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  2. Paddy O'Furniture

    e39 530d sport manual touring adverts - urgent pls

    Agreed, number plates always look shite like that.
  3. Thanks for reply. Can you use all functions of the head unit using idrive controller? I am not big fan of touch screens in the car only coz they allways look so dirty and covered in finger prints:))),but maybe its only me.
  4. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Cheers Keith... I appreciate it's probably not a big problem and I could probably run the car for years more without it turning into an issue but.. honestly it's bugging the hell out of me I'm determined to work out why it does it.
  5. rlowy

    Auto map update

    My update which was new to down load within the last month is numbered 101184.3.210
  6. sams255

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    im on 175k on my f11 530D and its still going strong
  7. RandomName

    E61 Tailgate window opening.

    Having recently got my e61’s tailgate window to open I’ve discovered that there is no support when opening the glass. It will stay open when fully open but a gust of wind will cause it to close, usually hitting an arm or head on the way down. If I let go of the glass at any point before fully open it drops with little to no resistance. Initially I thought that is just the way it’s meant to be, but now I’m starting to think something is not right. Does this sound normal or do I need to star looking for replacement hinges?
  8. Looks great. Been considering one of these units for a while now as I'm getting pretty sick of turning on my car on to have my ears blasted off from the radio after the AUX reverts back when I turn the car off! Would you recommend one? Did you get a reverse camera too?
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  10. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    1998 BMW 528i SE Touring 92k £795

    Stick it on Autotrader. Adverts are free for cars under a grand and you'll get plenty of response.
  11. WHY does anybody think their car looks better with the number plate in a strange position? It ALWAYS looks terrible!
  12. Hiya, I can't remember if I posted this issue before, so I recently changed my headunit but have the same issue with both the double din and the factory headunit. By moving the balance around I've found that I have full volume from the front passenger door, less than half from the drivers door and nothing from the rear. It has the factory black alpine amp in the rear and is standard apart from the headunit. Are these known issues?
  13. 535i Andrew

    Time to say goodbye...

    I was quoted around £1,000 for the BMW extension of my warranty with £0 excess. That was on mine being 4 years old with 38k on the clock at the time. Put your reg number in here for a quote. https://www.bmw-warranty.co.uk/Login/Index Today mine will cost me £1,247 for a years Comprehensive warranty with BMW Emergency Assist with £100 excess. You can insure anything, for a price.
  14. BFleming

    Better Exhaust Sound From 525d

    You will quickly discover there is little appetite for tuning the 5 series in the UK (this forum in particular being very conservative when it comes to any mods). Anyhow... I have the same engine as you, and yes, it sounds like every other 2.0 diesel BMW at idle - and there's sadly no solution for that. Mine is remapped to 270bhp, and goes brilliantly. Sounds the exact same as it did before though, but I don't mind when the performance is as good as it is! There's more engine noise damping in my current F11 than my old E90, and they were fundamentally the same engine (albeit with one less turbocharger). All is not lost though, here's a couple of options for you: http://www.remusuk.com/model.asp?id=525d 2.0l Diesel 4 Cyl. 160 kW, 2010=>, N47D20&mod=5 Series (F10 / Saloon)&man=BMW https://www.supersprint.com/ww-en/supersprint-performance-sport-exhaust-bmw-f10-f11-520d-525d.aspx I genuinely hope these help.
  15. Boba

    Time to say goodbye...

    Well maybe not quite . But as a matter of interest, what is a typical annual cost of the equivalent of the AUC from BMW?
  16. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I may have said this before, but way back before I bought V42 and became familiar with E39s, my neighbour had one. It was a T reg, a 528 I think, in dark green and with what I now know are Style 32 wheels. Anyhow, I'm certain that car had the same whistle that I/we experienced/experience with V42. Apart from maybe being an annoyance, it whistled for the nearly 10 years that I ran the car, so if it was some type of fault you may have expected whatever it is to fail within that time. Just a thought...
  17. Clavurion

    E39 525i ABS Codes 5A 58 & 5C

    The only problem is that many of the refurbishing firms can't repair this pre-charge pump supply problem on the module. I would contact https://www.actronics.co.uk/ Unfortunately the price of new units has almost doubled in a few years.
  18. 535i Andrew

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    ^I think my E60 air filter lid just clipped on and off, it certainly used to swallow all sorts of debris, leaves, fag butts etc. The N55 needs a torx bit to undo it, slowing you down a bit more.
  19. 535i Andrew

    Time to say goodbye...

    It is indeed. I got new spring and new aircon condenser on my F10. E60, had the eyebrows reprogrammed to work I don't suppose you cheekily asked for two years? Some one here have said they have got 2 years AUC warranty, but it was flatly denied when I asked.
  20. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted my Piano Black trim yesterday! Looks so much better with the Storm aluminium gear knob and handbrake handle - the different finish between the Sport aluminium effect trim and the other parts was starting to make my teeth itch. Car is also going in for new water pump tomorrow. Can drive it this summer with confidence!
  21. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Could be, like I said, spray it with WD40 and if it goes quiet, hey presto
  22. chicaneuk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah need to tear it all out and have another look / listen. The weird thing is if I stick a stethoscope on the alternator it seems like the noise is originating from there but.. I guess it’s very possible the noise has just transferred up from somewhere else. Too annoyed to go back and work on it again today.. maybe Sunday or something. Definitely is louder on the alternator side of the engine so sure it’s from around there.. could just be an idler pulley I suppose?!
  23. Peggowski

    Multiple Errors - All ideas welcome!

    For anyone finding this thread via Google or the forum. If you have fault codes A8A8 or A8A9 it's almost certainly a failed bulb for your cornering lights. It's an H3 bulb that is accessed via a small port on the top of the headlight unit. Easy fix for under a fiver. I have edited the first post to label that fault code as solved.
  24. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Kind of agree with this @chicaneuk - alternators usually grumble, not whistle. How olds your water pump, what about the bearings and viscous fan etc? When you start the car; is the whistle there from the off? If so, what about spraying a touch of WD40 onto the various pulleys and see if if goes after that?
  25. j525i

    Looking for new Car - What you got.

    Still got this never got round to selling it as enjoy driving it more then the E60 you can have it for £800 with new mot and just had the valvecover gasket done Jay
  26. danza

    E39 525i ABS Codes 5A 58 & 5C

    Cheers guys, I'll start looking into getting it reconditioned after a bit of testing.
  27. Carrera77

    Eibach Springs

    I would contact Eibach technical support for the next step
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