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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Headlight projector upgrade In 2014 I bought some aftermarket bi-xenon projector units to upgrade the headlights on the M5 as I've always thought the facelift xenon headlights in the e39 to be cack - my previous M5's pre-facelift lights were much better (larger, better quality reflector bowls behind the projector lense). Back then the only decent quality aftermarket RHD projectors available on the market were Morimoto FXR-3.0 from retrofitsource in the USA, which I duly bought, then in true style have sat on the shelf since: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-retrofit-kits/projectors/bi-xenon-morimoto-fx-r-3-0.html Added bonus of these units is they have a 12v switched solenoid that operates the shutter to switch from dipped to high-beam, i.e. they're "bi-xenon". Last week I finally got round to fitting them to a spare pair of headlights I bought recently to complete the project. I stripped these down to the headlamp chassis (bake lenses off, remove angel eyes, remove vanity shroud, pop height adjusters off), then removed the standard OE projector and binned them off: The Morimoto projectors have a different hole spacing arrangement so to fit them to the e39 headlamp chassis I made-up some cardboard templates and transferred this shape on to some 3mm carbon flatstock: (4 adaptors needed - upper and lower for each side) Then fitted the new projectors using M4 and M5 nuts and bolts I had lying around: And et voila! - the largest, best quality aftermarket projector I could find, assembled on to a e39 facelift light chassis. Headlights will go back together once some new lenses turn up next week, at which point I will report back with results.
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    Mould in E61 Taillights - Solved

    Hello A few weeks back I complained about mould in my taillights. This was the thread: i took the advice of @dirtydirtydiesel and bought a hand steamer. After 3 hours i took them all out and cleaned them 99% as in some places the mould entered the ultrasonic welding. Need a brush and some fine tools too. Very tedious I must say but i am happy with the results. I recommend that you do it. Protect the inner side while doing it. Before After Thanks and happy cleaning
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    Thought I would post something a little different after reading Ordinator’s Bellino Petrol Can post. I have collected a few period BMW accessories over the years for my E28s, many of which have cost a fortune but that is beside the point and that’s what I save for. I expect some of you own some of these as well and it would be interesting to hear and see what is out there. I do like a collection, so with the relevant pages from my 80’s BMW Accessories folder, I post my real collected items with the corresponding brochure pages below. My favourite is the new Pioneer head unit. The one that constantly eludes me is an 80s period BMW blue tow rope. My regret is selling my new 80s M Style umbrella just a little before Xmas because I needed the money - doubt I’ll see another one of those again. The bits have come from all around the world - America, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Egypt and more. It’s out there still but you have to put in hours, weeks, months of searching to find it. I get quite the buzz when I do. I also have quite a sizeable collection of BMW Biersteins which I will post up another time. Thanks for looking. Spare Bulb Set - used but unused bulbs Co-Pilot Map Reading Light, Warning Light / Lamp - new Hand Lamp - new Rarer First Aid Kit Box and Pillow Cushion both bought from America - used Rechargeable Glove Box Torch which found reproduced by the German company - new Burgundy leather wallets - new and Rowenta lighter - used but like new . Cross Pen set - could be new Key Fob - used Here is some in car entertainment accessories and options. Antenna Wipes - new An M Power sounds cassette which consists of recordings of various engine notes from various different cars - an E9 CSL race car for example ! I guess it made you think you was going faster than you actually were with this blasting out from the speakers ! Never played this one though. Cassette Tape Holder - new Pioneer KE 5230 Head Unit and TS 466 Speaker Grilles - new My own 9ltr Bellino Petrol Can - used but very very clean. I also have a rare 6ltr one which was made to fit under below 15” wheels in the spare wheel well. . Hope to see what you guys have out there ?...
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    Merry Christmas everyone one, i hope you’re all enjoying the festive season! After a bumpy year, I find myself single, and have decided what I really want is a slightly smaller car, that can put an even bigger grin on my face. I’ve sort of kept it in the BMW family... I’ve owned my Dad’s old 528i Touring for 8 years now, and enjoyed every mile I’ve driven. It really has been a jack of all trades, and very good at most of them. I want to say thank you to everyone for all the help I’ve received over the past 13 years of E39 ownership. I’ve made some awesome friends on here! Before I was in this forum I didn’t even know what a socket or ratchet was, but I’ve really enjoyed learning how to keep my E39 in great condition. Happy 2020 everyone, and keep enjoying the ultimate driving machine, Simon
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    Did a full de-con and paint correction on the 528i Topped it off with SiRAMIK SC15 then 12h later with SC-FLEX. Also cleaned and dressed the engine bay too. Now least they exterior looks like a car tgat has only done 23k!!!
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    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Quick update, just got to Hamburg. Did my first tank up. Did 697miles with 1/8 left in the tank. €80 to fill up and then on to the autobhan. Looked up to see the Mrs doing 130mph! Few photos!
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    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    I received a parcel yesterday from Felipe in Spain: Which was very well packaged: And contained this: Opened up this: Cleaned out this: Put this in here: Put the spare wheel back in: Put the boot carpet back in place and you would never know it was in there: Another little upgrade. Regards, Mick
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    So as the header says her X5 has only recently arrived and just before we came away for Christmas (whilst Bmw, under warranty, replaced basically the whole rear suspension) gave her a loved lovely 5 series replacement... That's she's demanded as the replacement.. Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
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    Heated seats retrofitted and working. It took 6 hrs from start to finish thanks to this forum I love the fact that the sport heated seats have additional heating in the side and bottom bolsters, as well as in the pull out thigh support.
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    Wind deflectors and nothing more. They don't need anything else.
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    I rarely venture out from the e34 section but spotted this thread so thought I’d post my favourite shot of my humble Touring...
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    Leather conversion

    I got by with tis for the schematics. I planned on fully taking pics and doing a nice right up but it got so painstaking when it was done I was glad it was done. Still got drivers door card left to do... today.
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    HNY to all E6x 5 forum members, old and new
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    The price of originality!

    Window trims for front and rear arrived. Should make quite a difference.
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    Help with increased emmission warning

    All done...£270 from bmw complete unit. The engine management light has turned itself off too!. The split was huge!. Car is very responsive now.
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    Parts being built up slowly for it's front end refresh come early Spring 2020 Thanks to @stu08 I've got a full set of the M door trims, OEM BMW chrome kidney grilles. I've also ordered the US/Jap spec rear number plate plinth insert and will sort an OEM plinth for the front. Will probably buy the MStyle electric/heated/folding wing mirrors too (I haven't the skills or patience to try and fix the gears in the current OEM wing mirrors) and get them painted & fitted at the same time Also sorted a set of 18" OEM alloys, which will be fully refurbed and shod with all new tyres; will reveal them close to the time
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    Damn good wash and brush up for mine today. Almost spring like at 9 degrees too! Had a spare half hour afterwards so went for a drive to blow all the water out of the nooks and crannies, stopping off for a few photos along the way at a deserted industrial estate.
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    £60k E34

    I bought an E34 M5 Touring about 13 years ago for about £4.5k; it was about half the price of every other car on the UK market at the time... for a reason... it was the worst one but it was all I could afford. At that time (13 years ago) the very, very best ones were £13k-£15k and the norm was about £9k to £12k with very few variations. I do agree (as I did at the time) that they aren't that rare; there were 891 made, all lhd, but that number is actually higher than all the rhd E34 saloon M5's added together, all the 3.6's, the 5 speed 3.8's and the 6 speed 3.8's. But... They are very, very special and entertaining cars to drive, and I say that as coming from a much rarer E34 car before my M5 Touring, one of the 64 rhd 540i Tourings with the six speed manual gearbox. My 540i was absolutely mint - everything worked perfectly,the car was pretty much perfect and it had been featured in two magazine articles just before I bought it; the M5 Touring that replaced it was poorer in every single visual aspect but the car was so much more of a drivers car than the 540i. Genuine BMW Motorsport cars from that era, E24, E28, E30, E34 are so much more than the rest of the BMW series and it really genuinely only does take a few minutes drive in one to 'get' it and understand why they are so special. I owned four 635CSi's before I bought my M635CSi and it really is quite different, special and head and shoulders above the rest of the range in every way except looks. What they are worth is, like any classic car, up to the market but ten years ago E34 535i's were £1000 to £1500 cars yet now they don't reach a reserve at £7k. When I was looking at M5's all those years ago you could find the occasional B10 BiTurbo for under £10k, but despite the foibles and problems of maintaining them I doubt you'd get one now for under £30k. Alpina and ///M models do have, have always had, a premium over the rest of the range they are based upon but as I said earlier, sometimes it only takes a short ride in one to figure out why, and if they are deemed rare - for whatever silly reasons - then it only drives their value in the eyes of their owners, prospective purchasers, and the market in general. IMHO any E34 is now a good buy; they are the last of engineer specified 5 series BMW's before the accountants took too long a look at the figures and started trimming the quality back way too far (and I say that as an owner of an E39 daily driver). Quite a few years ago I was saying anything from a 525i sport upwards was worth getting hold of and I stand by that, but perhaps that now should be extended to the rest of the range. They are, compared to more modern cars, very easy to fault diagnose and maintain, and so well built when you actually get them apart, but their special and unique place for me is cemented in them being the last of the BMW range where a driver gets to really experience a great drive every single time without the isolation of the newer cars, and without the slightly aged feeling of the cars that came before them. All E34's are great in my eyes, but there is still a very special edge to the Alpina and ///M models that will make people desire and want them... for good reason.
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    Meant to post this earlier in the week, but another senior moment intervened ! A very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all on this forum that have advised me over the past few months of E39 ownership. Best wishes to all, may 2020 bring you many miles of enjoyable & trouble free BM motoring. Norseman
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    F10? Honest Appraisal

    I had E39s for 10 years and have had the F11 for 6 years. The F10/11 doesn't get under your skin like the E39 does. It does not ride/handle as well as the E39 and the steering is bit lifeless (like most modern cars) but overall The F11 is a better and for us a more reliable car. The F11 is something to admire rather than enthuse about like you would in an E39. Oh and it's a much much bigger car!
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    Plastic sheds

    Shed finished in the rain on Tuesday: I'm impressed with the attention to detail and the install guide is very thorough.
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    Er............ 1985 518i Lapis blue B613GRX 1985 518i Gazelle beige B643YUW 1986 518i white B322HGM 1987 518i Zinnober E606FLC 1985 518i Zinnober B366XCK 1987 518i Atlantis blue E782HPV 1983 520i manual A600HKV Henna red 1983 520i manual GKR501Y Burgundy red 1983 520i manual Opal green A415JCX 1984 520i auto B reg 1986 520i Auto Bronzit 1986 520i manual D819WMO 1986 520i manual black 1982 525i manual doom blue 1982 525I manual Cosmos blue 1982 525i manual Henna red TAO100X 1985 525i Auto green B794COB 1983 525e A34FRY 1986 525e green 1986 D 525e Zinnober D202CWK 1986 525e D130ALO 1986 525e D555HJH 1986 525e Zinnober red 1987 525e D reg Lux, Dolphin grey 1987 525e E680KOW, Dolphin grey 1986 528i manual D933DBD Lapis blue 528i manual A891BGM Sapphire blue 528i red manual D996UUF 528i SE manual silver, Polaris silver HIB220 Alpina B9 3.5 WTO50Y Henna red Bloody hell.
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    Personally.... If you have one, drive it and enjoy it... don't worry about appreciation or depreciation costs... Use it for what it is intended, no point in buying one to stare at, they are a piece of art but the real enjoyment is in using rather than looking...
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    So after a post in the "What have you done to your car today?" thread a couple of people wanted to see dashcam install. Transcend 220 with permanent mount from Amazon and Nextbase wiring kit from Maplin: Power wire goes up in to the gap between trim and windscreen: Runs to the nearside A pillar and crosses over in the gap between the two pieces of trim (red line to show): It helps if it's a warm day as it makes the plastic and cable a little more pliable. Use a blunt piece of plastic to get the cable in the gap. Wire then goes under the rubber door seal: And runs down the door seal to the little panel where the passenger airbag switch is: The switch panel is removed by pulling: And working your way round: When you get all the way the panel just pops off (don't unplug the airbag switch!): You can then push the trim to get the wire in to the area behind the glovebox: There is a little access panel at the back of the glovebox which you remove to get to the fusebox. The piggyback goes to fuse 54. I needed to trim the the black plastic where the red cable goes in to the piggyback. You can see the silver conductor where i've trimmed the plastic. Otherwise the plastic stops a good fit: Metal framework behind the glovebox gives you a good place for the camera ground: And that's it. Took about 20 minutes to do. Fuse 54 goes live as soon as as the car is unlocked and goes to sleep about 10 minutes after the car is locked.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Beat you to it a few posts up They work really well though, so much less hassle and no wet back trying to undo the sump plug