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    Bought it & drove it home
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    More pics of progress on the full respray underway at the bodyshop: On that last pic the bonnet had to be taken all the way back to bare metal (this was previously resprayed by Oxford Crash Repair in 2013 but the paint had started to peel - we found they'd just resprayed over the top of the original paint with minimal prep. Cowboys.) She'll be painted and back with me in a week or so.
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    Up to Glasgow today to buy this Decided that diesel and I do not get on; so the land-barge went yesterday and this was collected today These are pics from the seller; it's covered just over 85k miles and drives faultlessly... Had plenty of work to it, just needs my touch
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    New G31 arrival

    Switched from a 16 plate 335d xDrive saloon to this 530d xDrive touring. Such a lovely car. Most refined and comfortable i've ever driven. Really pleased with combination of Bluestone and black alloys. It's all subjective, but i was worried it was going to be too 'halfords' but looks just right.
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    F11 Speaker and Amp Upgrade

    I have the base audio system in my 2013 530d Touring and I'm not happy with the sound so I started work on upgrading it today. Parts: DSP: Alpine PXE-H650 £100.00 Amplifier: Vibe Slick Stereo 4 £35.00 Speaker Set: MB Quart QM200C £275.00 Tweeter Covers: £13.00 Silent Coat 2mm (4 sheets): £5.39 Fabric Tape: £3.19 Phono Cables: £2.78 Power Cable: £14.50 Inline Fuse: £6.99 Speaker Wire £9.59 Trim Removal Tools £7.29 Total £465.44 Removed the four T50 bolts, tilted the seat back and removed the cover (four T20 screws). Removed the old speaker (four T10 screws). I was suprised how lightweight the new speaker is. It's bigger though, and we all know bigger is better. The speakers came with a blue connector that fits the BMW. This was wired to work with the built in head unit amplifier so I ha to modify it. I don't have a tool to release the terminal pins and after trying various screwdrivers, a knife, paper clip and a needle, I gave up and drilled them out. I then soldered the new wires on and pushed them back in and glued it all together. If anyone wants to know more about this and what needs to be wired to what, then I can post a more details when I have more time. I wanted to use these connectors rather than cut the facotry wiring so that I can refit the original speakers if I sell the car. I put all three wires together and taped them using the TESA fabric tape. Then removed the trim from the sills and fed the wires through to the back seat. I fed laid the wires across the back seat under the fabric trim and carpet then removed the side bolster and fed the wires trhough into the boot. I'll take photos of that tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm planning to: - Fit the passenger side sub - Wire the passenger side - Fit both side door speakers (tweeter covers have't arrived yet though) - Wire the amp and DSP to the battery - Test to check everything is working before I replace all the trim and seats
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    The BBC referred lovingly as Auntie amongst their employees is as far from the British people's Auntie as you could imagine ... False news and a real hate of the people that pays their tax's to the BBC is very sickening and once you see their actions in the cold light of day leaves one unable/willing to pay the BBC's tax ( The people of this land have been paying to be brain washed by Auntie Beeb for far too long) The other media outlets at least fund their own propaganda machine ....
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    The Trotters

    Not BMW, but no doubt Del Boy will try to sell it as one of Munich’s finest
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Got round to changing my pads, discs and callipers along with a brake bleed. Cheers Tims again for sorting me the 540 callipers. Cheers again d_a_n1979 for the brake advice...although I did bottle the mtec c-hooks and pads...so stuck to my tried and tested pagid. ECP had a 55% sale so couldn't say no. Everything went like a charm...although my disc shield needed a bit of persuading off my mallet so it didn't contact the disc. Then after wrapping up...took it for a gentle spin round the block and there was an awful scraping sound coming from the o/s. Come back and whipped the wheel back off...and clocked a tiny stone wedged between the disc and plate...after a bit of poking and ramming with a metal ruler...the stone was free and the disc span freely with no noise. Wheel back on, another spin around the block...nice and quiet now. I've been bedding them in and the stopping force at higher speeds is definitely noticeable. Cant wait for them to get even better once fully bed-in. Oh and for the possible haters...we all know red callipers gives you an extra hp per wheel
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    In the afternoon sun today after a quick wash...
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    To some degree I agree with that. You don't get to where he is in business without a fair degree of bravado and a lot of cunning. I'm not fond of the man. I thought he'd be a disaster, but I've been surprised, and because out of necessity I'd long learned to read deeper than the media before he became president, I can see through the complete BS that's being sold to us. Anyway, I'm not going to argue about it anymore.... Political discussions rarely end well, and most of us here are pretty.set.on their political alignment. No amount of back and forth here will shift anyone. I'll just leave it at, I don't like him, but I do believe he's doing good things for the USA.
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    He's boosted trade, he's got the lowest unemployment figures for decades, people are taking home more pay thanks to his tax cuts, yet the government is earning more in revenue due to increased productivity. He's making every effort to uphold his promises. He's trying to pull American troops out of the Middle East. The markets are up significantly. Thanks to Trumps policies I hope to be building a house for cash later this year. I didn't invest until in the USA after he became president because under 0bama the markets were stagnant. The indicators said take a chance and I did. I was going to pull them last year but more opportunities surfaced and I'm glad I took the chance. Those same indicators are saying invest in GB after brexit. So I'll be looking to invest pretty heavily in British industry provided the government don't mess this while brexit thing up. You're looking at the issue with blinkers on. You see everything they want you to see and you simply don't bother to look for what's underneath. The first step I advise anyone to do is stop believing what anyone shows you and look for the truth yourself. Most people couldn't be bothered to spend a few hours digging into what's behind the stories in the news, seeing what's really false, and what's really going on. I don't even watch TV or pick up a newspaper, because it's all rubbish designed to keep you down. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    After a long wait, the prep work began today for a full respray More to come...hopefully will have paint on by the weekend
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    Well worth getting the underside treated - Brake lines, wheel arches, sill interiors. Had mine done a couple of months ago. It was like new with covers and wheel arch liners removed.
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    There is something very sexy about seeing foam running across the f10 currrves especially carbon black Edit loving thy ps91's and working rear springs. Like a new car. So glad to be RFT free finally, am all clear.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Fitted the new suspension yesterday with the help from my brother. I did prepare the car first by removing the back seat to save his time. We did have a chat as we did it and took our time and it was all completed in about 4 hours total. The fronts were easy enough to get off. Only had to fight with the brake piston to get it back in far enough for the new pads. Rears were even easier, but I knew that as even I have done them on my own! Sits a lot better now. Front has dropped a lot but I think it was also drop a bit more when it has settled. Little drive home and it does feel a lot more tight. Wasn’t too mad with it as the boot was full and just wanted to make sure it was all correct first. Give a another drive this week and get the wheels aligned. So everything is new that holds the suspension to the car - dampers, springs, wheel bearings, dust shields, brakes, bolts, sensors the lot. When I was out in it last week, exited a roundabout and something went twang. Then it started to knock and the rear drivers side had dropped. Broken spring? Nope. The damper body had rotted away. Got the most out of it as I wasn’t worried as I knew I was changing them in a few days! I’m going to “complain” to BMW about their shoddy quality as as far as I can see these are the original rear dampers while the rear seats were out I replaced the back speakers. One was awful and crackled at loud volume. Turns out the cone was ripped. Now it sounds as good as an 80’s tape deck does! Next few jobs are: * get the body work sorted. Did notice the front wings are staring to show their age. They might have to be replaced at the same time. * 4 pot Brembo brakes and do I put a front spoiler on it?
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    If you're working on E39's with the doors open etc. for more than a couple of minutes, it's ESSENTIAL to hook up a battery charger, and quite a beefy one at that. They will eat their way through a fully charged, brand new battery in an amazingly short period of time. The way the iBus system works, unlocking or opening a door will wake the whole car up and, with the amount of old electronic modules in these cars that take quite a high current, it's a recipe for a flat battery.
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    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Amazing to see some real rare beauties on here. I may have dribbled quite a bit. Mines shorter than some but I do love these big german lumps. First BMW I owned back in 2012 was this 2001 Y reg E39 530d SE Auto Touring with many toys: Unfortunately my circumstances changed in 2013 and with having proven to be so utterly unreliable I made the hard decision to sell and swore off BMW's but kept looking at them online and thinking maybe one day. Fast forward to 2017 and after a messy break up I had no car and not much money. My brother however had treated himself and upgraded from his 2003 E46 318i to a 2012 F30 328i and as the 318i had some running issues he offered it to me for peanuts as long as I fixed it. So I did.and ended up using it for a bit but I just didn't gel with it. not sure if it was the lack of 2 cylinders or that it just didnt feel very substantial compared to my old 5 but just never bonded with it, So short time later (never even bothered putting my name on the logbook) I part ex'd it against a rather nice 2004 E60 520i SE. Had actually been looking for either a 525 or 530 and erring more towards the e39 but I just could not say no to this especially after the test drive when it pulled so much better than the 525i I had test driven earlier that day. Needed some cosmetic attention but mechanically sound and got a great deal (1K plus the E46) Unfortunately fate was not kind to me. To pay off debts my ex had left me with I was working 2 jobs so my down time to work on cars was slim and when the sump gasket sprung a leak I decided to do a few other jobs I had been planning so I bought a Rover to run around in and started the work. With the car in bits and looking sorry for itself I was then involved in a rather painful crash which I am still getting over from September 2017. As a result it wasn't until August 2018 that I started working on it again slowly and eventually got it running again. Ran like a bag of crap, had loads more issues and half the electrics had died - E60's do not like being left apparently. As the run around car I had got to use that suited my back was an old Audi A4 auto I thought I could keep using that tlll I got this sorted. Then the Audi blew and I needed a replacement so decided to get another E60. Leading me to my current baby that is going nowhere: Once I get my crash compo hoping to get something a bit older and more unusual to keep as a toy but this car is going nowhere for the foreseeable although nervously I am taking it temporarily off the road to do the suspension as I have to work slowly with my back - if anyones local to bracknell and wants to help let me know
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    Quick swap around of the alloys & tyres this morning Off have come the Style 93s and winter tyres; back on are the Style 149s and summer tyres It's far too warm to be running winters
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Trump is a business man.. A complete loon but a business man, he is of course doing what will profit him, its obvious. I do wish he would come here and sort out our complete shambles of shit government and sort out Brexit
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    Trump's progress - or not - over the last two years: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38663043
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    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Pics during bodywork. Don't mind the "workshop" just trying to be as economical with cash as possible. And it won't be sprayed outside for obvious reasons.
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    Today saw the replacement of the crank sensor in the Golden Nugget ... We travelled down south yesterday for a friends birthday paintball event which was very enjoyable and some 388 miles later We stopped off for some liquid gold at our local store ( the GN had performed faultless again) and on return The GN struggled to start ... But finally after starting cut out three times on the last mile home and finally cut out safe outside BHQ. This morning the GN would not start at all ... We guessed the crank sensor was at faulty So at 271,002 the GN's crank sensor finally went AWOL ... It was the original sensor as well ... yes that little retaining bolt was well rusted in And with the new sensor fitted GN purred into life with half a turn of her key Vonderbar
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    What ever your view on climate change we’ve only got so much raw material. Use it wisely... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I spent a bit of time today cleanng up my wheels. They didn't look too bad but I knew there was some improvement to be had. So Bilt Hamber Autowheel to the rescue. Never used this stuff before but was very impressed with the effectiveness and ease of use. Just spray on and watch it work. After 5 mins and a bit of agitation with a brush I gave the wheel a good rinse off and dried. There were a couple of tar spots to get rid of and then after a wipe down with some panel wipe I put on a coating of Wowos Crystal Sealant. The wheels are now much improved. The sealant is very hydrophobic. Water beads up very nicely and just runs off. They should be much easier to keep clean now