codes. Using ISTA and my limited diagnostic skills I narrowed the problem down to a few things but never got round to delving any deeper. I had booked the car in for some suspension work at a local BMW friendly garage so asked them to try a bit more diagnosis while the car was with them. They concluded there was a problem with alarm module/siren which lives in the space behind the osr wheel arch/rear bumper mounting. They ordered a new one (£143+VAT) and I took the car in this morning and hung around while they fitted it. Circumventing the newtis approved method of removal they were able to avoid taking off the bumper and bumper mount by undoing a few wheel arch liner fixings. Once removed it was obvious the alarm module was full of water with no obvious source other than 1 missing wheel arch liner fixing at the bottom inner rear corner. The garage didn't think that'd be enough to cause the problem. While it probably won't have helped the modules are apparently prone to this kind of failure and BMW have replaced lots for the same reason. The garage fitted the new module, gave me a new wheel arch liner fixing, cleared the fault codes and all seems well. The car is now parked outside the house in the rain locked, with the alarm set. So far so good.