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My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

My 523i Conversions and Maintenance
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Warning! ALL pictures and writing are strictly related to BMW and nothing else.                 :)

This is an 24 year old BMW e39 523i, automatic from Feb. 1997 with 286.000 km./178.000 miles on the clock with the original engine, that I bought back in 2010.


The reason for me being hear, is based on my wish to keep a diary or log, of what upgrades and repairs I have and will be making in the future on my car. If it turns out to be of any help to you or inspiration for fellow BMW lovers, then that is even better. Please bear in mind that, all I say and write, is purely based on my own experience and others. I cannot bear any responsibility of what you do with this information.  


Sorry for my bad grammar, I have three different languages in my head and sometimes I get a little bit confused.:wacko: One more thing, I constantly change and update the writing that follows the pictures, as I get more inspiration/information on the task at hand. What you read today, may be different from yesterday.


Here are some of the things that have been repaired and changed through the years;
Bought the car as a "chip tuned".  Yes, there was an old fashioned chip, soldered in the ECU and when I read the bin file in 2020 I could see what "they" did to the ECU. The ONLY! thing they change was the "Ignition Timing Base", they turned it way, way up to the point where it actually would over heat and hurt the engine. What a crappie way to pretend to tune an engine, this I have fixed with an new used Siemens ms41 ECU unit and currently work in progress with constant overall tuning of the ECU due to all the changes I have made to the engine.

M50 manifold, larger fuel  injector, external oil cooler, better and colder air intake, bypassed the throttle body heat, stainless steel headers and exhaust with X pipes, M5 front bumper, wings with integrated café grills, 18” wheels and Ac-Schnitzer components with sleeker Ac-Schnitzer mirrors.

The car has adjustable shocks (not anymore).

Inside it comes with mat silver interior trimmings (originally with wood trim), and a new thicker steering wheel ( have changed it for even newer one look at the pictures), a new Android GPS/combo, a new gear leveler, electrical rear blinds and electrical/+air, memory comfort seats.

Repainted in first quarter of 2018 after having 21 year old paint and some rust coming through around the rear bumper. The car was beautiful before but now it looks is better than new.

New set of B12 Bilstein and Eibach springs (2018) that turned out to be much harder than I expected and first turn soft around 60mph.and upward. 

Automatic Back up cam (2018)

Brighter LED headlights.(2016

New set of refurbished ( in UK) fuel injectors and all annoying ticking noise disappeared from the engine..(2016)

New set of fuel injectors Bosch 280155830, 116% larger than the original ones and remapped the ECU. (2021)

Put in 6 new coils, just to be on the safe side.(2018)

New steering wheel with 2 stage airbag.(2018)

Another new steering, SSG/SMG wheel with flaps (2021)

Open functional bezel around the fog lights (cools down the alternator).(2018)
2020 rebuilt Vanos, new valve stem seals, hotter cams from M54b30 and M50N/V.

July 2021, new larger fan for hotter climate and viscous coupling to dissipate some of the heat buildup due to higher HP gain from the engine.

September 2021 mounted 13 row oil cooler in the lower grill due to increased heat and HP:wub: at the same time I made some changes to the original fresh/cold air intake and deleted the throttle body heater, with some surprisingly good results.

Color of the car is Aspen Silver (922) some times it looks like "purple pimp" color.

Best of all, no red lights and it runs like a bat out of hell from(1997 -2021) knock on wood

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