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netbook BSOD sptd.sys

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I have an old hp netbook which I use solely for diagnostics as it has pcmcia with R232 adapter. It stopped booting for no reason. Hadn't been on internet etc. Shut down normal and wont restart. It just stays on a black screen. I hit F8 and tried various safe modes and start up repairs with no success. On safe mode start it goes through the loading drivers etc then comes up hit any key to load sptd.sys, everytime it crashes when you hit a key. No option to bypass loading, tried everything. I had the old hard drive from the netbook as I had swapped it several months ago. Stuck the old hard drive in which was 100% operational on removal, I know this as I plugged it in a desk top and cloned to newer hard drive which has worked for months. This old hard drive behaves exactly the same so I suspect its not a file fault but maybe an internal component failed. Anyone hve any clues what piece of hardware could fail and be somehow connected to sptd.sys ?


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