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    SOLD - 2003 BMW E39 535iA Sport

    Now sold.
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    Hi Guys I have a 2012 F10, which started stalling on me, maInly when starting off at junctions, till eventually it cut out twice on a busy road junction, very scary, looked at codes, and changed the pre cat sensor, made no difference at all, next code was post cat sensor, but was told its not that, the code registers as unburnt fuel has gone through the cat. Then took off the EGR valve, bit difficult, but it had already been replaced once by BMW, and so had jubilee clips on. Once off cleaned it with brake cleaner, and drilled a 3mm hole in the plastic cover, there are no electrics in that cover just the moving rod for the valve. Now every couple of months I squirt some WD40 through the hole, it means no need to ever remove the valve again, and since doing this I have covered a thousand miles and no problem.
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    Sat Nav question

    Same here. Matthew is indeed a star. Even going as far as to load the file to my Flash Drive(s) and send them to me. I can't thank Matthew enough for all his help and his patience. (and royal mail, for getting my drives to Matthew and back in two days. ). If there is a better Owners forum than this, I haven't found it yet. Unbelievable people .
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    Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

    Front to back brake lines done in Kunifer / Cupro nickel. I will be using one of the sellers that sell kits of ready made pipes on ebay for the next E34. Front to back fuel pipes also installed. I recommend using 8mm black coated aluminum as it is sooo much easier to form and you can mostly do it by hand. Completely messed up £38 of Cupro Nickel pipe. You have to use the forming tool. The 4m Krontec hard lines on ebay / demon tweeks will do the pipes to the filter but the longer pipe that connects to the vapour tank in the rear wheel well will need 4.3 - 4.5m worth. Welding to the brake line / soft line anchor completed below the rear seat
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    Tackling a blocked DPF.. (520d)

    Absolutely.. my pet hate are forum posts where someone gets a load of advice to tackle an issue and then vanishes with no updates!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    For a long time now I've had the occasional instance where on trying to start there is just a loud click from the engine compartment and no cranking, on a second attempt she started with no problem, so I just lived with it. A week or so ago I tried to start her and just got the click but this time it happened multiple times. Eventually started but this was a fault that now needed fixing. As the loud click was undoubtedly the starter solenoid I ruled out an EWS issue, the only options realistically were the battery, a wiring issue or the starter motor. The battery was replaced in 2019 and has always been on a battery tender if the car was left in the garage, also the voltage was 14.5V and did not drop on trying to start when just the click was heard. So very unlikely cause. Visual inspection of the wiring and measuring the resistance to ground and the battery terminal showed no obvious issue. Although at the current drawn by the starter even a very small resistance can be significant. But again, unlikely cause. So I bit the bullet and had the starter motor replaced. A bit of searching seems to show that this is either a very easy job if the retaining bolts come out, or a bitch if they don't. I bailed and had it done at the local garage. The issue now appears solved, although being intermittent you never know for sure. However there is a very noticeable difference in the urgency with which the engine turns over now so fingers crossed. While looking at the starter we spotted another minor issue. One of the studs that's welded to the chassis which is used to attach the plastic junction housing for the O2 sensors had broken off. The housing was just attached by 1 point and not 2. There was no easy way to use the remains of the stud. Back in early 2017 I'd had the entire underside stripped back and treated with 'bag seal', an Epoxy coating. If a replacement stud was welded on then the Epoxy would be damaged by the heat. Of course this can all be patched up, it's just quite a ball ache for a stud that has to support about 200g of plastic housing and connectors. As the underside already had an Epoxy coating I thought the easiest solution would be to Epoxy a new stud un place using a flat headed M5 bolt with a 2cm washer to increase the surface area. Fixed this in place and gave it a thin coat of primer just to blend it in a bit as the high strength Epoxy was black. The bolt, nut and washer are marine grade stainless steel so shouldn't need protecting. Seems to be more than solid enough for the job, time will tell. The only likely failure mode would be if the new Epoxy does not adhere to the Epoxy underseal, I did roughen it up a bit and clean it with alcohol so I think it should hold.
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    Porsche Satin Gunmetal 19s

    Thanks @percha Have been slowly tinkering making it OEM+. The grille is a genuine BMW item. Not the cheapest (think about £70 per grille) but worth paying the extra for genuine in my opinion. The chrome wing details I had popped out and sprayed gloss back when the car was in for detailing. I also had the chrome inserts in the door handles wrapped (not worth removing to spray as they break easily apparently). I then had it debadged rear and wings (I personally think the side badges look an afterthought). The front and rear lights then have a very subtle tint too. Takes the edge off the chrome within the front lights in particular. Some photos from then it was detailed last year pre wheels being done...
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    Stereo swap OEM

    If you get a X5 cd from i think 05 on then you can add aux in too. I did a post on what you need to look for. I have a bluetooth loom of ebay in mine and have perfect streamed music without a wire!
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    Also dived in the deep end and swapped the seats, ive had these 20 years now and have been waiting for a car to use them in.
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    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    Yep, gone to Russia. Private collector in Moscow bought it.
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    Good shout indeed, as there was a VO missmatch . I managed to follow the steps but had trouble with the profile selection, different spellings and couldn't drive any of them as required. Eventually got the "Expertenmodus (Werkseinstellung)" profile to perform the jobs. Confirmed with a read back .TRC file form the LMA and all the options are now set the same as the options in the source .MAN file. The differences were a couple of options that exist only in the new module (as it was newly flashed last week in WinKFP) that are not present in the old 2008 settings file read from the original failing LMA module. Job done! I hope all that time with the ignition on hasn't stressed anything else on the old car. ISTA-D reported that the battery (AGM new last October) dropped from 80% to 55% from todays 1 hour session alone. On charge again. I suppose I could have left the engine idling with the alternator taking the load but depending on the wind direction, my neighbours might not have been too happy, especially for the amount of time I was messing about last week.
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    Stereo swap OEM

    I would start by having a look at the loom in your car. My MID equipped car is connected to the stereo with the usual ISO harness and then the MID has its own feed which presumably connects to power and the dash. Be interesting to know if the low set up has extra plugs.
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    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Titanium Silver looks so cool on the E39's.
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    Pete Soulby

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Squeezed the car back in the garage today, not done much to it recently, managed to get it mot’d and replaced the obligatory broken cup holder and bought the last arm I need to refresh all the rear suspension then get it aligned. Also found a PAS fluid leak so that’ll all be getting swapped out as a priority then trace a tiny coolant leak I think I have somewhere. Took a few quick pics of my own today, really can’t wait to sort the bodywork out. I need to get the M5 grille I’ve got fitted too
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    No, But just like you I wish to stick to 18"s. I'll treat myself to an aftermarket set with new tyre's, but my MV2's will do for now. I refurbished them myself in the first lockdown & fitted new Avon ZZ5'S all round so I'm in no rush.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Petrol or diesel

    Diesel - more efficient so better MPG but short trips are bad news for any diesel and the B47 engined G30 is no different. Petrol - the modern BMW petrol engines are robust.
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    Clean angel eyes . Can't get with the "Beaver fang" look, yuk!
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    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    I agree I don't think it's the current situation that's made these prices rise, they were already rising! Decent examples of well looked after E39s (mainly 530i, 540i and M5s) are all going up in price as they're getting lower in numbers... There have and always will be shitty examples of these around, and you'll always get the knobs that say they're only £2k bangers (generally the illiterate FB crowd); but well looked after & maintained examples are gaining value and quickly... Those that know what they're looking at/doing are holding back; spending more and seeking out these examples.
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    Until a week or so ago I was a long time owner of an E39 530d (manual) and would advise everything suggested above by Carlton, Dan1979 and Welshpug. That might seem a lot (and it is!) but it will ensure you don't have serious and/or niggling faults/breakdowns that will ruin the ownership experience. Parts for these cars are not bad value either as long as you stay away from a BMW dealer. (I've been looking at other brands of cars to replace my 530d and am faintly shocked at prices for parts for cars as humble as Fords.)
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    Throttle actuator gone bad

    I couldn't bring myself to buy new and managed to find a used unit for under £50 on German Ebay, which should be here this week. I'll take it apart before fitting it and if there is significant wear, then it should work as a stop gap until the £15 repair parts arrive from from China.
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    fGave my passenger side headlight a little restoration, so sanded it back with a few grades and then three coats of lacquer quite happy with the result.. A before and after set of pics..
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    Sat Nav question

    All sorted guys thanks @Matthew Ashton for all you help top man and @percha too Just realise today I have 7 digit postcode entry over 12m of ownership later
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    @d_a_n1979 I believe I did ask for first refusal to buy it back, and my commute is currently acceptable again
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    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    A little anecdote following the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: 1989 Cowes Week, have finished college and I am crew on the main boat in picture Fraggle. Our fleet started 10 minutes behind the Sigma 38 fleet one of which was helmed by HRH. Our boats were quicker and we would usually pass their fleet on the first downwind leg. There were some gobby guys in our fleet and one shouted over when passing HRH on the first spinnaker leg: "Oi Stavros....don't gybe in my effing water" to which there was an immediate retort from Prince Phillip who didn't even turn to look at the offender "It's my wife's water and I can gybe where I bloody well like" RIP
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    SOLD. Selling price was £750. Many thanks to Sir Anthony Regents Park for guidance on pricing: I think you nailed it.