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Just thought I would put a little write up of each car that we worked on in series 1, 2 and 3 (4 still filming)

A lot of the work is not shown and as I said to the production company, the work carried out is not just for the S.O.S Series but more importantly for the customer.



Series 4

Still filming and do not know when it will be shown.



Series 3

Episode 2

E-type Emergency

Distinctive and (some) very expensive!

The age of this means it really needed a lot of work. The full interior was stripped and renovated. Took up half of the unit with the amount of parts. Rotten door card boards cut and replaced, missing parts sourced and added. 

Headliner had to be replaced along with recovering sun visors, front trim panel......the lot

I usually never get to meet the owners but on a recent visit I walked in and said " your the bloke of TV " Lol . Great guy and worth the effort.


Episode 6

Awesome Audi

Bit of a mess this was! bodywork was terrible but seeing it fresh out of paint looking fantastic was a really sight!

Tims got a habit of having something up his sleeve, and this was no exception.... 

Banging on about the "Host Mushroom" "little baby mushroom" mushroom this, mushroom that. I knew he was up tot something but didn't know what.

Everyone will agree that filming with Tim as a laugh, never a dull moment .....

As seen on the box, it needed a gentle scrub and vac (not shown) , never wet clean first or bush hard. The foam underneath will clump together and can leave lumps which is something you really need to avoid as it will have a huge visual difference. 


Episode 8

Alfa Romeo Renaissance

Front seats need a full re-trim, ill upload the before on FB and web site when I get a chance. No saving these, they were battered.

Just thought I don't think I've seen this episode or got finish pictures...Hmmmm


Episode 10

Viva La Citroen

A cracked bakelite wheel.

Fill ,sand ,spray.....Job done


Series 2

Although Ive worked on the interiors of the following cars I will have only see the finished results the same time as everyone else...when its on the TV

Episode 1

MG Miracle 24.03.13 8pm

Not the best of outcomes for the owner due to very ill health so turn around had to be very quick.

I received 1 door card and rear bench

In the show you seen one door card in view, well that was it. We had to replicate the door card for the other door but it had to look the same as the one we were given. So after cutting and covering the door card the way it should be done, we then undone a coupe of areas and added fake stitching to make it look like the other and "stress" a couple more (add some wrinkles)

The rear seat propped up in the background looked finished ready to fit...nope, only part done, didn’t take long to sort this out though.


Episode 2

Start the Dart 24.03.14 9pm

Mission!...Complete retrim....everything.

The whole interior was shot, only the bare seat frames were any good.

New foams for both front seats, carpets for the back of the front seat and new leather was the only option.

To start with I think the original leather was cream in colour and someone tried to change the colour to a light blue, but with leather in bad condition, replacement was the only option. Plus they wanted red.

The folding roof started off as light grey and wasn’t going to match the blue body colour they were going to change it to. We did discuss trimming a new one but thought the current roof was in really good condition, just the wrong colour so after some discussion we assured them that as it was vinyl we could change the colour to black with great results.

All finished....not quite

After handing the interior and roof back on a Friday we then received a call on Monday morning saying that a number of other interior parts had been "missed"...removed from the car, stored elsewhere and forgotten about. Filming was due to take place on Wednesday. After working with this team a number of times over the last few years you do get to know how tight schedules get, what has to be crammed in where and all the list minute changes. Not having a full interior for Wednesday was something that really would throw a big spanner in the works.

Ok its wasn't our problem but this doesn't mean you don’t care. We knew a lot of work went into this car from everyone at Westgate which was seen on the show and genuine excitement was in the air. So as soon as we received the rest of the interior which included the full dash, side panels, rear quarter cover plus other covers we set about knocking this out asap. It was a late night but by Tuesday morning it was all finished....time to let them know!

They hadn’t got a clue (think they expected it back Thursday) and I suppose this was our little (or big) surprise for them. Getting a call to say all was complete, ready and waiting for collection was met with a huge sigh of relief. This gave them the rest of Tuesday to fit the car out ready of Wednesdays filming.

After only seeing the car finished on the box I’ve got to say it looked great and well happy to have been part of this restoration.


Episode 4

Porsche Puzzle 7th April 8pm...

This one we were filmed renovating the interior.

Not to bad really, ok the was a fire under the seat but replacement foam, front leather panel and making up a new harness was all that was required.

Got to say, the melted foam was disgusting.

Filled the hole in the bolster before setting up for colour renovation. The leather wasn't to bad for the age of the car and certainly did not need a complete retrims.

New doorcards were made up as the boards had soaked up water and then recovered in only the best Nappa leather.

Few pictures can be seen on our Facebook page


Loved the paintwork and good to see it being delivered back to the owner.


Episode 6

Danish Dilemma 21 April 8pm

This cars interior was in great condition so not a lot to do, only real  work was on a headrest which had piping missing. Ok only a small area but refusing to remake the headrest as we know it would look aesthetically different


Episode 8

Morris Day Traveller 5th May 8pm

Collapsed driver seat needed new elastics and foam. In fact all the elastics had gone hard so they were replaced.

Red Vinyl need renovating which turn out great, no holes to contend with so not a major job.

Rear seats renovated as well and the doorcard boards had warped so new ones were cut and recovered before colour renovation.

I can say that work on this car went through the night to meet the deadline as obtaining the wood frame was a hell of a job!


Episode 9

Campervan Challenge 12th May 8pm

Seats needed re-colouring and turned out great, door cards had not been sent so I requested these, no point in doing the seats without the door cards!

But not finished yet!.

Ended up re-trimming the rear seats/bed as well

Tim turned up with some cloth (really wasn't expecting this) for the curtains.....curtains! never done any and wasn't planning to but timescale was very tight.

So already having a machine and thread I had a bash, turned out just right....not easy though, different technique needed.

They put the lid back on and popped it up only to find more curtains! so get a call 5pm "need more doing van being handed to customer tomorrow"

So got material and just managed to get finished before 12 then wait for them to be collected and fitted. so this project had to run thought he night ready for the next day.




Episode 10

Escort RS in Distress 19th May 8pm

Headlining...took half a day at Westgate, not the best place to fit one with everything else going on.


Series 1

Episode 6

Rovers Return

The front seats.

These were quite bad, very dry and as usual the outer bolsters needed a lot of attention.

Stripped, cleaned, reworked cracks (lots of time spend on this part!) and renovation of colour put a few years use back into them.

Rear seats

Like most interiors, light wear and in need of a deep clean, condition and light renovation.

Door cards

Not much see of these but all 4 needed replacement (drivers door card was missing), boards had sucked in lots of water and completely distorted, once re-cut they were recovered ready for refit

One viewing the car at the start i pointed out that the drivers door capping along with the door card itself was missing! So we had to try to find a replacement door capping and also the wood look panel that slots into it. Thank god for P6 enthusiasts as we managed to find replacements.

Other interior panels

may other interior panels including rear shelf had to either be re-made of renovated

Steering wheel

Quite a unique little design on the middle spokes but the stitching had burst on the wheel. I really wanted to keep it all original and not replace any leather so set about removing each individual thread by hand, cleaning out each hole and painstakingly re-stitch all of it by hand. This took quite a few hours but once finished and renovated to the original colour it looked great, worth the time.

The car

I seen this car though its stages of renovation at the workshop and from what i seen.... what a mess!, I know that a lot of effort and time went into getting this cars bodywork looking good again.

(This can be viewed on YouTube i think)



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Skeggy!!! lol

e36 back in the day, fantastic times mate....

I've had " need subtitles for your accent "lol

all good here hope your well!


Ur Quattro was a really nice car...sooooo much work went into that just like all the cars


Quite interesting about cleaning the cloth, I mean I said well anyone can do that BUT, if you put to much pressure on the cloth you will disturb the horrible foam underneath and it will clump together into lumps.

This foam was used in most 70's and 80's car and started to be replaced in the 90's.

Honestly, when you strip an interior with this foam it makes a right mess and stains everything it comes into contact with.

So lightly brush and vac.


And no I didn't know about the mushroom...only that he was up to something as usual!



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