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  2. Chu

    Quick battery question

    Also sticker next to battery says.. After battery removed initialize systems in car? Wtf?
  3. I have just disconnected my battery to trickle charge in workshop... Can i shut my boot? Will it open again?
  4. greenelekta


    Keep that food coming Mick! Hope Donna is keeping well
  5. gIzzE

    RWD driving style

    Disagree there. The ones on eBay are just as good, if not better, than the oem ones at least. Arnott may be better. But then they are £380 vs £40. Have done a few now, no difference in ride. I was originally worried about longevity, but all the ones I have fitted have lasted a long time, no issues at all. As said, someone I know who replaced his oem ones has now done 100k on the nearside and almost 70k on the offside. This is the guy I use..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Rear-Air-Suspension-Spring-Bag-Bellow-Strut-37106781827-For-BMW-F07-GT-F11/263803120856?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. Cheers @Marc_86. I’ve some spare time these days so good time to cross this off the list
  7. Craigyboy9

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    Are the chains at the front of the 6cyl engine?
  8. Today
  9. Craigyboy9

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    I’ve got my eye on one of these just now, pretty much the same spec, 2011 tourer. 90k miles.
  10. Craigyboy9

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    The more I think about it, it makes more sense to go for the 6cyl. There’s loads of 520s for sale, but the ones with a full BMW history are few and far between. Obviously as mentioned above there’s less choice with the 525/530, but they seem to be note of them with comprehensive histories.
  11. I used to always change them every year or 12k whichever come first. Although I've not had that job for the past 13 years as been driving diesels since...
  12. bmwmike

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    Mate of mine runs a garage and he has done a fair few timing chains on the 20d engine across 1 series to 5 series. He said he'd still have one though, but a cheaper high mileage one (provided it sounded ok) rather than a more expensive low mileage one. Depends how lucky you are feeling I guess and whether you can budget a chain replacement at some stage if it gets noisy.
  13. Bigcarman79

    Running car without brake disc back plates

    I had this on mine and did a temporary repair using steal cable to keep them off the discs. £95 from BMW if i remenber correctly. Couldnt find any pattern parts.
  14. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E31 850i restoration with humour

    If you want to see proper restoration, go onto Youtube and look for 'Pete C'. He's done three full rebuilds on Mark 3 Cortinas with the current situation halting the present rebuild with the shell at the paint shop. Some very serious restoration skills there. The current one (1971 2 door 2000GXL automatic) was dragged out of a hedge where it had been since 1983 - a battery and some fuel and it started and ran!
  15. 740mick


    Got back into the yard this morning and we have 3 trucks on general haulage work which has gone really quiet so boss is putting those drivers on furlough,the 3 of us on the fridges are still quite busy so thats me back out tomorrow night for another week away.
  16. Yeah , fair point @d_a_n1979. I bought a set of Platinums a while back - suppose they won't do much good in the shed!
  17. d_a_n1979

    RWD driving style

    No; that's not normal, but it's also not a serviceable part, so you may be able to claim If you're handy with spanners; it's a DIY job. But you need to make sure what it is that's failed (ie bags, compressor, lines etc). It's more than likely one of the bags that has failed and you need to see which and also replace with a quality bag (Arnott, Areosus or OEM BMW); please don't go for an eBay cheap jobby, they're cheap for a reason
  18. gIzzE

    RWD driving style

    Just buy one of the £20 air struts from the eBay sellers. Have used them numerous times, no difference between oem and them. Someone I know has done 100k on one and 70k on the other side now, both have now lasted longer than the OEM ones.
  19. Bez

    RWD driving style

    A quick check in and update. since the new tyres and a different driving attitude. What a car. it is just unreal the difference the tyres made. I have been running the car recently on a few trips to work over a great little 8 mile race track . It steady, absolutely planted and inspires pushing along. I think it has taken a good 1000 miles though to get comfortable with the steering inputs at speed when avoiding holes and marks in the road. Bloody egr recall got cancelled, was gutted, wanted to see if it helped the mpg next up, whilst its on the drive i am tempted to do the air suspension. i have noticed the rear passenger is going down over 3 or 4 days whilst standing, is that normal? i have a 3 month rac warrenty that came with the car, but not sure if that's a serviceable part and in the current climate, its not getting booked in anywhere soon. Are there any garages staying open? anyway, ta for all the initial help. These goodyears are brilliant on it. Didn’t get chance to get the alignment done Edit. Just been out to check, suspension has gone done about 50% in 24 hrs. Houston, we have a problem
  20. Style5

    New BMW logo

    Never really been a fan of Koenigsegg but I think that Gemera has just changed my mind!
  21. It need the gap for the horn press.
  22. TBH every time I've bought a petrol car; I change the plugs as part of its first full overhaul under my ownership; peace of mind and all that. They're not expensive and if you're doing the oil/filters et al; may as well do the spark plugs too, if the cars new to you and you don't know the full history Basic NGK plugs: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NGK-Spark-Plugs-BKR6EQUP-3199-x6-Fits-BMW-E39-5-Series-12120037607/372630572108?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=7005411194&hash=item56c2834c4c:g:31MAAOSwGDNcj3we Platinum NGK plugs: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-x-NGK-BKR6EQUP-LASER-PLATINUM-SPARK-PLUGS-WHOLESALE-PRICE-FAST-SHIPPING/163403445345?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=7005411194&hash=item260b9ab461:g:3TcAAOSwkelcBPK5
  23. marko530d

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    I just bought my f10 not an estate f11 but related to your post , am very happy with it seems a solid car compared to the E60s I have owned it has 154k miles it's a 525d ( 3.0d ) 6 pot msport its basically a detuned 530d with 204 bhp N57 ( be aware from 2012 the 525d is a 2.0d ) the 8 speed box is a dream very smooth. It has Professional navigation , Power close boot , heated rear seats , Reverse camera , Sports automatic transmission , high beam assist , adaptive headlights to name a few .. It's a lovely cruiser you can always pop on here for advice someone is always on hand to help out. I have owned it about 3 weeks so not alot of time but you should if possible go for - most options possible - timing chain replacement (2.0d) - Suspension bags don't sag (f11 only) - Good service history every 10k
  24. I serviced the e39 last week - but didn't replace spark plugs, as the PO replaced them 25K miles ago. I'm wondering how often everyone else replaces them? I read a US based site recommending change at 100k miles Keen to hear what's the norm here. Thanks Sid
  25. nashdm2

    Cruise button stopped working

    I agree, from what you have told us, surely it's got to be the switch.
  26. With not many able to drive their E60s much due to lockdown, I'm seeing lots of Simulation vids on YouTube, mostly M5s. Have I missed a trick here, what's the best PC simulators on a budget? Such as Forza Horizon 4 for PC, that I know little about. Instant action, realism, physics, damage, customisation etc. Hardware requirements and costs? Any other recommendations? Edit: Project CARS 2 (on the Steam Platform), might download the demo later.
  27. Interesting watch: Great exhaust and sound too...
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