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  2. GoNz0

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    Well you could spend £200 and go fetch a working one should it go again.
  3. Matthew Ashton

    Bolt Size question

    It wasn’t the LIM function slowing you down.
  4. falcodub

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    Ok. Change that to auto in any car. My experience hasn't been great. Bad luck and yes a risk at the mileage. Wasn't expecting a forever car. But a year or two would of been nice! It's not thrown the issue up since but I've not used it much. Still not sure what to do.
  5. Is that no bridge or solenoid seals because it didnt need it. Or was it that price with out them because it would have been a lot more with them?
  6. Father Jack

    Insurance Advise

    Depends on the quantum really but it might make you feel a bit better to make a claim and at least see some value for paying those premiums each year Either way it’s a frustrating situation - hope you come out the other side soon!!
  7. chopp

    Chester area meetup?

    Looks like small table required then !! Don't care I've prob put invite on wrong page but hey ho! Any body fancy chimneys hotel on a 41 hooton? It's comfy place top beer!! an food!?
  8. Tuvoc

    Temperature Sensors and other coolant parts

    I'd definitely do the water pump. I've replaced mine twice in six and a half years. The last time there was no warning, and I found myself at a motorway service centre with water pissing out everywhere. I was lucky, the engine didn't get hot as I caught it in time, but the experience of having the car loaded onto a truck to be taken back home wasn't pleasant.
  9. MParallel

    Folding mirrors stopped folding all of a sudden.

    Yeah really weird. Might try a new door module as that makes the most sense in this mystery. INPA registers the press of the button, but not sure this means the actual fold command is being successfully send. Maybe I can log something with NavCoder, unless this only logs ibus.
  10. 535i Andrew

    Bolt Size question

    I always thought same, that LIM did not brake but just yesterday a large drop in speed using the LIM function did appear to slow the car more than I was expecting. Perhaps I was going up a grade. I'll need to check when I go that way next.
  11. I was on my way home last night and then all of a sudden as I got 5 miles from home the coolant light had come on, Since owning my 530d i have never topped up the coolant. topped it up and got it home, I luckily enough had to take it to the dealers this morning anyway so i thought i'd better find out what the issue is before i drop my car off for its service. opened the bonnet and coolant was everywhere at the bottom of the engine etc smell was strong, first i thought it was the EGR cooler but i already had mine done, then i ran the engine and found it to be the return pipe which goes into the return hose, see pics and videos. it looks like you have to take off manifolds/ alternator etc to get to this plastic pipe which is bolted onto the engine block, so got it to the dealer and they said they would take a look they confirmed it was the issue and now replaced it all, i was abit pissed that the plastic has failed but i suppose parts are going to need replacing now on my F11 as im up to 175k now VIDEO0696.mp4
  12. And all that crud ends down behind the wing. Worth opening the lower rear part of the wheel housing covers to to clean them and prevent corrosion. Just a few 8 mm screws and 3 clips per side. Those clips are easily removed by pushing the center tap thru the rivet with a small nail.
  13. DarkHorse

    2009 530i M Sport Touring for sale

    Yeah not bad condition apart from the price. Clean piano black and light cream interior, except it looks like a gorilla with long finger nails has been regularly jabbing at that start stop button.
  14. Tuvoc

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    At 215k miles, any car you buy is a big risk, no matter what it is. And the box is a ZF box, used by several manufacturers.
  15. sharkfan

    Door wont open

    I had this with a rear door - I manged to get the door card off without damage. A squirt of WD40 got the solenoid that operates the lever working again but don't just leave wd40 on it as it dries to nothing - get some 3-in-one oil on there to actually lubricate it. For a front door, I would take the opposite door card off to accurately find the solenoid, then take some measurements as to where it is and then try and put/drop/squirt some lubricant in on the inside of the window on the stuck side. This is what I did with my E38 - then as soon as you get the door open, whip the door card off and lube up, or change, the solenoid. HTH
  16. Today
  17. I arsed around with my filter housings to get the whole lip (sides as well) of the filter housing under and behind the windscreen cowl part. I managed it with the O/S but only the inner and lower edges with the N/S; the outer edge just would not behind the windscreen cowl bit - I think because it has been misaligned so long the plastic of the windscren bit has bent too far back. Anyhow, while I was in an arsing about mood I cleaned out the filter assembly including the little duct with the flap that slots into a rubber grommet in the inner wing; then I looked into, and stuck my finger into, the inner wing rubber grommets... Both pretty blocked with one decidedly damp. I extracted the grommets to clean them - hoping that, 1. They wouldn't break, and 2. I could re-install them without too much of a saga. They didn't break, they were completely clogged, they do go back in quite easily - they are definitely worth cleaning out.
  18. Nsa

    White alpine g31

    Hi all my name is Nuno i have a BMW G31 White Alpine M, hope you like it thx
  19. sharkfan

    SuperDave RIP

    If you're having a glass of wine/beer/other beverages are available tonight then please raise a glass to SuperDave, Dave Andrews for it was his funeral today. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I passed in mine and the forums condolences to his widow. RIP SuperDave, cheers to a life well lived.
  20. jag530isport

    Rear Doorcards Tops Swap Over

    Nice one mate thanks Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  21. Busterbvi

    these chinese radios on ebay

    The DAB antenna was installed as per the manufacturer's instructions. The general rule with antennas is the higher, the better.
  22. Boba

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    I disagree. It makes a noticeable difference when I use ECO PRO on my motorway run to the golf course. I generally pooter along at 60-65-ish in the morning traffic and the car spends lots of time freewheeling. Several mpg difference over Comfort on the same run when it would otherwise have been engine braking.
  23. Matthew Ashton

    Bolt Size question

    Andrew, LIM is just a limiter and doesn’t brake the car to reduce speed to a newly set lower limit. Braking only happens with cruise control.
  24. Marco Lourenço

    E39 528i Manual hiccups / stutters

    Oh and btw , the car just had a service last week , all filters replaced
  25. Marco Lourenço

    E39 528i Manual hiccups / stutters

    Thanks everyone for advice and sorry for late reply. Think I found the problem ( let's hope ) . I live in Portugal and knowledge about this cars isn't great over here.. luckily found a British bmw technician living here now and he said it's much probably the fuel pump that's on it's way ( once it only does it when warm ) and when I took the fuel pump relay off it looks pretty burned. Yep check all hoses and boots everything fine no cracks ( they look pretty new ) and yes the camshaft sensor was a genuine BMW part . Cars going to the garage on Monday and I will keep you posted just hope it's ready for next weekend, Portugal WRC round coming up and can't miss it! One again , thanks a lot for the feedback
  26. bigrigbri

    What are you doing now?

    Making some Pratt and Whitney titanium gas turbine impeller rotors on a large vertical borer at work on nights.
  27. sjak92

    New G31 owner - first impressions

    Thats absolutely not true. On the motorway eco pro will make the biggest difference as it will coast every time you lift off from throttle or on every possible decline on cruise control
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