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  2. how on earth did they manage to break the grill?
  3. I've found that if you just turn on the ignition to position 1, wait a few seconds then Pos 2 then start, the whole menu always appears, whereas if you just turn and start, I tend to lose my sat nav option....
  4. There is actually, I believe, some truth in that. I wouldn't suggest that they will 'fall apart' literally but the expense of technical fixes for vehicles, high end marques in particular, may render them beyond economical repair for some.
  5. mudd786

    F10 Multi function dash

    This was my thought so just wanted confirmation cheers
  6. Dotcom1970

    More E61 530d Parts

    1 x Genuine New Meyle Coolant Flange 3142260012 £7 1 x Genuine Sencom Kabeltechnik Set Rear Boot Lid repair cables (Left Hinge, Right Hinge and Antenna Cables) 2016061N, 2016062N, ANT0612 £90 1 x Set 'M Sport style' Au Pedal trim covers - offers 1 x Genuine Basser E61 Subwoofer enclosure for 10" drivers -15L internal. £70
  7. Dotcom1970

    E60/E61 Parts

  8. Absolutely. I wouldn't get a full flush at all, there's potentially stuff in that oil helping to keep clutch packs working. Periodic oil drains (spill and fill)
  9. How's she managed that! My wife also has a kuga, on continental tyres, hers must have approx 45k miles on them and they're starting to get near replacement time now. I have good years on my 535d, not sure on the mileage on them as I swap to winters for a few months and never made a note of mileage but they seem to be wearing well. Also have vredesteins on my z4 coupe, they're a very good tyre for the money, had them on a m3 previously, again no complaints.
  10. got my done on Monday but...valeters broke passengers door speaker grille, fortunately they've agreed to get me new one by the end of next week
  11. I got my transmission serviced as soon as I bought it over 6 years ago. I have no idea if it got a full flush or not. I'm no expert but I'm not convinced that is the best thing to do on an old high mileage transmission. To me a full flush with 100% fresh oil is a huge shock to a 10+ year old transmission with 100k+ miles on it and potentially risky. My personal preference on an old transmission is essentially to just refresh the oil with the aim of extend the lifespan by a reasonable amount. Different story probably if the transmission is not so old and low mileage. I had no choice because the plastic sump was leaking. So it would certainly have been fully drained but if it had a flush I don't know.
  12. boiliebasher

    E34 in Coatbridge

    Haha could be my old e34 tds. Was a very clean shell, but had 265k+ miles on it and that was probably 5 years ago now!!
  13. Could I have my own forum subsection please? Home Technical E39 1996-2004 Gin's Troubles
  14. Today
  15. used to be reliable but now they chase quick profits and turnover modern cars won't last 15 years, heck they fall apart now after a year or two
  16. A lot of the E39s on here are that and older Gin... No one on this forum has ANYWHERE near the amount of issues you do with your car... Personally I'd scrap the car and start again... I've seriously considered giving you your own 'sticky' thread; labelling it 'gine530d's trials and tribulations'... Least we could keep the plethora of your posts in there and the question after question...
  17. never heard of it, just a hype
  18. Has anyone heard of German reliability?
  19. Tims

    wtd, E34 moon roof mechanism.

    Moon roof in a E34?
  20. Tbh I've only had them a few weeks which for me means about 200 miles so a bit early to tell..
  21. naaah, just an old 16 years old heap of junk BMW
  22. I can't believe I missed this thread of gold. Maybe Gin's car breaks so much because he fits so much crap?
  23. pidgeonpost

    Sending Parcels, courier recommendations

    Always found Collect+ very good, DPD too. Used DPD collect from home service last month on a pretty time-critical job and they were faultless.
  24. d_a_n1979

    Sending Parcels, courier recommendations

    It's an old thread that's been spammed pal no need for more updates to it haha
  25. pidgeonpost

    Need new rear tyres totally confused now

    I've been dithering on this. Car came with part-worn Goodyear Eagle run-flats and that was 4 years and around 30k ago (I think). I'm not hard on tyres, but even so they have lasted extremely well. Currently thinking of Michelin Primacy 3 Zero Pressure as a replacement. They have better characteristics than the Eagles in most respects, though I've no real complaints other than somewhat harsh ride. Haven't totally ruled out conventional tyres but I think (hope) that the rfts will stand up a bit better on crap pot-holed roads.
  26. oldjohnny

    Sending Parcels, courier recommendations

    Tend to use collect + myself due to the costs with parcel-force. Only ever had one issue which was a parcel delivered to a shop for collection. Shop had signed for it but it 'disappeared'. The company were excellent and a full refund including postage was issued quite quickly. Just make sure you take out the extra insurance which is cheap. As someone mentioned earlier a lot of the delivery problems are down to the drivers. Also don't go by the delivery times, i.e. two days, as the pick ups from where you left it in will not be every day.
  27. Spreadly

    Drivechain - Drive Moderately

    Yes Park Lane, but they own two branches, which are Stewarts Rd, Battersea (Park Lane) and the one in Park Royal, West London. (Park Lane) This was confirmed to me when I booked my car in. The one that is actually on Park Lane is only sales. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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