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    Leaving the forum

    Hi everyone We said good bye to our 5-series yesterday as we don't use it sufficiently anymore (only 400 miles on her since Feb). It's been a grand vehicle for us while we've had it and it's now time for someone else to enjoy it. I'll therefore not be using the forum any more but I thought I'd wish you all well and thank you all for making my time here both useful and enjoyable. Martin (Savcom)
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    Hi all, I've been a member here since 2008 (I think) when I bought my first 540ia, I'm now on my 4th 540i this time a manual which is what I've always wanted in a 540. as with all my previous I set about making it my own in the 4 weeks I've had it, I bought it off a customer of mine I run a garage and I have looked after this motor for about 6 years ever since my customer managed to talk his father into giving him the car, in all between him and his father they have owned it for 20 years since it was years old ad it has had a well looked after life. I managed to talk my customer into parting with it after I found he had just bought a newer 550i to replace it as it had developed some slight running issues, so after picking it up at a good price I set about sorting the issues, this was done by replacing all 8 ignition coils and a new Bosch air flow meter it now runs great. After sorting that I set about buying new parts for it, this took longer than anticipated due to everything moving slower since Covid, here's my list of parts - Replacement pre face lift clear repeater headlights -Facelift rear lights (with loom) -Smoked side repeaters -M style boot lip spoiler -Replacement boot (correct colour) due to the only rust on the car around the lock -Exhaust pipe, tail pipe and a silencer -Genuine Alpina front lip -Replica AC skirts -Black facelift front grills -8000K HID kit -SMD LED rings -LED number plate light units -Style 121 19" 6 series wheels -New HSD coilovers (these are amazing and ride so well) A few other bits I carried out or had done -Window tints -Paintless dent repair (all little dings around the entire car) -Machine polish 22year old paint (looks amazing for 22 years old) -Refurbed the style 121 wheels, came to me in gunmetal grey and I went with a coarse flake silver -Painted the the new lip, skirts and spoiler -Dismantled the headlights to fit the SMD rings and medium smoke the internal light lenses cutting out a circle around the headlight projector, the tints were mainly to hide the new SMD rings so hey can't be seen when not switched on -Fabricate a replacment exhaust (getting good at these being the 4th one I have done this way) -I have a machine shop at my garage so we milled out the centre bores of the style 121 wheels to fit the E39 hubs without adapters -Fitted my private plate -Dechrome I'm sure I've missed a few bits but you get the idea it's been a busy few weeks. Here's a few pictures I took the day I picked it up: Here's a few pics during the transformation Here's how it looks now 4 weeks later (would have been 2 weeks if everything arrived when it should have......) https://i.imgur.com/eG1AICo.jpg[/imfr A few more jobs still to do such as front wheel spacers possible rears too if I decide to roll the arches, possibly play with the height a bit more as it is literally as I set it the day I fitted the HSD coilovers change the front tyres as I don't like the 35 profile I'll switch them out for a 40 profile, I might if I can find them fit the sport bumpers. Then I should be where I want it to be.
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    Common sense and parsimony went out the widow, the nagging don’t do it voice in the back of my head got ignored, my friends “what for?” my wife’s “why?” my own doubts and wavering’s ignored. I went and made a Faustian pact with the dealership. Yep, 50 years up and the bucket list is one item less. The wallet is literally penniless but “hey” the devil may care; perhaps. Sure, it could have been a dolly bird, it could have been a facelift with hair transplant in Turkey, it could have been a rag top, gym classes and personality transplant. But no, what have I done? I bought a bloody estate car instead! Sophisto grey with white leather interior, 8600 miles on the clock and looks to die for, a B5 Biturbo Touring number 336. In fairness I’m a practical sort of chap, so the need to transport oversized, odd shaped heavy items occurs on a fairly regular basis. Not frequently enough to warrant a van but often enough to be problematic. Answer? An estate car. Drives better than an SUV, looks better than most SUV’s, and arguably, more environmentally responsible than an SUV. The commute mobile is a G31 530D Xdrive Touring. A superbly competent, comfortable, barge of a car. I love it unrequitedly, it does everything I ask of it smoothly, economically with unfussed haste and tenacious road holding abilities if pressed. Now, whilst unfussed haste is a great attribute, it doesn’t necessarily equate to pin sharp handling, rip snorting acceleration and the subsequent miles of smiles lots of galloping horses can bring. To achieve those attributes, one usually requires a “sports car”. Audi, VW, BMW and many more makes besides, loads of choice. RS, R, ST, Nismo, M cars etc, etc. All offer the dream of high performance, sporting cool augmented by humungous alloys, bolt on aerofoils, edgy styling, sport seats and filling loosening suspension. To the older eye they can look a bit, dare I say it, “blingy”. I’m not suggesting they’re not great drives or good cars, it’s just they tend to shout, “Look at me!” I have always preferred automotive understatement in the form of a sleeper or Q car. Alpina seem to have become a bit of an under the radar manufacturer with a “take a good car and make it better” type philosophy. Cruisers not bruisers that don’t tread on the M brands toes. That was the appeal of the B5. The 530d is great, it really is, I just wanted something that bit quicker. I could not see myself living with an M5 or M3 day in day out. Too much of a dog constantly pulling at it’s lead or skitty mare that want’s to gallop everywhere and alas not in estate form. So? You ask, what do I think to my acquisition? Time will tell but 2 days in 300 miles and a tank of V power later I’m impressed. The car is wonderfully put together, I commented in a previous post Alpina used the skin from virgins thighs instead of leather. It is sumptuous, the seats adjust in every possible plane, they heat, they cool, they massage. The number of toys is ridiculous, the tyre pressure monitor even gives the temperatures, the list just goes on. The idrive system is what I’m used to but there’s a lot more in the menus. Comfort Eco and Sport settings with adaptive and comfort plus additions. The adaptive setting is wicked, the car senses driver inputs, knows the road from the GPS and seamlessly tweaks the suspension and I think the throttle response and steering to suit. Whatever it does, it works magically. Compared to the 530 there is far less body roll, the pot holed road seems quite remote, but you feel planted, the steering is more direct and responsive and the brakes sharper. Headlights are like antiaircraft search lights and something I really like is the HUD tells me up and coming speed limits displaying the digits in red if I exceed them. Seems all the extra BMW packs came as standard. From a cold start the fuel consumption is horrendous. The digits drop like stones. Seems to need about 2 miles to warm up before the rate of decent stabilises. It is a pussy cat to drive, once seated and buckled up you put it in D and off you go, your grandmother could cope. The throttle travel is so well worked out and weighted, normal pressure required and quite long travel, car slowly picks up speed and at around 1200 rpm goes up an imperceptible gear. So easy in traffic. If you want to be Mr Angry, nailing the pedal down is not the best way, there is a bit of lag before much happens, it happens for sure but the car seems to want to use torque as it’s first option. The trick is to use the paddles, drop to a suitable gear at 3500 rpm and then press. Oh my God! The nose gently lifts, the engine note drops a couple of octaves, your face feels like it’s being torn off, your eyeballs push against the sockets while the horizon comes tearing towards you at an ever increasing and unremitting rate. Lift your foot, touch the brake and the 2.2 tonne missile slows effortlessly. You could hooli it if you felt so inclined, you could make an M5 competition work for a living, you could probably see off an RS6, AMG63 or GTR from the quiet comfort and serenity that is the B5 cockpit but that’s not the point of this car. It is world of calm refinement and effortless propulsion. It actually makes you aspire to be a better driver, anticipate more, leave bigger gaps, read the bends, watch the signboards, be more aware, there’s no need to “chance” anything. As you chill in that cockpit, isolated and unfussed by frantic surroundings you reflect that to drive a machine of such capability is both a responsibility and immense pleasure. Maybe it’s the knowledge you have colossal reserves of power that does it, or maybe that the road holding is other worldly, whatever it’s secret, it is the most phenomenal blend of craftsmanship and engineering I’ve ever had the privilege to own. Perhaps I should debadge the boot and remove those stripes after all.
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    Finally installed my upgraded underseat subs and components, Soooo much better! (Carpet came out for a good clean and dry as i had the classic water leak)
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    Split through old age.

    “Split through old age” - I saw the title of this thread and thought - yes, that’s exactly what keeps happening to me! I didn’t realise it was about car parts !
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    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Finally all my bits arrived - i had to wait a long time for the crossovers as they were out of stuck and i needed 4. I went with the Eton B-100T + 2 tweeters for the front and B-100N + 2 tweeters for the rear shelf. This setup required 4 crossovers B-100X I also bought a set of tweeter covers - i found Harman Kardon on ebay for a good price I must thank to everyone who contributed to this post as this was very helpful in doing the upgrade yourself also the youtube tutorials. Unfortunately even though i followed the tutorials and your advise when dismantling the front door carts i didn't avoid of breaking one bottom tab slot - funny enough - this happened on the passenger side and i was trying to be very gentle but it snapped anyway and when doing the driver side i applied even more force and it didn't snap . A little piece of plastic that holds the ambient lighting tube also snapped when working on passenger side so be very careful. A very good advice is to have something handy to rest the door carts . I didn't disconnect anything apart from the speakers during the process. In my car in the rear shelf were tweeters are mounted was missing metal brackets so had to order from amazon to make sure the tweeters are seating nicely and tight. Overall the whole process took about 2 hours but only because i was trying to be as gentle as i could with the car. Tho most time i wasted on tweeter covers. Now for the sound experience - pretty much the same as other users wrote - the sound gains some highs thanks to the tweeters and overall the sound is much more clear - in my case front and back. By using the crossovers and separating the mids an highs from the bass there's much more space especially when it comes to the bass - you can feel it bit more and now even with the base setup playing with the basic eq on idrive gives better results. The system is louder but not to much. I was thinking of getting the eton subs as well but now i'm not sure if that will be making much difference unless adding and amp which i wanted to avoid for now. Of course playing music from cd/dvd or usb will sound much better were streaming via Bluetooth isn't as loud but that's nothing new. I play mostly music from usb or from my iphone connected via cable . Total cost of this upgrade was 490£ = 4x30£ for the crossovers + 155£ for B-100T + 165£ for B-100N + 50£ for tweeter covers
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    N47 engine issues

    In which case, the decision to not offer a loan car was based more on emotion, than on maintaining good business practices and providing good customer service to an unfortunate BMW owner, whose car was subject to the global EGR cooler recall. Terrible brand representation by that dealership in my opinion.
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    I missed a screw somewhere in the center console and forgot to run a USB cable from the glove box to my DSP in the boot (for audio tuning). Apart from that it all went back perfectly, thanks to newtis
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    M5 Rear Anti Roll Bar onto Touring

    @AdamB I've got a E39 540i Touring which i've fitted : E39 M5 Rear Anti Roll Bar, Powerflex Polyurethane Bushes, Beast Power ARAB Brackets, New End Links, The above parts was fitted when i was refreshing the Rear end of my Touring, so alot of other parts was refreshed / replaced at the same time but i will say that the Rear feels less floaty / wallowy since fitting it, I now have alot more confidence in the handing & behavior of mine when making progress as i can feel exactly what the Rear end is doing.
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    New battery for E39 535

    Just ordered the Yuasa, thanks chaps!
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    Nick E

    Nick's 2001 525i Touring

    The valve cover gasket was replaced yesterday. The oil filter housing assembly has a slight leak, but nothing bad enough to require that job being done now. The rocker gasket was the main culprit. They also replaced an unexpected faulty nsf ABS sensor. Along with the serpentine and a/c belts, anti roll bar drop links, radiator hose, and the service costs, that's about as much as I want to spend on the car at the moment. I've spent almost half as much on that as the price of the car! She's going great at the moment. Seems to respond much better when used in "manual" auto mode, and I seem to be getting better MPG on the clock than a month ago. Getting around 27.1. Don't want to see another garage till the MOT in Feb!
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    Headlight Angel Eyes Failure

    Halogen TMS is now my specialty http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/143777-ID-Angel-Eye-Halo-Type-/-Fault-Finding-#entry1538713 OEM Part Number: 63117258278 - 7258278 - 63 11 7 258 278 63117267045 - 7267045 - 63 11 7 267 045 63117304906 - 7304906 - 63 11 7 304 906 China Copy Part Number: 535051806 535051807 Cheers, Steve
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Made these ramps for the front of the car, I have a low profile jack, but it won't reach the front subframe to lift the car up in one go, so you have to the usual lift one side by the strut and put a jack stand under then the other side.... annoys me. anyway now I drive up onto these, car is lifted about 3-4 inches, I can get my jack under to the middle of the front subframe to lift the front in one go. easy ;)took me 15 min with a scrap bit of scaffold plank and a reciprocating saw
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    Funny looking e39. How can you have over 1k posts on a 5 series forum and not know your arse from your elbow I'm just jesting, easy mistake to make.
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    ABS Chatter

    Just thought I’d share my experience with my ABS/ASC triggering at low speed, usually just before I came to a complete stop. I got the car in January & have been just putting up with it as it seemed to vary depending on the weather. At first I thought it was a poor connection at one of the sensors but these all seemed fine, next I got a cable & INPA software to look for error messages, there wasn’t any & no lights on the dash. Once I figured out how to use the INPA a little better I got my son to watch the sensor output while I drove the car....Bingo! offside rear would output would flutter at low speed. A new sensor was purchased & fitted but didn’t fix it. Finally I put a little borescope (Aldi special) down the sensor hole to inspect the reluctor ring, there was something not quite right so I took the plunge & got a replacement wheel bearing which includes the ABS ring. Sorted, no more ABS chatter at low speed or the ASC freaking out when moving off, it never put the light on the dash but it spoiled the car at low speed. Turned out the reluctor ring was slightly damaged on the offside rear, probably when the bearing was fitted before I owned the car (see photo) So if you’ve got an annoying ABS fault check the reluctor rings, they may be damaged or corroded. Hope this helps
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    e28 project

    Hi guys, it's been a while. I have been spending time getting the car mot ready. Finally received the v5c this week (from March) after the car had wrongly been marked for export...only One registered owner to my delight. Fitted new flexi brake lines all round. New fuel lines, picked up some rondell 0058 wheels in need of a refurb and lots of little odds and ends. My noisy tappets turned out to be a badly worn cam due to oil starvation. Also the dirtiest head I've ever seen so I decided to send it off to a bmw specialist here in NI for a more modern lump with a manual gearbox, decided to go with m54b30. I've purchased and refurbished some e34 540i calipers which I will fit when I get it back. I also bought the rest of the pfeba body kit. Picked up some genuine sideskirts and a carbon kevlar rear lower splitter. they are being painted and fitted at the shop. Got some 535i anti roll bars to go on too. Starting to get it the way I want it. Interior retrim will be next on the list along with a full polybush kit. The photos below are pinched from the net. That's the kit
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    Rear doors won't unlock

    lol that would be my next suggestion. It used to work on my TV back in the 70’s!! Sounds like a lose connection.
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    Sean Connery RIP

    Yes, saddened me to hear of his passing the other day. 90 is a good age and by all accounts was a peaceful departure - although dementia is a terrible thing. He was the one and ONLY James Bond.
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    Whats under the bonnet?

    No it doesnt...
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    Nick E

    Serpentine belt

    Asked my mechanic to sort it all out. I've got it booked in for tomorrow, but if I ordered parts they wouldn't be here in time. Requested Meyle drive and ac belts, and replace the tensioner and adjuster pulleys.
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    Which Impact wrench?

    Dewalt are great but they are a mine field of part numbers. There will be 1 number different and have half the torque as something else that looks exactly the same.
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    Serpentine belt

    ^^ Yup; mobile phones are great for that I've got these stored on my Mac:
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    Not too hard from memory - just need to prop up and lift the engine a bit to wriggle them in. You may need to unbolt from block too as well as sub frame but i can;t recall. it wasn't tricky though.
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    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Today I replaced all the vacuum lines, (the rubber parts) pretty easy actually, I recommend you check them out, this was just preventative for me, but I came across some crumbling bits, and part of the fuel pressure reg just broke as I checked it. If your wondering 4mm vacuum line works perfect! Also fitted after market under tray as mine was a bit broken. Fit is pretty good for non OEM. Replaced the engine bay crumbling bulkhead bit, and tidied up plastics. Everything looking great Also cut another 2 inches of my exhaust as it was sticking out to much, looks better now.
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    Mr C

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I took some lovely photos, it's just turned 20 years and 150k, still good as new