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    yeah, don’t be a Dennis... and look at this guy worrying about his two bob business too: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55997641 and all the other businesses that are losing money, threatening to move to the EU or cutting jobs. Bloody moaners, eh? We don’t need them. The only people we want to hear from are people who say brexit is great, so we can sit in our little bubble, pretending it was all worth it for a some imaginary sovereignty and a blue passport.
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    Bmw e28 progress pics

    still on with the garage build not much left to do then can carry on with the e28
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    F11 550i M Sport Touring

    The time has come to part with our beautiful 550i M Sport Touring Registered June, 2012 with 74,900 miles on the clock the car is in Azurite Black Exclusive Metallic with Oyster/Black Exclusive Nappa Interior Full BMW Dealer Service History, BMW Extended Warranty in place, MOT until September, 2021, the car had an Oil Service at Cooper BMW in July, 2020 when the Front Brake Discs and Pads were renewed and the front washer piping system replaced. Total cost over £1,500. All four wheels have been fully refurbished and the four Goodyear Tyres are all in excellent to nearly new condition. The high specification (as lifted from Sytner Sheffield’s original listing) includes Head Up Display/Reversing Assist Camera Professional Navigation/Loudspeaker System - DAB Radio Voice Control/Enhanced Bluetooth telephone functionality Adaptive Headlights/Xenon Headlights/High Beam Assistant Panoramic Glass Sunroof/Sun Protection Glass/Matt Aluminium Roof Rails Soft close doors/Powered bootlid Front Comfort Seats (Heated) Sport Automatic Transmission Adaptive Drive/Dynamic Drive/Electronic Damper Control/Cruise Control with brake function Automatic dimming exterior folding mirrors/Auto dimming rear view mirror According to Autocar this is one of less than a handful of these Petrol V8 Tourings ever sold in the UK and having recently seen dealers offering (less rare) Saloon models for similar money we feel justified in looking for £15,500 or thereabouts. Look forward to hearing of anyone’s interest and happy to answer any questions anyone may have. Thanks TouringGuy
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    First Wash :)

    I’m not one for washing cars really, but I do enjoy the results. This is my 19 plate 530e. Changed the front grills to gloss black which I think finish her off now shes clean. When the weather clears up a bit, I’ll spend some time claying, polishing and sealing her. Nothing fancy this time though, just a pressure rinse, cleaned wheels/tyres, washed and dried using Meguiars last touch as a drying aid. Tyres dressed with Zaino Z16.
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    535i Andrew

    Idiot's guide to DPF!

    Its not really in the spirit (or legal) of getting a DPF removed (or gutted) and then 'hiding' at MOT time by using the convenient engine undertray blocking the view advisory. I pay to keep mine legal at MOT time so I don't see why others shouldn't. The DPFs on the F generation appear more reliable than the earlier ones, but its like any Diesel, it needs a decent drive once a week to keep it healthy.
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    Aye, and there's no vaccine on any of the fekkers..... In the meantime, I've moved into a production unit, almost finished building the office, got four prototype units out in the field on test (72% uk made components, so not bad for a start) whilst being incredibly busy on the heating side of life... Whilst you, Inky and Dead Horse have been sitting on your jacksies crying for Ursula von de Leyen.. You are yesterdays men
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Made this: then fitted it: I recently checked how much the original cover was, being pretty sure that I only paid about £4 for it a couple of years ago, I was shocked that is was almost £30 by now, just a blank round black piece of plastic to fill a hole!! What's worse is that it didn't stay put, it flew off somewhere, it didn't do its job right, probably still within the undertray somewhere but I couldn't be bothered to take all of that off for the time being. I had red filament in the 3d printer and I thought it would spice things up a bit
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    They were fast cars back then, not much that could keep up, especially when the driver was 22, I left most sets of traffic lights like that! It’s on again at the end about 3:50 if you want to skip the other cars, I fluffed the start a little that time with an amusing amount of wheel spin.
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    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    A long over due update. Nothing particular fun this time, just maintenance. Last year, we had a couple of days well below zero and the car was not happy about starting. The glow plugs needed doing before winter hit properly this time. It'd been throwing glow plug errors since I've owned it, but this was one job that I was genuinely afraid of. With the engine warm and a healthy dose of WD40, it wasn't too bad. Three cam straight out, the other three took a lot of working back and forth with all of the WD40, but little by little they moved without drama. No more glow plug errors! While I had the inlet manifold off, i swapped out the slightly rough mounts I'd made for the rail conversion. For anyone interested, the volume models are here: fuelrail_holder_short.x_t and fuelrail_holder_long.x_t It wasn't really necessary as these aren't visible from the outside world, but it helps me sleep better at night and the drawings might be useful for someone else trying this. The drain tank for the catch can was about half full, not bad after a few thousand miles. But, the filter in the ProVent 200 was saturated, and oil was making it's way into the inlet, so that needs swapping out more often than I expected (part number LC 5001 x). The oil that made it's way into the inlet showed up at a leak from the cold side of the intercooler quick connect. I've tried aftermarket and OEM with fresh seals - they all leaked. So I fitted a 90 silicone reducer form Viper. The clearance is much improved and no more leaks. All that oil around the sump is the left over WD40 from the glow plugs. I used a lot. The rest is from the leaking power-steering cap that I changed in August, evidently without cleaning properly. I don't get under the car as often as I would like these days. While i had the car up, it was time to address my folly with black polly bushes. I have to admit that on smooth mountain roads it felt astonishingly good. However, this was contrasted with a deep, deep, regret on concrete-section roads like the M25, where every single bump came through the steering wheel and chassis. Purple is good for not a race car. I also had a bit of noise from the drive line, this turned out to be the prop coupling. It's only a couple of years old, but I guess the torques specs are a bit down on what the car has now. Luckily, BMW made a few more torquy/powerful cars with the same 110 mm / 12 mm as the E39 530d manual (pictured right). The F10 550d uses the 26117546426 (pictured left), which a bit smaller in the OD than the E39, but bolts up just right. I also changed out the gasket for the rear CV joint and repacked it while I was there, as that had been weeping. Last on the list was a BlueBus install, that went in under the floor next to the methanol tank. BlueBus is really great, plug and play and it works a treat. Can recommend for anyone wanting to keep and OEM headunit. That's it for now, hopefully I'll have some updates relating to the turbo actuator soon. Cheers
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I've not updated my project page in months but the car is back together and plodding away. Starting to work through the smaller issues now when I can get near it, the parking sensors were dead and throwing up the faults 9E34 (rear right) and 9E3B (module). I opened up the module and found a burnt out transistor in the same spot as Winther on this thread - replaced it with a BSR16. Probably the smallest soldering I've ever attempted, it's only about 3mm long! It seemed to have brought it back to life, sure was odd hearing the beep of the sensors for the first time in my ownership. The rear right sensor is no longer throwing up a code but I couldn't get a reading on it, it clicks intermittently so I'll get the bumper off and swap it to another side and see what happens then. The black transistor nearest the camera, note the damage on top of it Replaced - I found it really difficult to see if I'd got the 2 joints on the right soldered properly, a magnifying glass would have been handy. Usually my eyes are alright too... suppose I did buy a 5 series, I must be getting old
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    Trackday e34s anyone ??

    I did take my E34 on track this summer while I was over at the Nurburgring. I was pleasantly surprised with how it performed tbh. I was not expecting a proper car car driver experience and hitting all apexes but just a spirited drive around. For what it was it was really good. It handled everything I threw at it and I am sure it could of handled more (I was being a bit cautious). Yes it is a big heavy car that wasn't really designed for this kind of use but it was great fun. I am sure one could be made to go faster and handle if you went a bit all out and stripped it, caged it, proper coil overs and sticky tyres. Since then I have been tempted to take it somewhere else but then I don't want to risk getting it damaged in a high risk environment. Only real performance upgrades I have got is a full suspension overhal and replaced with Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs, front and rear arb has got powerflex bushes and E31 Brembo callipers and some performance discs to go with them.
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    Remoaners....they never stop crying...
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    I changed the oil filter housing gasket and seals while I had my engine out for the chain, other than a full service when it all went back in, all the other bits were part of the chain job, rear crank seal, camcover gasket, injector seals .... and then a week later rebuilt the turbo!
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    Uneven Rear Tyre wear

    My 530i is on 145/45 x 18 wheels and the rears wear fairly evenly, just very slightly more on inside edge. I'm on SE height/spring rates. I wonder if the e cars are set up a bit differently because of the extra battery weight at the rear?
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    Collected the F11 from garage earlier today after having a genuine BMW thermostat fitted, replacing the dud Mahle item which was fitted a few days ago. I'm happy to say the new stat is working perfectly. The car is now reaching a proper running temperature and maintaining that temperature in a much narrower band than before while driving in sub-zero temperatures.. The car had been road tested by the garage just before I drove it so I'll have to wait til the morning to accurately judge the warm up time. It'll be -3 or so when I go out so will be a good test. I'll be returning the Mahle stat to to the seller and attempting to recoup some or all of the cost of having it fitted. I'm not quite sure where I stand there but will look into some action through the small claims courts if the seller doesn't want to reimburse me. Watch this space.
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    Nick E

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Absolutely nothing.. Going in for an MOT Wednesday though, so brakes will need sorting out there.
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    Nick E


    Good poke around done on that offside rear sill, and yes, it's just surface bubbling. Can't get a screwdriver in it at all. Same for underneath at the jacking points (which I would have been surprised at if they'd gone to shit as the previous owner said they're solid, as did the inspector). No drama. Have got some Hydrate 80 in the post, so will get on that next week. Had a little feel around the nearside arch, and it feels ok. Need to get the liner off to truly see what's going on, but I'll get the garage to look at that next week.
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    I suspect some independents will be better than BMW. I'd trust my local family run garage to change brake discs on my car.
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    E60 snapped spring.

    I wasn't sure how I felt when hearing this is a common fault on our "older" cars. It sounded like a gun going off when my front off-side spring snapped. @535i Andrew did this excellent write up on removing the struts.
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    Hi Paddy, Who exactly was offering lower wages? That's right, it's businesses here in the UK, the drivers from other countries came here and filled the jobs. You should be directing your anger to the companies and their bosses who decided to pay a lower wage. If British Drivers turned their noses up at the pay on offer, that's their fault. Same with the other sectors where this is mentioned, the workers from the EU didn't come over and then say, oh don't pay us £13p/h, pay us £8 p/h ! Agreed - There will be some sectors of industry and specific businesses / companies who'll do well as the effects of Brexit begin to further impact the UK. For instance, those involved in Artificial Intelligence seemingly can look forward to increased and rapid growth. The UK's Apples industry is also predicted to have a major boost due to Brexit as well. However, there's the aspect where many other sectors won't fare as good and the least damage may well be something along the lines of earnings reductions both for business owners and staff that work for them to the worst where businesses aren't viable any more and thus close completely. Kayser - Although we were busy when my family business was importing, we got to around 25/27 containers a month, so not near to your level ! From your post, it's a shame that one of your facilities will have to close and the jobs that'll be lost as a result as well as a reduction in the company you work at/own in order to keep an operational presence. The UK has set it's own rules now and due to that, it's become harder to import/export with the EU. All we can do now is 'hope' that the UK makes changes to make it easier to continue trading with the massive market we've just left and on our doorstep. Karl - Good luck to you in your business! You mention that 72% of your components are UK sourced so the remaining 28% need to be imported in. If there's issues/cost rises/availability problems will your business be able to get alternatives in order to keep trading? I assume it will and most likely at higher and increased costs by you having to perhaps personally import in from suppliers/manufacturers based aroudn the globe. You'll perhaps have to hope that such a solution will allow you to get the components you need at the volume you need and at a suitable price that you'll be able to absorb the costs of. Chances are likely you'll need to increase your prices to cover those costs (if not, then great, you can offer the same price to your customers but you'll have a reduced margin), and that runs the risk of cancelled/reduced sales longer term. For those who's businesses likely won't be able to absorb the increased costs when relying on imported goods, as per above, they can only 'hope' the UK now as an independent nation, makes it easier to trade with the worlds largest trading block on our doorstep. How long would you ask such companies to keep 'hoping' for ? Once the medical effects of C19 recede, the population gets vaccinated etc and more people can move about again, there will be a 'bounceback' fiscally for the UK as a whole. Those companies that've been able to weather the storm will begin to move back to what will be the 'new' normal and 'hopefully' continue to operate with none/minimal job losses etc. There'll likely to be a lot of commercial space available as many companies make more of a change to home working and thus need a smaller commercial space (or none at all) . It's at that point that the UK will be able to see where it stands and begin to recover from the economic hit of C19 and then tackle the 'Brexit' related issues. One thing I'd like to ask leave voters is; what are their thoughts about having left the EU, that the UK has asked to join the CPTPP? Would they be in support of this? Cheers, Dennis!
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    Vehicle Management > Repair/Maintenance > Text Search. Type EGR in to the search box as @F10er says, and you get a list of topics. Look for the one that says "test" as some hits are just articles about removal, replacement, wiring diagrams etc.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Totally wrong information there. First one is only for headlights and nothing else, second one (in middle position) is front windscreen and nothing else, and last one is rear window (tourings only). If car has intensive wash, there's separate bottle in engine bay near ABS unit with separate pump in it. There's no such a thing as headlight/windscreen pump.
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    Some cars have a second washer fluid tank and pump for intensive cleaning. There is an additional button on the wiper stalk that triggers this and BMW used to sell special Intensive Cleaner to put in the tank. The idea being that if you had a particularly dirty windscreen, just driven through a swarm of flies at 150mph on the autobahn for example, you could use the intensive wash to help clean it more quickly.
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    Happy first birthday everyone.
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    A bit of info for anyone thinking of digging out their torx wrenches...: Get it diagnosed with ISTA first, as per F10er's post. The diagnostic test takes a couple of minutes - the two green bars show you the requested position, and the actual position in real time, so you can see for yourself if the valve is misbehaving - it's pretty much as good as being able to see the valve itself. If the diagnostics say it's good, pack up the tools and look elsewhere for whatever problem it is you're chasing - it is NOT worth it to take it off and clean it - my EGR at 50k had a very light dusting of very soft soot, which came away with a wipe of my finger. And the usage profile for my car isn't EGR friendly - the missus drives it 9 miles to work and back each day, so it barely gets warmed up before it stops. Not a lot I can do about that though. If you do decide to take it off for whatever reason, it's not a simple job - there's stuff to take off before you can get to the EGR. Plus, it's got coolant running through it, so you need to disconnect and clamp off the 2 hoses. Be careful with the EGR electrical connector - they're easy to break when trying to get them off - the BMW garage that snapped the connector on mine found that out (and then I found out a week later when the EGR threw a fault 'cos the connector had fallen off). A couple of zip ties are the answer, for anyone that does have this problem. Last thing - putting the new valve (or same valve) back on also requires ISTA. The resting position is 100% extended (ie valve closed). It is impossible to install it in that position - you can't align the valve because you can't see it. And you can't tighten 3 torx screws all at once evenly to make sure it goes back in a straight line. Any slight misalignment will bend and possibly damage the valve. The prescribed method is to tell ISTA what you're doing before you put the valve in - ISTA will adjust the valve to the 20% position whilst you install it, then it'll extend it to 100% once you've tightened the screws. And then it'll test it for you to make sure it works. First time I did all this took about an hour and a half. Next time it'll be about an hour, I reckon.