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  2. If the air con is functional it should work once moving but if it only lasted a day I’d say your condenser has had it same problem I had
  3. sjb993

    Map update

    I have downloaded to 2020-2 map update and have it on a USB memory stick ready to go in the car. Does the ignition need to be on and will it stay on for the 30-40 necessary for the transfer, or does the engine need to be running the whole time? Thanks.
  4. oberlointment

    E39 Rear Sport Bumper PDC Trim

    will these fit a touring?
  5. Left and Right side rub strips for an E39 rear sport bumper. These have holes to fit PDC sensors in. Some light marks and scratches, but all clips intact. £32.50 posted, or collection from Swindon, Wilts.
  6. I had it gassed last year and it was freezing for 1 day. The next day it was warm. I looked over the whole condensor but saw no leak marks. No holes or stones in it. I tried the fan in inpa just in case the gas had leaked out somehow and it never turned. Its free spinning. I no the fan wont work if the gas has gone. But does the air con so not work if the fan is gone? Or will the aircon work with out the fan over 50mph? The only other thing is there is no warning for the fan to say it doesn't run. I read the fan does a quick spin as soon as you start the car. For check control. Any chance you could check to see if yours spins as you put ignition on,?
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  8. Just for information mate, my aircon fan comes on when the car is stationery with the aircon on but I believe it's off just the airflow of driving when moving above a certain speed. I think you need a proper diagnosis of the system, starting off with the refrigerant level check. I know you said you had it re-gassed last year but if you have a leak it'll soon drop bellow the level needed for the aircon to work.
  9. waitee

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Little things today, but the devil is in the detail LED interior, looks nice, including the door welcome lights. LED torch bulb upgrade, made massive difference! its a MES E10 bult, get a cree LED there cheap on ebay, unscrews and screw in new one. Got a 2amp mini USB that folds away unseen for the cigarette lighter, and added a relay underneath so its only on with the ignition. otherwise there would be a small drain all the time as 12v turns to 5v even with nothing plugged in. And replaced a headlight (hem second hand of ebay) which was yellowing and the tilt motor was naked. Oh almost forgot, didn't take any pics sorry, but I got replacement cheap buttons for the air con to replace broken temp ones, they looked SHIT! and out of place. but a cool fix for the OEM ones, once the button is out, get your favorite super glue, araldite or gorrilla glue and a match stick. brake the matchstick to the correct width of the button and slot it in with a dollop of glue. let it all dry and it works great, no more 2 piece button and it has a 'stint' to make the button last. Pics you can see with the torch, the gem button is fixed, crack visible but button is solid, and looks and feels like it should unlike the ebay ones. I love me some details! Also the wee tray I plastidipped, looks good as new.
  10. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Wood trim installation?

    Does the driver side glove box with wood trim bolt up to a non-wood trim setup?
  11. Boba

    Towbar wiring help

    Not necessarily what you say, there could just be a high resistance somewhere in the wiring to the carrier. So when you check with a meter you see 12v because the meter draws virtually no current, but when you put the bulb in all of the volts are lost across the wiring resistance because the bulb wants too much current and none get to the bulb. You say you’re seeing ‘almost’ no volts - that’s what you’d expect. Chances are it’s just a bad or corroded connection somewhere.
  12. sanjx

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    You've fixed it now but if you paid by credit card, would that have offered any protection to cover seeking a refund under the distance selling regulations?
  13. Ray112

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    When I flash with dipped lights off, it's just original high beam which flashes. With dipped beam on it's both of them flashing. So I understand that you added feed from high beam to ballast with some kind of diode to make power go just one way?
  14. Sir Anthony Regents-Park


    I'll have a look for the manifold(s) today. Postage would be the big thing.
  15. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    AWD oil pan for M57 Engine

    Leave them to it! All that machining work, endless electronics to try to get the M51 to run and communicate with ABS, body control modules etc. This guy already has all the answers.
  16. DerekJr.

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    The left-hand beam was aimed slightly higher than the right beam. You can adjust the beam using the screws on the headlamp. I just didn't fine-tune it by the time this picture was taken. Still working like the first day I fitted them. I've had no problems with it. The company brought out the next gen projector shortly after I fitted mine, with a more European slanted kick. It was fine during MOT and passed the 2019 and 2020 MOT with no issues regarding the headlamps. I bought a Y splitter so that my high beams still work when the dipped beam is off and I flash my lights.
  17. Ray112


    You might be correct about them being different exhausts between 523 and 525.
  18. Ray112

    AWD oil pan for M57 Engine

    You can get the same 40+ mpg on a run with m57, no need to make a step backwards into history. My e39 automatic with m57d25 is getting average 36mpg, that's with some city traffic as well. On a trip through Europe average was 45.5mpg with average speed 63mph and that's just stock engine, no remap, no modifications apart from EGR delete. M51 definitely don't have the best feedback, if you will offer between m51 and m57, then 95% will choose m57. Of course it's your car and your choice, but I think that fitting M51 in E60 is just wrong.
  19. cornershop

    Newbie intro

    Thanks for the comments gents I think the pics flatter the external condition, there are a number of stone chips and parking dents especially driver side. Which is ok as I won’t be precious about using it. Hoping to keep it on the 15s, although if the caps go missing I’ll be looking at alternative wheels!
  20. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thats a picture of the beading on my car after its last wash and treatment with the Polar Seal. It's been lashing it down all week here and the cars been out & about a few times. It beads brilliantly IMO
  21. Boba

    Water Marks on Ceramic Coating.

    Right. I usually roughly dry it to take the worst of the water off then give it a couple of squirts of Reload per panel And wipe it down. It’s hard to see if the Reload is actually doing anything TBH and it’s a pest when it gets on the windscreen (always windy here of course). The car’s pretty shiny and beading perfectly it’s just when you look a bit closer you see all the spotting. never used to bother much washing cars TBH but I plan to hang on to this one a bit so taking more care.
  22. Norseman


    Thanks for that Ray, I'll keep it in mind though I'm not on Facebook / Twitter etc. Not sure if the 525 application is the same as my 523, for example the rear 'box part # is only applicable to both the 523 & 520. Sedan & touring part # are also different, possibly due to rear suspension design. Even some parts differ between E39's up to 9/98 (phase one) & those manuf. after that date, hence my paying £48 for a genuine BM autobox filter to ensure I got the correct fitment, following the previous AutoDoc fiasco
  23. qprdude

    Headlamp washers.

    cheers Matthew . Looks like the daytime running lights are just the same as dipped lights then.
  24. Johan

    Newbie intro

    Beautiful car you have there! Love the wheels. Together with the colour they give the car a very classy appearance.
  25. If it runs the same system as Audi then yes as my old A6 had both seize up and the air con wouldn’t work whilst stationary but did whilst moving luckily I didn’t change them before it got wrote off
  26. cubby1981

    E60 M5 Tyres

    Hi I've just ordered new ps4s for all round from reputable local porsche specialist... Not picked them up yet but they do exist in the size needed for v10 m5... J
  27. chemicalal


    Hi Andy, Thanks very much for the response and help! Would you post this manifold to me in Sydney?? Big ask, but would be absolutely brilliant if you could take the time! I'll pay over the odds!! Let me know and I'll act accordingly. I'm dropping the car off again on Wed and will 100% tell them to do the clearances cold! Taking liberties here, but if the valves are not the issue/root cause of the low vacuum at idle (and also not the exhaust system), any very well educated thoughts on what it could be?!?!............I've been trying to solve this issue since Dec 2018 (as I knew in my gut something wasn't quite right with the power delivery) and its beginning to p*ss me off! KR Al
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