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  2. oldjohnny

    Insurance Bull****

    "Every Little Helps", (As the actress said to the Bishop)! Give Tesco Insurance a try. I have recently found them to be very competitive. Come renewal time of course they are little different to the rest so the annual 'shop around' has now become the norm.
  3. sharkfan

    Insurance Bull****

    Admiral are no different from any other insurance company in hiking premiums after the first year; the trick is to compare beforehnd and engage with them as to why they should still want your business and how to get a price that is fair for both parties. If you arm yourself with comparisons and have a price-point at which you are prepared to walk then you should get what you want.
  4. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Anyone know if just the RHS damped spring be changed to remedy or do both need changing?
  5. Peggowski

    Odd EGR Valve Issue possibly MAF?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I was thinking egr clean and check vac hoses for leaks... I took the egr off and like keliuss it only had a light coating of soot. Not gunked up at all... makes me think it might have been sticking almost shut perhaps? I think I need to get a working install of DIS to see if I can run some tests. Otherwise I'm just pissing in the wind...
  6. pidgeonpost

    E39 Touring V reg Glasgow

    Probably lost! just joking, honest...!
  7. memphisraines

    E39 Extended Leather

    Looking for E39 Extended Leather complete set. If anyone wants to sell or knows others who wants to sell, please do let me know.  Serious buyer. Thanks.
  8. pidgeonpost

    Help - A cyclist broke my wing mirror (deliberately)

    Yep. More years ago than I like to think about I came across 4 young lads - maybe 14-16 years - pushing around and gobbing on an elderly bloke who looked like he was maybe homeless. I gave them a bollocking and told them to eff off and do something useful. Can't imagine me doing that today and walking away in one piece.
  9. Today
  10. Hi M535-MAN, Very keen if you can find another similar set. Let me know please on your findings. Thanks.
  11. euclid

    N47 oil leak.

    Crankshaft oil seal probably. They seem to have a lifespan of 70-90k miles.
  12. Rosie

    IRIS- MID Retrofit

    Retrofit instructions are here:- The instructions say that it will require coding, but I would fit it all first and test it to see if it’s actually necessary.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Lee1986

    Meets around Surrey?

    I would be up for sorting a meet and seeing how we go. will also travel,be good to meet some of you.
  15. Haven’t done anything today but tomorrow I’ve got to wash the car and get a claim started as I’ve the dreaded corrosion on the doors. ive only had mine 3-4 weeks but missed it when I bought the car due to it being quite dusty when I looked over it. so dreading the outcome,I want it sorted either way weather bmw do it or be garage I bought it from nearly 17 G’s for a car I don’t expect that. so we will see! Looking forward to getting out in it this weekend after using my van all week.
  16. B234R

    IRIS- MID Retrofit

    Well, this is my first post here. Since I bought my 530i the radio (IRIS) volume knob worked badly, and the IRIS face has an ugly scratch. And yes, the IRIS isn´t very pretty itself, it looks a bit poor. So an upgrade to a MID seemed reasonable, if only for looks (I have the low instrument cluster so I know I´ll only see the radio information on it). Mi radio casette/IRIS is one piece, the radio CD/MID I´ve just bought comes in two pieces. And I don´t know how to "feed" the MID, there is a plug on the side that needs a connector. I bought a retrofit cable, too, P/N 65129405409, but I don´t know where to connect it. Will it need coding? I´ve heard people saying not. I´m a total novice on electrical, any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  17. keliuss

    Odd EGR Valve Issue possibly MAF?

    I removed mine to clean/inspect it recently. I was very surprised at how clean it was compared to other cars I've seen. I've no reason to suspect it was ever cleaned before and it just had a light coating of soot. I was expecting to find it very gunked up. Default position is closed and the spring keeping it closed is very strong, so quite a bit of force is required to open it. 40A4 seems to be an EGR deviation error. I'd be focusing on that. Perhaps a vacuum leak. Strange that pulling the EGR vac does not throw an error though. Keliuss
  18. B234R

    Another newbie

    Hi, I´ve just registered here. Last summer I bought a E39 530i manual, black/beige leather, in rather decent condition, about 85,000 miles on it. A couple of things needed replacing (oil level sensor, crankshaft sensor, ABS/TCS module) and another couple for caution (water pump and thermostast) but the car runs great. Thanks.
  19. alandavidhenry

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Did you have the base stereo of hi-fi to start with? I've just replaced the base stereo with MB Quart speakers and also an amp. I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in sound quality. I expected it to be better but exceeded my expectations! Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  20. Vauxfan

    Anyone live in or near windsor

    Looking at the mot history on this car, advisors for all 4 discs. So that would be a full set of discs, pads, sensors and reset. Pos £500.
  21. The world has definitely changed in terms of confrontation; very many people either believe they have nothing to lose or somehow think they're playing a video game for points and prizes. I've had enough knives drawn out toward me in a previous profession to know the limitations of what is and isn't possible on both sides of the conflict, as well as having to deal with dozens upon dozens of assault victims of almost every concievable type and level. Personal circumstances and boundaries and extents of your responsibilities will, sorry should, hugely affect your deeds and actions in the face of confrontation; if you are in a situation where you feel you can and should risk everything to defend your point of view then you must be very confident of your own ability, and your ability to defend your actions in a court of law. That to me is a huge stretch of many intangible variables, so as I said, I've become non-confrontational and if I feel action is warranted then I'll weigh up everything so that the odds are hugely in my favour. Whether I then decide to do anything is up to me.
  22. Syemondo

    Odd EGR Valve Issue possibly MAF?

    Have you cleaned the egr. I wonder if it's stuck partially open. I not 100% sure but if you've disconnected the vac pipe to it it should be closed all the time and the ecu should detect there is no gas being recirculated from various sensors and throws the eml light. Might be worth checking.
  23. GlenM

    N47 oil leak.

    My E 61 520d, with the N47 engine seems to be leaking a bit of oil at the back of the engine somewhere above the bellhousing. I am going to clean it all off and see if I can spot the leak but I thought I would also ask, are there any well know areas for all leaks in this vicinity?
  24. Lennox

    E39 Touring V reg Glasgow

    English?????? How did they get in????? [emoji28] Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
  25. Do you need the bits than join under the bumper or the full wheel arch liner?
  26. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    A quick search on google showed these... I am writing further to your email, I apologise for the delay in response. For your information, the fuel formulation changes between Summer to Winter grade, in order to meet the Cold Performance properties of the British Standard specification. Winter grade Diesel contains a higher proportion of lighter middle distillate fractions as well as more cold flow improver additive than the Summer grade fuel. Winter grade fuel is sold in the UK between mid November and mid March each year. Kind Regards Heather Whyte Customer Relations - Retail Shell UK Oil Products Limited, Rowlandsway House, Rowlandsway, Manchester M22 5SB and...... Mike, many thanks for your enquiry which was passed on to me by our Customer Services group. We manufacture automotive diesel fuel to meet European requirements known as EN590. This specification is adopted by British Standards and a group of fuel experts (of which I am a member) sit and agree what is known as the National Annex, I can only describe this part as… the fuel needed to work in say a Scottish winter is different to that required for Southern Spain… we have some freedom within EN590 to choose cold temperature performance and winter start dates suitable for our geographic location. This is by way of explanation to your specific questions; the formulation ex refinery, winter vs summer quality does change, as we have to meet the tighter cold temperature (winter) performance requirement as defined in the National Annex in BSEN590. Winter for road diesel quality is currently defined as operating from the 15th November through to the 15th March and product sold during this period has to meet a cold flow test, known as the CFPP test, at a maximum temperature of -15C, compare this with the summer specification of -5C. The actual performance change is bought about by using different blend components at the refinery, together with the use of cold flow additives. Hope this helps, Regards Kevin J Barnes
  27. gIzzE

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    OK. interested thing happened this morning, I went over to the garage as they needed my car there to put the warranty claim in for the O2 Sensors. I noticed that the MPG had gone up from mid 30s the other day and on the way home hit 47mpg, after doing filter, split hose and cleaning maf. I decided to reset the OBC and see how the 16 mile journey went, which included dropping my lad off at school first, so around 20 miles at least, with B roads, dual carriageway and then down some proper windy roads with a couple of steep hills. This is where I was struggling to hit 40mpg no matter what. This morning when I got there I was showing just over 50mpg, at one point I nearly hit 60mpg. I was taking it easy and trying to get good MPG but never seen anything like that. Anyway, now obviously I saw an improvement on Monday after the air filter, split hose and MAF clean, the only thing that has changed since then was I filled up on Monday night too. I was going to fill up on the way there, but the Shell was closed as they had a fuel delivery, so filled up Monday evening. Anyway, today I clicked, the switch over date for summer diesel is roughly March 15th, unless the wether is still dropping below -5ºc, which it hasn't for a few weeks now. So I reckon this is the first tank I have had with summer diesel. Even my wife mentioned how much easier it seemed to be to keep the MPG in the mid 40s now, she was struggling to get 35mpg last week no matter how hard she tried.
  28. jonbill

    Torque wrenches, what are we all using?

    Unlucky. Mines great.
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