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SSG-SMG Steering Wheel With Flaps in e39 from Feb.1997-/04.04.2021

Honestly, I have lost count :unsure: of how many steering wheels I have put in my car sins I got it back in 2010 but I think this is number 4.

This steering wheel is actually a SSG steering wheel, probably from a e46 that looks like a SMG wheel with a carbon film. What "they" have done is covered the hole that is between the down spokes with fiberglass or some kind of raisin and then it looks like SMG wheel with no hole in the middle then cowered it with carbon film. Unfortunately, you can not see the bottom half in this picture, but there are other pictures in my log that show the bottom half of the steering wheel.

Although this is a two stage steering wheel and my car is an one stage it can be mounted with some ("mortification" some typo I made there? - :lol:) modifications to the steering wheel stem/root and connect only one of the stages of the air bag. That said, it means that if the airbag blows, it will only give you a full blast in all cases.

When connecting the paddles you need to take the paddles apart and remove one tiny resistor in each of them, otherwise they will not give a clear ground as they should (read about it in another description in my folio). If you look trough my folio you can read much more about how to mount a two stage wheel on a one stage e39 from 1997.

The thing I like about this setup is that, instead of having two "Joda" :evil: ears with + and - on them on each side, I can up or downshift on bot left and right side that you can not  with a SSG steering wheel. My setup is, when I push them toward me they shift up and if I push on the top they shift down. It is easy to to to convert the shifting sequins just by switching the wires. All buttons on the steering wheel are functional and no air bag warning lights in the dash.

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