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Two Different Steering Wheels and Air Bags.


In case, as I experienced when I mistakenly bought a two stage air bag steering wheel, instead of one stage for my car, I would like to give this advice to any one who is thinking of getting a new or refurbished steering wheel.
These are two different type of steering wheels, on the left is a one stage airbag wheel and on the right is a two stage air bag wheel.
It is nearly impossible to put a two stage wheel, in a car that was born with one stage steering wheel. My advice and 2c, do not try to attempt to do that conversion, unless you have a good understanding on reprogramming the ECU bin. files, (that is if you decide to convert it to a functional two stage airbag car) and a fairly good understanding of your car wiring. So far, I have not heard of anyone that has made this conversion 100% to the specs and correct......>

But, there is an "easier" way around this, by scarifying one of the stages of the airbag, thereby it becomes a one stage airbag steering wheel, like the one you have in the older BMW´s like mine from 1997. 

Sins writing this above in 2016, I have mounted the two stage steering wheel (in late 2018) and I got it to works perfectly, including all the control buttons and the airbag, without getting the red airbag warning light! :-) and again in late 2020 I mounted  again a "new", two stage steering wheel with shifter flaps, with the same positive results :D

You can read more about how to make this changeover with other pictures and "info/instructions" I have in my portfolio.

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