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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Dan. Dan. 10/05/10 Thanks Dan. Happily foaming away :) Raymond Raymond
BMRICH BMRICH 10/05/10 Very good price for m-tech anti-roll bar WNeill WNeill
jerry528 jerry528 10/05/10 Excellent price for a set of rear lights, a gentleman WNeill WNeill
Trisman Trisman 10/05/10 Black wide grilles, excellent condition, happy with the price WNeill WNeill
ChizFab ChizFab 10/05/10 Fast delivery excellent service RumRunner RumRunner
AI-E39 AI-E39 10/05/10 Should have been positive feedback about the M-tech steering wheel, my mistake WNeill WNeill
AI-E39 AI-E39 10/05/10 M-Tech steering wheel for a good price and also listened patiently to all my questions WNeill WNeill
eddie eddie 10/05/10 Helped me out with connectors, without me asking, no cost to me, he even paid postage!! WNeill WNeill